Marketing ppt (group asgmnt)


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in collaboration with: shhmn and diyanahamzah

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Marketing ppt (group asgmnt)

  1. 1. Wheels of Phantasy • Skating activity • Advanced top-notch facilities and equipment • Up-to-date safety measures • Out of the ordinary features.
  2. 2. Mission: To provide a safe roller-skate sport rink where fitness and fun can be created at the same time. To attract the youth community to socialize and stay fit. To increase the family-bonding quality time in a safe and fun environment.
  3. 3. STRENGH  First skating venue in Sabah  Newly introduced popular sport  Suitable for all demographic aspects WEAKNESS  Risk of getting customer attention  Less Malaysian/nearby investors  Deviation of place OPPORTUNITIES  Near residential and colleges area areas  Current trend of sport in world-wide  Traffic availability THREATS  Far from Kota Kinabalu town  Competition on other entertainment/leisure centre
  4. 4. Convenient and reasonable Entertainment Fitness Conducive Safe environment.
  5. 5. Safe, protective environment. Near with the residential areas. Suits the trends of social lifestyle. Equipped with suitable arena for each division site. Themed with fantasy character to give a personality for each site. Skateboard Arena = Hunger Games Kids Arcade = Rugrats Newbie = Narnia Skating Rink = Alice In Wonderland
  6. 6. Entrance Fee ( Entry + Skates) RM10 Group Sessions RM15 Private Sessions and Coaching RM60 per hour
  7. 7. Student Package (Mon-Fri, 4pm-7pm) Family Package (Saturday and Sunday) Group Package (≥ 6 people)
  8. 8. Top floor of One Sulaman mall. Entire floor by itself. A recreation and fitness centre. Protected environment suitable for all ages in favor. Fewer competitors in one building (unlike 1Borneo).
  9. 9. 4th MONTH Providing a website with information : Detailed view of times of operation, what the facility has to offer and descriptions of our kinds of food and beverages serve. 3rd MONTH Serve an average of 4500 Combination of media advertising, flyers, direct mail, radio announcement and word-of mouth. 2nd MONTH Serve an average of 4000 customers. Product offering such as a snack bar Cater to private parties and special groups 1st MONTH Serve an average of 3500 customers. Launching grand opening event hosted by local celebrity guest
  10. 10. SERVICES AVAILABLE • Wireless Internet • Live DJ • Washroom • Prayer Room • Snack Bar • Free towel with every entry HOURS OF OPERATION • Tuesday – Friday: 2pm - 12am • Saturday – Sunday: 9am – 12am • Monday: Maintenance and Private Session