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Created by Sue Lawson at Arlington Heights Memorial Library. I've uploaded it for ease of sharing.

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  • Very basic overview; You can spend hours on just one of these products but this is a class so that you can explore on your own I’m going to give you an overview of these products and then give you time to go in and search for your selves. 10 mins demo 10 mins search These are our three most popular stock sources. How many of you have created your new login account? One benefits once you’re logged in you can use all the databases; don’t have to login and out
  • What kind of companies do they cover?
  • Components to their rating Fair value estimate of what the stock is worth
  • If you don’t know the ticker it will autofill in and give u a choice
  • Two different menu bars; one for the product; one for the current report Note all the fields in the box. Let’s review what you’ll find in the report. Note PDF format
  • Read full analyst report or also stock analysis from the tab menu
  • The essence of the report is captured on the screen/stock analysis. The PDF document has added financials as well as some pages detailing their approach to stocks as well as their methodology Each page is bordered with the pricing/ fair value/consider buying, selling, uncertainty/stewardship, credit rating/industry and of course the stars Next objective; how to find definitions/glossary/more info
  • If you click on any of the ? It will take you to the glossary. For ex, “uncertainty”
  • Next objective how to get more information
  • Stock analyst reports are the most recent reports sorted chronologically Stock favorites are all the cos that have a 5 star rating
  • Stock favorites defaults to the 40 stocks that have a five star rating
  • More than one way to find a company report
  • Again, more than one way to get the report
  • If you lose your place select Research Hub, Investment Survey
  • Stock Savvy

    1. 1. Stock Savvy MorningstarStandard & Poor’s Value Line
    2. 2. Morningstar• Objectives:• Know the basic components of the Toolbar• Find and review a company report• Know how to use the glossary
    3. 3. Morningstar• Includes over 2,000 stocks• Generally the largest companies in terms of market capitalization and sales across more than 130 industries globally• Also rate stocks that aren’t as well known but are attractive investments• Rates stocks 1 through 5 stars, with 5 the best and 1 the worst.• Goal is to answer this difficult question: Is a company worth the price that the market is asking for its shares?
    4. 4. Morningstar• Key components to their ratings:• Analysts’ estimate of the stock’s fair value• How much uncertainty of their estimate• Current market price• Both quantitative & subjective input• Is calculated daily• No predefined distribution of stars• Let’s search for an analyst report
    5. 5. Morningstar Stock report• Merck analyst report
    6. 6. Standard & Poor’s NetAdvantage• Objectives• Find a stock report/company profile• Know the difference between a stock report and a company profile• Find an issue of S&P Outlook• Use the S&P glossary
    7. 7. S&P Net AdvantageStock reports on over 1100+ companies,analysts’ evaluation, timeliness (updatedweekly). More indepth.Electronic reports provides more information:consensus opinion, industry analysis and newsCompany profile financials and projections for6,000 publicly held companiesSTARS (Stock Appreciation RankingSystem)5overperform 1 underperform
    8. 8. S&P NetAdvantage• Merck S&P Stock Report• S&P Outlook
    9. 9. Value Line• Founded in 1931 as Arnold Bernhard & Company, Inc.• Stock traded on NASDAQ: Symbol: V• Analysis of approximately 1700 stocks, 100 industries• This universe comprises 95% of the market capitalization of all stocks traded in the US markets• Source of historical information• Forecast of stock price performance over the next six to 12 months
    10. 10. Value Line• Covers 1700 equities, Standard edition, roster of companies changes• Projections of key financial measures• Small and Mid-Cap of the Value Line Investment Survey 1800 stocks contains consensus earnings estimates, if available, but they do not contain analysts commentaries
    11. 11. Timeliness• Rank 1 (Highest): These stocks, as a group, are expected to be the best performers relative to the Value Line universe during the next six to 12 months (100 stocks).• Rank 2 (Above Average): These stocks, as a group, are expected to have better-than-average relative price performance (300 stocks).• Rank 3 (Average): These stocks, as a group, are expected to have relative price performance in line with the Value Line universe (approximately 900 stocks).• Rank 4 (Below Average): These stocks, as a group, are expected to have below-average relative price performance (approximately 300 stocks).• Rank 5 (Lowest): These stocks, as a group, are expected to have the poorest relative price performance (100 stocks).
    12. 12. Value Line• Company Report Merck