Introduction To Lync Part Final


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Introduction To Lync Part Final

  1. 1. Introduction to Microsoft® Lync™<br />
  2. 2. Microsoft Business Productivity Infrastructure<br />Unified Business Platform<br />Unified Communications<br />Business Intelligence<br />Enterprise Content Management<br />Collaboration<br />Enterprise Search<br />Best Productivity Experience Across PC, Phone, and Browser<br />The Cloud On Your Terms<br />Online<br />On-premises<br />
  3. 3. What your Employees Experience TodayCurrent communications and collaboration experience<br />Source: Ideal Communications and Collaboration Research by Microsoft, 2009<br />
  4. 4. What is driving Employees to be Overwhelmed<br />Growth in Workforce Distribution<br /><ul><li>Shifting workforce: About 1/3 of US workers are currently freelance staff
  5. 5. Work from home: 63 million will telecommute in the US by 2016</li></ul>Lack of Technology Integration<br /><ul><li>Overwhelmed: Businesses average more than six communications devices and almost five communications applications per employee
  6. 6. Frustrated: Collaboration inefficiencies waste up to 25% of staff time</li></ul>Demand for New Modalities<br /><ul><li>Mobile phone = New PC: 600 million smart-phones will be used for business in 2011
  7. 7. Virtual meetings on the rise: Videoconferencing technology could replace 20% of business travel WW</li></li></ul><li>What Employees WantIdeal communications and collaborations experience<br />
  8. 8. Common Communication Silos<br />The Microsoft Communications Offering<br />E-mail and<br />Calendaring<br />Web<br />Conferencing <br />Video<br />Conferencing <br />InstantMessaging (IM)<br />AudioConferencing<br />Telephony<br />Voice Mail<br />InstantMessaging<br />Telephony and<br />Voice Mail<br />Unified Conferencing: Audio, Video, Web<br />E-mail andCalendaring<br />User Experience<br />User<br />Experience<br />User Experience<br />User<br />Experience<br />User Experience<br />User<br />Experience<br />User Experience<br />Unified Experience<br />Authentication<br />Administration<br />Storage<br />Compliance<br />Authentication<br />Administration<br />Storage<br />Authentication<br />Administration<br />Storage<br />Authentication<br />Administration<br />Storage<br />Authentication<br />Administration<br />Storage<br />Authentication<br />Administration<br />Storage<br />Authentication<br />Administration<br />Storage<br />Authentication<br />Administration<br />Storage<br />On-Premises In the Cloud<br />
  9. 9. Microsoft LyncConnecting people in new ways, anytime, anywhere<br />Reduces cost through converged communications<br />Quick adoption through Ease of use and Microsoft Office<br />Quick adoption through Ease of use and Microsoft Office<br />Instant Messaging and Presence<br />Audio, Video, Web Conferencing<br />Enterprise Voice and Telephony<br />Ease deployment through interoperability and extensibility<br />
  10. 10. See how you can Connect in New Ways with Microsoft Lync<br />DEMO<br />
  11. 11. Reducing Infrastructure CostsA newly streamlined management infrastructure<br />»<br />»<br />»<br />New Deployment Model<br /><ul><li>Simplified topologies
  12. 12. Reduced server roles
  13. 13. Virtualization support for all server roles</li></ul>Enhanced Planning & Deployment<br /><ul><li>Centralized configuration with Central Management Store
  14. 14. Visual infrastructure planning with Planning Tool
  15. 15. Pre-publish topology validation with Topology Builder</li></ul>Streamlined Administration & Management<br /><ul><li>Easy-to-use, Web-based, scenario-driven GUI
  16. 16. Automate repetitive tasks with PowerShell
  17. 17. Enhanced security with Role-Based Access Control
  18. 18. Improved monitoring on services, components, and voice quality</li></li></ul><li>Interoperable and Extensible Platform<br />Integrate and Enhance Existing Investments<br />»<br />»<br />»<br />Lync 2010 works with other Microsoft Applications <br />and third-party vendor technologies<br />Offer Choice in Voice<br />Take advantage of interoperability to replace, enhance, or add voice options<br />Extend Communications to Business Processes<br />Integrate presence with line of business applications <br />
  19. 19. Cross Platform Support for Lync 2010Options for those who use Macs, mobile phones, browsers, and other devices<br />Connect with Mac users<br />»<br />»<br />»<br />»<br /><ul><li>“Lync for Mac”</li></ul>Communicate through mobile phones<br /><ul><li>Lync Mobile, iPhone app, Nokia</li></ul>Reach through the browser<br /><ul><li>Lync Web App</li></ul>Experience Lync through numerous devices<br /><ul><li>Polycom, Plantronics, Jabra, Aastra and more…</li></li></ul><li>Designed for On-premise and the Cloud<br />Deliver Lync based on your business priorities<br />»<br /><ul><li>Predictable costs, fast deployment, and up-to-date software
  20. 20. Hybrid deployment: Lync Server on-premises (w/ PBX replace) & Exchange and SharePoint Online </li></ul>Conferencing<br />(A/V/Web)<br />Instant Messaging<br />Voice<br />PBX Replace<br />√<br />√<br />Post Launch<br />N/A<br />Lync Online <br />(Cloud)<br />√<br />√<br />√<br />√<br />Lync Server <br />(On-premises)<br />
  21. 21. Proven Value of Lync<br />»<br />“Integrated services, integrated communication, both voice, video and data and now skills-based search with Wave 14 and the ability to see those integrated products work seamlessly together in SharePoint 2010, Office 2010 and now Wave 14, that is really a game changer for us.”<br />Kevin RiceGlobal Network ArchitectAT Kearney<br />
  22. 22. Internal Usage Driving Cost Savings and Learning<br />Usage (June 2010)<br />Business Value<br />Instant Messaging<br /><ul><li>137k unique users - 97M messages per month</li></ul>Online Meetings and Ad hoc collaboration<br /><ul><li>135k monthly scheduled meetings
  23. 23. 299k ad hoc desktop sharing sessions per month</li></ul>Reservation-less Audio Conferencing<br /><ul><li>136k monthly audio conferences
  24. 24. 58M minutes of audio conferencing per month</li></ul>Enterprise Voice<br /><ul><li>77k people rely on OCS for all communications
  25. 25. 59 sites, 6.6M calls and 44M minutes /month
  26. 26. $1.2M per month from audio conferencing service
  27. 27. $2M per year in telephony support costs
  28. 28. Facilitates $90M per year reduction in travel</li></ul>Learning<br /><ul><li>User education drives the experience
  29. 29. Cultural change required to maximize the return
  30. 30. Network planning essential to success
  31. 31. Optimized devices improve user satisfaction</li></ul>Improved Productivity and Greater Flexibility for the Global Workforce<br />Ad hoc collaboration<br />Planning Meetings<br />Customer Meetings<br />Global Development Teams<br />
  32. 32. Beyond Lync 2010Creating the most desirable productivity experience<br />Immersive Meetings<br />Connect with Anyone<br />Simplified Infrastructure<br />Easy administration and reduced costs<br /><ul><li>Deploy on your terms: Cloud or On-premise
  33. 33. Align management experience across MS stack
  34. 34. Reduce costs through common infrastructure</li></ul>Experience that naturally extends productivity tools<br /><ul><li>Greater Presence info that protects user focus
  35. 35. Increase AV federation outside your org
  36. 36. Expand support across mobile devices</li></ul>A pervasive, connected meeting experience<br /><ul><li>Naturally blend presenting and management modes
  37. 37. Enhance media across rooms, desks, and phones
  38. 38. Capture content with immediate playback options</li></li></ul><li>
  39. 39. Lync Provides a Consistent Experience Across Office<br />Common features across Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and SharePoint can help to improve the user experience<br />Click to communicate from Microsoft Backstage™ view (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)<br />Contact Card<br />Presence in SharePoint<br />
  40. 40. New Connected Experience<br />Find and connect with the right people<br />Stay connected with your network<br />Unified Contact Store<br />People Search<br />Skill Search<br />Activity Feed<br />
  41. 41. Lync Connects People in New Ways, Anytime and Anywhere<br />Access messages through your PC, mobile device, or the Web<br />Connect in real time across devices from a familiar interface<br />PC<br />Mobile<br />Web<br />
  42. 42. LyncProvidesa Truly Converged User ExperienceUsers can benefit from a single client experience for IM, voice, video, and data sharing<br />Microsoft Communicator<br />Incoming call<br />IM and video<br />Conversation window<br />Meeting, application sharing, and whiteboarding<br />
  43. 43. Integrate and Enhance Existing InvestmentsLync works with other Microsoft applications and third-party vendor technology<br />»<br />»<br />Microsoft Investments<br />Exchange Server<br /> Communications Server<br /><ul><li>Single User Identity through a Single Directory
  44. 44. Click to Communicate from Familiar Microsoft Office and SharePoint Applications</li></ul>Active Directory®<br />Third-Party Vendor Technology<br /><ul><li>Works with Room-based Conferencing Systems
  45. 45. Integrates with Existing PBX Systems
  46. 46. Reduces Costs with Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Trunking</li>