Wiggle french revolution – 1 day ride to france


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The Wiggle French Revolution Sportive sees entrants meet at the Dover’s ferry port before they head to northern France to get on to a 55 and 74-mile sportive ride.

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Wiggle french revolution – 1 day ride to france

  1. 1. Wiggle French Revolution – 1 Day Ride toFrancewww.bikelightsuk.com
  2. 2. Wiggle French Revolution The Wiggle French Revolution Sportive seesentrants meet at the Dover’s ferry port before theyhead to northern France to get on to a 55 and 74-mile sportive ride. One of the most exciting and innovative sportive,the Wiggle French Revolution is essentially a daytrip in France. Beginning from the Dover ferry port,where from a ferry is arranged (with parkingfacility) to get you to Calais in northern France sothat you can mingle with the French spirit after a1.5 hour long luxurious journey, and then kick ofthe riding event.
  3. 3. The eventThe ride comprises of twocourses, the Epic 75 miles orStandard 59 miles rides. Theroutes are naturally beautifuland scenic, and take riders’trough the amazing NorthCoast and the National Park,also adding to the cyclistadventure with traffic freecycling on extremely wellorganized courses.
  4. 4. The RouteBoth the routes on the Wiggle FrenchRevolution sportive start with a seven mileflat stretch along the north coast to Stagnate.Hereafter the course becomes a littledemanding, and requires lot of training , asyou pass through the stunning Montd’Hubert & Cap Blanc Nez. The mounts arereminiscent of the World War II and forts andbombing creators for the devastating warcan still be seen on the cliff tops. So, it’s all inall a very historic ride amid naturallybeautiful sites.
  5. 5. Opportunity and requirementsA rider who participates in the Wiggle French Revolution – 1 DayRide to France should have a valid passport and travel insuranceand should be above 16 years of age. The entry to the sportive islimited to 700 riders and the maximum luggage a rider can carry islimited to one small rucksack only (which will be stored safely,when you are out on the ride).The Wiggle French Revolution 2013is slated to begin on 16 June and the entry fee is as follows: Epic 120km / 75 mile ride - £59.00, with parking and the ferrycrossing included Standard 94km / 59 mile ride - £59.00 with parking and the ferrycrossing included Read More : http://bikelights-uk.blogspot.co.uk/2013/06/wiggle-french-revolution-1-day-ride-to.html
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