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Generations Climbing to Heaven


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Generations Climbing to Heaven

  1. 1. Generations Climbing to Heaven 6th April, 2016, time wasaround7.30 in the morning. I, dressedupinmy new starchy suit, soakedin sweat,wasrunninghere andthere and keptaskingpeople ‘where is the oldacadbuilding?’.Iclearly rememberaguy witha little touchof smile pointedme towardsit,whatlookslike aseriesof stairsgoing straightup to heavenandsaid‘there isyour96 stepsto glory’.True that. Now,whenIthinkaboutit, I feel amazedthatsomanynervous,shakyfeetwentupbythemand came downas dancingsteps.Since,1963 till today,2016 these stepshave witnessedsomanystories, memoriesonmaking.Generationshave passed,butthatrailingsbythe pond,oldquirkyfrontgate rememberitall. Change isconstant.NITIE campusis a standingbeautifulexampleof it.Todaywhatwe see,how we see, was nonexistent.Fortunate soulstodayjogintotheirlaptops, andsuddenlyworldbecomesahappy
  2. 2. place witha viewof windcreatingwavesuponpond.But, let’ssayif we getthat thingcalledtime machine androtatesit dial through 4 years back,you wouldbe amazedorrather shockedtosee there was noWi-Fi signal onyourdevices,nowhite 4antennarouterson ceilingsof hostels.Yes,studentsdid struggle a lotwiththe digital oxygenof todayandstill made greatstridesthroughtheirlives. Lot has changedthroughyearsand decades.Lothas changedhow it wasusedto be,how it is.If you ask a NITIE alumni,whohadpassedoutin90’s, abouthow chillyitisin classrooms while itrainsand you have to turn off the AC,what youget isa raisedeye brow.Classrooms,dias,duster,boardmarkerseven that insignificantcurtaincolorshadchanged. NewAcademic Building OldAcademic Building Overhead projectorsandACclassroomswithcomfortable chairsdomake usfeel elite (p.s-highbench alsocomeswitha beneathchamber,comeshandyat time totime).
  3. 3. I alwayswonderhowoursupersuperseniorswould feel, tohave acup of tea at 3 a.m. at Brew?How bad theywouldget nostalgic, if theysee theystill servepermutationsof chole, rajma, Gobi?Butstill I feel the core alwaysremainstrue.Underneaththe generationgaps,underneathage and profiles, beneaththose fresher, passouts,there are some cornersthatwill be filledwithevergreengreeneries. Everystudentonce steppedinthose stairsandsat onthose auditoriumchairswill alwaysremember these 2 yearswiththeirfavorite memories.Generationandage will alwaysfade awaywhenrainscome downon NITIEpond. Once a NITIEZEN,alwaysaNITIEZEN. ---- By BIJIT SAHA IM23, 1602054 ProudNITIEzen