Introduction to proverbs, part 2


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Introduction to proverbs, part 2

  1. 1. MEET THE ARCHETYPES OF PROVERBS Archetypes are literary / prophetic characters who exemplify certain personal qualities and characteristics the inspired writer wants us to see. Some of these archetypes are meant to attract us and inspire us to want to be like them. Others are meant to repel us so we will not follow their example.
  2. 2. TWO GRAND ARCHETYPES • The Wise Woman (Prov. 14: 1; 9: 1) • The Foolish Woman (Folly) (Prov. 14: 1; 9: 13)
  3. 3. THE WISE WOMAN She is the personification of Wisdom Key characteristic: She Builds Up
  4. 4. THE WOMAN “FOLLY” (FOOLISH WOMAN) She is the personification of foolishness Key Characteristic: SHE TEARS DOWN
  5. 5. THE GRAND ARCHETYPES The Wise Man – Seven Characteristics • Puts himself in the company of those wiser than he • Listens and learns, even when it hurts! • Implements learning-based changes • Is in command of his words and uses them for good • Acts as a positive leaven in society • Makes good choices • Obtains good results
  6. 6. THE GRAND ARCHETYPES The Foolish Man – Five Types * The Simple Fool – from Hebrew word “to be opened up” – open’s his mind to any and everything without discernment or discretion * The Silly Fool - from Hebrew word meaning “to be perverse, silly”. He despises wisdom and instruction
  7. 7. THE GRAND ARCHETYPES The Foolish Man – Five Types (continued) * The Sensual Fool – from Hebrew word “fat, i.e. stupid, silly” – organized around pleasure, morally vapid * The Scorning Fool - from Hebrew word meaning “to scoff”. He mocks godliness and has contempt towards authority * The Steadfast Fool - Totally committed to his godliness and eager to draw others into his rejection of God and moral certitudes
  8. 8. OTHER ARCHETYPES WE WILL MEET • The lazy man • The prudent person • The righteous person • The excellent woman • The wise son • The disgraceful son • The wife of noble character • The quarrelsome wife • The wayward wife • The discerning person