Cartier's Success in China


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How Cartier entered the market with a false start and came back again with the strong foundation of Chinese partners. Clearly brand building takes time and they've done a brilliant job of doing so, before ruining it with their recent Destinée campaign.

More on that here:

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Cartier's Success in China

  1. Luxury in ChinaCase Study: Cartier 1
  2. “A beautiful creation is recognised as such by any clientaround the world. Our strength stems from the consistencyand continuity of style – a rich aesthetic expression fedfrom over 165 years of creation. It would be unthinkableand detrimental to our maison to try and alter our creationprocess seeking to cater to specific clients. The same goesfor our brand building. We strive to spread the same valuesworldwide.” - CEO & President Bernard Fornas 2
  3. “More than 60 per cent of Chinas millionaires surveyed in the reportnamed travel as their favourite leisure activity. Travel also accounts forclose to a third of the millionaires average annual spending of$277,000.” - The Chinese Luxury Traveller 2012. 3
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  5. Mediums of Communication• Global TVC campaign• Advertising on NY Times China June 2012 whenthe site first launched• MSN partnership on Love collection campaign (which launched in 2006)• Weibo (Chinese twitter) & youku (Chinese version of youtube)• Cartier full collection exhibitions Shanghai 2004 and Beijing 2009• CSR Charity Love bracelet Campaign 5
  6. QuickTime™ and a H.264 decompressorare needed to see this picture. 6
  7. Cartier ads on the landing page of The New York TimesChina site to push its Tank collection.Clicking on its ad takes consumers to the Chinese CartierWebsite. June 2012 7
  8. Cartier MSN China Partnership for the “Love” CollectionBrief: Raise brand awareness and target young couples, whitecollar workers 25-35 years old.“How far will you go for Love?”•MSN China has over 80 million monthly unique users and LiveMessenger has over 37 million active users.• Microsite built for MSN China Luxury channel with Microsofttechnology• Celebrity endorsements: artist couples including Jingtian Ruanand Xinru Lin (ABS crew), Liangying Zhang, Yixiang Gao andCheng Ji 8
  9. UGC inviting users to share definition of Love on MSN 9
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  13. Local Hong Kong Celebrity Khalil FongFor Cartiers “How far would you go for Love?” QuickTime™ and a decompressor are needed to see this picture. 13
  14. Cartier China on Youku“About 70 percent of the content on Youku is trademarked,while only 30 percent of the content is user-uploaded.” -Mr. Shao. Director of international public relations forYouku, Beijing. 14
  15. Global TVC uploaded 6 months ago , total of about 160,000 views Weibo: 276,982 fans,143 posts Text 15
  16. Art Meets Culture/Heritage “The Art of Cartier” Cartier Treasures @ Forbidden CityCartier exhibition, Shanghai 2004 Beijing 2009 “King of Jewellers. Jewellers to Kings“ 17
  17. Charity Love Bracelet 2006Global Cartier “Love day”, 10% of the sales of this bracelet goes to different adoptedcharities every year. 18
  18. In Conclusion:•Govt relationships are key to successful campaigns/events•Heritage, history and culture when presented in the right way proves successful•Digital/online is a key medium to reach out to our target Chinese audience•Celebrities endorsements work•Be the opportunistic leader in new channels•CSR programmes with local communities 19
  19. Opportunities
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