Touchless writer


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This presentation is about our project touchless writer which we developed as a part of my software development projects.

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Touchless writer

  1. 1.  First of all we would like to pay glowing tribute to the Language Movement martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the mother tongue in 1952.
  2. 2. Touchless introduces a new way of interactingwith the computers by means of objecttracking through webcams for Bengalicharacter writing.
  3. 3. Here data is inserted forwriting purpose using webcamwithout use of keyboard or on-screen keyboard by mouse.
  4. 4.  Webcam Pen with a head of red color/any colored object Windows Platform Avro Keyboard installed .Net Framework 3.5
  5. 5.  Capturing video using aforge .net From the tracking environment it first detect the red colored object and mark it with a rectangle using EuclideanColorFiltering. Getting (x , y) coordinate of the rectangle and putting pixel at that point on a white panel. So finally we get 33*30 pixel bitmap image which is ready for neural network input.
  6. 6.  Training network Recognize character Speak out character
  7. 7. So how neural network works ?
  8. 8. Retrieve data Feature Extraction Training Testing
  9. 9.  Total number of input = 33*30 = 990 pixels
  10. 10. In this method it scans the binary imageuntil it finds the boundary. The searchingfollows according to the clockwisedirection.
  11. 11. For any foreground pixel p, the set ofall foreground pixels connected to it iscalled connected component containingp.
  12. 12. The pixel p and its 8-neighborsare shown in Figure 4. Once awhite pixel is detected, it checksanother new white pixel and soon.
  13. 13. p FIG: pixel p with its 8 adjacentAfter feature extraction our input will approximately reduced to 67%
  14. 14. In this phase we will test thenetwork by giving somepatterns. We match it withevery trained pattern and findout the pattern that giveshighest match and lowestmatch also.
  15. 15.  Visual studio 2008 XML Avro Keyboard installed Aforge .Net
  16. 16.  Due to brightness and contrast sometimes webcam can hardly detect the expected color. Because of the similarity of tracking environment background color and object color the writing panel gets unexpected pixels.
  17. 17.  As we draw character using object movement it is not properly drawn as like as original character, sometimes it becomes totally different from the original. For that reason neural network can’t understand or recognize the original character and it outputs wrong character as input value or character.
  18. 18.  Add facility for writing for both Bangla and English Add facility to make the software capable of running without the help of keyboard and mouse. Adding printing capabilities of written text.
  19. 19.  Adding written text reading capabilities in Bangla. Adding capabilities of tracking more than one object and take several decisions depending on object combinations
  20. 20.  Microsoft Press Microsoft Visual C Sharp 2008 Step by Step Beginners 2005 Worx Publication Professional 2005 Wrox Publication MSDN Library