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Austin Entrepreneur Scene

  1. © 2003-2017 Aviri Inc @bootstrapaustin @ATXequation @bijoy #ATXentScene June 20, 2017 ATX Entrepreneur Scene
  2. © 2003-2017 Aviri @bootstrapaustin @ATXequation Welcome! ⬥Your entrepreneur stage ⬥What do you need? ⬥What can you offer? ⬥What would you like to discuss?
  3. © 2003-2017 aviri @bootstrapaustin @ATXequation Bejoyverse: models for your journey Bootstrap JOurneY MRE ATX EquationHuman Fugue Aviri Foundation Essence Mining @bootstrapaustin @ATXequation
  4. © 2003-2017 Aviri @bootstrapaustin @ATXequation ATX Entrepreneur Scene – Getting Noticed! @bootstrapaustin @ATXequation
  5. © 2003-2017 Aviri @bootstrapaustin @ATXequation Cities Unique Ambitions * i.e. a city’s MEaning ⬥Boston: be smart ⬥Berkeley: live well ⬥NYC: be rich (be world class) ⬥LA: be famous ⬥DC: be an insider ⬥Asheville: be well ⬥Vegas: be your carnal/party self ⬥Silicon Valley: be powerful * Paul Graham, Y Combinator
  6. © 2003-2017 Aviri @bootstrapaustin @ATXequation Kaaliforneea ⬥The original 49ers: Gold Rush ⬥Hollywood: forget the past, become a new person ⬥Today: Extreme Capitalism (VC-driven) ⬥Silicon/e Valleys
  7. © 2003-2017 Aviri @bootstrapaustin @ATXequation Tejas: it’s the journey 1519-1685 1690-1821 1684-1690 1800-1803 1836-1845 1821-1835 1845-1861 1861-1865
  8. © 2003-2017 Aviri @bootstrapaustin @ATXequation Austin… The individual’s journey @bootstrapaustin @ATXequation
  9. © 2003-2017 Aviri @bootstrapaustin @ATXequation ATX Monikers ⬥Keep Austin Weird ⬥Open City (Michael Barnes) ⬥Live music capital ⬥Festival City ⬥…
  10. © 2003-2017 Aviri @bootstrapaustin @ATXequation Austin Be(come) yourself!
  11. © 2003-2017 Aviri @bootstrapaustin @ATXequation A continuum Funding-Driven (Silicon Valley) Bootstrap (Austin!) Paths of Entrepreneurship Only 2 paths create new business models Craft (everywhere) @bootstrapaustin @ATXequation
  12. © 2003-2017 Aviri @bootstrapaustin @ATXequation What’s Bootstrap? Baron Muchaussen @bootstrapaustin @ATXequation
  13. © 2003-2017 Aviri @bootstrapaustin @ATXequation ATX Way: Journey Entrepreneurship Not Silicon Valley, Silicon What?! Bootstrap, then optionally fund Emerge from the founder’s “be yourself” journey ■ Phil Sansome - BookPeople ■ John Mackey (and Renee) – Safer Way ■ Tim & Kerri League – Alamo Drafthouse Austin is a place to steward meaning in a venture @bootstrapaustin @ATXequation
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  15. © 2003-2017 Aviri @bootstrapaustin @ATXequation By Stage ideation prod/serv customer valley of death growth organization founder you QUEST(ion) inner journey Entrepreneur Journey Map
  16. © 2003-2017 Aviri @bootstrapaustin @ATXequation = Scene Austin’s Meaning Infrastructure + CommunityExperience Journey Capital @bootstrapaustin @ATXequation
  17. © 2003-2017 Aviri @bootstrapaustin @ATXequation DJ/Curate/Mixologize AUSdipity Food & Bev Fashion Technology Spirituality Music Theater Art Film Nightlife Fitness
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  19. © 2003-2017 Aviri @bootstrapaustin @ATXequation Steward Contribute Use Be part of the Scene, not the Scenery! Steward Austin’s Journey
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  1. Welcome! ----- Meeting Notes (11/10/10 10:41) ----- Mark O Brien Sandy Parker, art & military Chef Taylor, cospace member, programmer Sean Dbuke, learn about ent scene Sandip, ent scene, bootstrapping Mark Sutton, biz analysis, NDAs Bruce Bogart, SXSW video MA - austin clean energy, meetup group GeneRe, starting an advertizing agency Catherine, B2B marketing team, Andreas Hennan, Biz improvement prof - Lean/6Sigma to small biz Kyle DeHaas, founding member of cospace, bootstrap scene for 9yrs Yesenia Garcia, network, multimedia productio Paula
  2. 49er, gold rush;
  3. Austin dark side: velvet rut, Slacker
  4. 4 major innovations: Authority to (click) process