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My answers to some key questions


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I prepared this document in response to a questionnaire for a position of social media associate by digivaasi

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My answers to some key questions

  1. 1. An Account/Project Manager’s thoughtsName : Bikash UpadhyayaDate : Worked from 05/08/2010 to 07/08/2010Phone : 9999902632This is not a test.There are no right or wrong answers. There are no grades.We just want to know you better. So, relax and be yourself.There are no word limits to any answer.2 or 2000, use exactly as many as you need.In fact, some of the questions don’t even require words.Take your time.Surprise us.Question 1. List 3 online destinations you regularly visit.Describe briefly why you think each of them is good at keeping you hooked.
  2. 2. (We’d like to hear something other than ‘Google’, ‘Facebook’ and the likes.)My response: Besides the obvious answers like the ones you mentioned I visit the following 3 onlinedestinations:1. Afaqs gives relevant news and updates about advertising an brand promotion. It allowsme to be aware about the field of my work and as it gives relevant information and also because of theprofessional look and interface of the site as compared to exchange4media I like this website.I also visit the website to look for jobs in the media industry.2. Recently I have started visiting this website also as it gives very relevant informationon latest and upcoming trends and opportunities in social media.3. As I like watching TED talk videos and I watch these videos by downloading them, but searching on youtube does not let me know the latest videos. Therefore I visit this siteto know the latest videos.Question 2. Describe 2 pieces of advertising that you remember – one that you loved, and one that youhated.It can be anything – TV, Print, Online, Outdoor, whatever...Also, try and explain why you felt that way.My response:An ad that I loved: More than ads I love the kind of stir created by Zandu Balm and Munni which gaveZandu Balm so much benefit without much cost. I also think that by making the ‘via blackberry’ andallowing such messages by other selected handset and application makers appear on the facebook wallboth such handset makers like blackberry and facebook would benefit much more than by anyadvertisement.If I talk about facebook ads I loved the ad, the whole page, the app, the kind of engagement and conceptbehind Listerine’s Mouth Factory campaign. It is a very good ad because instead of talking aboutListerine directly it talks about the Mouth Factory and by looking at the cartoon mouths in the ad itbecomes clear that it is going to be a very interesting and whacky page on facebook. The word mouthfactory is itself arouses so much curiosity to know as to what exactly is mouth factory. This curiosity isvery important in making a facebook user to install the app to satisfy his urge to know more aboutmouth factory. Otherwise a user may come to the page but if he does not find anything curious or if heis were to be given all the information as to what exactly is mouth factory he might not add the app.Listerine wants to encourage Indians to not only clean their teeth but their whole mouth of which teethis a small part. So the word mouth is key to the Listerine brand and being the pioneer in its category itsalways better to talk about the whole category of mouthwash as if it succeeds Listerine will eventuallybecome synonymous with the mouthwash category just like lux and colgate are synonymous with soapand toothpaste respectively.By making it a contest the Mouth Factory is encouraging the users to participate more and alsorecommend the app to almost all of their friends if someone is participating because it is a contest andeveryone would like to tell their friends to add it and vote for them. So Listerine is not ruining itsgoodwill by directly asking users to invite their friends but by making it a contest and to win the contestone has to have a good video and as many friends as one can on the app so that they can vote for theuser.
  3. 3. The only small thing that I did not like about the page was that it asked me forcefully to like it like otherpoorly conceived pages which only aim at getting as many likes as they can and nothing else.But above all the page and the app are extremely good and relevant to the brand.Talking about traditional ads I would say that I find the Vodafone 3G ads with the Zoozoos veryinteresting. They are very funny, very viral as they were wildly shared on social platforms and alsobecause they very clearly conveyed the message of a faster and better service that the 3G technologyfrom Vodafone is going to give. Also the fact that ordinary Zoozoos had become too familiar forVodafone to continue using them but by adding super power to it they revived the relevance of theZoozoosAn ad that I hated:I very well remember the the outdoor advertisement of JK Super Cement as it shows a beautiful womenin a blouse and in a similar ad an women is shown in a bikini with the slogan Viswash hai isme kuchhKhaas hai. I hate this ad because though the girl catches attention but the ad does not send any messagethat is relevant to the JK Super Cement brand. A girl in a bikini in no way sends the message of faith(Vishwas hai isme kuchh khaas hai). Also as the design quality of the ad is not good it gives theimpression that it is very low quality cement.Question 3.Design 2 emailers: One for any popular cigarette brand; the other with an anti-smokingmessage.The subject line (as it appears in the mailbox) and a strong call to action are mandatory.The rest: a headline, body copy, visual concept, etc. are up to you.(Tip: An emailer is quite like a print ad, which you can click and go on to a site, a page, etc.)
  4. 4. Optional: We’d love it if you could also throw in some ideas on what happens when the viewer clicksand lands on a website/webpage.My response:Emailer for cigarette brand:Subject: Red and White – Stand for Anna HazareIt takes a few a few courageous men to stand up and take on the powerful and make them bow to themassesRed and White is commited to support Anna Hazer’s movement and invites you to be a part of it.Sometimes the biggest act of courage is a small one. (Lauren Raffo)You can make a lot of difference by just sharing information about this movement with yourfriends.(P.S. Text formatting to add right colour, font size and the font size has to be done and it has not beendone in the mailer above)Anti Smoking mailer:Subject: Cigarette and Your Health - Take the 5 Minute by WHOBody: Cigarette smoking is responsible for 1 lakh lung cancer, 50 thousand heart diseases and 10thousand deaths in India every year.But what about YOU?Do you smoke too much to risk your life or is your smoking habbit is in control?
  5. 5. WHO has constructed this scientific test to let you know exactly how vulnerable you are depending uponyour age, smoking habbit, the brand of cigarette you smoke etc. from the hazards of smoking.It will just take 5 minutes.Take your free test today(P.S. Text formatting to add right colour, font size and the font size along with adding the right picturehas to be done and it has not been done in the mailer above)Landing page: The page with the test will also have various resources on hazards of smoking, tips andmedicine to quite smoking and nearby clinics who are supporting this drive.Question 4. We don’t know about you but we think resumes are pretty boring.Can you do something better? How about a print ad/poster/flyer for yourself?You are the product.Now, what are the product benefits, and how persuasively and differently can you state them?My response:Passion for success, broad and global mindset, out of the box thinker, motivated, learner, creative,having deep interest in human behaviour and phsychology, Want to learn and excel faster, MBA that’swhat it takes to make one of the best account manager. Do u want to hire him or settle for the other
  6. 6. guys who are though experienced but not passionate and just take their job as a job not as a part oflife? If yes HIRE ME! and I will give you the best results.To know more about me visit: 5. Where does this job fit into your life? Why do you want to change? What do you expect tofind here which isn’t there in your current company?My response: After coming to the advertisement and communications arena, I want to learn theintricacies and the best practicies of brand communications and customer engagement by workingunder experienced professionals and an innovative and a creative organisationI want to change first of all because I want to know the various aspects of brand communicationsmanagement and my current organization does not allow me to learn other aspects apart from sales.Also I want to be engaged in social media and the digital space because these are going to be the mostimportant media space in future and I want to learn some best practices and the whole premises ofcarrying out such a campaign.Apart from these learning and exposure which I mentioned here I want to find a more professionalenvironment, professional quality and approach to work and better opportunities for growth.Question 6. Draw a picture that’ll make us laugh (how you ask? Use your mouse and paint. Or mail it tous. Or option 3?)My response: Sorry I am not good in pictures. Though I know the importance of pictures and their use inmarketing communication I believe that your organization can leverage on my strength and ignore thisweakness of mine as I belive there will be number of people in your agency who are masters in pictures.Having said that I would also like to promise that in future I intend to study the pictorial form ofcommunication in detail.Question 7. Here’s Rs.25,00,000. Let’s start a online job portal. How would you go about it?My response: First of all I will look at a niche market that is not being served by the current job portals.It might be job seekers with 0-5 years of experience or maybe government jobs etc. I will research andsee if I can design a whole new approach to the problem of bringing job seekers and the employerstogather. If I cannot find any of these I will simply not start a job portal because I don’t think thatit willbe a wise decision to compete with the biggies like naukri, timesjobs, monster, linkedin etc. withouthaving a fresh new perspective.I might start this job portal initially through the medium of facebook as it will allow me to make thehassles of uploading lot of information on a site that an user is not sure if it will give him result or not.Also being a viral media, I would like to use facebook.I would build the job portal with a totally different perspective which need good amount of research andtime which is beyond the scope of this questionnaire.
  7. 7. Question 8. Aircel is launching the new Samsung Galaxy S IV. It’s filled with the latest features. Mostnoticeably –a) 5” Super Duper AMOLED plus screen. The brightest display around.b) 128GB inbuilt memoryc) Quad core processor (that’s 4 processors)d) Dedicated graphics cardThe proposition is “It’s not smart, it’s genius” and is aimed at the 20-28 year olds in metros. Plana) An overview of online launch/marketing strategy (don’t go into details, an overview)b) The wireframe for the sections to be included in the Aircel website for the new Samsung Galaxy S IV.(you can submit this as a ppt)My response:Aquiring new customers (Not existing customers of any Aircel service):Affiliate marketing: Partnership with and other ecommerce sites like and givesome discount on the new Samsung Galaxy S 4 and in return they will provide display advertisementspace.Forums about tech gadgets: Give information like features, photographs, videos etc. through forumsabout tech gadgets as they come in top on search querries.Google adwords: Purchase advertisement on google for such keywords like Samsung Galaxy S 4,Samsung Galaxy, latest handset from aircel etc.User generated content: Incentivise users to add their photographs on aircel’s facebook album and tag50 of their friends and in return they get free internet usage for a period of time.Viral through facebook updates: After 1 month of launch of the handset partner with facebook to let itshow that a particular update was posted from Aircel Galaxy S 4 to provide a good way to giveawareness and recall to his facebook friends thatPurchase paid advertisement of twitter and build online PR through twitter as the active twitter userswould love to spread word about such a cool handset. They are also very likely to purchase one as it willallow them to easily access twitter anytime and everywhere.Creating awareness among customers of Aircel:Email : Emailers to segmented group of existing customers of aircel telecommunication serviceMarketing through IVR: Broadcast the message about Aircel Galaxy S 4 after a caller reaches certainpoint. But do not bore every caller by making him hear the IVR or identify heavy internet users or basedon similar criteria broadcast the IVR to those customers.Marketing to the existing users of aircel’s internet service: Create a small tab to show advertisement oradvertise on the landing page when a user connects to the internet for the first time.Conversion:
  8. 8. Include all features of the new product on the website including detailed description of the features ofthe product, photographs.As this product comes with new and advanced features the website will also include third party articlesor links to third party articles on the advanced features and what is the benefit of those features.The website will also include the list of nearby stores where the person can buy the product. It will alsolet the user drop his mobile no. at the site or alternatively sms with a code like ‘Galaxy’ to Aircel’scustomer service.Question 9. A client’s just given you a brief for a new project. You can ask only 3 questions. Shoot.My response:1. Tell me all the parameters to measure performance of this project?2. How much power or flexibility are you ready to give me in terms of my say on how the campaignshould run or on some related strategic issue?3. What if we are able to plan a 3 times more effective strategy but with some increase in budget?Question 10. Share the most awesomest presentation you’ve seen. (It can be a ppt or a link)My response: I have neither looked for nor accidently found any interesting presentations on theinternet, therefore I am sending you a ppt prepared by me and my boss. It is our proposal foradvertisement on autorickshaws would also like to show you a more interesting presentation that both of us have prepared but that Iwill not be able to share as it may be a violation of the norms of our organization.Question 11. Which is your favourite browser and why?My response: Chrome is my favourite browser because first of all it is from Google and as an ardent fanof Google I believe it must be good. The second benefit of Chrome is that it performs everything fasterso it saves time. It is very light so I think that it must be taking less of my processing and RAM allowingme to share these resources with other programs and letting them run smoothly.Chrome also does not automatically add large no. of ad ons which are unnecessary and not useful. Theseuncessasary stuff on other browsers make me feel like these companies are trying to make me a fool bytrying to sell these stuff. I also like its feature of allowing me to access my favourite sites my makingthem available instantly when I open a new tab. Also the suggestions that come after I start typing awebsites name helps me in going to the site fasterUsing a product of Google overall gives me the good feeling which as the company Google is commitedto give customers good product and next level innovations.Question 12. What do psd, ai and fla mean to you?
  9. 9. My response: psd means photoshop but to give you the honest answer I don’t know about ai and flaand I didn’t want to cheat either so I didn’t search them. Some are experts at some thing and some arenot and should not try to either because to be a Jack of all trades and master of none is not a good goalto have.Question 13. This one’s yours. Ask us a question, anything at all.My questions: 1. Where do you see your organization 5 years down the line and what do you plan to do to make your existing human resource to make them ready to let them have the capabilities to handle the organization at that time? 2. What are you doing to make the work of the employees to love their work and their workplace?