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Jadavpur m. tech infoformation brochure2010 11


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Jadavpur m. tech infoformation brochure2010 11

  1. 1. JADAVPUR UNIVERSITY KOLKATA– 700032 INFORMATION BROCHURE FOR POST-GRADUATE PROGRAMMES FORENGINEERNG/TECH./ARCHITECTURE/PHARMACY UNDER FACULTY COUNCIL OF ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY FOR THE SESSION 2010-11 Ap p lica nts a re adv is ed to do wn load th e A pp lic at ion Fo rm , Pay- in- Slip and Info rmat ion Bro chure f ro m our web sit e INSTRUCTIONS FOR FILLING-UP THE APPLICATION FORM 1. The candidate can apply for M.E./M.Tech./M.Arch./M.Pharm Courses – 2010 from 13th April, 2010 to 4th May, 2010 (for Pharmacy and Clinical Pharmacy & Practice last date is 24.06.2010). Candidates are advised to download the Application Form, Information Brochure and Pay-in-Slip of State Bank of India for deposit of Application Fee. The mode of payment of application fee of Rs.100/- for each course of study is to be deposited t h r o u g h a n y b r a n c h o f S t a t e B a n k o f I n d i a by f i l l i n g u p t h e P a y - i n - s l i p . T h e J o u r n a l Number must be legible in the pay-in-slip, which need to be used in Application Form & Other references. The applicants are requested to keep the counterfoil of the deposit slip for future reference. Candidates should carefully read the instructions given in the Information Brochure before filling up the Application Form. 2. Properly filled in Downloaded Application Form is to be sent by Post to the Principal Secretary, Faculty Council of Engg. & Tech., Jadavpur University, Kolkata – 700032, India, along with ‘Application Copy’ of the Pay-in-Slip for each Course of Study within the last date of application 3. The list of eligible candidates for Admission Test and/or Interview will be displayed on the Jadavpur University website before the schedule date of admission test. 4. Applicants are requested to download their admit-card and to bring his/her admit card to the examination hall after filling up his/her name, roll number and pasting the attested recent photograph on the admit-card. The attestation must be done either by a Gazetted Govt. Official or by the Principal /HOD of the Institution last attended. 5. As per circular No. BC-16014/1/82-SC dt.06/08/1984 & BCD-I , D.O.12017/11/89- SCD(R.CELL) dt.08/01/1990 and letter No. 1510-SCW dt. 31/05/2007 from the Government of West Bengal, Scheduled Caste/ Scheduled Tribe Persons of the State other than West Bengal are not entitled to get benefits of the State for SC/ST in Educational Institutions in West Bengal. 6. Applicants are requested to submit the Bachelor course approval letter by AICTE or UGC-AICTE-DEC Joint Committee at the time of Admission Test/Interview and at the time of Admission from the appropriate authority. 7. Final year appearing certificate issued by the Principal / Controller of Examinations of the University will have be produced by the candidate at the time of Admission Test, Interview and at the time of Admission. 8. THE CANDIDATE ARE REQUESTED TO BRING THE FOLLOWING ATTESTED DOCUMENTS ALONG WITH THE ORIGINAL AT THE TIME OF ADMISSION TEST AND/OR INTERVIEW AND ALSO THE TIME OF ADMISSION TO THE COURSE:
  2. 2. a) Admit Card and Score Card of GATE-2010 / GPAT-2010 (if applicable). b) Mark-sheet and Certificates from Secondary examination to Undergraduate degree in Engineering or Postgraduate degree in Science/Arts courses, Grade Card and Admit Card of Admission Test. c) S C / S T C e r t i f i c a t e i s s u e d b y t h e G o v t . o f W e s t B e n g a l , P hy s i c a l l y D i s a b l e Certificate and Family Income Certificate issued by the competent authority. d) A ‘No Objection Certificate’ from the employer for 24 months for Sponsored Category candidates. 9. THE CANDIDATE SHOULD NOTE THE FOLLOWING: a) Submit separate downloaded Application Form for Separate Course/s and obtain separate ‘Application Copy’ of Pay-in-Slip from S.B.I. with deferent journal number. b) A candidate can not apply for more than 3 (three) Course of Study. c) If a candidate has applied for more than 3 courses, then all the applications are liable to be cancelled. d) Failure to appear at the Admission Test and Interview / Admission Test on the s p e c i f i e d d a t e s h a l l c a n c e l h i s / h e r c a n d i d a t u r e w i t h o u t a ny f u r t h e r r e f e r e n c e . e ) Sub mission of app lication do es no t conf er an y r igh t of the app lic an t to b e called fo r ad mission test and /or interv iew . f) The Admission Committee reserves the right of not selecting any candidate who is considered physically unfit or otherwise unsuitable. g) All J.U. courses are not residential. Hostel seats are not guaranteed. ELIGIBILITY FOR 4-SEMESTER P.G. COURSES IN ENGG./TECH./ARCH./PHARM COURSES:Category(A) – GATE/NET: Obtained Bachelor’s degree in Engg./Tech./Arch. Or M.Sc./ given in the Schedule below with at least 60% marks (50% for SC/ST/PD) and qualifiedthrough GATE/NET. ORPassed Membership/Associate Membership Examination in the appropriate disciplineconducted by all professional bodies, like Institution of Engineers (India)/Indian Institute ofArchitects/Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers/ Institute of ElectronicsTelecommunication Engineers etc. approved by Govt. of India, with at lest 60% marks inaggregate (50% for SC/ST/PD) and qualified through GATE are eligible for admission for toPG courses in Engg./Tech./Arch./Pharm. as GATE category candidates.Category(B) – Sponsored: Obtained Bachelor’s degree in Engg./Tech./ Arch or M.Sc./ given in the Schedule below with at least 60% marks (50% for SC/ST/PD) & Minimum 2years experience after Bachelor’s degree duly sponsored by Industry / Institute/ Govt. Deptts.Category(C) – Self-Sponsored: Obtained Bachelor’s degree in Engg./Tech./Arch orM.Sc./M.A. as given in the Schedule below with at least 60% marks (50% for SC/ST/PD).
  3. 3. However, candidates who have appeared / are due to appear at the qualifyingexaminations (B.E./B.Tech./B.Arch./B.Pharm./M.Sc./ M.A./AMIE Sec. A & B / AIIA) mayalso apply and such candidates, if selected, will be admitted if they can submit valid proof oftheir passing the qualifying examination with required percentage of marks at the time ofInterview. If the results are awaited on the date of interview such selected candidates shallhave to submit the mark sheet of the qualifying examination within 3 months from the date ofcommencement of 1st semester classes failing which or if the candidate is found to be noteligible in terms of percentage of marks obtained, his/her provisional admission will becancelled.I. 4-Semester (2-years) Courses (AICTE APPROVED) Offered by the Name of the Course Fields of Specialisation Bachelor’s Degree required in Department / School1. Chemical Engg. Dept. • Chemical -------- Chemical Engineering / Food Engineering Tech. & Biochemical Engg. / Mechanical Engg./Metallurgical & Material Engg./2. Civil Engg. Dept. a) Structural Engg. a) Civil Engg. / Construction • Civil Engineering Engg. b) Soil Mechanics & b) - do - Foundation Engg. c) Environmental Engg c) Civil Engg./Chemical Engg./ Food Tech. & Bio. Chem. Engg / Construction Engg. / Environmental Engg.3. Electrical Engg. Dept. a) Electrical Power Electrical Engg. / Power Engg. b) Electrical Machines b) Electrical Engg./Power Engg. • Electrical / Electronics & Telecomm. Engineering Engg. c) High Voltage Engg. c) - do - d) Control System d) Electrical Engg./ B.E in Instrumentation & Electronics Engg../ B.Tech in Instrumentation & Electronics Engg./ Electronics &Telecomm. Engg e) - do - e) Electrical Measurement & Instrumentation. • Control System Electrical Engg./ Mechanical Engineering Engg./ Instrumentation Engg./ Electronics & Telecom. Engg./ Aeronautical Engg. OR their equivalent.
  4. 4. • Illumination Electrical/Electronics & Engineering Telecom/Instrumentation or equivalent4. Electronics & Tele- • Electronics & Control Engg. Electronics & Tele- Communication Engg. Tele- Electronic Device communication Engg. / B.Tech Communication (Instrumentation & Electronics Dept. Microwave Engg. Engg.)/ Computer Sc. & Engg./ Engg. Computer Engg. Electrical Engg. Communication Engg.5. Computer Sc. & • Computer Science ---------- Computer Sc. & Engg. Engg. Dept. & Engineering6. Mechanical Engg. a) Heat Power Engg. a) Mechanical/ Power Engg. Dept. b) Machine Design b) Mechanical Engg. • Mechanical c) Applied Mechanics c) Mechanical./Civil/Electrical./ Engineering Chemical / Aeronautical Engg. d) Production Engg. d) Mechanical Engg. e) Fluid & Hydraulics e) Mechanical/Power Engg. Engg. • Automobile Mechanical / Automobile or Engineering Equivalent.7) Metallurgical & • Metallurgical Industrial Metallurgy B.E / B.Tech in Metallurgical / Material Engg. Dept. Engineering Mechanical / Production / Ceramic / Chemical Engg. or equivalent. • Material …….. B.E./B.Tech. in Mechanical / Engineering Production / Ceramic Tech./ Chemical or M.Sc. in Physics / Chemistry / Mathematics / Geol. Sc. / Electronics Sc. / Instrumentation Sc.8) Pharmaceutical Pharmaceutics Pharmacy Technology Dept. • Pharmacy Pharmacology Pharmacognosy Pharmaceutical Chemistry Bio-Chemistry Microbiology Pharmaceutical Engg. • Clinical Pharmacy …….. Pharmacy. & Pharmacy Practice.9) Architecture Dept. • Architecture Housing Architecture Engg. Urban Design10) Production Engg. • Production Production Technology, Production Engg. / Mechanical Dept. Engineering Production Management, Engg./ Industrial Engg. & Management / Manufacturing Sc.
  5. 5. 11) Information • Software Engg. ------ BE/B.Tech./Master of Computer Technology Dept. Application (MCA) or M.Sc. in Physics / Mathematics / Computer Sc. / Electronics Sc.12) Food Tech. & • Food Technology ------- Food Technology & Bio- Bio-Chemical & Bio-Chemical Chemical Engg./ Chemical Engg. Engineering / Food Tech./ Bio.Tech. Engg. Dept.13) Instrumentation • Instrumentation & -------- Instrumentation Engg. / &Electronics Electronics Engg. Electronics & Tele-Comm. Engg. / Electrical Engg./ Computer Engg. Dept Engg.14) Power Engg. • Power ------ Power / Electrical / Mechanical / Dept. Engineering Electronics / Instrumentation.15) School of Material ------- Civil/Electrical / Electronics / Sc. & Tech. • Nano Science & Mechanical /Ceramics / Technology Metallurgy / Chemical / Production /Power Engg. / Printing Engg. or M. Sc. in (Physics/ Chemistry/ Electronics/ Instrumentation Science).1 6 ) School of Education • I.T. ------ BE/B.Tech in any discipline or Technology (Courseware equivalent / M.Sc. in Physics / Engg.) Mathematics / Electronics/ Computer Sc. / Information Tech. • Multimedia ------ B.E. or equivalent / MCA/Master Development. of Sc. / Master of Commerce / (Approved by Master of Arts in any discipline UGC)17) School of Water • Water Resources ------ B.E./B.Tech. in Civil / Resources Engineering. & Hydraulic Mechanical / Chemical / Engg. Electrical / Power / Production / Agriculture OR M.Sc. (Tech.). in Geology18) School of Bio Sc. & • Biomedical Engg. ----- Bachelor of Engg.(B.E.) / B.Tech. Engineering / Bachelor of Pharmacy (with Basic Engg. subjects) or equivalent.19)School of Mobile • Distributed & ----- B.E. or B.Tech. in Computer Sc. Computing & Mobile & Engg. / Information Tech. / Computing Electronics & Tele-Comm. Engg. Communication20) School of Nuclear • Master of Nuclear ………….. B.E. in Mechanical / Electrical /Studies & Application Engg. Power / Electronics / Instrumentation / Metallurgy / Material Sc. / Chemical or its equivalent.21) School of Energy • Energy Sc. & ------- Bachelor Engineering / Tech. Studies Tech. OR
  6. 6. M.Sc. in Physics /Chemistry / Bio-Chemistry / Geology with Mathematics as the subsidiary paper in the BachelorDegree or M.Sc. in Applied Mathematics with Physics and Chemistry at the Bachelor level or M.A. in Economicswith Physics and Mathematics as the subsidiary subjects in the Bachelor level.II. 6-Semester (3-years) Evening Courses (AICTE APPROVED)Offered by the Department / Name of the Course Fields of Specialisation Bachelor’s Degree required inSchool1) Computer Sc. & Computer Technology --------- Engineering Graduate of any Engg. Dept. Discipline.2) Electronics & Tele- VSLI Design & -------- Engineering Graduate in Communication Microelectronics Tech. Electrical / Electronics & Tele- communication Engg. / Computer Engg. Dept. Sc. & Engg. / Instrumentation Engg. Or equivalent.III. 2-Semester (1-year) CourseOffered by the School Name of the Course Fields of Specialisation Bachelor’s Degree required inSchool of Education • P.G. Diploma in ----------- Graduate in any branch of Technology Risk Management Engineering, B.Sc. (Hons.) in & Financial Engg. Mathematics, Statistics and (2-Sem.) Economics.SELECTION NORMS FOR ADMISSION IN :4-Semester P.G. Courses in Engg./Tech./Arch/Pharm(Except 6-Semester (Evening) M.Tech Courses and 4-Semester P.G. Course in Multimedia Development)and 2-Semester P.G. Diploma in Risk Management & Financial Engg. (A) GATE Candidates : GATE Score -- 70 marks Interview and/or Admission Test -- 30 marks (B) Sponsored Candidates : Qualifying Exam. result -- 50 marks (B.E/B.Tech/B.Arch/B.Pharm/M.A/M.Sc.) Admission Test and Interview -- 40 marks (At least 2 years relevant experience after awarding the U.G./M.Sc.Degree.) 2 marks per year of relevant experience to the maximum of -- 10 marks (C) Self-Sponsored Candidates : Qualifying Exam. result -- 50 marks (B.E/B.Tech/B.Arch/B.Pharm/M.A/M.Sc.) Interview and/or Admission Test -- 50 marks
  7. 7. The merit position of the candidates in self-sponsored category whose results of theq u a l i f y i n g e x a m i n a t i o n s a r e a w a i t e d o n t h e d at e o f I n t e r v i e w a n d / o r A d m i s s i o n T e s t b edetermined as follows : Result of University Examinations declared so far -- 50 marks (3rd yr. 2nd sem./4th yr. 1st sem. Etc.) Admission Test and Interview -- 50 marksNOTE: As per circular No. BC-16014/1/82-SC dt.06/08/1984 & BCD-I , D.O.12017/11/89- SCD(R.CELL) dt.08/01/1990 and letter No. 1510-SCW dt. 31/05/2007 from the Government of West Bengal, Scheduled Caste/ Scheduled Tribe Persons of the S t a t e o t h e r t h a n W e s t B e n g a l a r e n o t e n t it l e d t o g e t b e n e f i t s o f t h e S t a t e f o r SC/ST in Educational Institutions in West Bengal.N o t e : T o t a l n u m b e r o f s e a t s a v a i l a b l e i n a ny d i s c i p l i n e s h a l l f i r s t b e f i l l e d u p w i t h C a t e g o r y(A) and (B) candidates as per availability of seats in the respective categories. Thereafter ifvacancies exist, Category (C) candidates will be considered to fill up such vacancies.Selection procedure of 6-Semester P.G. (evening) courses as follow: Qualifying Examination result -- 50 marks (B.E/B.Tech/B.Arch/B.Pharm/M.A/M.Sc.) Interview and/or Admission Test -- 50 marksAdmission Test for Master Degree Course on Multimedia Development covering thefollowing subjects:– Part – I :- Computer knowledge in DOS, Windows, Word Processing Concepts, BASIC or C. Analytical Reasoning abilities. Part – II :- English Comprehension. SCH EDULE O F DIF F E R EN T S TA GE S O F ADM ISS ION TO P .G. ENGG./TECH./ARCH/PHARM COUR SES (2010-11 SESSION) Th e fo llowing sch edu le to b e main ta in ed regard ing r eceip t, pro cessing ofa pp lic a tions a nd in te rv ie w / ad miss ion te s t o f t h e c an d ida t e s f o r admis s i o n to P . G .courses in 2010-11 Session : A) P.G. For m av ailab le from J. U. W eb Site : 13.04 .2010 B) L a s t d a te of r e ce ip t of Fo r ms a t FET Off i ce Jad avpur Un iv ersity, Ko lk ata : 04.05 .2010 ( La st da te fo r Pharma cy a nd C linica l Pharma cy & Pra ct ice : 24.06.2010) C) A d mi t C ar d o f s e le c t ed c an d id a te s f o r A d mis s io n Test and /or In terv iew av ailab le in th e website fro m : 28.05 .2010 D) SCHEDULE FOR ADMISSION TEST AND INTERVIEW OR ADMISSION TEST Name of the Course Entrance Time Venue Result to be Test on Published by Chemical Engg. 10.06.2010 11-00 a.m. Main 14.06.2010 Campus Architecture - do - - do - - do - - do -
  8. 8. Illumination Engg. _ do - - do - - do - - do - Production Engg. 11.06.2010 - do - - do - 15.06.2010 Civil Engg. - do - - do - - do - - do - Power Engg. - do - - do - Salt Lake - do - Campus Distributed & Mobile - do - - do - - do - - do - Computing Control System Engg. 12.06.2010 - do - Main 16.06.2010 Campus Food Tech. & Biochemical - do - - do - - do - - do - Engg Automobile Engg. - do - - do - - do - - do - Nano Sc. & Tech. 14.06.2010 - do - - do - 17.06.2010 Instrumentation & Electronics - do - - do - Salt Lake - do - Engg. Campus Computer Sc. & Engg. 15/16.06.10 - do - Main 18.06.2010 Campus Mechanical Engg. 17.06.2010 - do - - do - - do - Electronics & Tele. Engg. - do - - do - - do - - do - Electrical Engg. 18.06.2010 - do - - do - 20.06.2010 Metallurgical Engg. - do - - do - - do - - do - Water Resource Engg. 19.06.2010 - do - - do - 21.06.2010 PG Diploma in Risk - do - - do - - do - - do - Management & Financial Engg I.T. (Courseware Engg.) 21.06.2010 - do - - do - 24.06..2010 Material Engg. 22.06.2010 - do - - do - - do - Computer Tech. (Evening) 23/24.06.10 - do - - do - 28.06.2010 Biomedical Engg. 25.06.2010 - do - - do - 29.06.2010 VLSI Design & Micro 26.06.2010 - do - - do- 30.06.2010 Electronics (Evening) Multi Media Development 28.06.2010 - do - - do - 01.07.2010 Energy Sc. & Tech. 29.06.2010 - do - - do- 02.07.2010 Software Engg. 30.06.2010 - do - Salt Lake 05.07.2010 Campus Nuclear Engg. 01.07.2010 - do - Salt Lake 05.07.2010 Campus Pharmacy 07.07.2010 - do - Main 12.07..2010 Campus Clinical Pharmacy & Practice 08.07.2010 - do - - do - 12.07.2010E) Th e cand id ates in the Selection Li st are asked to get ad mitted in the resp ectiv e d epar tme n t po sitiv e ly by 07.07 .2010 (fo r Pharma cy and C lin ica l Pha rmacy by 16.07 .2010) [due to unavo idable circumsta nce admissio n will not be
  9. 9. po ssible f rom 24.06 .2010 to 30.06.2010] f a iling wh ich th e ir se le c tion ma y b e can celled withou t fu r ther no tice.F) List of the va cant seats of each course will be display ed on 12 .07.2010 (for Pharma cy and C lin ica l Pha rma cy 20.07 .2010).G) Th e W a i t L i s t ed Can d id a te w il l b e ask ed to app e ar a t F .E .T . O ff ic e on 14.07 .2010 (fo r Pha r ma cy a nd C linica l Pha rma cy 21.07.2010) f ro m 11 a.m. to 4-30 p.m. and pu t their signature for con s ideration aga in st va cant seat s, if a n y, to con sid er h is /her n a me o f d iff er en t cours e s and th e 2 n d selection list of successfu l cand id ates will b e d isp layed on 16.07 .2010 (fo r Pha rma cy and C lin ica l Pha rma cy 22.07 .2010) at the F.E. T. Off ice a s well as at t he Univ ersity website .H) S u c ce ssfu l candidates of 2 n d Select ion List will be asked to get th emselv es ad mitted by 20.07 .07.2010 ( for Pharma cy and C linica l Pha rma cy by 26.07 .2010) f a iling wh ic h th eir selection ma y be tr eated as can celled.I) List of t he fart he r va cant s eat s o f ea ch co ur s e will b e d is p lay ed on 23.07 .2010 (fo r Pha rma cy and C lin ica l Pha rma cy 28 .07.2010)J) Th e W a it Lis ted Cand id a te who ha d app e ared on 14.07 .2010 (fo r Pha rma cy and C linica l Pharmacy 21.07.2010) bu t were no t selected will b e asked to a p p e ar a t F . E . T . O f f ic e o n 27.07.2010 (fo r Pharma cy and C lin ica l Pha rma cy 29.07 .2010) fro m 1 1 a.m. to 4-30 p.m. and put h is/h er sign ature for consid er ation h is/her name ag ain s t th e ex is ting v acan c y of d iffer en t cour ses a n d th e 3 r d S e le ct ion List of su cc e ssf u l ca nd idate s w ill be d isp layed o n 30.07 .2010 at the F.E.T. Off ice as well a s at Univ ersity website.K) S u c ce ssfu l c an d id a te s o f 3 r d S e lect ion Lis t inc lud ing Pha rma cy a nd C lin ica l P har ma cy will be asked to g e t th emselv es ad mitted b y 03.08.2010 f a i l in g w h i ch th e ir s e l ec t ion ma y b e tr ea t ed as c an ce l le d .L) First Semester C lasse s will be co mmenced o n 04.08 .2010 (tenta tively)M) Th e W ait Listed Cand idates who h ad app e ared to the Facu lty Coun cil of Engg . & T ech . Offic e on 27.07.2010 bu t we re no t se lec ted for admis s ion , are a s ked to r e p o r t to t h e P r inc ip a l S e c r e t a r y , F . E . T . , t i me t o t i me w i t h in th e 30 t h wo rking d a y a f t er d a t e o f co mm en c em en t o f c la s se s for be ing con sid er ed h is/h er n a me in th e vacan c ie s, if any, created du e to withdrawal b y th e alread y ad mitted c an d id a te s. AVAILABILITY OF SCHOLARSHIP: Subject to release of fund by UGC / AICTE.
  10. 10. APPROVED INTAKE & COURSE FEE AT THE TIME OF ADMISSIONFOR P.G. ENGG./TECH./ARCH./PHARM COURSES AND FUNDING AUTHORITY FOR P.G. GATE SCHOLARSHIP FET Approved Intake FET Tuition Fees per Semester for Approved ( Rs.) GATE (Scholarship) Intake for Sponsored Semester tuition fee Category Courses will have to be Category SC/ST deposited within 15 Certificate days after the issued by the commencement of Funding Govt. of West each Semester. Authority Bengal will only for P.G. be considered GATE Scholarship Sl. P.G.Courses General S S Sponsor GATE / Sponsored C T Self No. Sponsored 1. Arch. 4 1 1 2 2400/- 12,000/- U.G.C. 2. Chemical 11 3 1 4 2400/- 12,000/- U.G.C. 3. Civil 15 4 1 5 2400/- 12,000/- U.G.C. 4. Electrical 15 4 1 5 2400/- 12,000/- U.G.C. 5. Electronics & 15 4 1 5 2400/- 12,000/- U.G.C. Tele. Comm. 6. Mechanical 15 4 1 5 2400/- 12,000/- U.G.C. 7. Pharmacy 15 4 1 5 2400/- 12,000/- U.G.C. 8. Computer Sc. 17 6 2 6 2400/- 12,000/- U.G.C. &Engg 9. Metallurgical 5 2 1 2 2400/- 12,000/- U.G.C. 10. Food Tech. & 4 1 1 2 2400/- 12,000/- U.G.C. Bio. Chemical 11. Instrumentation 4 1 1 2 2400/- 12,000/- U.G.C. & Electronics 12. Production 7 2 1 3 2400/- 12,000/- U.G.C. 13. Energy Sc. & 7 2 1 3 2400/- 12,000/- U.G.C. Tech. 14. Biomed. Engg 3 1 1 6 2400/- 12,000/- U.G.C. 15. Control System 7 2 1 3 2400/- 12,000/- U.G.C. Engg. 16. Software Engg . 15 3 2 5 18,000/- 18,000/- A.I.C.T.E. 17.Water Resources 10 2 1 5 2400/- 12,000/- A.I.C.T.E. & Hy d r a u l i c E n g g . 18. Material Engg. 10 2 1 5 2400/- 12,000/- A.I.C.T.E. 19. I.T. 10 2 1 5 12,000/- 12,000/- A.I.C.T.E. (Courseware Engg.)
  11. 11. 20. **VLSI Design 10 2 1 5 18,000/- 18,000/- No. GATE & Micro Electronics. Scholarship (6-Semester) 21. Automobile 3 1 0 1 12,000/- 20,000/- A.I.C.T.E. 22. Illumination 10 2 1 5 12,000/- 20,000/- A.I.C.T.E. 23. Nano Sc. & Tech 10 2 1 5 12,000/- 20,000/- A.I.C.T.E. 24. Power Engg. 10 2 1 5 12,000/- 20,000/- A.I.C.T.E. 25. Clinical 04 1 1 2 Pl. See.* Pl. See * A.I.C.T.E. Pharmacy & Pharm. Practice 26. **Multimedia 16 5 1 0 12,000/- 12,000/- No. GATE Development Scholarship 27.**Computer Tech 24 7 2 0 22,500/- 22,500/- No. GATE (6-Semester) Scholarship 28. Distributed & 9 2 1 3 18,000/- 18,000/- A.I.C.T.E. Mobile Computing 29**P.G. Diploma in 11 3 1 - 50,000/- --- No. GATE Risk Management & Scholarship Financial Engg. (2-Semester) 30. Master of 10 2 1 5 12,000/- 20,000/- A.I.C.T.E. Nuclear Engg. (4-Semester) * Clinical Pharmacy & Pharm. Practice – Total course fee is Rs.3,00,000/- . Rs.1,50,000/- payable at the time of admission and payable Rs.50,000/- per semester for theremaining three semesters. ** GATE Scholarship not available. Other Charges Rs.260/- required at the time of Admission along with the above mentioned tuition fees for all courses (under revision)Registration Fees Rs. 25 (not applicable for J.U. students)Admission Fees Rs.100/-Library Deposit Rs.50/-Caution Deposit Rs.25/-Session Charges Rs.50/-Health Card Rs.10./-Total ---- --- Rs.260/-