No Small Change


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Kamal Meattle, CEO, Paharpur Business Centre on Climate Change

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No Small Change

  1. 1. 8 greenlifestyle pg. A T i m e s o f I n d i a P r e s e n t a t i o n , M U M B A I , F E B R U A RY 6 , 2 0 1 0 T I M E S P R O P E R T Y [FAST FACT] Regulatory measures are a must to promote energy efficiency in buildings I WHITE ROOFS AND PIC: SUBHANGI V KAMAL MEATTLE FACADES AND WHITE is Chief Executive Officer cement, steel etc. We need carbon storage, Alternative Energy - Nuclear, Wind, Pho- VEHICLES REFLECT Paharpur Business Centre & tovoltaic, Fuel Cells, Bio - fuels, besides Software Technology LIGHT AND HEAT, Incubator Park increase of forest cover. Regulatory meas- THUS HELPING TO ures are a must to promote energy effi- ciency in buildings. COOL SPACES Water could pose a larger threat than energy. Solutions lie in better manage- ment of water resources. Our policies should include efficient water usage and reduction of water wastage in transmis- sion. Similarly, water harvesting should be compulsory for green areas and build- ings. Outlaw conventional lamps and en- QUICK courage CFL, use only 4-5 star air condi- BYTES tioners, refrigerators, electric motors, transformers etc. Charge a high excise duty on energy inefficient products and zero duty on energy efficient ones. Use so- I IF WE ARE lar heating in all the buildings as far as TO ACHIEVE possible. OUR NATIONAL Promote use of energy from waste. Set GOAL OF up gobar (cow dung) gas plants in each REDUCING village and use the methane gas for cook- ENERGY BY 25%, WE CAN ing and the residual material as fertilis- LOOK TO THE er. Some of the gas can also be stored to 75% OF INDIA run a fuel-cell electric generator for pro- THAT IS YET ducing electricity at night for powering TO BE BUILT NO SMALL CHANGE AND MAKE mobile telephone towers, and LED and SURE THAT CFL based electric lighting. NEW Encourage lifestyle change, keep tem- BUILDINGS ARE ALL perature in offices between 24 - 25 degrees ENERGY Centigrade and do away with wearing EFFICIENT AND neck-ties in offices in summer. Let the GREEN colour of green be white: encourage the CERTIFIED I WATER, Simple lifestyle changes could go a long way towards combating global warming, use of white colour roofs and facades and white colour vehicles, as they reflect light ENERGY, WASTE says KAMAL MEATTLE and heat. MANAGEMENT As responsible people we should take TOGETHER insurance and do what we need to do now WITH INDOOR and not any later. AIR QUALITY C ARE VERY limate change is happening and which is to collectively limit the CO2 levels all Energy efficient and Green certified- ment strategies should be attempted and IMPORTANT humans are contributing to it. Rising in the air, to under 450 ppm. IGBC or TERI GRIHA or BEE Energy Star encouraged to curb the climate change VERTICALS IN temperatures vouch for this: the av- We are already at 390 ppm, increasing it rated. impact. We can reduce emissions by Kamal Meattle is Chief Executive Officer, ANY BUILDING erage temperature has risen globally, by by 3 ppm or more each year. And the time IGBC Green building registered projects switching from Coal based energy to So- Paharpur Business Centre & Software Technology Incubator Park, which is more than 0.7 °C over the last 100 years. is running out for all of us. Today, build- are about 322 million sq. ft at present and lar, Hydro, Nuclear, Wind or Geo thermal currently developing GreenSpaces™, a We have a consensus that we cannot have ings consume 40% of the World's energy this is very little compared to the potential. (the Earth's temperature is more than 200 Special Economic Zone near Delhi. This is a a temperature rise of more than 2 degrees and it is about 30% in India and 60% in Water, Energy Waste Management togeth- , degrees centigrade about 2,000 meters be- 'Flagship Project' for the Asia Pacific Partnership, a centigrade, as after this there will be un- USA. er with Indoor Air Quality are very impor- low ground level). Government partnership of seven countries - USA, controlled consequences. The challenge is If we are to achieve our national goal of tant verticals in any building and we need Clean and efficient energy technologies Canada, Australia, Japan, China, South Korea and to find a solution that involves all the coun- reducing energy by 25%, we can easily look to stress on health and quality of indoor air are essential in all uses including vehi- India, and is being described as the world's most tries in the world to agree to keep the tem- to the 75% of India that is yet to be built more than we have in the past. cles, pumps, electric motors, automobiles, energy efficient green commercial building. perature rise to below 2 degrees centigrade, and make sure that the new buildings are Conservation and sustainable develop- lighting, air-conditioning, production of PIC: KALPATARU There are no predetermined solutions. Environmental ar- chitecture is an evolving con- Architectural Association in London, UK, Priya Vakil has pursued a green agenda in the field Aid MiEdk®iN1 cept and practice and not a fixed or architecture and related avenues. set of objectives and techniques; After spending initial years as a Insurance it has to be continually redefined graduate in architecture with John Accidental Death . QUICK and reassessed. Assessment of environmental sustainability Portman and Associates in Atlanta, Priya returned to Mumbai to initiate Insurance Co .pp BYTES can be only by rigorous appli- green design processes as the cation of the cognitive, empiri- partner of EdEn, Educated GIC HOUSING FINANCE LTD cal and analytic faculties. Environments, in Mumbai. I BUILDINGS ARE Mumbai :98207 18882 With a specialization in sustainable INCREASINGLY environmental design from the Navi Munibal : 98202 07597 • Panvel 98198 26371 UNRESPONSIVE TO Thane : 93239 58378 • Virar :98679 23939 THE CLIMATIC Toll Free No. 1800 103 0000 • www.gichfindia.coni CONTEXT, THUS LEADING TO INEFFICIENT USE OF RESOURCES I THE RESULT OF THIS APPROACH IS THE CONSTANT CREATION OF PROBLEMS THAT CLIMATIC REQUIRE EXPENSIVE AND TECHNOLOGICALLY ENHANCED SOLUTIONS CONTEXT I THIS REQUIRES US TO RETHINK OUR APPROACH TO DESIGN- TO INTEGRATE CLIMATE RESPONSIVE ARCHITECTURE WITH APPROPRIATE BUILDING SKINS, Defining sustainable architecture is necessary, especially TECHNOLOGY AND CONTROLLABILITY when it is the foreseeable future, says AR. PRIYA VAKIL E nvironmental architecture has PRIYA VAKIL that combine tradition with innovation. taken on a number of different Partner, EdEn, Educated On that note, we could draw from ver- meanings as a result of rapid Environments nacular architecture for its climate re- changes in building and design tech- sponsive design and passive strategies niques, energy performance and 'intel- best suited to the function of the space. ligent' systems. However, with changing building Every new building or retrofit is functions and the need to mimic the claimed to be an environment-friendly west or adhere to the notions of 'mod- or low-energy development. How real ernism', buildings are increasingly un- are these claims? How low is "low en- responsive to the climatic context, thus ergy" then? Does low stay the same, or leading to inefficient use of resources. does it get lower with time? How im- The result is the constant creation of portant is energy anyway, compared to problems that require expensive and other functional, architectural, engi- technologically enhanced solutions. neering, environmental issues of build- This requires us to rethink our ap- ings? If energy and environment are proach to design - to integrate climate important and brought into the design responsive architecture with appropri- process, how will they affect the archi- ate building skins, technology and con- tectural expression of a building? Most quires us to go beyond the certification trollability resulting in enhanced build- importantly, is sustainability the same - such that our buildings become inde- ing performance. as energy and environment issues? pendent of non-renewable energy sys- Therefore, how is sustainability de- The quick answers to the above are: tems- a state where zero conventional fined? It is to be established at all scales no, we should not believe any such energy and zero emissions from build- of the project - the macro-scale (urban claims without looking at them criti- ings is achieved. planning), meso-scale (building archi- cally and being able to compare them Therefore, while energy might seem tecture orientation and layout) and the with benchmarks. Detailed answers to to be just one parameter, it is a direct micro-scale (façade elements and con- the above emerge from the very basis or indirect indicator to most other is- trollability). It should percolate into of sustainability that require the intent sues and can provide insights on all as- every aspect of the built environment. of the architect and developer to go be- pects of building design and operation. Therefore, while striving for zero fos- yond a 'greenwash' and strive for high- The holistic approach requires ar- sil fuel energy for all building types in er performance standards and more ho- chitectural design to be informed by cli- all climates is a global objective, the listic approach. Sustainability can, in mate, site, building type, and design means for achieving this objective must principle, address a wider set of issues brief; and in wider terms by social and be based on local conditions that re- than just energy and environment - but, cultural conditions and aspirations. spond to the context and appropriate unfortunately, today, it often does not An appropriate response to 'where, building and construction techniques. do so. for whom, for what purpose, when, for Now we only need to question why In an attempt to define low-energy the , how long, and why' translates into all buildings are not built shift toward green building certification creative architectural design solutions inherently sustainable. is increasingly popular. How- Guaranteed ever, the need of our times re- AA preciation p EDITORIAL CO-ORDINATION: THE SOURCE/ MENKA SHIVDASANI. Email: REGISTRATION NO. MAHENG/2001/4179 VOLUME 1M Site Office : Near Nutan Maharashtra Polytechnic College , Talegaon Chaka n NO. 9, ISSUE NO. 49 PUBLISHED FOR THE PROPRI- ETORS, BENNETT COLEMAN & CO. LTD., BY R.VENKA- TA KESAVAN AT THE TIMES OF INDIA BUILDING, DR. KOH1NOOR ç oup Road , Talegaon , Dist. Pune -410507. D. N. ROAD, MUMBAI - 400001 AND PRINTED BY HIM • Find several property options in your desired locality. _ _ _ Constructions & Real Estate Corporate Office: ICC Trade Towers , A- 102 , S.B Road , Pune -411016 , riiagicbriclks AT THE TIMES OF INDIA SUBURBAN PRESS, AKURLI • ROAD, WESTERN EXPRESS HIGHWAY, KANDIVLI (E), MUMBAI - 400101. TEL.NO: 4027 0555, FAX: 4027 0509. • Speak to our property executives in your own language. AA ris h na K Ku m a r G o y a l E nt o r p r i s e Tel: 020 - 25633355 / /66 , Fax: 020 - 25633377 . Editor: Sridhar Ramakrishnan, (Responsible for selection of news under PRB Act). Reproduction in Choose from: English , Hindi, Marathi , Gujarati, Tamil, on A AG O Y A L . 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