092811 Updated Contech Brochure


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092811 Updated Contech Brochure

  2. 2. Preface The continuous evolution of the process for the design and procurement of construction emphasizes the need for a distinct and independent professional discipline with expertise to provide constructive cost containment and project management measures during the design and construction of building projects. In responding to the demands of modern design and the requirements of building Owners, this profession has a primary goal of assisting the design team and the Owner in implementing cost control, project strategy and management techniques respecting the Architect’s design objectives, and the Owner’s functional requirements. The current trend in diverse contracting procedures and project management techniques presents the building Owner with an array of choices and inherently difficult decisions in the early stages of the development of a project. The Owner is confronted with early choices in which various obscure conceptual implications may later produce problems during construction if not identified and addressed at an early stage. Time delays, cost overruns and expensive litigation can be the unfortunate result of any misstep. The need is clear for an independent professional who, from the strength of prior experience, can help to circumvent these problems by representing the Owner’s interests and advising on the advantages and disadvantages of all the available options.
  3. 3. Mid-rise and flex office space Five star level assisted living quality Construction Technologies & Associates, LLC provides necessary assistance as both a design team member and as an Owner’s representative. We estimate, monitor and control costs, manage schedules and serve Building Owners and Architects in an intermediary role. We provide knowledgeable advice recognizing the concerns of Owner, Architect and Contractor, advice that can result in prompt resolution of emerging problems. We offer services throughout both design and construction to minimize your cost and the time required for the completion of your project. These are our cost and schedule management and con- tract administration services, and the earlier our involvement, the more effective our contribution to the project. Our strategy is to identify and provide Building Owners and design teams with cost, schedule and contracting options. Just as you operate your business with budgetary controls, and a plan based upon your knowledge of previous costs, our services provide you with detailed projections of cost, Our Strategy
  4. 4. time and contract administration issues associated with your project, based upon our experience on many previous projects. Our advice helps you achieve your requirements within the constraints of your budget. The planning and construction of any major project is comprised of a complicated series of interwoven events and, at any step along the way, there is the potential for problems. As the Owner or responsible party, you may have to deal with situations such as budget problems, schedule slippage, material shortages, adverse bidding conditions, labor difficulties and contractor claims, to name but a few. The continuous and constructive cost planning, estimating, value engineering and project management services which we provide help you to address these issues. Our broad range of construction management experience can help you to decide where to spend your money within the various building elements. We provide you with alternatives and options to optimize your projects budget and schedule. We can save you money and time by alerting you to your options and by helping manage the cost and schedule of your project. You have the opportunity to avoid potentially expensive problems before they are literally “set in stone”. High quality, High tech, High rise projects. We can advise you on the anticipated cost of each space and each floor in your building. We can advise you on the construction economics of comparable schedules, building configurations, number and sizes of floors, choice of finishes and quality levels and relative costs of alternative structural, architectural, mechanical and electrical systems. State of the art medical facilities
  5. 5. Large modern high school construction Project Management And Bid Evaluations We offer a wide range of management services. These include gaining an in- depth understanding of your ultimate goals and the development of a plan for achieving those goals through selection of contract type, contractor selection criteria and bidding format. We will also assist you in the informed comparative evaluation of bids leading to recommendations for the award of the construction contract. Construction Scheduling We can provide construction and design phase scheduling and reporting services which include network analysis of the construction and design activities for your project. We can use the network to assess project time and critical path activities, to estimate manpower and cash flow requirements, to report actual site progress and for advance procurement of materials. This process gives you your own unbiased monthly record of construction progress and the means to identify potential problems before they occur and before you would otherwise be apprised of them by the Contractor. This information can also be used to combat subsequent claims. Many contractor claims are resolved in favor of the Contractor due, in large measure, to the absence of factual information and record keeping by the Owner during the construction process. Our Project Management Services
  6. 6. Specialty health care facilities Municipal police station Interior high quality finishes Must the design fit the budget, or can the budget follow the design? In either case, you want maximum value for your money. Cost and Schedule Monitoring And Auditing We provide regular reports and recommendations relating to construction progress; cost monitoring to make certain that the established budgets are adhered to or consciously adjusted to accom- modate approved changes; and cost auditing for monthly progress payment evaluation and forecasting to ensure that your expenditures are appropriate. Special Investigations Our general consulting services include special investigations for building Owners or funding insti- tutions. They include analysis of contracts, fire insurance estimates and fire loss assessments. Construction Administration We can provide the day to day construction administration required to ensure your project stays on budget and on schedule. This includes activities such as change order administration, RFI administration, schedule review, budget review, daily project oversight, the chairing of progress meetings, shop drawings administration, and general problem solving, to name but a few of the items needed to ensure a successful project. Negotiations And Technical Assistance We can assist you in final settlement with contractors and evaluation and negotiation of contractor claims. If required, we can also serve as an expert witness in litigation proceedings and provide technical assistance to your legal experts in contract disputes.
  7. 7. Energy – The Turkey Point Nuclear Power Plant We have expertise in working on the nuclear power plant on Turkey Point on the Southern tip of Florida. We were involved with CPM schedule control and cost monitoring during outage fuel rod replacement conditions. These are some of the most critical scheduling exercises in the industry. Turkey Point contains two 1,240 mega-watt nuclear units and two conventional coal burning units.
  8. 8. A major dilemma in which Owners and their Architects find themselves with great frequency, and which we can help to avoid, can be best illustrated by the following scenario: There is an approved design with its attendant lapse of time and expenditure of fees. When bids are received, they exceed the budgeted costs and the project cannot proceed until reductions are made to the project’s scope and cost. The Architect must redesign and the scheduled opening of the facility will be delayed, time that can never be recovered, with consequent loss of income and/or use. The momentum and credibility of the project are lessened. The design team’s position is made even more difficult because everyone liked the original design; the Owner approved it. Now the designers must compromise that design, often at their own cost. It is rarely possible to alter the major design components where most of the money could be saved, such as changing the basic shape or structure. So, in the time available, there must be superficial alterations in design. Such emergency type design changes usually rob the project of many of the features which gave it its desired character in its original form. The result is a clinical and not necessarily satisfactory compromise. The compromise of redesign, delays in delivery dates and the negative impact resulting from the lack of early planning can cause significant difficulties for all concerned. We believe our services will help avoid these problems. Avoiding the Classic Dilemma
  9. 9. Institutional facilities Commercial Development Cost Planning Study The irritation of compromised design will be remembered long after the fees for cost planning would have been forgotten. Master Plan Evaluation And Research Studies We offer early master plan evaluation for developments for evaluating the financial feasibility of a project, including cash flow projections. We conduct research studies into the cost significance of differing methods of construction, alternative materials and products, equipment utilization, labor-saving techniques, local costs and building customs and alternative design solutions. Cost Planning And Estimating From the earliest stages of design and as you move through the design process, we will provide you with cost planning and estimates for every aspect of your project at strategic points in the design phase. Our budgetary advice may encourage alternative design solutions by the Architect and Engineers. Our estimates are a constructive, integrated part of the design process, not after-the-fact or retrospective. We work with you to help prevent the many hours of wasted design time which occur when subsequent bids exceed the budget due to a lack of cost planning. Leading Edge Technology We utilize the latest technology in the production and delivery of our product. This technology includes computerized systems, digitizers and plotters with custom software for preparation of our estimates, reports, and schedules. Our Project Management Services
  10. 10. Managing Projects with Government Entities such as the Corps. Of Engineers We have extensive experience working with the Corps. Of Engineers on multiple projects on military bases across the country. We can offer expertise to Owners, Designers, and Contractors relative to conducting business in this unique and sometimes challenging environment. Strong management of Corps. Of Engineers processes such as Dr.-Checks, Quality Control, Quality Assurance, the submittal process, REA and claims administration, Commissioning, and the ability to navigate the Corps. Of Engineers hierarchy are all necessary to ensure success on these types of projects.
  11. 11. Construction Technologies and Associates, LLC (CONTECH) is: CONTECH is an innovative and results driven leader focused on achieving goals in highly competitive and challenging environments that demand continuous improvement. We have extensive experienced in building partnerships while driving production and expediting critical schedule performance. We excel in team building and communication skills with different industries or factions required for overall project completion. CONTECH is proficient in timely problem solving and solution generation required to deal with constantly changing parameters. We are capable of negotiating major contracts and purchase orders. We are known for building and motivating cross-functional teams that exceed corporate expectations. Areas of expertise include: Budgeting and Forecasting Problem Solving Project Management Operational and Strategic Planning Productivity Improvement Client Relations and Representation Process Optimization Litigation Administration Financial Review and Analysis Risk Analysis Company Staffing Procurement Claims Analysis Total and Complete Accountability
  12. 12. Communication, organization, expedition, and execution are four of the most important ingredients of a successful project. It is imperative that all of the project participants understand and contribute in each of these areas to the fullest extent possible. Paul R. Smith President Many of your most serious and irrevocable decisions are made at a time when you have the least amount of information. Therefore, it is essential to apply impartial expertise to identify the cost and contractual impact of these decisions at the earliest possible time in project planning.
  13. 13. Today, we help the Project Owners and Architects develop management strategies to help ensure the success of their projects. This is accomplished through the management of the basics of the design and construction process with the full involvement of all the project team members. Our extensive experience in the actual design and construction of significant commercial construction projects serves as the foundation of our management expertise that we make available to Owners and their design professionals for the betterment of their projects and the protection of their business interests. We look forward to the opportunity to contribute to the success of your next project. Our goal is to help you all the way from preliminary planning through the satisfactory occupancy of the completed building. Private education and athletic facilities To Summarize
  14. 14. Construction Technologies and Associates, LLC 4940 Nautilus Place Woodbridge, Virginia 22192 Phone 703-987-3919 Email psmithlsa@comcast.net