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  1. 1. lo^m Ipªv sat½m-dn-b tImtfPv Hm^v FUyq-t¡-j³, Da-b--ÃqÀ, sImÃw
  2. 2. • km¼-¯nI Imc-W-§Ä 1857se Iem-]-¯n-pÅ apJy-Im-cWw {_«o-jp-Im-cpsS km¼-¯nI b-§-fm-bn-cp-¶p. {_«o-jp-Im-cpsS km¼-¯nI NqjWw C´y-bnse ]c- ¼-cm-KX k¼-Zvhy-h-Øsb XIÀ¯p.
  3. 3. • ssknI Imc-W-§Ä C´y-bnse {_«ojv ssky-¯n C´y-¡mcpw {_«o-jp- Im-cp-amb ]«m-f-¡mÀ Dm-bn-cp-¶p. AhÀ¡n-S-bn hf-sc-tbsd hnth-N--§Ä ne- n-¶n-cp-¶p.
  4. 4. • aX]c-amb Imc-W-§Ä C´y³ ]«mf¡mtcmSv IS-en--¡sct]mbn bp²w sN¿m³ {_«o-jp-ImÀ Bh-iy- s¸-«n-cp-¶p. IS IS¶v t]mIp-¶Xv lnμpaX hnizm-k-a-p-k-cn¨v PmXn-{`-jvSn-n-S-bm- ¡p-am-bn-cp-¶p.
  5. 5. • cmjv{So-b-amb Imc-W-§Ä UÂlu-kn-bpsS Z¯-h-Im-i- n-tcm-[ bw C´y³ m«p-cm-Pm-¡-·m-cn kw{`m-´nbpw kwi-bhpw Df-hm-¡n.
  6. 6. • kmaq-lnI-þkmw-kvIm-cnI Imc-W-§Ä hwio-b-ambn tIa³am-cm-sW¶p Icp-Xn-bn- cp¶ {_«o-jp-ImÀ C´y-¡m-tcmSv At§-b-äs ¯ Ah-Ú-tbm-Sp-Iq-Sn-bmWv s]cp-am-dn-bn-cp-¶-Xv.
  7. 7. Iem-]-¯nse {]apJ tXm-¡-·m-cpsS Nn{X-§Ä _oKw l{k¯v al dmWn e£-an-_m-bn
  8. 8. I³hÀkn-MvMv XmvXn-bm-tXm-¸n mm-km-ln_v