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Souvenir 2008: Science and Technology

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Souvenir Science&Technology

  1. 1. 2008 SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY SOUVENIR & EVENTS (Oct, 2004 to March 2008) Published by BiharBrains Scholastic Center (Under BBrains Development Society) 201, OmVihar Commercial Complex Kadam Kuan, Patna, Bihar, India Tel: +91-612-2670455, +91-9835279360
  2. 2. Souvenir, 2008 October, 2004 to March, 2006
  3. 3. Souvenir, 2008 Seminar on Data Base Management: April 5, 2005 April 5, 2005: BiharBrains organized its first Technical seminar in association with Department of Electronics, National Institute of Technology, Patna on 5th April 2005 in the evening from 4:00PM to 7:00PM in Electronics & Communication Department Lecture Theatre. The topic of the Seminar was “Semantics based data base Management”. The seminar was delivered by Mr. Samir Kumar Mishra, a solution architect employed at Australia based company NewZealand Pvt Ltd, Brisbane, Australia. Seminar was followed by question –answer session It was presided by Prof. S. P. Verma, Head of Physics Department, Patna Science College. After the Seminar, a slide show presentation was made on the plans and activities of Bihar Brains. List of the participants (1) Ajay kumar (C.T. Lab., Computer Operator) (2) B.K.Sharama, (Electronic Dept., N.I.T., Patna) (3) Rahul Singh (210/03) (4) Naresh Kumar (106/03) (5) Shekhar Priyadarshi (412/2) (7) Monoj Kumar Shahi (C.T.,Lab.,Computer Operator) (8) Bimal Kumar Gosawami (6) V.K.Naresh (0112/04) (10) Meghanand Sah (407/02) (11) Nitin Kumar (410/02) (12) Kumud Kumar (417/02) (13) Madhushree (215/03) (14) Nidhi Sinha (206/03) (15) Krishna Kant (205/03) (16) Pankaj Kumar (429/01) (17) Ashish Ranjan Sinha (313/03) (18) S.P.Verma (Patna Science College,Physics) (19) Devendra Prasad (Patna Science College,Physics dept)
  4. 4. Souvenir, 2008 5 Days Orientation program on VLSI Technology, July 2005 July 26, 2005: BiharBrains Scholastic Center, BBSC conducted 5 days VLSI orientation program at Dept of Physics, Patna Science College, Patna, Mr. Bibhuti Bikramaditya, Chairman, BiharBrains who works as Senior Engineer at ITMagic Co.,Ltd , Seoul, South Korea took lecture on facets of VLSI technology and tought on programming language called “VHDL”. The no of students participated was 16. Participants were awarded certificates from BBSC. List of the participants S.N Name of the candidate Name of the College Dept 1 Rupak kr. Jha NIT,patna E& C 2. Pradeep kr. Jha NIT,patna E& C 3. Sujeet kr. NIT,patna E& C 4. Rahul raman patna science college 5. Eqwal Ahmad NIT,patna E& C 6. Vikram kr. NIT,patna E& C 7. Manish ray NIT,patna E& C 8. Anup kr. Manjhi NIT,patna E& C 9. Santosh kr. NIT,patna E& C 10. Abhinav kr. Sinha NIT,patna E& C 11. Md. Nurul hoda maulana azad college E& C 12. Shujauddin maulana azad college E& C 13. Md. Faiyaz maulana azad college E& C 14. Syed gulraze anjum maulana azad college E& C 15. Rashmi ranjan MIT,Muzaffarpur E& C 16. Shashi shekhar singh patna science college science 3d modeling course: Oct 1-2, 2005 Oct 1-2, 2005: Two days orientation program on 3d Modeling was organized at NIT, Patna. Mr. Rishu Kumar employed at Infosys Ltd, Bangalore was the mentor of the course. He taught about design and development of 3d modeling to students of various colleges of Patna. Altogether 50 Participants were participated the program who were awarded certificates by BiharBrains on its first anniversary function at NIT, Patna.
  5. 5. Souvenir, 2008 SciTechFest, 2005, a first symposium on Contemporary Electronics & Computer Technology: Dec 24-25, 2005 BiharBrains Scholastic Center, BBSC organized a first symposium on contemporary Electronics and computer technology called SciTechFest, 05 at Auditorium, Dept of Geology, Patna University, Patna on Dec 24-25, 2005. The aim & objective of this TECHFEST was to provide an opportunity to explore the hidden aptitude of the budding engineers & scientists and encourage them for practical implementation of the project. This may help in developing scientific research & product development environment in the state. One of important motive was to provide a platform to the students of Science & Technology to develop their interests and exchange their technical knowledge, and enhance their communication and presentation skills. The Event: The event included paper presentation, Model, poster & project presentation and Student career counseling on the following major topics Electronics & Communication • VLSI • Embedded System • DSP • Electronic Control System • Photonics & Optical Fiber Comm. • Nano Technology Computer Science & Information Technology • Microprocessors, Microcontrollers • Operating Systems & Other software Programming • Data Communication • Internet Technologies • Artificial intelligence, Robotics Astronomy, Astrophysics Any other relevant topic can also be sent for review. Inaugural Session: Dr. Anil Kumar, hon’ble minister for science & technology inaugurated the event. In his inaugural speech, he assured that the students of various technical colleges of the state would be provided with all required
  6. 6. Souvenir, 2008 facilities to upgrade their knowledge and later adequate job opportunities would be created for them inside Bihar itself. (Dr. Anil Kumar, (Extreme right) Minister for Science & Technology, Govt of Bihar Inaugurating Symposium ‘SciTechFest, 05’, Prof M.J.Warsi, Professor of south and South-East Asian studies, University of California, Berkely in his keynote address threw light on “Globalization and urbanization in the context of vast expansion of IT sector throughout the world. In the context of Bihar, he blamed poverty as the main cause behind educational backwardness in the state. Dr. B.K.Sharma president of BiharBrains and Professor of Electronics, NIT,Patna stressed the need to organize such kind of symposiums, seminars and conferences in Bihar which will help in creating scientific research environment in the state. Mr. Ramraj Pandey employed in USA based automobile company Dailmer Chrysler at USA welcomed the guest. He was also the convenor of the Symposium. The other eminent guests who were present in the inaugural functions were Hon’ble Secretary(Science and Technology, Govt of Bihar), Dr. Amitabh Ghosh (Director of Planetarium, Dept of S&T, Govt of Bihar), Prof. P.K. Sinha (Director of NIT, Patna),Prof. Santosh Kumar,(Former Director, CWRS, NIT, Patna ), Prof J.
  7. 7. Souvenir, 2008 Thakur(HOD, Physics, Patna University), Sri Amalendu Naraayn Sinha (EX-Editor, Hindustan Times )etc. Technical Session: Around 60 papers were accepted to present in the technical session of the symposium. List of those given has been below. Around 200 participants and delegated were present in the symposium. (Mr. Ramraj Pandey, Convenor of the (Dr. B.K. Sharma delivering his lecture symposium) (Students and Researchers participating Technical Session of SciTechFest
  8. 8. Souvenir, 2008 In technical session, Dr. J.Thakur gave his lucid talk on “20 th century astrophysics”. In his address he threw light basically on Black Holes and its unsolved mystery. ACIPharm India, a leading pharmaceutical company and genesys software, an IT company also participated in the symposium. Paper presented on the following main topics: 1. India's contribution in world in the Field of Communication based on the Hobbies of the Science 2. Stoock Exchange System (using java's RMI) based on client server 3. Automatic Railway System & anti collision of trains 4. Production of electricity by biomass 5. Nanotechnology 6. Performance of Cong Transmission on line by the use of tool MATLAB 7. Optical fibre communication 8. Spintronics 9. Communication issues of tomorrow defining development priorities today 10. Comprehensive Dynamics of Evolution interplay of selection, neutrality and function 11. Automatic Water Pump Controller 12. An introduction to FDMA.TDMA & CDMA 13. Knowledge representation a network model 14. Importance of Advanced Computing computers in space explorer 15. 4th year generation wireless using OFDM 16. Software Defined Radio Valedictory function: Sri K.K.Srivastava was the chief Guest at the valedictory function. He presented the award and certificates to the students.The function was presided by Dr. B.K.Sharma and he was also the jury for the selection of the awardees. (Dr. J. Thakur awarded prizes for the (Sri Amalendu Narayan Sinha, Ex- best presentations) Editor, Hindustan Times awarding Prize)
  9. 9. Souvenir, 2008 (Dr. J. Thakur, Sri K.K.Srivastava , chief guest (Middle on dias) in Valedictory function) Mr. Bibhuti Bikramaditya,chairman of BiharBrains gave his online Vote of thanks (on yahoo messenger that were shown in the auditorium) to the guests and particularly to the students who played major role for the success of the meet. Mr. Bibhuti announced that “SciTechFest” will be organized by BiharBrains every year that will certainly help in creating work environment in Bihar. He gave special thanks to Mr. Ramraj and Dr. BK Sharma with all his Patna team members to make function as successful event.
  10. 10. Souvenir, 2008 News Coverage
  11. 11. Souvenir, 2008 Evening Orientation program on VLSI: Feb 5-12, 2006 Patna Feb 5, 2006: BiharBrains successfully organized seven days Evening time Orientation program on VLSI Chip design from Feb 5-12, 2006 at its seminar hall at BM Das road Patna. Mr. Bibhuti Bikramaditya delivered 5 days lecture on various aspects of VLSI Systems and practices on VHDL, a programming language of VLSI. The Pune based company NI2LOGIC PVT LTD ( was invited for the two days hands on training on tool and FPGA KITS. The two days hands on training were conducted in computer lab of NIT, Patna. Total Number of Students participated: 47 VLSI Students with Mr. Bibhuti Bikramaditya (third from right in second row) and Representative of VLSI Theory classes at BiharBrains Scholastic NI2 Logic, Pune based company at Computer lab, BB Pune members at Hotel Raviraj, Pune NIT, Patna BB Pune members at Hotel Raviraj, Pune Center, Patna
  12. 12. Souvenir, 2008 List of the participants Name of the S.N Name of the candidate class College Dept 1 Rishikesh Sharma BSc Engg. R.P.S.I.T,patna E& C 2 Kumari suman BSc Engg. maulana azad college E& C 3 Nibha kumari BSc Engg. maulana azad college E& C 4 Tarun kumar B.E final yr. R.P.S.I.T,patna E& C Final yr. 5 Md. Orooj mirza Engg M.A.C.E.T E& C 3rd yr 6 Md. Parwez Alam Engg. maulana azad college E& C 3rd yr. 7 Imtiyaz alam Engg. Maulana azad college E& C Kumar Mukesh 8 nandan BSc. Engg. RPSIT, patna E& C 9 Vinay Shankar Rai 3rd yr. RPSIT,patna C.S 10 Rajeev Ranjan 3rd yr. RPSIT,patna E& C 11 Junaid Alam final year RPSIT,patna E& C. 12 Nafees 13 Arshad mumtaz 14 Saif haider 15 Subhash kumar Engg. BIT sindri E& C 16 Abhinash kumar Engg. BIT sindri E& C 17 Sahabuddin nadeem Engg. BIT sindri E& C 18 Mithilesh kumar Engg. BIT sindri E& C 19 Vikram prakash Engg. BIT sindri E& C 20 Rajeev kumar Engg. BIT sindri E& C 21 Basant kumar Engg. BIT sindri E& C 22 Irfam raza Engg. BIT sindri E& C 23 Jauseef ahmad Engg. BIT sindri E& C 24 Neshat kareem Engg. BIT sindri E& C 25 Gyan ranja Engg. RPSIT,patna E& C 26 Bijay kumar deo Engg. RPSIT,patna E& C
  13. 13. Souvenir, 2008
  14. 14. Souvenir, 2008 Workshop on Embedded systems: Feb 6, 2006 Patna Feb 6, 2006: Workshop on Embedded systems was organized by BiharBrains Scholastic center at I.SC. Lecture theatre, Dept of Physics, Patna Science College, Patna. The famous author of books on Microprocessors and Microcontrollers, Prof B Ram EX-HOD, NIT, Patna was invited chief guest on this occasion. Exclusive talk: The exclusive talk on the mentioned topic was given by Mr. Bibhuti Bikramaditya, in the presence of students and dignitaries. Prof S.P . V erm a, Prof B .R am, D r. J.T hakur, Mr.B ibhuti and Dr.Pun.S harm a beE m bedded Sl Raviraj, Pun e BB B.K e m em at rs at H ote ys tem Program
  15. 15. Souvenir, 2008 Career Guidance and Counseling Program: Feb 8 –Feb 9, 2006 Patna Feb 8-9, 2006: Two days Career Guidance and Counseling program was organized at Dept of Physics, Patna Science College, Patna on Feb8-Feb 9, 2006. Main Objectives: a. To create awareness among students/job seekers about the industry needs and demands. b. To give expert guidance to enhance their skills in various fields. c. To get opportunities to interact with Job Consultants and Companies in various fields. On this occasion, experts from industry and academia from each stream were invited to present their talk on PPT in their own slot of time (of around 30 minutes). The main aim was to get acquaintance with the opportunities in that field in India and abroad. The presentation was followed by interactive question-answer session. Inaugural Session: This program was inaugurated by Prof J. Thakur, former Vice Chancellor of Patna University,Patna. In his inaugural speech, he stressed the need of regular guidance and counseling program so that students of Bihar will get knowledge about various career prospects in other parts of India and abroad. He said, there is lack of this kind of organization in Bihar who can show real path to the students and guide career making students. He gave thanks to BiharBrains for this initiative. Mr. Bibhuti Bikramaditya chairman of BiharBrains were happy to see massive gathering who announced that BiharBrains will organize this event yearly. He also informed that talks with CDAC officials has been started for bringing CDAC authorized center at Patna which may be established in association with BiharBrains Scholastic Center,BBSC at Patna. This center will start various courses in IT including chip design and Embedded system. Mrs. Sweta Bharti of Genins India Ltd declared that she wants to recruit some students from this program for which she has been invited for. She hoped to recruit good students for her company and for Birla soft. She was representative for both the company for recruitment drive in Patna. Other dignitaries’ who spoke on this occasion were Prof Santosh Kumar EX Head Water Resource Dept at NIT,Patna,Prof MM Chaudhary, Head, Dept of Electrical Engg, NIT,Patna, Amalendu Narayan Sinha, ex-editor, HindustanTimes etc. Dr. B.K.Sharma presided the inaugural ceremony. Technical Session: Experts from and academicians gave their talk on different technical subjects namely IT, Telecom, Chip design & development, Embedded system, preparation for GRE/GMAT/TOEFL and Tips for study in abroad, Group Discussions for management, Management degree from India and abroad etc. More than 200 students were participated in a technical session. Following guests were invited for their talk on the mentioned topic: 1. Lt.Col Jagdeep Singh: Prospects of Management 2. Atul Kumar Sinha ,DGM BSNL Bihar Circle: Telecom Boom and career prospects in Fibre optics
  16. 16. Souvenir, 2008 3. Vijay Sinha, Director Facon De paarlour : Personal interview and Quizz competition 4. Bibhuti Bikramaditya, Senior R&D Engineer, ITMagic Co.,Ltd, Seoul, S Korea: Jon Opportunites in VLSI, DSP and Embedded System 5. Imteyaj Ahmed, Enginner, LG Electronics, Seoul, S Korea : Preparation of GRE/GMAT/TOEFL and career prospects in abroad 6. Sweta Bharti, HR Manager, Genins India Ltd, New Delhi: Motivation Invited companies: 1. Genins India Ltd, New delhi 2. Birla Soft, New Delhi 3. DCA Infotech, Pune Result of Career Guidance and counseling Program 1. 3 students were selected for final interview in Genins India Ltd 2. BBSC announced Two months course on “BTS System and Maintenance “ in association with experts of BSNL, Delhi and Patna. 3. Announced to establish CDAC authorized center in IT 4. Announced to organize it every year in different fashions
  17. 17. Souvenir, 2008
  18. 18. Souvenir, 2008 Workshop on Embedded systems: Feb 11, 2006 Patna Feb 11, 2006: Magadh Mahila College organized a workshop on Embedded System in association with BiharBrains Scholastic Center, BBSC Patna. On this occasion Mr. Bibhuti Bikramaditya, Chairman of BiharBrains was invited for the exclusive talk on the topic “Adventures of Embedded systems”. Dr. A. K. Nayak, Director Dr. Zakir Hussain Institute, Patna was the chief guest of the occasion. He spoke on many facets of embedded system to be used in the Electronics system designs and circuits. This program was convened by Dr. Dolly sinha HOD Physics and computer science Dept, Magadh Mahila College, Patna. More than 200 students of Magadh Mahila College, Patna Science College, NIT, Patna were participated. Electronic and print Media were also attended the workshop to give coverage in their news channels and news papers. They took interview of Mr. Bibhuti Bikramaditya about Embedded system and Mission of BiharBrains in Bihar. Dr. A. K. Nayak, Director IIBM Inaugurating workshop Gatherings at workshop on Embedded system at onBB Pune membersMagadh mahila College, Patna Embedded system at at Hotel Raviraj, Pune Magadh Mahila College, Patna BB Pune members at Hotel Raviraj, Pune Mr. Bibhuti Bikramaditya and Dr. Dolly Sinha With Team of Students in Computer lab, Magadh Mahila College, Mr. Bibhuti Bikramaditya Deliering lecture on Adventures PatnaPune members at Hotel Raviraj, Pune BB ofBB Pune membersMagadh Mahila College, Patna Embedded system at at Hotel Raviraj, Pune
  19. 19. Souvenir, 2008
  20. 20. Souvenir, 2008 BTS System Installation and Commissioning course Patna, March 2006: A short term course on BTS System and Commissioning Course was conducted at BBSC, Patna. Four students were attended the course who were sent at the site of BSNL and other service provider companies, for hands on training. The mentor of the course was Mr. Bipul Sinha, Project Manager, Zephyre systems Pvt Ltd,Patna . S.N Name of candidates Class 1 Randhir kumar Graduate 2 Shivpujan kumar Graduate 3 Rajesh kumar Graduate 4 Md. Mahatab Alam I.Sc.
  21. 21. Souvenir, 2008 April, 2006 to March, 2007
  22. 22. Souvenir, 2008 Disha: Opportunities for IT Professionals of Bihar: June 3-4, 2006 Patna 3-4 June, 2006: The team of young software professional from BIT Mesra and IITs came under one umbrella of BiharBrains under leadership of Mr. Kumar Sajan San of BITMesra to organize unque DISHA event for IT Professionals. This event was basically meant for those who wish to pursue their career in IT industry. This two days program was organized at Dept of Physics, Patna Science College on June 3-4,2006 and was inaugurated by Dr. Anil Kumar ,Hon’ble Minster for Science & Technology, Govt of Bihar in presence of Many Bigwigs of Bihar like Famous IG of police Sri Abhayanand jee( who got credit to send super 30 students in IITs in a very unique style of his teaching), Dr. Jagganath Thakur , EX-VC Patna university . The meeting was presided by Dr. B. K Sharma, HOD Electronics, NIT Patna. While inaugurating the event, Dr. Anil Kumar, Minister Science and Technology, Govt of Bihar announced that Bihar will become technical educational Hub within 2-3 years. Sri Abhyanand Jee, famous IG police who started super 30, congratulated the team members of the organizing committee and the organizing society, BiharBrains Scholastic center for this kind of initiative. He said they should develop the potential of becoming good group members and opt for self-created jobs, as it is the only way to check the rising unemployment graph. Emphasising the importance of technology, he said the students of Bihar have to mould themselves to remain in competition.
  23. 23. Souvenir, 2008 Technical Session: Technical session comprised mock interviews, exams and group discussion. All these sessions are necessary for getting job in reputed Indian companies along with MNCs. More than 400 students of various college of Bihar gathered to participate in Open Exams which were conducted in a big class room of Dept of Physics. Selected students were grouped in a team for group discussion and then mock interview was conducted. Experts were from BIT Mesra and IITs. DISHA Team members: 1. Awadhesh Kumar(placed in CTS) 2. Abhishek Rathore (placed in Induslogic) 3. Aditya Kumar(placed in Samtel) 4. Amit Roykaran(placed in INFOSYS) 5. Ashish Kumar(placed in TCS) 6. Ashish Kumar(placed in INDUS LOGIC) 7. Atmesh Shrivastava(placed in TEXAS INSTRUMENT) 8. Anish Kumar(placed in TATA MOTOR) 9. Anurag Sharma(placed in TCS) (10. Gaurav Kumar(placed in CTS) 11. Jasprit Singh (placed in ORACLE) 12. Jainendra Kr. Pawan(placed in INFOSYS) 13. Kunal Kumar(placed in Accord software14. Manish Piyus (placed in TATA MOTORS) 15. Manish Kumar(placed in CSC) 16. Mritunjay Kumar (placed in TATA STEEL) 17. Mukesh Kumar(placed in CTS) 18. Mukesh Kumar (placed in Wipro) 19. Nilesh Kumar(placed in TCS) 20. Prabhat jha(placed in Satyam) ( 21. Pranav Singh (placed in Indus Logic) 22. Puneet Kumar(placed in TCS) 23. Pranav Kumar (placed in CUMMINS) 24. Raushan Kumar(placed in CTS) 25. Sumit singh (placed in CTS) 26. Sumeet Kumar(placed in Microsoft) 27. Shaurabh Bharti(Working in INFOSYS) 28. Swaraj Bharti (placed in TCS) 29. Shashibhushan Verma(placed in TCS) 30. Suryamani (placed in Satyam 31. Sagar Kumar(placed in CSC) 32. Shakti Shekhar(placed in TCS) 33. Santosh Kumar(placed in INFOSYS) 34. Saurabh Kumar(placed in TCS). 35. Rajeev Kumar(placed in TCS) 36. Ravi Chetan(placed in TCS) 37. Rohit Raman(placed in CTS) 38. Urvesh Mehta(placed in TCS) 39. Vikash Singh(placed in ORACLE) 40. Prem Kumar Pravin(placed in RIL) 41. Brajesh Kumar(placed in TCS) 42. Alankar Kumar(placed in CTS) 43. Shivashish Kumar(placed in WIPRO) 44. Vashith Kumar(placed in TCS) 45. Ashutosh Kumar(placed in TCS) 46. Pratik Chaudhary(placed in FLEXTRONICS) 47. D. Prashant Kumar(placed in FLEXTRONICS) 48. Vivek Kumar(placed in ORACLE) 49. Nitesh Kumar(placed in TCS) 50. Amit Kumar(placed in HP) 51. Shaurabh Ranjan(placed in accord softwares) 52. Varun Kumar(placed in TATA STEEL)
  24. 24. Souvenir, 2008 State to become technical education hub: Minister 4 Jun 2006, 0243 hrs IST, Debasish Chatterjee,TNN ATNA: Science and technology minister Anil Kumar said within two years Bihar will emerge as the technical education hub of the country. Inaugurating quot;Dishaquot;, a two-day interactive-cum-virtual campus recruitment session organised by Bihar Brains at Patna Science College here on Saturday, the minister said students of the state, after stepping out of the portals of schools, will not think of going to Maharashtra or Karnataka for admission in technical institutions there as Bihar is going to have enough of such colleges to absorb them. Emphasising how serious the NDA government headed by Nitish Kumar is about promoting science and technology-based education in Bihar, the minister said he had recently held a meeting with the heads of engineering colleges and polytechnics to review their equipment requirements. After the meeting, the state government sanctioned Rs 15 crore for purchase of equipment. It also assured them that funds will not be a problem in providing quality education to the students, he added. He said, quot;Biharis should be known for their brains,quot; reminding the participants of the state's glorious past when foreign students used to queue up for admission in the educational institutions here. The minister promised that his department would provide all necessary assistance to any private players planning to set up technical institutes in the state. Lauding the organisers for providing the students here with an opportunity to learn the tricks of campus and walk-in interviews, he said Bihar has no dearth of talent, adding that the students here need only disha (direction). Speaking on the occasion, police ADG Abhayanand advised the students to develop themselves into job givers rather than lining up as job seekers. He said they should develop the potential of becoming good group members and opt for self-created jobs, as it is the only way to check the rising unemployment graph. Emphasising the importance of technology, he said the students of Bihar have to mould themselves to remain in competition. Later, the students were given tips on how to face interview and group discussion, which is essential for anyone aspiring for entry into the corporate world.
  25. 25. Souvenir, 2008 Seminar on Chip Design Trends: Dec 26, 2006 Patna Dec 26, 2006: BiharBrains Scholastic center, BBSC Patna organized one day seminar on “Chip Design Trends and Fabrication Prospects in India” at dept of Electronics and communication, National Institute of Technology, Patna. Sri Bibhuti Bikramaditya, Chip Architect, Starvray co.Ltd , Daejeon Korea gave lucid talk on the recent trends of chip design industry and growing prospects in the fabrication of IC chips in India. No of participants attended were 26 List of participants S. N NAME COLLEGE DEPT 1 RAVI KUMAR NIT,PATNA E&C 2 AKSHAY NIT,PATNA E&C 3 SATYAM SWARUP NIT,PATNA E&C 4 ANAND SHANKAR NIT,PATNA E&C 5 PAWAN PUNJ NIT,PATNA E&C 6 KUMAR RAHUL NIT,PATNA E&C 7 AVINASH KUMAR NIT,PATNA E&C 8 VINAY NAGVANSHI NIT,PATNA E&C 9 ABHISHECK KUMAR NIT,PATNA E&C 10 ARUN KUMAR SWAIN NIT,PATNA E&C 11 NITESH RANJAN NIT,PATNA E&C 12 NAND KUMAR AJAD NIT,PATNA E&C 13 BABLOO KUMAR KESHRI NIT,PATNA E&C 14 WAREENDRA NATH NIT,PATNA E&C 15 MUKESH KUMAR NIT,PATNA E&C 16 SHIBANARAYA MOHANTY NIT,PATNA E&C 17 NISHIT NISHANT NIT,PATNA E&C 18 MRITUNJAY KUMAR NIT,PATNA E&C 19 SHYAM BABU SAHU NIT,PATNA E&C 20 SHAILESH KUMAR SHARMA NIT,PATNA E&C 21 KUMUD RANJAN NIT,PATNA E&C 22 UTSAV PARASHAR NIT,PATNA E&C 23 AMIT KUMAR TIWARI NIT,PATNA E&C 24 ABHISHEK CHOUDHARY NIT,PATNA E&C 25 NITISH RAJ NIT,PATNA E&C 26 AAKASH KUMAR TRIPATHY NIT,PATNA E&C
  26. 26. Souvenir, 2008 Two Days Workshop on VLSI Technology: Jan 5-6, 2007 Patna, Jan 5-6, 2007: BiharBrains organized two days workshop on VLSI technology at Dept of Physics, Patna Science College, Patna on Jan 5-6, 2007. Mentor of the workshop: Bibhuti Bikramaditya, Chip Architect, Starvray Co.Ltd,Patna No of students participated: 17. Course material and certificate were awarded to the students. Demo on VLSI kits/VLSI technology and knowledge of VHDL language were given to students. List of the participants S.N NAME COLLEGE Dept 1 SHASHANK SHEKHAR NIT,PATNA E&C 2 KUMAR RAHUL NIT,PATNA E&C 3 RAVINDRA KUMAR NIT,PATNA E&C 4 PAWAN PUNJ NIT,PATNA E&C 5 NITESH RANJAN NIT,PATNA E&C 6 AKSHAY NIT,PATNA E&C 7 UDAY SHANKAR E&C 8 MAYANK KUMAR SINGH NIT,PATNA E&C PANKAJ KUMAR 9 CHATURVEDI NIT,PATNA E&C 10 SANJAY DAS NIT,PATNA E&C 11 GANESH SINGH NIT,PATNA E&C 12 VINAY NAGVANSHI NIT,PATNA E&C 13 ABHIJEET KR. MISHRA NIT,PATNA E&C 14 ANIREDDHA MUKHARJEE NIT,PATNA E&C 15 ARUN KUMAR SWAIN NIT,PATNA E&C 16 KUNDAN MISHRA NIT,PATNA E&C 17 SHAILESH KUMAR SHARME NIT,PATNA E&C
  27. 27. Souvenir, 2008 April, 2007 to March, 2008
  28. 28. Souvenir, 2008 Decision to merge SciTechFest and Scientific foresight: Oct 10, 2007 Oct 10, 2007: In a major decision taken by BiharBrains(BBrains Development Society)and other e-groups , it was decided to club both Scientific foresight and SciTechFest into one . Following are the main points and decision taken in a conference call meeting: 1. The name remains quot;Scientific Foresightquot;. The basic reason is that we have some technical institutions which have taken decision on paper for the name. 2. The Organiser of this quot;Scientific Foresightquot; is quot;BBrains Development Society in association with all Bihar based e-groups (One Bihar, Cool Bihari and all Bihari ) and NRIs/NRBs organisationsquot;. 3. The web site will be updated with this information in next few days. 4. All literatures and publicity materials will be merged and will be made as common professional quality documents. 5. The organising committee of both the groups will be mearged. 6. The scheduled date is now Dec 22-24 ,2007 at Patna . Event place will be same. We will decide on other aspects and take decisions soon. Schedule of Bihar Science Conference Announced: Dec 28, 2007 Dec 28, 2007: BiharBrains (BBrains Development society) announced to organize the first quot; Bihar Science Conference quot; on March 18-20,2008 at Patna University with support from Dept of Science and Technology, Govt of Bihar and Patna University on the pattern of Indian Science Congress. Venue: Wheeler senate hall : Inaugural function Auditorium, dept of geology, : Technical session Date: March 18-20,2008 Last date for accepting papers: February 15,2008 Patrons : 1. Dr.S.E Hassnain(member of scientific advisory council of PM ),and VC, Hyderbad Univ 2. Prof Y.C.Samhadri(VC,Patna Univ), 3. Prof J.N.Chaterjee(well known scientist in chemistry)
  29. 29. Souvenir, 2008 4. Bibhuti Bikramaditya, chairman, BiharBrains. Chairman: Dr. J.Thakur, Former VC,Patna Univ & Head Physics, Patna Univ Covenor: Dr. S.P.Verma , Former HOD,PHysics, Patna Science College CO-Convenor: Dr. Dolly Sinha, Magadh Mahila College Many VCs and professors are in organizing committee and an advisory committee of NRI scientists has been formed for outside support and assocation . (Conference website: under updation) Scientific Foresight, 2008: A symposium on Science and Technology: A report A three day symposium on science and technology named “Scientific Foresight” was organized under auspices of various societies and e-groups on Bihar including BiharBrains(BBrains development society) and Department of Science and Technology, Govt of Bihar at SriKrishna Memorial Hall Patna between Dec 22- 14,2008 with a large gathering of students and local scientists of Bihar. The theme of the symposium was “Reinventing Renaissancequot;. Dr. B.K.Sharma, led BiharBrains. Mr. Ramraj Pandey coordinated the whole event. The program was inaugurated by HE Governor Sri R.S Gavai. The other important dignitaries who took important part in the inaugural function were Dr. Anil Kumar, Hon’ble Minister for science and technology, Sri Ajay Kumar Thakur, Hon’ble Principal Secretary, Department of Science and technology. This symposium was divided into inaugural session, three day technical session and valedictory session followed by project model show by students of the colleges. The important scientists who spoke on this occasion were Prof R.P Bajpai spoke on Nano technology, Prof Warish Shere from Canada-on problems of education, Usha V Reddy: on Education, Ashwini Kumare on Entrepreneurship, Jessica Wallace of Unilever, USA on entrepreneur ship, Anuj Sinha on genetics, Mangala Rai on Agriculture in Bihar,Dr. Prabhat Kumar on Toxicology, Dr.RS Sharma- Fertility and life style and Dr. Jaysh Nath on Biology, Dr Lalji Singh of CCMB On genetic engineering, Dr M Raj Lakshmi of All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi, on the techniques used for family planning, Dr Vijay Singh of Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR) spoke about the increasing use of nano-science in biotechnology. A musical evening was organized on 24th Dec and later all were invited at Maurya for a dinner hosted by Dept of Science and Technology, Govt of Bihar.
  30. 30. Souvenir, 2008 Sweden India Scientist Interaction Program on Nano Medicine Jan17, 2008: A report On 17th January 2008 under joint auspices of BBrains Development Society and Department of Science & Technology, one day Indo Swedish programme was held in PMCH Auditorium in which around 200 participants of various institutes of Bihar participated in the serious discussion. The main aim of this program was to have interaction and exchange of knowledge with local scientists and entrepreneurs of Bihar, the eastern state of India and explore the possibility of building a forum for regular interaction of scientists and entrepreneurs of both the countries Scientist, entrepreneurs, professors and students of all areas of science and technology are being invited to attend this conference. Inaugural Session: The program was possibility in the country .Because of started with welcome speech by Dr. time limitation, he couldn’t address the R.K.P Singh, Principal PMCH. He gathering. His written speech was thanked and welcomed foreign guest delivered by Dr. Arjun Singh, HOD who came all the way from Sweden to Orthopaedics of PMCH,Patna. attend this program. Dr. Arjun Singh presided the inaugural The program was inaugurated by session and gave vote of thanks. Hon’ble Sri Chandra Mohan Roy who was then the Health Minister of Bihar. While inaugurating the conference, Sri Roy said that Bihar govt will support local researchers and arrange funding for researches in Medical science. He thanked organizing society for organizing these events in Bihar. Sri Ajay kumar Thakur, hon’ble Principal Secretary, dept of Science and technology while delivering speech as special guest highlighted the use of nano medicine in medicine particularly for cancer and other dreaded diseases. Mr. I.Y.Lee , CEO of nSYSTechnologies, Seoul, South korea thanked BiharBrains and its chairman Mr. Bibhuti Bikramaditya for organizing this kind of interaction program and giving him an honor to address the scientists of India and Sweden. He (Sri Chandra Mohan Roy, Hon’ble said, India and Korea are culturally Minister for health on Dias while related. He said his purpose to visit delivering speech as chief guest) India is to see market and investment
  31. 31. Souvenir, 2008 Sharma, Prof Torbjorn Lundstedt, Prof Katrina Lundstedt of Uppsala university and Prof J.Thakur former VC of Patna university on dias in Sweden lightening lamp ceremony) (Sri Chandra Mohan Roy(right), Hon’ble minister for health, Sri Ajay Kumar Thakur(Middle), Hon’ble Principal Secretary, Science and Technology, Govt of Bihar and Prof Katrina Lundstedt of Uppsala university, Sweden lightening lamp ceremony) (Mr. I.Y.Lee , CEO of NSYSTechnologies Co.,Ltd ,Seoul, S.Korea, Prof Hari Shankar Sharma, Dr. Aruna Sharma, Prof Torbjorn Lundstedt, Prof Katrina Lundstedt of Uppsala university and Prof J.Thakur former VC of Patna university on dias during Inaugural session) Technical Session: Dr. Arjun Singh, HOD of Orthopedics presided the technical session. This session was started with the presentation of Professor Torbjorn Lundstedt of Uppasala University of Sweden on “Drug-development for (Sri Chandra Mohan Roy(right), neurotherapeutic agents. Role of Hon’ble minister for health, Sri Ajay nanomedicine”. During his Kumar Thakur(Middle), Hon’ble presentation, he discussed the role of Principal Secretary, Science and nano medicine for the development of Technology, Govt of Bihar , Mr. I.Y.Lee drugs for neurotherapeutic agents. , CEO of NSYSTechnologies Co.,Ltd ,Seoul, S.Korea, Prof Hari Shankar
  32. 32. Souvenir, 2008 A professor of neurobiology at University Uppsala, Sweden, Dr.Hari Shanker Sharma delivered his presentation on “Nanomedicine: Promises and Challenges in future”. He said the effect of nano was being discussed and several research papers in this regard had been presented across the world. quot;The guidelines regarding nano have not been set but researches have shown that they would yield positive results in fighting diseases,quot; he said. Of late, nano technology has become a matter of prime discussion the world over in tackling virulent diseases. In fact, nano medicine and nano drug delivery system are considered more (Prof Torbjorn Lundstedt delivering his effective and economical than the keynote) conventional system. Speaking about Environmental Pointing out its efficacy during the pollution and biology of aquatic programme, the experts informed that animals, Katrina Lundstedt of the nano wire- based sensor chips were university stressed the need to have being developed to diagnose cancer by an international monitoring detecting the bio markers of malignant programme on the problem. She said cells to enable treatment at the one must be aware of the elements earliest. polluting fresh and marine water, soil and air. (Prof Hari Shankar Sharma deliver keynote on “Nanomedicine: Promises and Challenges in (Prof. Katrina Lundstedt delivering her future”) keynote)
  33. 33. Souvenir, 2008 Dr.Aruna Sharma, Professors at Laboratory of Cardio_vascular Research, Uppsala University, Sweden presented her joint talk on “Influence of nano-articles on Blood-Brain and spinal cord barriers in relation to neurotoxicity and neurorepair. (Dr. B.K.Sharma, President, BiharBrains giving vote of thanks to the participants) (Participants at Conference on Nano Medicine) Technical session was concluded with a lively question and answer session. Concluding session and vote of thanks: Dr. B.K.Sharma gave vote of thanks on behalf of organizing society and appreciated the effort made by Dr. Rakesh Kumar, Patna womens college, Mr. Vijay sharan, S.N.Sandhwar , Julie kumari, neeraj Bikramaditya, Sri Ravindra Kishore, Mr. Rahul Kumar for their hard work. He gave special thanks to three former VCs namely Dr. J.Thakur, Dr. RajMani Pd Sinha and Dr. A.Yadav whose presence all the time gives extra glare to the event He thanked Sri Shailendra Kumar Singh who locally coordinated with PMCH.
  34. 34. Souvenir, 2008 He gave thanks to all staff members of Department of S & T and its Hon'ble Secretary Sri Ajay Kumar Thakur for providing local hospitality to our guests and handling with media. He admired Dr. Arjun singh for excellent coordination with all doctors of PMCH and Pharmacists and also for hosting this conference. The day concluded with a Dinner at Mayrya –Clarke. There also we had a lively interaction. News and media report:
  35. 35. Souvenir, 2008 Bihar lures global experts for research o/sweden.htm