4 Reasons Why Shoe Carnival Should Hire Me As Thier E-commerce Marketing Manager


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Shoe Carnival can greatly improve its e-commerce and internet marketing strategies by hiring me. I pinpoint the four most important aspects for their e-commerce aspect of the business.

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4 Reasons Why Shoe Carnival Should Hire Me As Thier E-commerce Marketing Manager

  1. 1. 4 Reasons Why Shoe Carnival Should Hire Me As Their E-Commerce Marketing Manager
  2. 2. 1. Website Grader gave only 57/100 to Shoe Carnival. -Shoe Carnival doesn’t have a blog, RSS, social sharing buttons on the blog. It means we could easily create a blog and have amazing content with most interesting topics to attract more readers and increase the web traffic. -They only post one tweet a day and only 4,994 people are following them on Twitter (as of October 17, 2013). One plus is that they do have a tweet which leads to a landing page which has a form. Percent of replies in last 10 tweets is 0%. This means Shoe Carnival is not taking the personal approach, and people do not feel confident about interacting with them on Twitter or finding their tweets uninteresting. - Hubspot believes Google has 16,200 pages indexed but pages do not have unique META DESCRIPTIONS, there are only two pages with unique page descriptions. They have 796 inbound links, which is good. If I am hired, I would focus on increasing the inbound links. Why Shoe Carnival Should Hire Me
  3. 3. 2. Implement a STRONG Instagram Campaign -Foot Locker does a nice job on their Instagram marketing (http://instagram.com/footlocker) and creates digital demand quickly and smartly. Footlocker has 1,084 posts and 563,907 followers. On the other hand, ShoeCarnival has only 14 posts and 1,742 followers. -Shoecarnival last posted a picture on Instagram in August 2013, which is 2.5 months ago. -If I am hired, I would put a high priority on Instagram marketing and post 4 pictures a day and create more followers through engaging pictures and offers. With 130 million users, Instagram is the hottest and fastest growing social media app and each second it generates 58 pictures. (Source: http://visual.ly/instagramfacts) Why Shoe Carnival Should Hire Me
  4. 4. Why Shoe Carnival Should Hire Me
  5. 5. 3. Let’s Advertise the Clearance Page & Let’s GroupOn! Why? Because people like deals and bargains. In fact, I would strongly consider selling the clearance item(s) via partnership with GroupOn and collect the information of customers for future targeted marketing. People truly enjoy buying on GroupOn because it makes shopping fun and amusing. Why Shoe Carnival Should Hire Me
  6. 6. 4. I Will Reduce the Shipping Fees According to a study, the e-tailers found out that the shipping fees are the #1 turn off for online shoppers. I do have extensive background in negotiating with UPS and FedEx and was able to successfully lower the shipping cost each quarter. (We passed on the discount we get from UPS and FedEx to our customers so that they can enjoy low shipping fee.) Why Shoe Carnival Should Hire Me
  7. 7. Why am I a Fit? I believe I am a GREAT fit for Shoe Carnival’s newly opened E-Commerce Marketing Manager position. I do have B2B, B2C, SEO, SEM, 5 years of e-commerce experience, and I am always in hunger for growth and learning more from the best people. Bilguun Ginjbaatar http://linkedin.com/in/bilguun bilguun@bilguun.net 330-887-2325 (cell) Why Shoe Carnival Should Hire Me