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Rapport van Fresh Networks over Social Media Influencers

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  1. 1. Social media influencers 2010Social media monitoring tools, mummy bloggers and organic baby food. InfluencersImages throughout the report are courtesy of Shutterstock
  2. 2. Influencers report 2010ContentsIntroduction 12 What is influence? 23 What drives influence? 34 Types of influencer 45 Why engage with influencers? 56 Developing an influencer strategy 67 Tool reviews 9 7.1 What we did 9 7.2 Brandwatch 9 7.3 Radian6 12 7.4 Alterian SM2 15 7.5 Attensity360 18 7.6 Social Radar 21 7.7 Sysomos 24 7.8 Scout Labs 27 7.9 Synthesio 30 7.10 Peer Index 338 Summary of results 359 Conclusions 36Acknowledgements 37©2010 FreshNetworks
  3. 3. Social media influencers report 2010Introduction1.1 Influencers report 2010 putting the tools to the testFollowing on from the success of our social media monitoring tools review earlier this year, inOctober 2010 we decide to test nine of the leading social media monitoring tools - Attensity360, Brandwatch, Radian6, Alterian SM2, Scoutlabs, Sysomos, Synthesio, PeerIndex andSocial Radar - in order to assess how effective they are at identifying influencers across arange of social media platforms.We have used rganic baby food as the test topic for this report. We felt it would be interestingto assess how well each of the tools could help identify influencers in this much-discussed area.Would the tools pick out key frequently visited forum posts in parentingsites such as Mumsnet and BabyCentre?In this report, we will present the findings of our research and discuss the value of influencers tosocial marketers, as well as exploring ways to engage with them online.1.2 Why do I need to know about influencers?As more organisations start to use social media to engage their customers, the challenge is todevelop and execute a social media strategy that generates real value. Over the long-term, akey way to achieve this is to use social media to engage with customers on a more personallevel.However, given that many organisations remain wary of the long-term financial return fromsocial, they are yet to dedicate sufficient resources to interact regularly with all prospective andexisting customers on a one-to-one basis. Hence engaging a limited number of influencersappeals as an alternative, more focused use of time and resources.Organisations are well versed in the power of the Pareto Principle in which 80% of returns comefrom 20% of the efforts. This law of the vital few appears to extend to the social web: the volumeof online conversations is highly concentrated. For example around 1% of Wikipedia users edit50% of the content.This represents solid justification for paying more attention only to the most influential socialmedia users. There are many investments businesses would like to make, but with limited timeand resources, focusing on the few appears to be a sensible starting point for social mediaengagement.In many ways a focus on influencers at the expense of a broader audience runs against thespirit of social media. We advocate this pragmatic approach because it is still early days formost oganisations when it comes to social. For many, the coming year is about baby steps andsteadily gathering momentum before attempting to tackle major corporate culture change in thename of social media.. Jay Baer, Founder of Convince & Convert, Co-author The NOW Revolution©2010 FreshNetworks Page 1
  4. 4. Social media influencers report 20102 What is influence?2.1 Definition of influenceI Thus, in thecontext of online social media, influence comes in the form of messages transmitted over theinternet that have an impact on other people.Influencers provide information and insights that are trusted and held in high regard. They areeither sought out by their audience because of the messages they broadcast or because theyare able to be heard above the chatter of the crowd.While influence can be neutral, positive or negative in sentiment, it only really counts when ithas an impact. And i s important to consider who is listening, not just how many people arelistening.Influence is dynamic and is dependent upon a variety of factors; from topic relevance andperceived expertise to absolute reach. Influence can be attributed to individual people,websites, specific blog posts or even a poignant comment. And influencers can be found acrossall social media platforms from Twitter to Facebook and from forums to blogs. Murray Newlands, Co-Founder, Influence People2.2 Influence: popularity v expertisePopularity is an obvious indicator of influence. However it tells only part of the story. The Levelof expertise, real or perceived, is also a vital measure when assessing influence. Furthermore,perceived expertise needs to be relevant to a specific area or subject matter for it to affectviews, decisions or actions.Perceived experts may have fewer Facebook Likes or Twitter followers, but a more highlyconcentrated, relevant or attentive audience can ultimately make them more influential. 1 2Studies from HP Labs and NorthWestern University both support this position, finding thatthose with the most influence on Twitter were not necessarily those with the most followers.Rather they were individuals with perceived expertise in their field, sector or market.Furthermore, HP Labs proved that the findings were not only relevant to Twitter, but could beapplied more widely across other social media platforms. Chris Brogan, President New Marketing Labs1©2010 FreshNetworks Page 2
  5. 5. Social media influencers report 20103 What drives influence?The determinants of influence can be grouped into three areas: credibility, reach and style.3.1 CredibilityAn influencer needs to be credible for people to take any notice. Credibility is dependent uponperceived expertise and perceived potential for bias.For the sake of simplicity, there are two forms of expertise: professional and personal. Professional expertise in the case of this organic baby food study, a child nutritionist or doctor. Personal expertise or experience for our case study this might be a mother who has previously purchased organic baby food3.2 ReachReach encompasses a number of factors. It includes both aaudience and their broader indirect audience. For instance, reach is greater for influencerscapable of generating active pass-along from their friends to friends of friends. y is the third component of reach the regularmummy blogger is, ceteris paribus, more influential than the occasional.3.3 Styledeliberately provocative. There are many ways to get a point across and in the same way thatmodified copy can alter the impact of an advert, so to can the style, approach and persuasion ofan influencer. Factors that drive influence Credibility Reach Style Influence©2010 FreshNetworks Page 3
  6. 6. Social media influencers report 20104 Types of influencerThere are many ways to segment influencers. In The Tipping Point, Gladwell refers toConnectors, Mavens and Salesmen as three groups who are influential in different ways. Bycontrast, Klout, the free Twitter influence ranking tool, identifies 16 Influencer styles rangingfrom Taste Maker to Conversationalist.Perhaps one of the most useful models to consider when first selecting influencers is Dave s Magic Middle. Dave was the founder of Technorati, the blog search engine, and headvocates targeting the Magic Middle of online influencers, sandwiched between Chris well-known A-list influencers.Popularity A-List Magic Middle Long Tail InfluencersA-list influencersA-List influencers have high levels of audience engagement and popularity. This type ofinfluencer appeals because of the size of their audience. They can be incredibly influentialhowever their influence is often generalist and not always relevant to a specific product orcategory.A-Listers are challenging to engage because they are in high demand. Examples would includeLady Gaga, Oprah or Stephen Fry.The Long TailAt the other end of the scale is the Long Tail. These niche influencers may be veryknowledgeable in a specific area, but lack sufficient reach to have a large impact.Magic MiddleThe majority of social media influencers sit within this category. Considered to be experts bytheir audience, influencers in (or Fat Middle) tend to focus on a few definedareas of interest. They typically discuss niche topics with a core demographic in mind.The appeal of the Magic Middle is their concentrated reach. This can make them more directlyinfluential for brands than a generalist A-Lister. In addition they can be easier to engage if theirinterests more directly align to your product, service or sector.©2010 FreshNetworks Page 4
  7. 7. Social media influencers report 20105 Why engage with influencers?Word of mouth is playing an increasingly important role in driving purchases. The prevalence ofcustomer opinions and online reviews is having a major impact on buying behaviour. In bothB2C and B2B markets, people are spending more time researching products and services andthey are being influenced by the online opinions of others.Engaging with people who can influence your online reputation can help you gain real valuefrom social media.5.1 Levels of engagementInfluencers will be operating at different levels of involvement with your brand even before youbegin engaging them through social media. Engaging influencers of a certain level can helpencourage them to be more active. Most influencers will fit into the following categories:Engagement levels Brand Ambassadors Brand Advocates/Evangelists Word-of-mouth Amplifiers Brand Conscious Inactive Inactive aware of the relevant sector or topic but not actively engaging. Brand Conscious aware of your brand. Generates some buzz but not fully engaged and mostly fleeting references online. Word-of-Mouth Amplifiers spreads key messages and updates that relate directly to your brand, products or services. Brand Advocates/Evangelists support and champion your brand online. Brand Ambassadors key advocates who have a strong involvement with the your brand online. Could be a commercial relationship. level of engagement with your brand is key to successfulinteractions. You must be able to answer the killer question:Armed with this knowledge yo involvement with and value to your brand.©2010 FreshNetworks Page 5
  8. 8. Social media influencers report 20106 Developing an influencer strategy media world will show us plain and simple, and yet, the rules and algorithms are still shifting and still uncertain. My opinion is that it takes three pieces: Listening tools to understand whos talking about those things you find interesting, Measuring tools to determine whos responding to those people doing the talking, An understanding of how influence drives (or doesnt) calls to action. In the third case (which is everything), this lets you know whether a big voice with a big audience is talking to herself, or whether she has the pull to make her people push the Chris Brogan, President New Marketing Labs ant to develop a plan that closely aligns with yourwider social media strategy, your target audience and your broader business objectives.Here are some things to consider when developing an influencer engagement strategy:6.1 Work out what you want to achieve by engaging with influencersAre you trying to increase visits to your website? Is your aim to generate word-of-mouth about anew product? Are you hoping to increase conversion? Or do you first need to influenceconsideration?Some brands are focussed on turning around negative sentiment and others on amplifyingpositive word of mouth. Influencers can impact behaviour in different ways throughout a buyingprocess. Before defining the right influencers to work with and how best to engage them, youneed to be clear on the ambitions of your influencer programme.6.2 Listen to your target audienceOnce you have your goals in place, be sure to listen to your target audience.Unless you know what your audience is saying about your business or market, where they aresaying it, and whose message resonates with them, you will not be able to identify the mostappropriate influencers.Equally, given the tools require a level of human management to provide valuable results youneed to have carried out some listening to sense check the results you get from a social mediamonitoring tool.6.3 Choose your tools carefullyThere is an abundance of social media monitoring tools on the market; both free and paid-for.Their capabilities vary considerably and there are many nuances involved in selecting the rightone. Do your research into the available tools our free social media monitoring tools reportmay help you.©2010 FreshNetworks Page 6
  9. 9. Social media influencers report 20106.4 Be realistic about time and resourceThink about what resources you can dedicate to the task of identifying influencersunderestimate the manpower involved.While social media monitoring tools certainly reduce the heavy lifting still need someonewho understands your social media strategy and can choose the most appropriate influencersfrom the results returned by the tool.Moreover, and perhaps most importantly, the person you choose to engage with your targetinfluencers must also understand how to connect with them effectively.6.5 Get to know your influencersBefore you jump in and start trying to engage your influencers, be sure listen to theirconversations. Read their discussion threads, blog posts and any other information you can layyour hands on. What are they saying, how they are saying it and why? What are theirmotivators?It might be appropriate to segment different types of influencer dependent upon theirmotivations or the value they could bring to your brand. Thinking about influencers in this waywill help you tailor your tone, content and approach to each group.6.6For each influencer you need to choose the right way to start building a relationship. It might bebest to engage them in their spaces e.g. responding to their blog posts. Alternatively, you maywant to contact them offline to arrange face-to-face meetings.If you are going to engage them in direct response to conversations they are having online,selection of the appropriate discussions to join, and those to ignore is important. This should bebased on topic relevance, conversation tone, potential to add value and whether or not it wouldbe appropriate for a brand to join in.All of this requires judgment. A very good reason to spend time listening and learning ahead ofjumping in with engagement.When it comes to trying to encourage influencers to take an active role in supporting or helpingyou, imagine yourself in their shoes and answer the question:If you can bring no value to the influencer then wait until you do have something of value togive. Or start by asking them what it is you can do for them. an you have to engage.6.7 Build an honest relationship with your influencers 3In the words of New Media Age , when it comes to influencers, it is important to be . This is simple, sound advice.3©2010 FreshNetworks Page 7
  10. 10. Social media influencers report 2010In order to build a successful relationship with your influencers you must think of all interactionas a way of building up a relationship. You should be looking at influencers as potentialpartners; as people who can champion your brand. Make them feel like an insider they have akey position in your marketplace as they both speak to and represent your target audience, sotreat them with the respect that they deserve.Be mindful that influencers are giving you their time and expertise so make them feel valuedand acknowledge their contributions.6.8Some influencers are ready and willing to further your cause and are happy to agree acommercial arrangement to achieve this. Others eschew all commercial influence. If you areuncertain of which category someone fits into, take care in your first interactions.Rather than push your own agenda, expand conversations beyond your specific products,brand or messages. Think about the wider topic at hand and then build up a relationship withthem before discussing anything commercial..©2010 FreshNetworks Page 8
  11. 11. Social media influencers report 20107 Tool reviews -of-mouth started to happen in the trackable online medium, influence and monitoring tools are getting much better at finding the influential needle in the online Jay Baer, Founder Convince & Convert, Co-author of The Now Revolution7.1 What we didFor the purpose of testing how effective the tools are at identifying influencers, we assumed therole of an organic baby food brand manager looking for influencers onfoodIn essence, we expected across a range of social mediachannels, who were discussing the topic of7.2 BrandwatchInitially started as a project to build a web crawler for the U.K. Government in 2004, England-based Brandwatch provide social media monitoring services for business and marketingdata from any third party sources.7.2.1 Setup Every topic search you set up in Brandwatchyour search query there is a test search function which allows you to see a preview of your results. This helps refine the search to your requirements. Key Benefits The workspaces are easily configured, and it takes around 30 minutes to return results. Drill down capabilities Flexible use of metrics     7.2.2 Influencer Search Around 90% of Brandwatch results use automated Interaction with graphs   processes the rest relies on human input. Many ways to segment Their algorithms specifically address the problems of data     duplicate mentions and spam, which helps to save time when sorting through data and ensures that results are relevant to your search terms.While Brandwat t provide an official influence score, you can to use their standardoutputs as a proxy for who is influential on a certain topic or area. The mozRank (SEOmozs linkpopularity metric), the number of backlinks to a site and also topic relevance are included in thegeneric Brandwatch monitoring results.©2010 FreshNetworks Page 9
  12. 12. Social media influencers report 2010 Bar chart from Brandwatch showing data sorted by social media type. Each colour within the bar represents a different social media platform. X axis represents a day (ie, 16th Nov, 17th Nov etc); the Y axis represents volume of conversation.We found that a mozRank score of at least 4 was a good indication of influence. Brandwatch may not be the right tool for youas you need a bit of experience in manipulating data in order to get value from the results.However, the flexibility to choose the metrics you use to determine influence, and then seeinghow this affects the results for different social media channels, can be quite insightful.As mozRank and backlinks are calculated at domain level, we found that Brandwatch was goodat finding sites of influence rather than individual influencers. This tool is best for somebody whohas already been monitoring and would like to zone in SCORECARDand find influencers in a topic area, rather than forspecific individuals. Setup 6 Training 6Brandwatch are currently developing the tool so that it Visuals: Graphs, Pie chartscan calculate a specific influencer score. etc. 9 User Interface 77.2.3 Drill Down Integration of tools 9Brandwatch has several drill down capabilities which Drilldown 8enable you to interrogate data in detail.The flexibility with which you can order results by your chosen metrics e.g. backlinks ormozRank, allows you to customize data for your own particular focus. This helps you save timein finding the influencers that have the most relevance to your brand.We were happily surprised to find sites such as Yahoo Answers! featured in our Brandwatchresults. They also pulled out expected results such as and ingeneral they did a good job of identifying influential forums.©2010 FreshNetworks Page 10
  13. 13. Social media influencers report 2010 Forum threads from7.2.4 Why use Brandwatch to find influencers?Of all the tools we tested, we think that Brandwatch is best for finding influencers on forums.The forums that Brandwatch identified were very influential and contained virtually no spamresults. WINNER Finding influencers on forums©2010 FreshNetworks Page 11
  14. 14. Social media influencers report 20107.3 Radian6Founded in 2006 and based in Canada, the Radian6 dashboard is a social media monitoringplatform that gives access to historical data and real-time results.7.3.1 SetupYou can set up your topic profile using either the simple method (grouping all keywordstogether) or the advanced method, where youinsert words in a query constructor based on Key Benefits of Radian6Boolean logic. The more specific your search Inviting, easy-to-use interface.terms, the more tailored your results. Quick and easy set up - less than 5minsWhen you set up your search terms you get anestimated total for the number of results your Create a personalized dashboardsearch will pull through, which can be useful forrefining your topic profile. Flexible drilldown system which allows you to sort by your favourite metrics    Radian6 uses widgets to help review andanalyze results. There are a variety of widgets to Many ways to segment and sort results   cuseson pulling in influencers across multiple social Good data visualisation options  media platforms. It only takes a few minutes toset up the influencer widget - wonderfully straightforward. Results start to populate 30 minutesafter setup. Radian6 widget gallery allows you to set parameters for your influencer search.7.3.2 Finding influencersAll search results are displayed in the influencer widget. Influencers are rated on a scale of 0 to100, with 100 being the highest influence. Radian6 uses different metrics to calculate influencerscores across different social media channels. We were impressed that the tool allowed us tochange the importance of these metrics to suit our needs for example, instead of choosing our most important metric we©2010 FreshNetworks Page 12
  15. 15. Social media influencers report 20107.3.3 Data drill downThere are many ways to view and segment data in Radian6.The top 100 results are shown in by media type (eg, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter etc), inaddition to a summary tab for the top 5 influencers from all sources types.You can sort relevant posts in order of importance using different measurements e.g. averageengagement, number of topic posts, number of comments etc for flexibility.From bar charts, to cloud views and grids, you are given a choice of modes to view theinformation. Radian6 also enables you to interact with the data -the comments that relate to specific active (if the tool picks up the results). This enables you to see patterns more immediatelyand will give you a better idea of how influencers are talking about your topic and the landscapethey are operating within more generally. Radian6 only use automated processes no humanSCORECARD input this occasionally produced results that were inappropriate.Setup 7Influencer widget 8 Conversely, there were some good finds, such asTraining 9 @HappyMothering (influence score 79), a stay-at-homeVisuals: Graphs, Pie charts mother of two who is interested in health and naturaletc. 9 ngage with to try toUser Interface 9 increase brand awareness.Integration of tools 8Drilldown 9 Radian6 drill down into blog posts©2010 FreshNetworks Page 13
  16. 16. Social media influencers report 2010Radian6 provides a high volume of results. However human analysis was required to siftthrough the output to get rid of irrelevant results. For example it would have been easy to miss@notsoyummymum (influence score 20), a mother of one who has just moved to London, infavour of @amazonRealTime (influence score 80) a sales channel..7.3.4 Why use Radian6 to find influencers?Of all the tools we tested, we think that Radian 6 is best for drill down as it offers severaldifferent ways to drill into influencer results, enabling you to sort, filter and understand data tosuit your needs.We also think that Radian6 was best at finding Twitter influencers as it provided the highestnumber of results for Twitter influencers and the most comprehensive way to dig into thisinformation. WINNER WINNER Drill down Twitter influencers©2010 FreshNetworks Page 14
  17. 17. Social media influencers report 20107.4 Alterian SM2Alterian SM2 (formerly Techrigy SM2) provide a social media monitoring and analysis platformfor marketing and PR professionals. With historical content dating back to 2007, Alterian SM2 isone of the most robust products of its kind on the market today.7.4.1 SetupAlterian SM2 was one of the more difficult tools to become acquainted with. However we foundit was worth persevering Setup takes between five and ten minutes. There is the Key Benefits of Alterian SM2 option to create your own Boolean query or use a query Many ways to segment data set up tool, inserting keywords and setting filters e.g. language, when prompted. Many ways to drill down     7.4.2 Finding Influencers Interactive graphs & visuals   Alterian influencers who are relevant to your topic of interest.Popularity is scored on a scale from 0-10, with 10 being the most popular.The calculation of this popularity is dependent on the social media channel in question. Forblogs and websites it is the amount of traffic, the number of inbound links and the number ofpage views. For Twitter, it is the number of followers, the number of people being followed andtheir activity. The fact that the tool uses different measurements for different platforms meansthat the results are more focused on actual influencers across each platform. influence.The tool offers a good level of flexibility when it comes to segmenting data, Features such as help you the most active discussions on a specific topic areafeature shows you the most active people talking about your topic. You can also createcategories and sub-categories which allow you to view the most active people within specifieddomains. This flexibility makes easy to identify influencers.©2010 FreshNetworks Page 15
  18. 18. Social media influencers report 20107.4.3 Drill DownThe drill down capabilities of Alterian SM2 take some time to get to grips with as they are verydetailed - a cursory glance is not really enough to get a real feel for its capabilities. It requires anSCORECARD clear focus of what you want from the tool.Setup 6Training 9 of your results, which not only includes the AlterianVisuals, Graph, Pie Popularity Rank, but also the gender of authors and agecharts etc. 7 of authors (where available).User Interface 7Integration of Tools 8 It is possible to view and filter results by volume ofDrill Down 9 to see where the conversations are taking place. ata gives you a degree of freedom that greatly assists in how youdomain or individual level. Top domains where organic baby food influencers reside according to AlterianWe found that Alterian was useful for finding sites of influence,, and sitesthat we would expect to see included in any batch of results that relate to mummy influencersfor organic baby food.For, Alterian specifically took us to a useful post made by an active member(Debbie) asking about weaning advice. The question was located in an area of the forum calledthe **Drop in Clinic**, where people are able to ask health visitors, parent supporters and othermembers of the community questions about babies, feedito seek information. Debbie had her query answered by both a Health Visitor/Parent Supporter,and an active member (Kelly) who gave advice and recommended two organic baby brands.Examples like this are typical of Alterian the tool identifies both sites of influence, and potentialinfluencers, in one go, which is simple, fast and effective.©2010 FreshNetworks Page 16
  19. 19. Social media influencers report 20107.4.4 Why use Alterian SM2 to find influencers?Of all the tools we tested, we think that Alterian SM2 is by far and away the best tool for on different areas of interest. WINNER Data Segmentation©2010 FreshNetworks Page 17
  20. 20. Social media influencers report 20107.5 Attensity360Attensity 360 (formerly Biz360) was created in 2010 after an acquisition by the Attensity Group.They provide a platform that monitors social media conversations, providing insights to brandsand organisations keen to monitor their presence on the social web.7.5.1 SetupThis tool has an intuitive user interface and setting up the tool is very straightforward -it takes around 3-5 minutes. Key Benefits Quick & easy setup query and parameters), by inserting key words when prompted into a query constructor. Intuitive interface When forming your topic profile, you have a test search which shows a sample of your results. This is a useful feature to help Interactivity with assess results. graphs and visuals7.5.2 Finding InfluencersOnce your topic profile is established youfocus on certain aspects of your results, (eg, seeing the volume of results, or a word cloud ofyour results) giving you different opportunities to drill down into the data. classify influence. This measures the impact of coverage related toa specific topic and this can be used to identify sources that have a strong, immediateimpression on an audience. You cansnapshot of potential influencers. Attensity360 search results by social media channel/platformAttensity360 also uses Klout to help identify influencers. Klout, a well-regarded measure ofinfluence on Twitter, is integrated into the Attensity platform and every Twitter result in the tool©2010 FreshNetworks Page 18
  21. 21. Social media influencers report 2010would have been useful. Tprofile turned out to be incorrect according to the actual Klout tool. However, Attensityresponded quickly to any concerns about this and did their best to resolve any queries. Word cloud of terms that relate to organic baby food influencers search7.5.3 Drill Down e results by socialmedia type by viewing either an interactive pie chart, or simply by filtering your parameters.This allows you to assess which channels to focus on.Attensity360 was good at finding sites of influence, for SCORECARDexample; it was less successful at Setup 9finding individual influencers but there were some good Training 8potential fits. One example was a thread Visuals, Graph, Pie charts etc. 7 User Interface 8 Integration of Tools 7 Drill Down 7potential influencer as she can generate conversation in her community, and, looking at similarposts of hers, she would be somebody that a brand would engage with to generate buzz andbrand awareness.©2010 FreshNetworks Page 19
  22. 22. Social media influencers report 20107.5.4 Why use Attensity360 to find influencers?Of all the tools we tested, we think that Attensity360 is the easiest tool to learn to use. WINNER Easiest tool to use©2010 FreshNetworks Page 20
  23. 23. Social media influencers report 20107.6 Social RadarFounded in late 2006 Infegy (a combination of Information and Strategy), developed SocialRadar to provide insights into social content on the web for business and marketingprofessionals. With 7 billion posts and counting, Social Radar uses their own proprietary crawlerto collect and aggregate data.7.6.1 SetupKey Benefits of Social Radar an intuitive and visually appealing user interface. Quick, straightforward set up Setup is also easy, and you can begin your search in Intuitive user interface   different ways including: using the Query Builder (inserting key words for a Boolean search query to Excellent Vizualiser Top generate), forming a Boolean search string orSources Tool   search terms instantly. Results are better if you use the Great at finding relevant blog Boolean search query,posts -fuss, quick and easy setup taking around 1-5 minutes whichever option you take.You can search by tags, author, title and body (you tick which ones you want), allowing you to ar functions arestraightforward and easy to use.7.6.2 Finding influencersoptions, you can include posts based on their influence SCORECARDranking of: None, Low, Medium or High. Setup 8The Social Radar influence score uses their proprietary Training 7formula, which is based on metrics such as the averagenumber of inbound links per year and other undisclosed Visuals: Graphs, Pie charts etc. 9metrics. User Interface 8 Integration of tools 8The best way to find influencers using Social Radar is lly Drilldown 8allows you to view the most influential sources (from 25-500 sources) around your topic. Algorithm(combination of influence and number of posts that match the search query), Relevant Posts, orresults either in list format or using the Visualizer.©2010 FreshNetworks Page 21
  24. 24. Social media influencers report 2010 showing links between top sources style.The Visof the most unique and exceptional tool from any social media monitoring platform; absolutely afavourite.Not only is it visually stunning but you can choose to see different information about yoursources e.g. eco system links, avg. daily posts etc. and have a visual comparison showing howsources compare to each other. Another great thing about this tool is that you can add sources7.6.3 Why use Social Radar to find influencers?Of all the tools we tested, we think that Social Radar is the best tool for you to visualize theinformation about influencers.©2010 FreshNetworks Page 22
  25. 25. Social media influencers report 2010 WINNER Best visualization tool©2010 FreshNetworks Page 23
  26. 26. Social media influencers report 20107.7 SysomosA subsidiary of Marketwire, the Toronto based Sysomos launched their flagship Media AnalysisPlatform (MAP) in 2007. MAP, a business and marketing intelligence platform, provides insightsinto social media. Heartbeat, the other product provided by Sysomos provides monitoringcapabilities.        Key Benefits of Sysomos Easy to use and interactive7.7.1 Setup dashboardThe Sysomos user interface sits on top of its servers and isstraightforward to navigate. Analytical tools that provide insight and sophisticated drillSetting up your query is done either with the Query Builder, or down capabilities  by constructing a Boolean search string. Boolean searchesgive more detailed results. Segmentation and viewing of data flexible            When you construct a search, MAP provides one of theeasiest ways to add filters (e.g. geolocation) and changeparameters (e.g.timeline), with buttons easily accessible above the dashboard at all times.Setup takes around 5 - 7 minutes in total.The dashboard consists of various tabs including: blog tab, social media tab, traditional mediatab, and a compare tab. While there is a standard two year rolling sample for data, you can getTwitter content going back to May 2009, and make special requests for data going back 4 yearsfor blogs.7.7.2 InfluencersEach tab covers a different social media type and allows you to view different aspects of theblog results by either: Most Authoritative, Most mentions, High Authority and Mentions, SomeAuthority and Mentions.or Most Authoritative; Video by: Most Viewed, Most Relevant; Forum by: Search (HighAuthority), Top Sources; Facebook: Popularity; and Wikipedia. This allows you to really sort outwhich social media channel you want to focus in on. Blog tab showing influencers who talk about organic baby food. Left hand menu shows how you can sort data in Sysomos popularity, demographic, sentiment etc©2010 FreshNetworks Page 24
  27. 27. Social media influencers report 2010 h(Some Authority), and Top Sources. In this way, Sysomos requires more user involvement infinding influencers.your influencers is located around the world. Sysomos shows you which areas of the world are most actively discussing your search topicBy offering you the choice of applicable metrics for each social media type, you are given theincreased flexibility to order results with and find the most applicable influencers according toyour needs.7.7.3 Drill DownThere are so many different ways to drill down with Sysomos; that is one of its main strengths.SCORECARD You can segment by social media channel, and you are given statistics with the hover of aSetup 8 button for each source e.g. Alexa rank.Training 9Visuals: Graphs, Pie charts etc. 9 Additionally, Sysomos has some of the more imaginative tools which really give you a view of activities in theUser Interface 9 social web surrounding your brand.Integration of tools 9Drilldown 9 In addition to a potefollower numbers, and the number of people they follow you are shown statistics of people whofollow a potential influencer. This is one of the best features across any of the tools and it reallygives you the full story about an influencer, and the types of people they interact with, at thetouch of a button.©2010 FreshNetworks Page 25
  28. 28. Social media influencers report 2010Another great feature is the blog comments search. Although it is in the beta phase, it lookspromising. It is similar to the rest of Sysomos, in that it allows you to have a broad view of theinfluencer landscape and then zone in on those parts you wish to learn more about.7.7.4 Why use Sysomos to find influencers?Of all the tools we tested, we think that Sysomos has the best unique selling point (USP) youcan see the Twitter authority of the people who follow influencers on Twitter. WINNER Best unique selling point©2010 FreshNetworks Page 26
  29. 29. Social media influencers report 20107.8 Scout LabsAcquired by Lithium Technologies in 2010, Scout Labs provide a listening and engagementplatform for brands and businesses. Based in San Francisco, the company have been around latform whilecontinuing to be a stand-alone product.7.8.1 SetupThe dashboard is easy to navigate and setup is verystraightforward. You include keywords into a query builder Key Benefits of Scout Labs Review Quick and easy setupmore flexible than the other tools, with no limit on the amount of  keywords you can use, which helps increase the number of Easy tool to navigate.results you pull in from your search. Very intuitive dashboard.  What would be helpful is if you could specify dates for when Interactivity with graphsonly indicate a period of time e.g. 1 month, rather than a time and visuals  frame. This can feel quite restrictive, so hopefully in later versions  you will have the option to do both.7.8.2 Finding Influencers n algorithm whichlinks of followers. You can order your results by importance of metrics.7.8.3 Drill Downthat appear most often in your results and allows you to filter results to show only thosekeywords included in your original search. This is a really quick and easy way to find out moreabout conversations based on your search terms as it helps you zone in on those elements thatare of interest to you.The dashboard helps to facilitate a generate drill down in to your results. The dashboard is made up of 5 main tabs: Overview, Mentions, Sentiment,SCORECARD Graphs and Quotes. As the name suggests, the overview tab gives you a summary of all activity. The rest of the tabsSetup 9 are each divided into sub categories which relate to socialTraining 9 media type. Clicking on one of the subcategories e.g. Twitter, generates interactive graphs based on thoseVisuals, Graph, Pie ery organised way of dealing with the datacharts etc. 8 and allows you to find relevant information quickly.User Interface 8Integration of Tools 7 One of the potential influencers that Scout Labs identified was "Sonyaelizabethl", a mother of a 6 month old. HerDrill Down 7 posts were very supportive of popular organic baby foodBy far and away, Scout Labs produced the best, and most relevant YouTube and photographicimages results for organic baby food influencers. Andrea, a mummy "vlogger" (video blogger)with one toddler and one young child, was identified by the tool for her video updates about her©2010 FreshNetworks Page 27
  30. 30. Social media influencers report 2010 Images pulled in by Scout Labs that relate to the sedevelopment. Her YouTube channel (aacosta26) with had over 2,000 subscribers and 84,062channel views, with over 400,000 total upload views. In addition, she is part of a group motherswho use YouTubebaby advice to other mothers. These examples prove Scout Labs ability to identify potentialinfluencers. Videos from YouTube pulled in by Scout LabsScout Labs has some promising features and it will be interesting to see how they aredeveloped further. Hopefully they will not lose the simplicity with which they allow you to drilldown into their data as this is one of the key benefits of using the tool to find influencers.7.8.4 Why use Scout Labs to find influencers?Of all the tools we tested, we think that Scout Labs, by far and away, produced the best qualityand most relevant YouTube and image results for organic baby food©2010 FreshNetworks Page 28
  31. 31. Social media influencers report 2010 WINNER Best YouTube and image results©2010 FreshNetworks Page 29
  32. 32. Social media influencers report 20107.9 SynthesioFounded in 2006, Synthesio provides social media monitoring and research services for brandsand agencies. Using a combination of their proprietary technology and human analysis,needs. With monitoring and analysis provided in over 30 languages (including Arabic, Russian,and Japanese) Synthesio maintain a truly international reach.7.9.1 SetupWith Synthesio, clients are not involved in setting up the tool; the dashboard is customised toSCORECARD manager.Setup N/ATraining 9 At this stage your objectives are discussed and the wayVisuals: Graphs, Pie charts Synthesio works is explained to you. These sessionsetc. 9 are beneficial and really provide a way for you toUser Interface 9 communicate your needs and ask questionsIntegration of tools 9 surrounding expectations.Drilldown 9 Your project manager will discuss the possibilities of how to conduct your search and set up your dashboarde.g. which parameters to set, in order to achieve your goals. It can be quite reassuring to havesuch a high level of involvement from a tool provider.For our search, because analysts were going to consistently monitor the dashboarddevelopments and analyse the results being pulledthrough, we felt comfortable specifying that we wanted        Key Benefits of Synthesioonly sources that were based in the U.K. Although A visually stunning andproject managers and analysts will provide guidance, interactive dashboardyou determine the extent of their involvement. Yourideas are considered and they make you aware of the A dashboard fullyimplications of your choices, but the final decision over customised to yourdashboard specifications lies with you so that you still specifications      maintain control over the search terms. Analysts monitoring your results on a daily basis in over7.9.2 Finding influencers 30 languages  Once your specifications have been determined, theSynthesio dashboard is prepared for your use. Analytical tools that provide insight and sophisticated drillSynthesio has a team of analysts and, depending on down capabilities  the size of your project, they will assign one or more tomonitor your dashboard. Analysts get remove all Segmentation and viewing ofirrelevant results before a client sees the content, which data flexible            or noise. Different options to view andThe analysts also make qualitative judgements present data e.g. graphs, wordregarding sentiment, enabling you to sort influencers clouds etc.  into detractors and advocates and they alert you to anyodd results, suggesting amendments to resolve tabs: Analysis, Sentiment, Topics, Influencers, Evolution, Communities and Verbatim. tab displays your influencer search results, allowing you to segment by typee.g. professional news, Twitter, etc. For each type you are given a profile of statistics including: y your search, thecountry of origin, the audience, Page Rank, Alexa rank, inbound links, number of followers, thenumber following, and the total number of posts they have made. You have the ability to order©2010 FreshNetworks Page 30
  33. 33. Social media influencers report 2010results by any of these metrics and they really allow you to build up a deep understanding ofeach influencer. -10,with 10 being the highest level of influence.One of the best features of the influencer tab wasrepresentation of twitter handles, indicating their level of engagement and their influence, givingyou a quick overview of Twitter influencers.7.9.3 Drilldown anic baby food is Agrifood and Gastronomy.Synthesio provide you with a range of ways to interrogate the data. You can explore the buzzand sentiment around your topic, filter data by time period and country and view posts that havebeen made by your potential influencers. hen Synthesio crawl theweb looking for results for your search term they index all the websites they find and they putinto one or more of 40 self-made categories that relate to topics discussed on the social web. is most discussed in the category ofSynthesio provided us with good potential sites of influence as well as potential individualinfluencers. Some of the sites of influence that were provided by Synthesio were staples that wewould expect to find e.g. (influence score 7); it was reassuring to see thatthey were not overlooked.Synthesio were very strong on providing Facebook influencers both in the form of companypages e.g. best-sellingindividual pages e.g. Danairl-Daniela (influencer score 9.4).©2010 FreshNetworks Page 31
  34. 34. Social media influencers report 2010 Synthesio7.9.4 Why use Synthesio to find influencers?Of all the tools we tested, we think that Synthesio offered the best user experience because ofall the integrated features on offer. We also felt it was the most effective tool for findinginfluencers on Facebook. WINNER WINNER Best user experience Identifying Facebook influencers©2010 FreshNetworks Page 32
  35. 35. Social media influencers report 20107.10 Peer IndexNew kid on the block PeerIndex was founded in 2009 by Azeem Azhar, Bill Emmott, and DitlevSchwanenflugel.Peer Index use their proprietary algorithms to discover authorities on the social web by focusingon finding authorities within topic area(s). They look at a full social profile of an individual todetermine their authority on a given subject, rather than focusing on activity in one channel.Peer Index recognize that although an individual may be an influencer in one area e.g.sneakers, their authority may not carry over to another area e.g. hand bags. In using theiranalytics, they build up social profiles of communities and their users.7.10.1 Our ExperienceAt present Peer Index scan Twitter and other social platforms to find authorities in a given topicarea.bespoke service and influencers are found for clients after discussing your business objectivesand who exactly you want to find.Peer Index scan Twitter and other social media platforms and provide a profile of whoinfluencers are within a given topic area. The program is still in beta phase, with results currentlyskewed towards Twitter. Breakdown of activity on the social web for each subject term we wanted to includeFor our test, our business objective was to look for social media users, particularly the mummyblogger demographic, that had authority concerning organic baby food choices. Peer Indexoriginally focused on trying to find authorities surrounding organic baby food on Twitter.expanded the area of focus to include parenting and early child care. With this, we wereprovided with results of Twitter handles that had different authority levels regarding organic babyfood and early years parenting.In addition to our Twitter results, we were provided with a comprehensive report that gaveinsight into how the potential influencers and intended audience operate. The report results©2010 FreshNetworks Page 33
  36. 36. Social media influencers report 2010showed a breakdown of those people who had a weak affinity with the target topics andidentified those who speak with authority.For organic baby food 875 people had weak affinity and 19 were authorities. For early yearsparenting there were around 46,000 people with at least a weak affinity to the topic, and afterPeer Index got rid of the spam that reduced the scope to 2,888. Following this, they whittleddown the possibilities even further to 70 authorities. Number of people talking about a specific topicResults ranged from organic baby food providers e.g.@ happybabyfood; eco living mummieswho believe in growing their own food e.g. (@  mamabiehl, @soulfool). Influencers that hadpotential for an engaging relationship included: @thegreenfamilia (a review site dedicated togreen and organic products) and @MumsnetTowers (the Twitter page for Mumsnet).Results provided an array of ways to engage with influencers i.e. from generating buzz toencouraging word of mouth endorsement.7.10.2 Why use Peer Index to find influencers?Still in Beta, we think Peer Index is for the future given the developments thatare planned for the tool. WINNER©2010 FreshNetworks Page 34
  37. 37. Social media influencers report 20108 Summary of results expect to see tools rs and characteristics of relevant influencers and determine what you can do to leverage their particular level of influence to Kelly Pennock, CEO, Visible TechnologiesHere are the overall number(s) of influencers identified by each tool. These results are taken atface value, ie, they are the total figures pulled in by the tool without any human analysis. Social Scout Alterian Peer Synthesio Brandwatch Sysomos Radar Labs SM2 Attensity360 Radian6 IndexFacebook 249 11 0 n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/aTwitter 83 33 32 11 6 50 42 187 76MainstreamMedia (eg,News etc.) 20 13 21 n/a 2 n/a n/a 29 n/aForum 13 47 88 n/a 105 84 16 145 n/aBlog 4 23 264 34 222 113 90 250 n/aCompany 44 n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/aVideo n/a 2 6 n/a 25 - - 2 n/aUnclassified n/a n/a n/a 96 n/a n/a n/a n/a n/aImages/Photos - - - - 64 n/a n/a 1 n/a©2010 FreshNetworks Page 35
  38. 38. Social media influencers report 20109 Conclusions model which is currently based on number of mentions, inbound links, followers, fan counts etc. But every time we sit down to study what it would take to build a flawless model we realise that influencers can be a really subjective depending on industry, region, social platform or media type. So any model, however sophisticated, will be imperfect. This is not specific to us but the social media monitoring industry in general. We will continue to provide people with as much analytics as possible for them t Louise Parker, Sales Director, Sentiment metrics Jay Baer, founder Convince & Convert, Co-author of The Now RevolutionAll the tools have their different strengths so when you choose a tool for identifying influencers Which sources they pull data from The way they allow you to segment data The tools allow you to drill down into the data, zoning in on certain areas was also a good indication of howWhile all the tools offer social media monitoring options, some of the tools are not directlygeared towards finding influencers; they are still in a nascent age and at present humananalysis is still needed. At the moment most of the tools are better at finding sites of influencerather than individuals. In fact the metrics they use are also more geared towards sites ofinfluence e.g. number of backlinks, number of views, rather than finding individual influencers.So while the tools point you in the right direction of finding your influencershuman analysis at this stage to judge which individuals are influential in the social web. Withtools evolving all the time, this may change in the near future.When looking for influence, using social media monitoring tools in combination with humansubjectivity is the best way to identify potential and current influencers. The tools help youmanage the sources of influence to choose from; the human analysis helps you separate thosewith potential and existing influence/authority, from those that do would like to achieve from this. In order to achieve maximum success, your onlineinfluencer engagement strategy should align closely with your social media strategy.©2010 FreshNetworks Page 36
  39. 39. Social media influencers report 2010AcknowledgementsThis final section of the report is to thank people who have enabled us to complete this giving us access to for theircontinued support and patience:Jeff at SysomosSara at Radian6Connie at AlterianErin at Scout LabsNadia at BrandwatchDave at Social RadarMaria at Attensity 360.Catriona and Thomas from SynthesioAzeem at Peer Indexinfluencers, as well as Chris Brogan, Murray Newlands and Jay Baer for providing commentaryfor the report. lso like to thank Shutterstock for letting us use images on our blog, our website and inthis report.Finally, a special thanks goes to our analyst Adanne Wadibia-Anyanwu for all the research shehas conducted and her efforts in collating all this information together.About FreshNetworksFreshNetworks is an award-winning social media agency. We help businesses use social mediato achieve their key strategic goals.With over 15 years experience of working with social media and online communities, we offerpractical solutions to help engage customers, develop advocacy and grow sales.Our services include: Social media strategy Social media monitoring Social media software Online reputation management Community managementFind out more about us at©2010 FreshNetworks229 High Holborn, London, WC1V 7DA, UK+44 (0)20 7692©2010 FreshNetworks Page 37