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Bike/Ped Advocates Workshop - Biking Babes


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Bike/Ped Advocates Workshop - Biking Babes

  1. 1. “For Whom The Bell Tolls”Change Your View Change You
  2. 2. Promoting A HealthyWholesome Lifestyle! Biking Babes Organization
  3. 3. GPS•  Goals•  Position•  Strategies/Structure
  4. 4. Vision•  Stronger Communities•  Outreach•  Interest Group•  Information Systems•  Children•  Bicycling
  5. 5. Strategies•  Partnering•  Manpower ü Nutrition and Healthy Choices ü Networking ü Fellowshipping ü Mentoring
  6. 6. Structure•  Executive Board•  Board of Directors•  Partnering•  Charity/Causes•  LOST/Program•  Members
  7. 7. Executive Board LOSTHeart Disease Board of Cancer Directors Fundraiser Membership Activities Committee
  8. 8. Position•  Mecca to Society•  Global Interest•  Women of All Cultures