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Library Management System


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Library Management System Presentation Slide Show, C Programming

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Library Management System

  1. 1. (Purbanchal University) Project Co-ordinator Er. Bhanu Bhakta Pokhrel Project Supervisor Er. Pranav Nandan Er. Anand Singh
  2. 2.  Library is the collection of different types of books. It provides Books for large number of readers. Thus we need software for managing the Library. Library Management System Software provides the systematic handling the records of books and readers.
  3. 3.  Quit often ,in must of librarian today many of the transactions are done manually. such system creats haphazard records of library. Manual system can give only the informationabout the book issued by the students .While updating data mispacing records,redundancy problem etc.
  4. 4.  We creat a computerzied solution for such problem. This system is specially built to track informationabout all students and book details. search for desired book index system make lesstime consuming .
  5. 5.  to record the book’s detail. to record the member’s details. Reliable as information is stored logically than physically. Faster search of available books and members than by hand. it saves time for the management of library.
  6. 6.  ADD, MODIFY and DELETE the book’s and member’s record. SEARCH Book’s by ID, NAME, AUTHOR, INDEX. SEARCH Member’s by ID, NAME. ISSUES and DEPOSIT the book’s. Keep records of the issued book’s by individual member’s. View the records of book’s stock, member’s and issued book’s. Help option is provided for the user.
  7. 7.  Key Words • char • textmode • int • do while • float • exit • for • goto • if • gotoxy • switch Header Files • #include<stdio.h> • #include<stdlib.h> • #include<conio.h> • #include<string.h>
  8. 8.  User defined Functions • int main void() • viewbookrecord() • bookarea() • viewmemberrecord() • memberarea() • rarea() •delete() • border() • modify() • choice2() • search() • choice1() • issue() • bookbox() • deposit() • memberbox() • reference() • box() • records() • fpassword() • seetings() • mainscreen()
  9. 9. •1st View afterrunningprogram(Login)
  10. 10. • Main Screen
  11. 11. •BOOK AREA• (Blue color)
  12. 12. • Adding Book
  13. 13. •BOOKRecord
  14. 14. • SearchMember
  15. 15. • Book Issue
  16. 16. • Help
  17. 17.  While deleting the student record it does not search for the information that if the student has submitted all the book or not. Accessing number doesn’t auto increment. It does not record the fine. Without care of fine it issues the book.
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