That Quizzy Feeling 15


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That Quizzy Feeling 15

  1. 1. That Quizzy Feeling-15 -Ankit Sethi
  2. 2. Josephine Mutzenbacher - The Life Story of a Viennese Whore, as Told by Herself is an erotic novel first published anonymously in Vienna, Austria in 1906. The novel is famous in the German-speaking world, having been in print in both German and English for over 100 years and sold over 3 million copies, becoming an erotic bestseller. Today, critics, scholars, academics and the Austrian Government designate _______, (best known as author of the book “X“ which was printed in 1923) as the sole author of the quot;pornographic classicquot; Josephine Mutzenbacher. ID author or book.
  3. 3. Which tale are these stamps telling?
  4. 4. English drama critic Thomas Rymer coined the phrase in The Tragedies of the Last Age Considered (1678) to describe how a work should inspire proper moral behavior in its audience by illustrating the triumph of good over evil. Term?
  5. 5. Poetic Justice
  6. 6. After the X cartoon series went out of production in 1957, Y's name was changed to _______ because it was (wrongly) believed that Paramount Pictures, distributors of the Fleischer Studios cartoons, owned the rights to the name “Xquot; (King Features owned the name all along as X had been originally created for the comic strip. However, due to poor research, they failed to realize this, and renamed him Z to avoid copyright issues.). “Zquot; appears in the 1960-1962 X television cartoons (with his physical appearance changed, making him obese rather than muscular), but he is again Y in the 1978 Hanna- Barbera X series and the 1980 X movie. ID X,Y,Z
  7. 7. X= Popeye Y= Bluto Z=Brutus
  8. 8. His name means ‘lucky’ in Latin, and this fact combined with his overwhelming popularity made Charles Lindbergh to be his lucky mascot on his historic transatlantic flight. When the engineers at RCA Research Labs were starting the first regular TV transmission in New York, they used his doll as their test model in their very first transmission on NBC. ID character.
  9. 9. Felix the Cat
  10. 10. X derives its name from a son of Apollo. Y is often inappropriately used instead of X, and given its connotations of theft, commerce, deception and death, its continued use has been fodder for much academic humor. A 1992 survey of American health organisations found that 62% of professional medical associations used the X, whereas in commercial medical organisations, 76% used the Y.
  11. 11. X= Rod of Ascelpius Y= Caduceus
  12. 12. X was a French aristocrat, revolutionary and novelist. His novels were philosophical, exploring such controversial subjects as rape, bestiality and necrophilia. Y was an Austrian writer and journalist, who gained renown at his time for his stories of Galician life and romantic novels. He was a utopian thinker who espoused socialist and humanist ideals in his fiction and non-fiction. X and Y gave their names to two closely related terms often used together. ID names if you can, else give fundaez.
  13. 13. X is Marquis de Sade and gives his name to the term “Sadism”. Y is Leopold von Sacher-Masoch and gives his name to “Masochism.”
  14. 14. The title of his most famous work came while he was “lying drunk in a field in Innsbruck.” This member of the Footlight Society at Cambridge is one of only two non-Pythons to have writing credits with Monty Python. He also wrote for the Doctor Who television series. Who?
  15. 15. Douglas Adams
  16. 16. The only person who sells them is Cliff Stoll of Oakland, California, who originally contracted with a Berkeley producer of drug paraphernalia before finding that quot;the trouble with bong makers is that they’re also bong users.quot; Now made by Adams & Chittenden Scientific Glassblowers, strictly speaking, these items are 3-dimensional projections of a 4-dimensional object. What is he selling?
  17. 17. It was invented by Jarkko Oikarinen at the University of Oulu in the summer of 1988. Soon thereafter, it incorporated the first peer-to-peer networking capability, called Client To Client Protocol. Beginning with the server, more were added until the first split occurred in 1990 when Anet separated from EFnet. What?
  18. 18. Internet Relay Chat
  19. 19. Contrary to popular belief, the man for whom this food was named after could not have eaten it due to a gastro- intestinal disorder from a naval injury, which limited him to drinking liquids. But legend states that John Montagu invented it to leave one hand free, so meals did not get in the way of his non- stop gambling
  20. 20. The humble Sandwich
  21. 21. Vaclav Havel is one notable fan of this band. Brian Eno said that although they sold few records in their time, everyone who bought one started their own band. Andy Warhol featured them in his Exploding Plastic Inevitable, and designed the cover of their first album, featuring a peelable banana. Who?
  22. 22. Velvet Underground
  23. 23. In the 18th century Julius Johannes, a qualified miller noticed that several women factory workers ended up getting reduced time for housework and preparation of meals, working class families suffered from poor nutrtion. In view of this state of affairs Julius decided to produce appliances for roasting and grinding dried vegetables (peas and beans) given their rich nutritive value, to make flour thus enabling housewives to make a quick nourishing soup. Eventually, he put his product - vegetable powders - on the market. Julius distinguished his products by a four branched star, with a cross in its heart. The Cross-Star trademark was registered. Today we know this brand by a different category of product than the one it started with.
  24. 24. Maggi Noodles
  25. 25. He was born on March 24, 1874 in Budapest, Hungary. He allowed his brother Leopold, New York's first X-ray specialist, to X-ray him frequently. Most likely this caused sterilization; he had no children.His plane(Voisin biplane) was the first flown in Australia, and he was the first to pilot a plane there.In 1919, he became a film producer/actor/stunt man.He also held a patent for a style of diving suit. The innovation was granted U.S. Patent Number 1,370,316 on March 1, 1921.The patent reads: quot;The invention relates to deep sea diving suits or armors, and its object is to provide a new and improved diver's suite arranged to permit the diver, in case of danger for any cause whatever, to quickly divest himself of the suit while being submerged and to safely escape and reach the surface of the water. Another object is to enable the diver to put on or take off the suit without requiring assistance.quot; His last words were, quot;I'm tired of fightingquot;. Who is he?
  26. 26. Harry Houdini
  27. 27. Zyklon B was originally developed as a cyanide- based insecticide in the 1920s by Dr. Fritz Haber( of Haber process fame), a world-renowned chemist and recipient of the 1918 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his discovery of a method for the synthesis of ammonia. It was patented as a commercial pesticide by IG Farben (a DuPont subsidiary) as a remedy on typhus-bearing lice. Significance?
  28. 28. They gassed the Jews with it.
  29. 29. A freshman at Eagle Rock Junior High won first prize at the Greater Idaho Falls Science Fair. He was attempting to show how conditioned we have become to the alarmists practicing junk science and spreading fear of everything in our environment. In his project he urged people to sign a petition demanding strict control or total elimination of the chemical “___________.quot; And for plenty of good reasons, since: •it can cause excessive sweating and vomiting; •it is a major component in acid rain; •it can cause severe burns in its gaseous state; •accidental inhalation can kill you; •it contributes to erosion; •it decreases effectiveness of automobile brakes; •it has been found in tumors of terminal cancer patients. He asked 50 people if they supported a ban of the chemical. Forty-three said yes, six were undecided, and only one what was going on. ID chemical?
  30. 30. Water
  31. 31. quot;The sport it resembles most is Basketball,which is probably the sport I enjoy watching the most.I had a lot of fun making up the rules and I have still got the notebook I did it inquot;- who said, and on what?
  32. 32. Rowling on Quidditch
  33. 33. September 5, 1970, Monza, half an hour into the fifth lap of the final practice session, a car weaves slightly and then swerves sharp left into the crash barrier. A joint in the crash barrier parted, the suspension dug in under the barrier and the car hit a stanchion head on. The front end of the car was destroyed and a belt buckle cut the driver’s throat. Significance in F1 history?
  34. 34. Jochen Rindt became the first posthumous F1 champion
  35. 35. Taken from the “Detailed Chronology of Events Surrounding X” 55:52:58 - Jack Lousma: “We've got one more item for you, when you get a chance. We'd like you to stir up the cryo tanks. In addition, I have shaft and trunnion ..... “ . . . . . . . . . . 55:55:20 - Swigert: “___________________” Note: All times are in G.E.T.
  36. 36. “ Pope Ratzinger listen to someone who knows these things very well. Your life is in danger. You absolutely must not come to Turkey. Pope Benedict you must know that between 1980 and 2000 I was in contact with various Western intelligence services and with the Vatican. In those twenty years, I learnt many things and I came into possession of many classified secrets. For your own welfare, you must make a grand gesture of honour and resign. Then you must return to your native land (Germany) and in your place an Italian cardinal can be elected Pope, possibly Tettamanzi or Bertone. Then the Vatican should become a centre of peace and fraternity. The world has a need of this, it does not need hatred and vendetta. ” Who wrote this letter to Pope Ratzinger?
  37. 37. Mehmet Ali Ağca