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Sustainability & Environmental Problems


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Published in: Technology
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Sustainability & Environmental Problems

  1. 1. Sustainability and Environmental Problems• Climate Change• Population Issues• Resource Consumption• Habitat Destruction
  2. 2. More Problems...• Premature extinction• Pollution• Poverty • Social Justice and The Environment
  3. 3. Nature’s Four Principles of Sustainability• Reliance on solar energy• Biodiversity• Population Control• Nutrient Cycling
  4. 4. Sustainability: satisfying the needs of people without degrading natural resources• Are we living sustainably?• Will technology overcome resource, population, and pollution problems?
  5. 5. Environmental & Resource Problems• Impact• Population• Affluence• Technology• I = P xA xT
  6. 6. Who Leaves The Greatest Footprint? MDC Category LDC Per Capita $10K GNP $1K % Global 20% 80%• A closer look 85% Population % Global 15% Wealth % Resource 88% Use 12% % Global 75% Pollution 25%