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Health Graph Hacking 101


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Learn how to use the Health Graph API to build health & fitness apps. Take advantage of many partner sensors and data sources. Reach millions of passionate consumers using the Health Graph today!

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Health Graph Hacking 101

  1. 1. Hacking 101
  2. 2. ● Fitness activities, but also... ● Your weight ● Number of steps you take each day ● What you eat, how much, and when ● How much and how well you sleep ● Blood glucose, hormones, other factors Your health and fitness
  3. 3. ● The world needs an open platform for health data portability ● It needs to be built upon Internet standard technologies and be simple to integrate ● It needs to be inexpensive (or free!) so everyone can participate We need an open health platform
  4. 4. ● User control is paramount ● Enables health and fitness data portability ● Free partner storage and usage Why the Health Graph platform
  5. 5. ● 22.5M+ users ● 110M+ activities containing 44B+ GPS points ● 120+ partners publicly launched integrations ● Hundreds of private/internal integrations live ● Scaling nicely ○ Hundreds of millions of API calls per month ○ 10x weekly API call volume growth YoY Why the Health Graph platform
  6. 6. Discovery Flow ● RunKeeper users connect to Health Graph partners through app directory
  7. 7. Discovery Flow ● App detail pages allow users to find and learn about apps
  8. 8. Discovery Flow ● Feed notification every time a user connects an app to their account
  9. 9. Discovery Flow ● Attribution every time a user posts an activity or measurement
  10. 10. Discovery Flow ● Partners suggested to users via widgets throughout
  11. 11. Discovery Flow ● Partner channel via online store
  12. 12. ● Fitocracy ● Withings ● Stronger ● Earndit ● Run Calendar ● GymPact ● ShapeUp Club ● GAIN Fitness ● iSmoothRun ● Wahoo Fitness ● or choose your own! Health Graph user favorite partners
  13. 13. Health Graph partners ● Write/read/edit health & fitness data in the Health Graph cloud for free ● RESTful API for fitness activities and health measurements ● Our most successful partners help users improve their fitness in a fun, mobile, rewarding way
  14. 14. Health Graph partners ● Free tech support ● Free cross-promotion assistance ● Revenue sharing via RunKeeper Elite affiliate referrals and device sales channel
  15. 15. Access overview ● Access and API policies centered around user control ● OAuth 2.0 authorization code flow ● Mechanism to retain data, with user permission, after user disconnects your app from their Health Graph account
  16. 16. API overview ● Enter the API via a GET of user resource from ● From user, get access to profile, settings, fitness activities (aka cardio), strength training, sleep data, blood glucose and other diabetes related information, a variety of other body measurements, and more ● JSON responses (examples in tech docs)
  17. 17. Getting started ● Read tech and partner docs linked to from: ● Register for API access ● Note callback, data retention, read and edit permissions ● Start learning and prototyping via the console: ● Follow the best practices ● Take advantage of third party libraries
  18. 18. Test data options ● Create free account then use free partner apps to generate data ● Create account then use friend tagging to import data from an existing account ● Use Health Graph API writes to load data from a user data export ● For details see Health Graph blog
  19. 19. Once your app is ready ● Go back to your Partner applications page ○ Verify app description, icon, other details ○ Be sure you've uploaded a hero graphic ○ Publish when everything's ready ● Note: Publishing makes your app publicly visible in the RunKeeper apps directory so do not do this until you are ready to launch!
  20. 20. Need help? ● Slides and more Health Graph blog ● Ask questions Health Graph discussion group ● File issues via our support site ● Reach our team via @HealthGraphAPI, Facebook, and Google+
  21. 21. Happy hacking!