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Place Plastica

  1. 1. Hello, P lastica! The plac e I live where A look to your
  2. 2. Hello, P lastica! Our visual world comes fundamentally from our experience and gives form to our reality, which is different for every person.
  3. 3. Hello, P lastica! Ubrique We have three flags I live in a village of the province Andalusia, of Cadiz, Spain
  4. 4. In a small mountain village the voice is faster than light, the speech is the most usual communication.
  5. 5. Hello, P lastica! ¡Ay!, papelitos que me dabas.
  6. 6. Hello, P lastica! The images also are used to narrate facts instead of the oral language, especially with illiterate
  7. 7. Hello, P lastica! A practic experience…
  8. 8. Hello, P lastica! Wendy is an American tourist who is looking for a place of Ubrique. Can you help her?
  9. 9. He can’t help her, Hello, P lastica! he does not speak English Ee Pozi eh
  10. 10. He can help Hello, P lastica! Sure! You walk her, he all straight for the knows street of San where ‘El the end, turns to the Sebastián and, in Semáforo’ left side, for the street Doctor Solís Pascual. You is, and will see ‘El Semáforo’ to the left side, at the beginnig of the speaks very street …
  11. 11. Hello, P lastica! Don’t worry! If you X don´t speak english so well , you have a map. Thanks to the images, we can cover visually
  12. 12. Hello, P lastica! Finally, Wendy arrived to ‘El Semáforo’, but: it doesn’t work!
  13. 13. Hello, P lastica!
  14. 14. Architectur Religious Hello, P lastica! e sculpture Industrial Decorative design arts In the Chapel of San
  15. 15. Hello, P lastica! The world of the images is very rich and varied. We can know Ubrique across its
  16. 16. The press and Hello, P lastica! the television are audio-visual mass media that have made a toreador (bullfigther) of Ubrique very famous in the Thiz… world iz like the
  17. 17. Hello, P lastica! Painters of Ubrique show us our reality in a different way….
  18. 18. Hello, P lastica! The kiss Title: Techniqu e: Oil on José Antonio Martel canvas
  19. 19. I can't recall the details Hello, Title: P lastica! Techniqu e: on Oil José Luis Angulo canvas
  20. 20. Hello, P lastica! The posters of Ubrique communicat e things to us on the wall in the streets.
  21. 21. Hello, P lastica! In the old cinema, movies (images in movement) were projected for the spectators.
  22. 22. Hello, P lastica! These are mannequins in the showcase. Window dressing is an
  23. 23. Hello, P lastica! Ammonite A little fossil shows us an image of the past in the present. My village is full of visual surprises!
  24. 24. Hello, P lastica! This is the design of a hand bag. The designs of the local industry of the
  25. 25. This power point presentation was realized in Ubrique in April, 2009, by the teacher Antón X. Llerena López for the Drawing Department of the Bilingual Institute ‘Las Cumbres’. The end