Supervisors ii


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Characteristics of a good supervisor.

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Supervisors ii

  1. 1. What a Good Supervisor Is like
  2. 2. IntroductionAt a university a question wassurveyed: “What makes a goodsupervisor?” 75 teachersresponded the following:
  3. 3. 1. TreatmentFirst, treat others as you wish to betreated (or as you wish your lovedones to be treated) – namely withrespect.
  4. 4. 2. UnderstandingSecond, remember that staff aremulti-faceted human beings, with needs,Interests and lives that are important tothem.
  5. 5. 3. EthicsThird, be honest and ethical.
  6. 6. 4. ProblemsFourth, recognize that problems are anormal part of life and approach themIn an effort to find solutions ratherthan place blame.
  7. 7. 5. PraiseFifth, give praise and recognitionwhen it is due.
  8. 8. 6. HumansFinally, show those who work for you thatyou too are human – laugh, share,apologize when it is called for and let themget to know you. No one expects asupervisor to be perfect.
  9. 9. Other thoughtsA good supervisor preaches byexample.Acknowledges and/or rewards theiremployees for their efforts in a timelyand public manner.
  10. 10. ******************Has the ability to attract, select, andretain a diverse staff.Is available and approachable.Is a good communicator and listener.
  11. 11. ****************Clearly communicates the following during orientation:· The work unit’s mission and how it is related to the organization’s mission.· The focus of the incumbent’s position and how it supports the unit’s mission.· Specific expectations about the level and quality of work required for the job.
  12. 12. **************Has the ability to empower their employeesand delegate authority.Encourages and supports the personal andprofessional development of theiremployees.Has high ethical standards and integrity.
  13. 13. ***************Is fair and honest.Is an empathetic listener and hascompassion for others.Has a sense of humor.Can act as a mentor and coach.
  14. 14. ***************Is a successful problem solverwho is able to balance his/herown needs, the needs ofemployees, and the needs of theorganization.
  15. 15. *************Motivates others to pull together to meetgoals and objectives.Is a role model.Provides feedback (both when things aregoing well and when improvements areneeded) to individuals in timely, meaningfulmanner.
  16. 16. **************Seeks to find out all sides of an issue beforemaking a decision that affects staff.Engenders positive, mature relationships withtheir staff members, characterizedprimarily by mutual trust, respect, and therecognition that each individual is unique.
  17. 17. ************Uses good analytical and problem-solving skillstogether with their “emotional intelligence”(maturity).Has passion for the career that they havechosen and an infectious energy levelKnows that if the unit is notchanging, evolving, or improving, then the unitis falling behind.
  18. 18. ************Believes in hiring people who are strongerthan they are, or have the potential to bestronger than they are, so that theorganization can grow talent.Promotes team efforts and team recognition.Is innovative.
  19. 19. ************Comprehends the demands of theemployee’s job and the skills required tosuccessfully complete assigned tasks.Is willing to work as hard if not harder thantheir subordinates.Aggressively provides a safe workenvironment.
  20. 20. Thanks for reading this!! José Angel Rodríguez