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Pg brochure

  1. 1. JADAVPUR UNIVERSITY KOLKATA– 700032 INFORMATION BROCHURE FOR POST-GRADUATE PROGRAMMES UNDER FACULTY COUNCIL OF ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY I. ELIGIBILITY FOR 4-SEMESTER P.G. COURSES IN ENGG./TECH./ARCH./PHARM COURSES:Category(A) – GATE/NET: Obtained Bachelor’s degree in Engg./Tech./ Pharm./Arch. OrM.Sc./M.A. as given in the Schedule below with at least 60% marks (50% for SC/ST/PD) andqualified through GATE/NET. ORPassed Membership/Associate Membership Examination in the appropriate discipline conductedby all professional bodies, like Institution of Engineers (India)/Indian Institute ofArchitects/Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers/ Institute of Electronics TelecommunicationEngineers etc. approved by Govt. of India, with at lest 60% marks in aggregate (50% forSC/ST/PD) and qualified through GATE are eligible for admission for to PG courses inEngg./Tech./Arch./Pharm. as GATE category candidates.Category(B) – Sponsored: Obtained Bachelor’s degree in Engg./Tech./ Pharm./Arch orM.Sc./M.A. as given in the Schedule below with at least 60% marks (50% for SC/ST/PD) &Minimum 2 years relevant experience after Bachelor’s degree/Master Degree also duly sponsoredby Industry / Institute/ Govt. Depts.Category(C) – Self-Sponsored: Obtained Bachelor’s degree in Engg./Tech./ Pharm./Arch orM.Sc./M.A. as given in the Schedule below with at least 60% marks (50% for SC/ST/PD). However, candidates who have appeared / are due to appear at the qualifying examinations(B.E./B.Tech./B.Arch./B.Pharm./M.Sc./ M.A./AMIE Sec. A & B / AIIA) may also apply and suchcandidates, if selected, will be admitted if they can submit valid proof of their passing thequalifying examination with required percentage of marks at the time of Interview. If the resultsare awaited on the date of interview such selected candidates shall have to submit the mark sheetof the qualifying examination within 3 months from the date of commencement of 1st semesterclasses failing which or if the candidate is found to be not eligible in terms of percentage ofmarks obtained, his/her provisional admission will be cancelled.I. 4-Semester (2-years) Courses (AICTE APPROVED) Offered by the Name of the Course Fields of Specialisation Bachelor’s Degree required in Department / School1. Architecture Dept. • Architecture Housing Architecture Engg. Urban Design2. Chemical Engg. Dept. • Chemical Engineering -------- Chemical Engineering / Food Tech. & Biochemical Engg. / Mechanical Engg./Metallurgical & Material Engg./3. Civil Engg. Dept. • Civil Engineering a) Structural Engg. a) Civil Engg. / Construction Engg. b) Soil Mechanics & b) - do - Foundation Engg. c) Environmental Engg c) Civil Engg./Chemical Engg./ Food Tech. & Bio. Chem. Engg / Construction Engg. / Environmental Engg.4. Computer Sc. & • Computer Science & ---------- Computer Sc. & Engg. Engg. Dept. Engineering 1
  2. 2. 5. Electrical Engg. Dept. • Electrical Engineering a) Electrical Power Electrical Engg. / Power Engg. b) Electrical Machines b) Electrical Engg./Power Engg. / Electronics & Telecomm. Engg. c) High Voltage Engg. c) - do - d) Control System d) Electrical Engg./ B.E in Instrumentation & Electronics Engg../ B.Tech in Instrumentation & Electronics Engg./ Electronics &Telecomm. Engg e) Electrical e) - do - Measurement & Instrumentation. • Control System Electrical Engg./ Mechanical Engg./ Engineering Instrumentation Engg./ Electronics & Telecom. Engg./ Aeronautical Engg. OR their equivalent. • Illumination Electrical/Electronics & Engineering Telecom/Instrumentation or equivalent6. Electronics & Tele- • Electronics & Tele- Control Engg. Electronics & Tele-communication Communication Engg. Communication Engg. Electronic Device Engg. / B.Tech (Instrumentation & Dept. Microwave Engg. Electronics Engg.)/ Computer Sc. & Computer Engg. Engg./ Electrical Engg. Communication Engg.7. Food Tech. & • Food Technology & ------- Food Technology & Bio-Chemical Bio-Chemical Bio-Chemical Engg./ Chemical Engg. / Food Tech./ Engg. Dept. Engineering Bio.Tech.8. Instrumentation • Instrumentation & -------- Instrumentation Engg. / Electronics &Electronics Electronics Engg. & Tele-Comm. Engg. / Electrical Engg. Dept Engg./ Computer Engg.9.Information • Software Engg. ------ BE/B.Tech./Master of Computer Technology Dept. Application (MCA) or M.Sc. in Physics / Mathematics / Computer Sc. / Electronics Sc.10. Mechanical Engg. • Mechanical a) Heat Power Engg. a) Mechanical/ Power Engg. Dept. Engineering b) Machine Design b) Mechanical Engg. c) Applied Mechanics c) Mechanical./Civil/Electrical./ Chemical / Aeronautical Engg. d) Production Engg. d) Mechanical Engg. e) Fluid & Hydraulics e) Mechanical/Power Engg. Engg. f) Hydraulic & Water f) Mechanical/Civil/Elec./Chem. Resources Engg. /Aeronautical Engg. • Automobile Mechanical / Automobile or Engineering Equivalent.11. Metallurgical & • Metallurgical Industrial Metallurgy Metallurgical Engg. Material Engg. Dept. Engineering 2
  3. 3. • Material Engineering …….. BE/B.Tech. or M.Sc. in Physics / Chemistry / Mathematics / Geol. Sc. / Electronics Sc. / Mechanical / Production / Ceramic Tech./ Chemical12. Pharmaceutical Pharmaceutics Pharmacy Technology Dept. • Pharmacy Pharmacology Pharmacognosy Pharmaceutical Chemistry Bio-Chemistry Microbiology Pharmaceutical Engg. • Clinical Pharmacy & …….. Pharmacy. Pharmacy Practice.13. Production Engg. Production Technology, Production Engg. / Mechanical Dept. • Production Engineering Production Management, Engg./ Industrial Engg. & Machine Tool Design, Management / Manufacturing Sc. Robotics, CAD & CAM, Quantitative Management Ergonomics, Tribology & Terotechnology14. Power Engg. • Power Engineering ------ Power / Electrical / Mechanical / Dept. Electronics / Instrumentation.15. School of Material ------- Civil/Electrical / Electronics / Sc. & Tech. • Nano Science & Mechanical /Ceramics / Metallurgy / Technology Chemical / Production /Power Engg. / Printing Engg. or M. Sc. in (Physics/Chemistry/Electronics)1 6 . School of Education • IT (Courseware ------ BE/B.Tech in any discipline or Technology Engg.) equivalent / M.Sc. in Physics / Mathematics / Electronics/ Computer Sc. / Information Tech. • Multimedia ------ B.E. or equivalent / MCA/Master of Development. Sc. / Master of Commerce / Master (Approved by UGC) of Arts in any discipline •17. School of Water • Water Resource & ------ B.E./B.Tech. (Civil / Mechanical Resource & Hydraulic Hydraulic Engg. /Chemical / Electrical / Power / Engineering. Production) OR M.Sc. (Tech.). in Geology18. School of Bio Sc. & • Biomedical Engg. ----- Bachelor of Engg.(B.E.) / B.Tech. / Engineering Bachelor of Pharmacy (with Basic Engg. subjects) or equivalent.19.School of Mobile • Distributed & Mobile ----- B.E. or B.Tech. in Computer Sc. & Computing & Computing Engg. / Information Tech. / Communication Electronics & Tele-Comm. Engg.20. School of Energy • Energy Sc. & Tech. ------- Engineering / Tech. Studies ORM.Sc. in Physics /Chemistry / Bio-Chemistry / Geology with Mathematics as the subsidiary paper in the Bachelor Degree or Applied Mathematics with Physics and Chemistry at the Bachelor level or M.A. in Economics with Physics and Mathematics asthe subsidiary subjects in the Bachelor level. 3
  4. 4. I. 6-Semester (3-years) Courses (AICTE APPROVED)Offered by the Department / Name of the Course Fields of Specialisation Bachelor’s Degree required inSchool1) Computer Sc. & Computer Technology --------- Engineering Graduate in any Engg. Dept. discipline.2) Electronics & Tele- VSLI Design & -------- Engineering Graduate in Electrical / Communication Microelectronics Tech. Electronics & Tele-communication Engg. Dept. Engg. / Computer Sc. & Engg. / Instrumentation Engg. Or equivalent.SELECTION NORMS FOR ADMISSION IN :4-Semester P.G. Courses in Engg./Tech./Arch/Pharm(Except Master Degree Course in Multimedia Development) (A) GATE Candidates : GATE Score -- 70 marks Interview and/or Admission Test -- 30 marks (B) Sponsored Candidates : Qualifying Exam. result -- 50 marks (B.E/B.Tech/B.Arch/B.Pharm/M.A/M.Sc.) Admission Test and Interview -- 40 marks (At least 2 years relevant experience after awarding the U.G./M.Sc.Degree.) 2 marks per year of relevant experience to the maximum of -- 10 marks (C) Self-Sponsored Candidates : Qualifying Exam. result -- 50 marks (B.E/B.Tech/B.Arch/B.Pharm/M.A/M.Sc.) Interview and/or Admission Test -- 50 marksThe merit position of the candidates in self-sponsored category whose results of the qualifyingexaminations are awaited on the date of Interview and/or Admission Test be determined asfollows : Result of University Examinations declared so far -- 50 marks (3rd yr. 2nd sem./4th yr. 1st sem. Etc.) Admission Test and Interview -- 50 marksNote: Total number of seats available in any discipline shall first be filled up with Category (A)and (B) candidates as per availability of seats in the respective categories. Thereafter if vacanciesexist, Category (C) candidates will be considered to fill up such vacancies.Admission Procedure for Master Degree Course on Multimedia Development: An admission test covering the following aspects would be taken – Part – I :- Computer knowledge in DOS, Windows, Word Processing Concepts, BASIC or C. Analytical Reasoning abilities. Part – II :- English Comprehension. 4
  5. 5. APPROVED INTAKE & COURSE FEE AT THE TIME OF ADMISSION FOR P.G. ENGG./TECH./ARCH./PHARM COURSES FET Approved FET Tuition Fees per Semester Other Charges Intake for Approved ( Rs.) Rs.260/- GATE (Scholarship) Intake for Semester tuition fee required at the Category Courses Sponsored will be deposited time of Category within 15 days after Admission the commencement of along with the each Semester. Tuition Fees. It is applicable for General S S Sponsor GATE/Self Sponsored all coursesSl.No. P.G.Courses C T ed Sponsored1. Arch. 4 1 1 2 2400/- 12,000/-2. Chemical 11 3 1 4 2400/- 12,000/- Registration3. Civil 15 4 1 5 2400/- 12,000/- Fees Rs. 25.4. Electrical 15 4 1 5 2400/- 12,000/- (not applica-ble5. Electronics & 15 4 1 5 2400/- 12,000/- for J.U. Tele. Comm. students)6. Mechanical 15 4 1 5 2400/- 12,000/- Admission Fees7. Pharmacy 15 4 1 5 2400/- 12,000/- Rs.100.8. Computer Sc. 17 6 2 6 2400/- 12,000/- &Engg Library Deposit9. Metallurgical 5 2 1 2 2400/- 12,000/- Rs.50.10. Food Tech. & 4 1 1 2 2400/- 12,000/- Bio. Chemical Caution Deposit1. Instrumentation 4 1 1 2 2400/- 12,000/- Rs.25. & Electronics12. Production 7 2 1 3 2400/- 12,000/- Session Charges1. Energy Sc. & 7 2 1 3 2400/- 12,000/- Rs.50 Tech.14. Biomed. Engg 3 1 1 6 2400/- 12,000/- Health Card15. Control System 7 2 1 5 2400/- 12,000/- Rs.10. Engg. Total:Rs260.0016. Software Engg 15 3 2 5 18,000/- 18,000/-.17.Water Resources 10 2 1 5 2400/- 12,000/- & Hy d r a u l i c E n g g .18. Material Engg. 10 2 1 5 2400/- 12,000/-1. I.T. 10 2 1 5 12,000/- 12,000/- (Courseware Engg.)2. **VLSI Design 10 2 1 5 18,000/- 18,000/-& MicroElectronics. (6-Semester)21. Automobile 03 1 0 1 12,000/- 20,000/-22. Illumination 10 2 1 5 12,000/- 20,000/-23. Nano Sc. & 10 2 1 5 12,000/- 20,000/-Tech24. Power Engg. 10 2 1 5 12,000/- 20,000/-25. Clinical 04 1 1 2 Pl. See.* Pl. See * Pharmacy & Pharm. Practice26. **Multimedia 16 5 1 0 12,000/- 12,000/- Development1. **Computer 24 7 2 0 22,500/- 22,500/- Tech. (6-Semester)28.Distributed & 9 2 1 3 18,000/- 18,000/- Mobile Computing 5
  6. 6. * Clinical Pharmacy & Pharm. Practice – Total course fee is Rs.3,00,000/- . Rs.1,50,000/- payable at the time of admission and balance amount of the course fee payable Rs.50,000/- per semester. ** GATE Scholarship not available.The candidate should be brought of the following attested documents along with theOriginal at the time of admission at the time of Test and also the time of Admission:1. Admit Card and Score Card of GATE / NET (if applicable).3. Final year / 3rd year 2nd Semester / 4th year 1st Semester Grade Card or Mark-sheet.4. Original Mark-sheet and Certificates of Secondary or equivalent, H.S. or equivalent, B.E. or B.Tech., B.Sc., M.Sc., B.A., M.A.5. Family Income Certificate from the competent authority.6. Properly filled in Application Form and Self addressed Envelop (22 cm x 10 cm) be sent to the Principal Secretary, Faculty of Engg. & Tech., Jadavpur University by Post only, along with requisite Bank Draft of Rs.100/- from any Nationalised Bank for each Course of study in favour of “Jadavpur University” payable at Kolkata. The Application Form No.,Name of the Candidate & Name of the Course should be written clearly on the reverse of the Draft No.The candidate should note the following:1. Use separate Application Form for Separate Course/s.1. A candidate can not apply for more than 3 (three) courses.2. Attached Bank Draft of Rs.100.00 in favour of ‘Jadavpur University” Payable at Kolkata from any Nationalized Bank to each Application Form.3. If applied for more than 3 courses, then all the applications are liable to be cancelled.4. Photocopy of the Application Form is not acceptable.5. Failure to appear at the Admission Test and Interview / Admission Test on the specified date shall cancel his/her candidature without any further reference.6. Final pass mark-sheet should be submitted within 3 months from the date of admission.7. Registration of application does not confer any right of the applicant to be called for interview.8. O r i g i n a l s a n d o n e s e t a t t e s t e d c o p i e s o f t e s t i m o n i a l s s h o u l d b e p r o d u c e d a t t h e t i me of Admission Test & Interview And Admission to the course after final selection.9. The Admission Committee reserves the right of not selection any candidate who is considered physically unfit or otherwise unsuitable.10. All J.U. courses are not residential. Hostel seats are not guaranteed.11. A declaration from the employer that the candidate shall be granted study leave for 24 months, if he/she gets selection for admission to P.G. Engg./Tech./Arch./Pharm. courses of Jadavpur University (applicable to only C a t e g o r y – B c a n d i d a t e s o n l y ) b e s u b m i t t e d a t t h e t i m e o f A d m i s s i o n.12. Applicants are advised to download the Application Form & Information Brochure from the web site 6
  7. 7. 14. Applicant would send their filled in application form, so that it reaches the University on or before 16.04.07. No Application Form will be received after last date (i.e. 16.04.2007).13. List of Candidates who are selected for admission test & interview will be displayed on the University web-site:www.jadavpur.edu16. If the admit card do not reach in due time, selected candidate for admission test be asked to collect their duplicate admit card on or before date of admission test from the office of the Principal Secretary except Saturday ,Sunday & Holidays. 7