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online shopping

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  • Great simple and helpful slide. I purchased my first designer saree for my friend through lilaqboutique, the online store. This slide was interesting and helpful.
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Online shopping

  1. 1. Presented by : B i k a s C h a n d r a S a d a s h i v
  2. 2. Online Shopping B y -  A m i t K u m a r (10)  M u k e s h R o y (56)  A y u s h G u p t a (29)  P a n k a j K u m a r J h a (60)  B i k a s C h a n d r a S a d a s h i v (30) E C E 1 (B a t c h 2011-2015 )
  3. 3. o v e r v i e w 1. Term “online shopping” 2. Facts 3. Top online shopping sites 4. Procedure 5. Payment 6. Pros 7. Cons 8. Tips for protecting your self 9. Conclusion
  4. 4. i o n A form of electronic commerce Allows consumers to directly buy goods from a seller over internet  e-web-store, e-shop, e-store, Internet.
  5. 5. F a c t s largest online Retailing corporations : EBay & 875 million consumers worldwide, who have shopped on the web 85% internet users have shop online Most of e-shoppers hail from South Korea Egypt has least online shoppers In India 29% internet users shops online
  6. 6. s h o p p i n g s i t e s *          *in INDIA
  7. 7. P r o c e d u r e Decide what to purchase Search for available items Compare(Price ,Review ,Shipping etc) Place the order Pay the bill Receive delivered items & inspect them
  8. 8. P a y m e n t Credit Card Debit Card Internet Banking Reward Card Cash on delivery
  9. 9. P r o s Comfort of own home (Shop 24*7) Save lots of time Price comparisons & reviews Wide variety of products Can purchase used product Discount coupons available Clear & dependable return policy
  10. 10. C o n s Lack of close quality examination Time consuming to return faulty goods Can’t buy with cash from every site Shipping and Handling Cost Not suitable for slow connection
  11. 11. p r o t e c t i n g y o u r s e l f Shop from sites you know & trust using secure pc Keep passwords private Read privacy and security policy
  12. 12. C o n c l u s i o n  In India most people prefer traditional shopping compared to online shopping :due to security reason but Online shopping is growing day by day :more popular in metropolitan city
  13. 13. P h o n e : 8981251522 8981843648 E m a i l : c o n f u s e d .e l e c t r o n s 010@g m a i l .c o m F a c e b b o k : h t t p s ://w w w .f a c e b o o k .c o m /c o