Accelerating Corporate Transformations Last


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  • Robert H Miles: President of Corporate Transformation Resources, Verginia. Sr. Advisior to CT to Mentor group. Co-Author: Big Ideas to Big Result
  • Accelerating Corporate Transformations Last

    1. 1. Presented By : Bijoy E.V ( Venue : IBS-Bangalore, ICFAI eMBA batch Date: 17-21 Dec 2011 Ref: Robert H Miles@ HBR Jan-Feb 2010
    2. 2. TODAY  Collapsing hierarchical levels  Dismantling internal silos  Reengineering key20th Century processes  Reconfiguring from Managing scale multinational to  Deploying specialization global Achieving standardization Exercising control in pursuit  Increasing empowerment and of efficiency  autonomy
    3. 3.  Faster, more distributed, less predictable change Far greater stakeholder complexity and diversity Rising importance of values and meaning The end of Western-led globalization; new rules of enterprise Fundamental challenge to traditional growth models Erosion of established authority structures Collapse of boundaries and coordination costs
    4. 4. Executives keep their heads down,protect their business, and try to avoid bigmistakes by sticking to the “ tried and true”
    5. 5. The day-to-day management processis already overloaded and there’s noroom on the agenda for anything newor different
    6. 6. Too many separate initiatives arebeing thrown at the organization andits people at the same time
    7. 7. Some executives remainunconvinced and uncommittedto the organization’stransformation agenda
    8. 8. Employees are always one bigstep behind leaders, puttingthe organization out ofalignment
    9. 9. The shift into the Execution Phase issusceptible to three predictable“slumps” in energy and focus
    10. 10. A cautious management culture can be mitigated by . Compel the organization to rigorously confront reality Emphasize and explain why transformation is necessary Clarify how and when individuals will be involved Establish the ground rules for dialogue and decision-making Employ a third party to get difficult issues and objective data on the table
    11. 11. The “business-as-usual” management process canbe remedied by a . . . Create a compressed launch Overlay to the regular management Process: a “No-Slack Launch” Compress the whole launch process Gear it for high speed and high engagement Go for some high-visibility “Quick Starts”
    12. 12. Initiative gridlock can be resolved by creating a . . . Have the courage to focus your entire organization on 3, but no more than 4, major initiatives Within each initiative have 2, but no more than 3, areas of focus, each with well articulated metrics Invest only in projects that are fully aligned Do more ON less
    13. 13. Recalcitrant executives must be transformed into . . . Involve all senior executives in leading important elements of the process Require both performance improvement and behaviour change commitments At this point in the launch process, deal swiftly and visibly with non-aligned executives
    14. 14. Disengaged employees can be motivated by creating . . .  Deploy a rapid, high- engagement employee cascade (go beyond communication campaigns and town hall meetings)  Put line managers in charge  Go for engagement and commitment before competency development  Align performance management to individual commitments
    15. 15. A loss of focus during execution can be avoided through the . . . Enact a rigorous plan for execution and learning Post-Launch Blues: Shift your leadership role into a “Ballast & Keel” mode Mid-Course Overconfidence: Conduct a rigorous, top-to-bottom mid-course assessment of the whole process Presumed Perpetual Motion: Insist on a full, but streamlined, re-launch process for the next year
    16. 16. The Launch Phase has to be highly compressed to quicklyFocus, Align and Engage your full organization behind acommon View of success
    17. 17. Thanks