Public Sector Information in Action 2009


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How public sector information can be used in hyperlcoal websites in the UK. William Perrin slides to PSI09 Caledonian Club 20 October 2009

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Public Sector Information in Action 2009

  1. 1. William Perrin TAL Talk About Local Empowering communities with simple websites Hyperlocal websites and public sector information PSI In Action Caledonian Club 20 October 2009 William Perrin - Talk About Local (West Midlands) Ltd
  2. 2. over 700 articles Four volunteer writers – aged 40-65 Small number of authors Campaigns, information, wildlife, events etc
  3. 3. •Cemex campaign – long running anti social plant operations •Videos of noise pollution in YouTube – unarguable prima facie case •Send links to CEMEX CEO UKMEA and Council noise officers •Successful resolution – plant restructured
  4. 4. Digbeth gritty industrial area of South B’ham Arts, events, positive stories Digbeth is Good redefined image of Digbeth on line Costs - £10/month Wordpress blog
  5. 5. Stoke-on-Trent Campaigning, challenging style Reflects local frustration at political scene 3 writers, 28,000 comments on local politics Wordpress site £20 a month
  6. 6. Nearly 2,000 members Green Lanes Chatty informal feel Wide range of local issues £15 month
  7. 7. discussion forum 3.7 million posts 85,000 registered users Population Sheffield 450,000
  8. 8. Four or more writers Village life – popn. 400 400 views a day £10 per month site
  9. 9. • TAL(WM)Ltd SME using UK online centre network of trainers for national reach and leverage • UK online centres reach out to engage activists in their communities • Community sites in over 150 places across England • Engage 3,000 people • Give people confidence and support to create local sites using free tools • Online support network and website • Built using West Midlands talent
  10. 10. UK online centre – Marches Access Point Started August 2009 with TAL Rural town life and news Wordpress site
  11. 11. Deprived area of West London Started August 2009 – with TAL and local NDC Local discussion and information Over 100 members already site – cost £zero
  12. 12. Public Sector Information in action Street light broken for 163 days From snagging to failure Can performance data help hold to account?
  13. 13. Highway authority BV 215b - average time taken to repair a street lighting fault, where response time is under the control of a DNO Enfield 7.74 Ealing 9.35 Tower Hamlets 12.31 Harrow 13.40 Barnet 16.98 Hounslow 17.27 Southwark 17.43 City 19.00 Hammersmith and Fulham 20.21 Wandsworth 20.76 Hillingdon 20.81 Richmond 21.09 Waltham Forest 21.93 Haringey 21.96 Kingston Upon Thames 22.00 Barking and Dagenham 23.34* Merton 23.53 Havering 24.95 Kensington and Chelsea 25.88 Islington 26.50 Croydon 27.06 Redbridge 27.28 Newham 27.46 Sutton 27.89 Brent 30.54 Hackney 32.16 Lambeth 32.84 Camden 32.94 Bromley 35.69 Lewisham 38.77* Westminster 39.84* Transport for London 42.40 Greenwich 70.99 Bexley 77.45 Took a lifetime to find relevant information on web Street light repair – Islington average 26.5 days Lever for getting things done Light gets fixed due to this and other factors
  14. 14. Superb local information service – easy to use and comprehensible Abstract information made useful Endangered by post codes madness What does Royal Mail spend £18 million pa on?
  15. 15. Planning - to exercise democratic rights, need to know: Existence Document Meaning of document Route for comment Deadlines Consultation process Meeting timetable Results of meeting…..
  16. 16. Whitehall Townhall Blackhall
  17. 17. New front end on over 300 public service outlets National service layer beyond capability of CLG Radical unified interface for hundreds of often poor services Basic PSI critical – boundaries, post codes, maps, email addresses
  18. 18. Excellent pooling of feeds But Council Information retrieved often hard to understand for machines and people– eg officers powerpoint and meeting minutes @countculture
  19. 19. RSS and other feeds of local information Works with local Lichfield blog Don’t need to be a big unitary to do this
  20. 20. BCC DIY Functional rebuild by volunteers of £2.8m Birmingham City Council site For a while you could even PAY your council tax through the site £38,000 (estimate) Arguably most radical grass roots web project in this space right now
  21. 21. Public bodies need to engage with local sites and offer them your PSI (as Bham are doing here) Find out what they are talking about and see what you have to help them Buy pizza, beer etc – better investment than cost of one day's consultant form an SI
  22. 22. William Perrin TAL If your organisation wants to create local websites for your community(ies) or discuss how you can unlock your local information contact us at talk about local. William Perrin - Talk About Local (West Midlands) Ltd