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HRM Interventions


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Published in: Business
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HRM Interventions

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  2. 2. Human resources interventions are concerned with the way of managing people in the more effective and efficient way while ushering in the change process in an organisation.
  3. 3.  Goal setting  Performance  Reward system  Career planning and development  Managing work-force diversity  Employee stress and wellness
  4. 4. A career consists of sequence of work related positions occupied by a person during the course of a life time. Stages  The estabishment stage  The advncement stage  The maintenance stage  Withdrawal stage
  5. 5.  Career planning involves setting individual career is highly personalised and generally goals , examing alternatives careers ,making decisions that may affect the current job and planning how to progress in the desired direction.
  6. 6.  Career development follows closely from career planning and includes organisational practice that help employees implement those plans.
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