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Presentation redesigned for LIS.

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  1. 1. Learners today Leaders tomorrow
  2. 2. Mission Statement The Liberty International School(LIS) believes in the importance of a quality education to provide the foundation for a students future success. We strive to provide a rich scholastic environment together with the highest institutional standards to meet the social, emotional and cognitive needs of all our students.
  3. 3. Why Liberty International School? Modern American-inspired curriculum English is medium of instruction Core subjects : English, mathematics, arts and crafts, early science, music, and values Qualified foreign teachers Modern, air-conditioned classrooms
  4. 4. The Early Advantage 1- modern American-inspired curriculum Children who are introduced to a second language early in life will exhibit advanced reading skills English is medium of instruction A bilingual child typically enjoys the titles of great communicator and excellent problem solver. Independence & Success These skills and attributes typically strengthen independence and contribute to success later in lifes journey.
  5. 5. Academic ExcellenceTa i l o r - m a d e l e a r n i n g m a t e r i a l s a n d t e x t b o o k s
  6. 6. Modern and organized curriculumDaily Scope and SequenceEnglish Day Phonics Themed Vocabulary • Monday • Theme: Fruits orange, banana, • Ll (Recognition of form and sound) Jan 06,2012 apple, grapes, pineapple, strawberry • Tuesday • Ll (writing/tracing of upper case • Patterns: The (fruit) is (color) and lower case letters) I have (number) (fruit/s). Jan 07,2012 • Wednesday • Ll (Vocabulary: leash, lock, lion, • Review yesterday’s lesson. leopard) Jan 07,2012 • Ll Vocabulary: lightning, laugh, • Conversation pattern: Student • Thursday lawn mower, ladder, ladle) review 1: (Number) (fruits), please. Student vocabulary: play “slap the card” 2: Here you are. Student 1: Thank Jan 08,2012 game you! Student 2: You’re welcome! • Ll (Review the week’s lesson. • Friday Evaluate student retention and comprehension through result of Jan 09,2012 one-on-one sessions)
  7. 7. Modern and organized curriculum Daily Scope and SequenceMathematics Day Numbers Concepts • Monday • 1-10 (recognition, number words, • Hot and cold Jan 06,2012 quantifying) • Tuesday • Introduce hot objects fire, boiling • 1-10 (counting) water, pan on the stove, stove, Jan 07,2012 newly cooked food • Wednesday • 1-10 (tracing/writing) •Review hot objects Jan 07,2012 • Thursday • Introduce cold things ice, water, • 1-10 (quantifying) Do card matching Jan 08,2012 things from the refrigerator • Friday • 1-10 (identifying number words) • Review Jan 09,2012
  8. 8. Modern and organized curriculumDaily Scope and Sequence Early Science Day • Monday • Senses: smell, touch, taste Introduce through a cooking class Jan 06,2012 (Apple Sauce) • Tuesday • Discuss things learned in cooking class the previous day Jan 07,2012 • Wednesday • Discuss how some food taste (give examples: sweet, bitter, salty, spicy, Jan 07,2012 sour) • Thursday • Describe how things smell fragrant, stinky, smells bad, smells good Jan 08,2012 • Friday • Review Jan 09,2012
  9. 9. Modern and organized curriculum Daily Scope and SequenceArts, Worksheets Day Worksheet Centers and Centers • Monday • One-on-one Session • Puzzles, blocks, spelling boggle, Ll: Lovely Leaves – Color the leaves Jan 06,2012 fishing numbers with L and l • Tuesday • 1-10: Number Book • Previous centers plus lacing Jan 07,2012 • Wednesday • Ll:Tracing and Writing Color the pictures which names start with the • Previous centers plus writing Jan 07,2012 sound /l/ • Thursday • Arts: Chinese New Year Artwork - • The same centers Dragon Parade Jan 08,2012 • Friday • Review • The same centers Jan 09,2012
  10. 10. Modern and organized curriculumDaily Scope and Sequence Routines/Values Day • Monday • Good and bad eating habits -don’t Jan 06,2012 talk when your mouth is full • Tuesday • Wash hands before eating -eat healthy food Jan 07,2012 • Wednesday • Sit properly while eating Jan 07,2012 • Thursday • Please pass the (food) Jan 08,2012 • Friday • Review Jan 09,2012
  11. 11. Modern and organized curriculumDaily Scope and Sequence Music Day • Monday • Finger play: Tommy Thumbs Jan 06,2012 • Tuesday • Review Finger Play Jan 07,2012 • Wednesday • Nursery Rhyme: Humpty Dumpty Jan 07,2012 • Thursday • Role Play: Humpy Dumpty to reinforce vocabulary comprehension Jan 08,2012 • Friday • Review Jan 09,2012
  12. 12. F o r e i g n , q u a l i f i e d t e a c h i n g s t a ffF o r e i g n Te a c h e r s
  13. 13. Academic ExcellenceTa l e n t e d K h m e r A s s i s t a n t Te a c h e r s
  14. 14. Modern air-conditioned classroomsComfortable learning environment Teacher Name
  15. 15. Computer LabThe modern w orld requires computer skills, start young! Teacher Name
  16. 16. PlaygroundSpacious Playground w ith trees Teacher Name
  17. 17. Themed ActivitiesMathematics and Problem-solving Teacher Name
  18. 18. Themed ActivitiesEnglish: speaking, reading & writing
  19. 19. Themed ActivitiesCreative Arts
  20. 20. Themed ActiveitiesScience
  21. 21. Themed ActivitiesTe a c h i n g i n d e p e n d e n c e a n d r e s p o n s i b i l i t y
  22. 22. Nurturing, Caring & Healthy EnvironmentSnacks, lunches, and parties