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  1. 1. Advanced Portfolio Evaluation<br />Advanced Portfolio Evaluation<br />By Bianca Johnson<br />
  2. 2. My Brief<br />My brief was to:<br /><ul><li> create a film trailer,
  3. 3. Create a magazine front cover with a poster of the film,
  4. 4. Create a promotional poster for the film.</li></li></ul><li>How I Followed the conventions of real media products<br />camera angles & shots<br />In my film trailer I used a variation of camera angles and shots. I primarily tried to use close up and group shots to keep the focus of my film on the characters and to show the audience the main characters which is common in superhero action films to distinguish between the good and bad guy.<br />I also used low angle shots to show the female characters to be superior and powerful.<br />I included a fight scene in my<br />Trailer as this is a common<br />Aspect to any action film.<br />
  5. 5. How I Followed the conventions of real media products<br />music & sound<br />I used the song ‘The Beginning is the end is the beginning by smashing pumpkins. I chose this song as it is dramatic and has a hard prominent beat to it, which reflects the action genre of my trailer. The music also has a dark depressing tone and melancholy lyrics in it, which demonstrated the disequilibrium of my trailer.<br />I considered it necessary to add music to my trailer as every one I had researched included it. I also included it because I did not have much speech in my trailer <br />I added speech to the trailer for a dramatic effect and to exemplify the plot more<br />
  6. 6. How I Followed the conventions of real media products<br />Text & titles<br />I included titles at the beginning and the end of my film trailer, which is conventional as all trailers do this. I did this to set the scene for my plot and to give the audience awareness of the fact that it was adapted from a graphic novel and the visual style is similar to Sin City and The Spirit films.<br />I also added a title of the name of the film trailer at the end. I did this so that it was recognisable and so that people would know the name of my film<br />I also included text through the means of the characters names with their images. I kept these in white to contrast with the background but match with the images. I again used a bold font to reflect the nature of the characters<br />
  7. 7. How I challenged the conventions of real media products<br />My film is based around four female superheroes is unconventional for the genre as it is common to use male superheroes. It also challenges the role of women and men, but is conventional as the man is the villain.<br />I have developed the action/superhero genre by making my trailer be aimed towards women rather than men, which is unconventional for an action film. Although it is aimed at women, it is still aimed at men as I have made the characters appear physically attractive and seductive through costume and behaviour. It draws in a female audience as it reflects the idea of independent strong women, who do not need men<br />
  8. 8. How I challenged the conventions of real media products<br />I have also decided to focus on the characters rather than plot, which has become common of films. I did this by having many individual as well as group shots of the characters and including pictures of them in my film trailer.<br />I have also used less action shots in my film as I wanted to attract both genders to watch my trailer. I included a fight scene with a slow motion effect but focused on relationships between the characters and how they become broken.<br />I used a black and white effect in my trailer to make it unique from others. Although this effect has already been used, I felt that the film trailers that did use this effect were widely liked. It also emphasises the black, white and red colour scheme I had used.<br />
  9. 9. Film Trailer, Film Poster & Magazine cover<br />I used the same images in my trailer, poster and magazine cover, which I had edited on Photoshop elements. However I changed the composition in the three so that they looked different. I also changed the film trailer images to black and white to give them a graphic novel look which was partially the theme for my project.<br />I also used the theme of red, black and white throughout my film trailer, poster and magazine cover to make them flow<br />I used the font impact so that the text stood out and was bold which reflected the personalities of the characters and stood out to the viewer<br />I used a greyscale effect on my film trailer, film poster and magazine front cover, which is an idea that I got from Sin City and The Spirit. I did this to make my project unique, distinguishable and visually eye catching<br />
  10. 10. Audience feedback<br />‘As a female viewer I felt the focus on the relationships of the characters was unique to most action films, although there were some included, it was just male orientated’- just because something is conventional for the genre, going against it could make it unique and more appealing to a wider range of audience<br />‘I feel the plot could of been shown more as it was hard to understand it’ – I could have used more shots and speech to further exemplify my plot to the audience<br />‘Some of the shots were shaky compared to the still ones’<br />-I could have used a stand to pan the shots rather than held them<br />‘I wish the black and white with colour that was used in the magazine cover and poster was also used in the trailer’ – if I had more time i would have edited the trailer in after effects to get the red lips and coloured eyes<br />
  11. 11. Technologies I used<br />Digital Camera <br />I used a digital camera to take photographs for my film trailer, my magazine front cover and film poster.<br />Video Camera<br />I used a video camera to record all of my footage for my film trailer<br />Adobe Photoshop Elements<br />I used Adobe Photoshop Elements to edit my magazine front cover and my film poster, I turned the images to greyscale using the saturation tool to follow my theme and kept the characters lips and eyes in colour, I also used the software to create my four way composition.<br />I then used it to create my magazine front cover, i used the same cover but changed the composition and added text to form the strap lines.<br />
  12. 12. Technologies I used<br />Adobe Premiere Elements<br />I used adobe Premiere Elements to edit my film trailer. I took the footage from the video camera and cut the scenes so that the film trailer was not too long and the scenes flowed professionally, which is why I added fade to black transitions. I also changed the saturation so that the trailer was in black and white. I added transitions to the trailer to make them flow professionally and I added the images I took with the digital camera onto the trailer. I added music to go with the action genre and changed the volume when there was speech.<br />YouTube converter<br />I used footage from YouTube in my video, including the scene of New York with the helicopters, I again used this to set the scene and reflect the action genre and disequilibrium<br /><br />I used this blogging site to upload my research and planning and document my progress throughout my project.<br />