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Mike Winkler and John Little discuss Kuali OLE at the 2011 SAALCK workshop: Kentucky Next Generation Catalog Workshop <http: />

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  • Outline – I. 1 Slide – the basics of who we are? – Community Phase – Design Phase – Build Phase II. Explanation of what we will demo heeler mentioned A. reiterated important aspects of demo B. 2 million iu workflow transactions C. how can workflow change library business? D. Why we started with a fixed problem to demo our use of new infrastructure (RICE+KFS) E. Library story of approval plan process (1 person) F. Single concept – what we have been working on since February 1 G. Re-use of software RICE and KFS H. OLE is now code on the ground and not vapor
  • Go over outline – discussions with Scott Wicks10-12 minute overview of who Kuali OLE is?What we have accomplished since our build start in July 2010What our general OLE roadmap looks like Then we will morph that into a general discussion of 2CUL and OLE and in particular focus on needs for 2015 timeline as outlined in your thought piecesFor OLE that timeline would 2015-2022- only 7 seven years – not long from a library or IT perspective
  • Just a bit on who we are – Kuali OLE is an application group of the Kual OLE Community Source Software Foundation for Higher EducationWe are not a Vendor?We have Kuali Commerical Affiliates – who provide software and integration and hosting services – individual partners have talked about cloud hosting for each otherHow do you feel about the your complex use casesMany of our partners see themselves moving in those same directions – borrowdirect or uborrow (university of florida) –
  • Foundation has existed since 2005 – currently supports 28 Million in application development for higher educationFinance – Coeus (Research Admin) – Kuali Student – OLE – Ready – People Management25 Commercial Affiliates - Gradually expanding into other areas such as adoption by governments and municipalities – City of Bloomington leading group to work on Kuali People ManagementIncubation
  • Make the point that each organizational unit provides a critical service to the project
  • Remember why we got into this – Flexible workflows, flexible staffing through automationStandards-based integrations to reduce work &amp; improve fidelityFramework to leverage business processes – internal &amp; externalPromotion &amp; integration of the library at the enterprise levelFreed IT assets for more strategic workService orientation to provide risk mitigationMove to the enterprise level to engage institutional and cross-institutional assets and investments
  • look at our progress to date
  • Community phase10 partners led by Duke &amp; funded by Mellon Foundation1 year project to assess demand for community source solution for library managementDesign phase and investment phaseDetermine basic design of Kuali OLE softwareDesign to used explicity components of Kuali Finance System (KFS)Service oriented designUse Kuali Rice for workflow &amp; messagingUse Kuali Finance System for accounting, purchasing, &amp; receiptNo need for a public-facing user interfaceBuild phaseFunding by Partners &amp; Mellon Foundation started July 2010Functional Specifications started in Dec 20102 year project to replace ILS softwareCoding began in early Feb 2011Roadmap articulates target release milestones
  • Looking for opportunities to expand our partnershipPlanned operational existence for 10 yearsInterested in partners looking for cloud hosting opportunitiesInterested in opportunities for structured data providers for library opportunities as Kuali Commercial Affiliates (KCA)
  • Mike
  • - What roles these folks play in the libraries
  • KUALI OLE at SAALCK 2011

    1. 1.
    2. 2. KualiOLE:Community-based Solutions<br />John Little – Head of Discovery & Core Services<br />Duke University<br />Michael Winkler – Chair OLE Functional Council<br />University of Pennsylvania<br />
    3. 3. Story of Kuali OLE<br />Who are we?<br />Why are we doing this?<br />Where are we going?<br />How can I participate?<br />
    4. 4. Kuali OLE Partners<br />
    5. 5. Kuali Foundation: The Foundation for OLE<br />Kuali Coeus<br />Kuali Student System<br />Project Board<br />Functional Council<br />Project Management<br />Development Teams<br />Subject Matter Experts<br />Kuali OLE<br />Kuali Ready Above Campus Service<br />Kuali Financial System<br />Governance<br />Technology Roadmap Committee (TRC)<br />Application Roadmap Committee (ARC)<br />Project Management<br />Development Teams<br />Project Board<br />Enterprise Workflow<br />Connector System<br />Enterprise Notification<br />Identity Management<br />Service Bus<br />Commercial Affiliates<br />Member Institutions<br />Board of Directors<br />Legal Services<br />Financial Management<br />Licensing<br />Collaboration Infrastructure<br />Event Management<br />Intellectual Property<br />Meeting Services<br />Community Coordination<br />
    6. 6. Kuali OLE Governance Componets<br />Kuali OLE<br />Board – Vision & Community<br />Functional & Technical Councils – Driving our solution<br />Project Management – Kouli OLE Core Team<br />Development Teams – HTC Global Development Partner<br />Subject Matter Experts – Domain Expertise<br />
    7. 7. Kuali OLE Foundations<br />
    8. 8. Kuali OLE Progress to Date<br />
    9. 9. Phases of Kuali OLE<br />Community Phase<br />2008-2009<br />Design Phase<br />2009-2010<br />Build Phase<br />2010-2012<br />Deployment &<br />Sustaining Phase<br />2012-2022<br />
    10. 10. Kuali OLE Sustaining Beyond 2012<br />Workflow – Workflow – Workflow<br />Toward Born Digital <br />Toward multi-digital copies<br />Toward licensing management logic<br />Operational Existence through 2022<br />Kuali Rice as service bus for Above-Campus Workflow<br />Interested in opportunities for structured and open-linked data services<br />Shared or consortial KB’s<br />Kuali Commercial Affiliates (KCA’s) interested in:<br />Structured data and service oriented data services not necessarily SaaS<br />IaaS cloud services for consortia<br />Support and Implementation Services<br />Virtualization services for the cloud<br />2CUL/Kuali OLE Discussion 4.15.11<br />
    11. 11. Service Oriented Architecture:Library as an Enterprise Partner<br />The focus of Kuali OLE on library business<br />Integrate and interoperate with enterprise & domain infrastructure<br />Leverage workflows for efficiency & economy<br />Expect change<br />Don’t do other’s work!<br />Examples<br />IdM<br />Blogging<br />Reporting<br />OPAC<br />
    12. 12. Kuali OLE Progress to Date<br />
    13. 13. Kuali OLE Progress to Date<br />
    14. 14. Kuali OLE Roadmap<br /><ul><li>Implementers Track at Kuali Days
    15. 15. Test drive version available
    16. 16. Support wiki in place
    17. 17. Help desk service commences
    18. 18. Affiliate training program
    19. 19. Implementer training available
    20. 20. Developer community event
    21. 21. V2 vision release </li></li></ul><li>Project Management: Who’s Driving the Bus?<br />OLE<br />Functional Council<br />OLE<br />Work Teams<br />Library<br />Subject Matter<br />Experts<br />OLE<br />Core<br />Spec Team<br />UX Team<br />Spec Team<br />OLE<br />HTC<br />Datasets Team<br />Spec Team<br />Data Model<br />Spec Team<br />Spec Team<br />User Stories<br />Spec Team<br />OLE<br />Technical Council<br />
    22. 22. Functional Experts Participation<br />
    23. 23. Agile Fits Community Driven Development<br />
    24. 24. Example – Editor Discussion<br />Need is identified – descriptive metadata editor<br />Support bulk & individual document maintenance<br />Provide a development environment to support innovation & experimentation<br />Functional & Technical Counsel discussions<br />Subgroup discussions with functional experts<br />Outcome explores functional needs and leveraging system capabilities<br />
    25. 25. Contact Us!<br />Kuali OLE Website: http://ole.kuali.org<br />Latest Vcast- http://kuali.org/ole/demo/spring11/cni<br />Follow Us on Twitter: @kualiole<br />Talk to us: <br /> Michael Winkler – winkler4@upenn.edu<br /> John Little – John.Little@Duke.edu<br />