Hero training 101 – earning your tights mgma


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Hero training 101 – earning your tights mgma

  1. 1. William F. (Bill) Cockrell, FACMPE March 1, 2012
  2. 2. Traits of a Manager Strength of Conviction yet Flexible Honesty and Loyalty Understanding of Their Role Leadership Skills Desire to Learn Vision Communication Skills
  3. 3. Relationship with Physicians Understand Your Doctors  Internal and External Pressures  Personal Situations Have a Trusting Relationship  Demonstrate Loyalty  Demonstrate Professional Confidence Support Your Doctors Be Clear on Your Role / Authority
  4. 4. Ten Commandments forCommunicating With Doctors 1. Thou shalt have done thy homework! 2. Thou shalt be brief! 3. Thou shalt offer proof and documentation! 4. Thou shalt be organized! 5. Thou shalt use the most relevant arguments! 6. Thou shalt use both verbal and visual means for communicating! “The Total Service Medical Practice” Vicky Bradford, Ph.D.
  5. 5. Ten Commandments forCommunicating With Doctors 7. Thou shalt allow doctors to exert as high a degree of autonomy as possible! 8. Thou shalt use comparative data! 9. Thou shalt not speak “managerialese”! 10. Thou shalt look the part! “The Total Service Medical Practice” Vicky Bradford, Ph.D.
  6. 6. Physician Meetings Meet on a Regular Basis Prepare and Distribute Agendas Before the Meeting Try to Focus on Group, Not Individual Issues Solicit Opinions Take Careful Notes and Distribute Then After the Meeting
  7. 7. Relationship with Staff Be a Role Model Hire Well in the First Place Train Well Keep Employees Up to Date on Their Performance Don’t be Afraid to Terminate Thos Employees Who Do Not Work Out Be Visible and Available Empower Staff Where Possible Show Appreciation
  8. 8. Relationship with Staff What you don’t want:  “Doing a good job around here is like wetting your dark pair of pants. You get a warm feeling all over but no one notices” • Charlie Brown But do it appropriately.
  9. 9. Benchmarking State MGMA  Salary Survey – A Must National MGMA  Surveys are Difficult to Complete  Information must be Sifted  But It Is Valuable  www.mgmadashboards.com Specialty Societies Internal
  10. 10. Dashboard Items Monthly Charges Collections A/R DRO WRVU’s Overhead as a Percentage of Revenue Budget Variances Staffing Levels
  11. 11. Dashboard Items Collections per Employee A/R Aging Volumes (E&M, Procedures, Diagnostics, etc.) Coding Profiles
  12. 12. Dealing with Problems
  13. 13. Dealing with Problems The HIPAA Example The “Touchy” Physician
  14. 14. Dealing with Problems Don’t Wait Unnecessarily At the Same Time – Unless There’s Someones Life at Stake – Sleep On It Get The Facts – Not Opinions Talk to the parties Involved Make a Decision – And Follow Thru
  15. 15. Outside Support MGMA Websites  www.mgma.com  www.almgma.com  www.caahms.com Literature  Books  The Total Service Medical Practice – Vicky Bradford, Ph.D.  The Travelers Gift – Andy Andrews Professional Links Blogs
  16. 16. Numbers to Knowledge: Using Your Data to Optimize Decision Making and Improve Performance March 15, 2-3:00 pm ET This webinar will explore the importance of benchmarking your practices performance. You will learn how to benchmark, find the data that are comparable to your situation, determine what data are important and use the knowledge gained in the benchmarking process to improve on your practices performance. This webinar will also teach you the importance of presenting the right information to the right audience at the right time in order to optimize decision making and improve efficiencies and performance. Following this 60-minute webinar, you will be able to: Identify important and actionable information to medical practices Implement effective strategies to present data to a range of audiences Understand how the benchmarking process can improve your practices performance Register now
  17. 17. Professional MGMA CMPE FACMPE
  18. 18. The Seven Decisions The Responsible Decision – The Buck Stops Here The Guided Decision – I Will Seek Wisdom The Active Decision – I Am a Person of Action The Certain Decision – I Have a Decided Heart The Joyful Decision – Today, I Will Choose to Be Happy The Compassionate Decision – I Will Greet This Day with A Forgiving Spirit The Persistent Decision – I Will Persist Without Exception The Travelers Gift Andy Andrews