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Souvenir 2008: Organizational Meet and events

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Souvenir Organizationalmeet&Events

  1. 1. BIHARBRAINS Organisational Meet & Events From Oct, 2004 to March 2008 Souvenir & Events, 2008 2008 BIHARBRAINS SCHOLASTIC CENTER, 201, OMVIHAR APT, KADAMKUAN,PATNA
  2. 2. October, 2004 to March, 2006
  3. 3. Souvenir, 2008 Main excerpts of the meeting BiharBrains Group formed on yahoo: Oct 4, 2004 1. BiharBrains should work for helping young talents of Bihar and encourage Seoul, S. Korea, Oct 4, 2004: Mr. them to go abroad for higher study Bibhuti Bikramaditya, an engineer and for employment. Overseas employed at South Korea based Chip employment opportunities for young Design and Development company formed talents should be advertised and online forum on yahoo called propagated through this forum. Dr. “BiharBrains”(biharbrains@yahoogroups.c Kartik announced his decision to help om) on Oct 4, 2004 with aim to unite those who want to pursue their career educated people of Bihar living in India or in USA. abroad who concern for the development 2. Scholarships Schemes should be of state, come forward for establishing started for needy talents. R&D center and business houses, share 3. BiharBrains should release its own their views on different tech topics, website as soon as possible. implement development projects and help 4. BiharBrains should start collecting the scattered young brains for building database of Biharis who has done a their career strong. great job in national and international forum from ancient times to present He started group as “Scientific Forum”, 5. Membership Drive: Both felt need to gradually took shape of “Real start membership drive for BiharBrains Development Forum” for the state of and was decided to start contacting Bihar in Indian Union educated people of Bihar living in India and abroad. First BB Meet in Korea: Oct 21, 6. The idea to organize All Bihar Project 2004 completion was mooted in the meeting. 7. BiharBrains should have its own set up Seoul, South Korea, Oct 21, 2004: On at Patna for executing projects of the occasion of Visit of Dr. Kartik Sahay, BiharBrains. Vice President of ACI Pharm (USA), first BB meet at Hotel Centro in Seoul, Korea was held between Mr. Bibhuti First BB Delhi Meet: Nov 23, 2004 Bikramaditya and Dr. Kartik Sahay. After long discussion, both decided to make this platform a forum for all Biharis New Delhi, NOV 23, 2004: BiharBrains organized its first meet at New Delhi. The meeting was convened by its city representative Mr. Ujjawal Jyoti and was presided by Dr. Kartik Sahay (Vice President of ACIPHARMA Inc USA). Main Excerpts of the meeting: a. Strategies on BiharBrains, goal and mission (Bibhuti (left) and Dr. Kartik (Rght) at Members identified education as the root Hotel Centro, Seoul. cause of social and economic deprivation of the people of Bihar. The first step in the direction could be helping the deprived 3
  4. 4. Souvenir, 2008 and providing scholarships to the needy Attempts would be made by existing ones based on merit. members to bring like-minded motivated Biharis under the flagship Biharbrains. It This can have two dimensions: was suggested that, to start with, for now we could have core teams for all the 1. Helping those who do not have access prominent cities in the country. As the even to the basic primary education, or membership grows, we can even think of expanding further to all the districts of Bihar. 2. Supporting the highly motivated ones financially so that they can achieve their desired goals. c. Web site contents It was suggested that we can achieve the This can start with having the member list, above two goals by having a trust that is the services, mission, and goals of maintained by the NGO. Though he was Biharbrains. It was suggested to have an critical of the fact that this NGO/Trust to open balance sheet on the site, which be funded by members or generous shall provide details of all the revenue donors. Dr. Kartik proposed a unique and generated and expenses. effective way to have a parallel Private Limited Company which would be a profit d. Discussion on become self making organization (Refer below to the employer and give employment for proposed services of the company). All the many in Bihar.quot; profit of the company would thereby go to the NGO making their combined efforts a Dr. Kartik suggested that the Profit self-financed and self-sufficient one. making Organization could provide loans to the motivated Biharis, who are not risk The Services proposed by the company averse, on easy terms and conditions. can be: e. Discussion on the proposal of 1. Consulting Services - Help aspiring Aryabhatt chair for R&D at Patna students for higher education getting admissions and scholarships in the foreign The attendees welcomed the idea but had universities. In lieu of the services a slight reservation about the Name of the rendered, the Private Profit making Chair being Aryabhatt. It was suggested organization would charge them financially. that the Chair should be named after Dr. Kartik was kind enough to suggest noted and distinguished scientists or that he, with his academic and business scholars hailing from Bihar. Dr, Kartik clout, to ensure the same. suggested name of Vashisht Narayan Singh, prominent mathematician and 2. Distant Education Services - These scientist. services can be provided by the educated members of Bihar brains via the website, f. How to make contacts and build The revenue thus good relation with consultants, generated would then be diverted to the companies in India and abroad to NGO. increase employment opportunities 3. Advertisements - Revenue can be It was suggested that the members of generated from the advertisements group are capable enough of realizing the appearing on the website cause should come forward and help those having aspirations of Biharis. b. Searching out Efficient Biharis 4
  5. 5. Souvenir, 2008 Meeting with CEO Synergy, BIZ in First BB Patna Meet: Nov 28, 2004 Korea: Nov 23, 2004 Nov 28, 2004: Bihar Brains organized its Seoul, S Korea Nov 23, 2004: Meeting First Patna (Remembering Meet) at Hotel between Mr. Bibhuti Bikramaditya and Samrat International. Mr. Randy Schroeder (CEO, SYNERGY ) held at Hotel Grand International. He was having planned to recruit 150 MBAs and other categories for his India operation at Delhi. Mr. Bibhuti extended his co-operation in providing candidate to him. (Mr. Amit Singh, Singapore Representative in Hotel Samrat International at Patna with team of students) It will be remembered for great success (Mr. Randy Schroeder, left and Mr. Bibhuti and huge gathering where more than 70 Bikramaditya, right) people including students of NIT and 15 dignitaries of Patna took part. Synergy Worldwide is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nature's Sunshine, traded on Main excerpts of the meeting: the NASDAQ under the symbol NATR. (1) An Aryabhatt Chair will be created. The seamlessly global compensation plan makes it easy to do business literally Aryabhatt Chair-person will himself be a around the globe. For all the details, you role model with a high citation index plus can understand from the website. he will continue to pursue his research interests actively with Govt. Support. First BB Website Launched: Nov 27, 2004 AryaBhatt Chair will also award a Gold Medal to the Scientist of the Year from Nov 27, 2004: BB first website launched among the Scientists under its perview. on the eve of first Patna meet, Courtesy, Sri Atul Udgaonkar, CEO, Hans (2) In coordination with Ram Krishna Technologies, Pune, (India). Mission a SCHOLASTIC CENTRE will be opened where there will be 5 Computer Nodes. Immediately current journals of NATURE, SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, SCIENCE, NEW SCIENTIST & IEEE SPECTRUM WILL available at this centre (5) BiharBrains will provide, through Amit Singh, a CD containing the DATABASE of all the potential employers in Mechanical, Civil, Electronics & Electrical Engineering. 5
  6. 6. Souvenir, 2008 (6) Patna Chapter Coordinator will 2. Affiliation with Indian Association in immediately take the initiative to prepare Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or Sharjah the MOU of BiharBrains Trust and get it 3. Mode of NGO: a. National Level or registered under Society's Act. Regional Level b. Office at Patna or Delhi Attendes: Dr. Kartik Sahay, Amit Singh 4. Fund raising for Biharbrains and (Singapore), Kumar Vikash (, other Activities. Extent of Staff of GIC, Bijay kumar Sharma (NIT contribution and modus operandi Patna) and around 70 students of NIT, 5. An Awarding scholarship to Mr. Patna Shuvam, an Indian child genius from Muzaffarpur 6. Technical group building at Patna for BB First Bangalore Meet: Dec 6, Projects By establishing company 2008 under NGO named as “Tech brains Co. Ltd” company for development of outsourced Projects, local projects Bangalore, Dec 6, 2005: BiharBrains 7. Increasing Recruitment drive in UAE: organized its First Bangalore Meet, on Dec Strategies and planning 6, 2004. The meeting was convened by 8. Strengthening membership for Sajal kumar. biharbrains and its resources. Inviting members’ active support in The main excerpts of the meeting: all respects, for the noble cause. BiharBrains should find out somebody at 9. Discussion on local concerns, and Patna who can actively work for the any other possible activities. organization and will execute the plans for 10. Frequency of meetings. Next the upliftment of youth by providing meeting. training. Members gave assurance to help BiharBrains in its goal and mission by Main excerpts of the meeting: their own means. Mr. Sajjad Ahmad, country representative Attendes: Priya ranjan kumar (Lucent of Biharbrains for UAE welcomed the engg college), Sajal kumar (Intel Tech), attendees, and thanked them for their Ranjit Singh (PCS), Neeraj (Jalappa engg overwhelming response. He urged them to college), Md. Irshad Baig. contribute to the objectives of the biharbrains in whatever way they could, First BB UAE Meet: Dec 16, 2004 and spread the word around to far and wide so that it gains strength financially as well as physically with membership of the group continuously increasing. Abudhabi, UAE, and Dec 16, 2004: Bihar Brains organize its first BB meet in The attendees then introduced themselves. UAE on Dec 16, 2004 at India Islamic Mr. Shakeel Ahmad made a PowerPoint center with a huge gathering. Mohd. presentation on the vision, mission, goals Sajjad Ahmad and Mohd. Shakeel ahmad and objectives of the biharbrains group, took responsibility to organize this meet and extended a formal invitation to all at UAE. those present to join the group. The presentation is attached with this Email. Main Agenda of the meeting: A discussion session of about an hour 1. Possibility of having a Local Forum of followed the presentation. Immediately Biharis in UAE afterwards, in order to maximize the input from the attendees, and to instill a sense 6
  7. 7. Souvenir, 2008 of transparency, an opinion survey was 9. The monthly contribution to the conducted that could be completed within biharbrains fund should be Dhs 50 10 minutes. Those present also filled a (fifty) per month by all those who form to provide detailed information about choose to be members of the group. them that would ultimately be part of a 10. The biharbrains executive committee future database (already uploaded to the in UAE must meet at least every yahoogroups – partly – in the database month. section). The decisions and opinions that 11. The local chapter shall have no formal emerged from the survey and the structure but shall have just an discussions are summarized below: executive committee for carrying further the cause of the biharbrains as 1. The Bihari NRIs residing in UAE well as the local aspirations of UAE congratulate Mr. Bibhuti and all those residents. who have made the biharbrains 12. The decision-making for all matters happen, and resolve to extend their concerning biharbrains should be fullest support in making the dream of vested in an executive committee a technologically developed Bihar constituted of 5 (five) members. come true as soon as possible. 13. Attendees were asked to suggest 2. The UAE team resolved that in order to names for the above executive function without violating the local committee, but a majority of those rules and regulations, it should try to present and voting felt it really difficult affiliate with the Indian Association in to do so because they felt more time Dubai or in any other emirate. was needed to interact and exchange 3. In order to achieve the goals and views with each other in order to be objectives of biharbrains, and fulfill able to choose the best persons for local aspirations of the UAE residents, this job. a separate fund should be established. 14. It was suggested by some members 4. For the resolution in item-4 to succeed, that biharbrains should strive towards a joint account shall be maintained in helping the 2nd and 3rd level students UAE. Modalities for the same shall be instead of the top level students finalized in subsequent meetings. because the top-rankers are able to 5. Depending upon the local aspirations make their own way easily. No voting of UAE residents, as and when a could be taken on this aspect. But, the consensus on the same emerges in the inspiration that rewarding a top-ranker form of goals and objectives and if conveys to the student community was they happen to be different from those well recognized, as was the of biharbrains, affiliations may also be importance of career guidance for all sought with other organizations in the students. India that are expected to fulfill 15. It was suggested that NRIs visiting additional aspirations, if any. India should coordinate with the local 6. However, the UAE residents resolved chapter to conduct training camps for that there is no need to form any the budding students, for taking the forum separate from Biharbrains, suggestion in item-14 further. unless otherwise mandatory due to 16. Suggestions were made to invest in local legal considerations. vocational training centres, and in 7. The UAE residents resolved that the institutions similar to ITIs, to help the biharbrains NGO should be established unemployed youth who are unable to at Patna, and not at Delhi or any other carry their education further. At the place. same time, suggestion was also 8. The above NGO should have an forwarded to help reduce drop-outs at executive committee elected every the matriculation (Xth) level. year by the biharbrains members, if there are no legal constraints. 7
  8. 8. Souvenir, 2008 17. The proposal for providing consultancy Attendees: Sajjad Ahmad, Prakash Gupta, for education and employment was Arvind Tiwari, Nayyar Ahsan, Om Prakash very well supported. Prasad, Neyaz Ahmad, Ravindra Kumar, 18. Members generally supported (at least Mujtaba Kamal, Shakeel Ahmad, did not object to) the biharbrains Shatrughan Singh, Rajeev Pandey, proposal, e.g., awarding of scholarship Raghubir Prasad, Dr. Syed Iqbal Haider, to Shubham Prakhar, launching of Anwar Bari,Shakeel Ashraf, Md. Haroon, Aryabhatt centre for R&D at Patna, Md. Salman Siddiqui, Shahnawaz Hussain, technical group building at Patna for Ali Abdulla, Dr. Shaharyar Ahmad, Dr. Projects, launching of Projects Sajid Kamal, Ashok K Das. competition, etc. 19. Everybody agreed on the need to help First Global conference Meet: Jan each other in getting better and better 9/16/23, 2005 employment through concerted efforts with a professional approach. 20. Attendees resolved to become members of the virtual group January 9/Jan 16/Jan23, 2005: Bihar (yahoogroup), as well as the real Brains organized its First Global chat meet group, and spread the message further. held through online global conference in 21. Strictly local matters would be which global members of BiharBrains discussed in the yahoogroup, called participated to discuss on the agenda of “biharuae”. formation of international society in Bihar. 22. Next meeting would be organized within a month, preferably in Abu Main excerpts of the meeting: Dhabi, after discussions within the In a long hour meet, member Formed group on its modalities and the agenda. Executive committee, NGO Formation committee, Accounts Management The main session concluded with the committee, Aryabhatt Chair for R&D, closing notes from Mr. Salman Ahmad, the Website committee, Formed Technical senior most Bihari present in the meeting Team Building committee, Fund Raising in terms of presence in UAE and also in Committee, Business activity committee, terms of experience in social service. He etc. provided the participants with lots of Mr. Bibhuti Bikramaditya was elected inspiration to work together and pursue founder chairman of the BiharBrains the cause of technological development whereas Dr. Kartik Sahay, Dr. B. K. wholeheartedly. He cited benefits from the Sharma, Kumar Vikash were elected as group efforts and exhorted everybody to Head of the steering committee, Head of join hands together to help the society the local executive committee as president reach its well-deserved top slot, soon. He and vice president respectively. congratulated everybody on the launch of Association with HOPE biharbrains, and thanked all those ( & involved. He thanked the attendees and Nabuur (A Netherlands based organization the organizers for making this meeting announced. happen, and urged to keep the tempo high. The organizers have requested Mr. Attendes: Salman to forward the full text of his speech to the group so that full benefits Ahmad Rasheed (Saudi Arabia), Ajay can be availed from it. Kumar(Chennai), Amit Singh (Singapore), The meeting concluded with dinner, and Dr.B.K.Sharma (Patna), Bibhuti informal chats between the attendees. Bikramaditya (Seoul), Dr. Kartik Sahay (USA), Nandan Kumar (UK) ,Prabhat Sinha (Canada), Santosh Pandey 8
  9. 9. Souvenir, 2008 (Bangalore), Shakeel Ahmad (UAE), scientists, engineers, professors, Sugriv Barnwal (USA), Ujjwal Jyoti (Delhi), Chartered Accountants, lawyers, Shabi hashmi (UK), Samir Kr. Mishra, economists, R&D professionals, CEOs and (Australia), Praveen Ohal (Ranchi), young mass brain under its wing. Dhirendra Kumar (Delhi), Anita Banerjee (Jamshedpur), Kumar Vikash (Patna), Mr. Sugriv Barnwal of USA will be global Ram Naumi Kumar, (Delhi), Sandeep in-charge of the NGO Formation Kumar(Delhi), Nash Rahman, (USA), Committee who has been involved with Amaresh shanker (Patna), Baldeo Prasad similar activities for many years in USA (Singapore), Padmanabh Mishra (IIT holding as the General Secretary, Bajana, Khragpur), Abul Farah (South korea), North America (, Indian Manoj Shahi (Patna), Manoj Kumar (IIT, Association at USA ( and Kanpur), Arshad Hussain (UAE), Rajesh charitable organization for poor and Kumar ( Bangkok). underprivileged for Bihar and UP ( He will be assisted by Mr. Bikramaditya. Mr. B. K. Sharma News in Patna Daily: will be meeting President at Patna. Technocrat from Bihar Forms 'BiharBrains' to Pool Resources BB Meet and Presentation at Patna ry/011505/biharbrains_formed.html Science College: April 9, 2005 Patna: January 15, 2005 April 9, 2005: BB presentation at Patna science college alumni association by Dr. Mr. Bibhuti Bikramaditya, an engineer of BK SHARMA. Advertisement on Bihar Bihar descent employed at Seoul, South Brains was published in the special issue Korea, in order to unite all the technical of Alumni association of Patna science brains of Bihar under one large umbrella, college News magazine. has formed what is called 'the BiharBrains'. Bikramaditya, who is also the moderator BB Second UAE Meet: May 5, 2005 of 'BiharBrains', started this organization on Oct 4, 2004 with certain objectives to unite all educated people of Bihar residing Abu Dhabi, May 5, 2005, BiharBrains in India and abroad who are concerned for UAE Chapter organized its first meeting at the development of the state. On January Indian Islamic center, ABUDHABI on may 9, he called a first global chat meet and 5, 2005 in a grand way Mohd Shakeel formed an executive committee to shape Ahmad took lead role in organzing this the organization efficiently and event. professionally. Before this meeting, he Guest of Honour: Dr. Manzoor Alam, had organized several meetings at Delhi, Chairman, Institute of Objective Studies, Bangalore, Remembering Patna Meet New Delhi, (with large gatherings) at Hotel Samrat, and UAE meet, details of which are Main excerpt of the meeting: available in the website The decisions and opinions that emerged from the survey and the discussions are BiharBrains has taken off the ground in a summarized below: very impressive manner and is fast taking shape of a real development forum for 23. Many members offered to provide Bihar by including a host of noted support, either on their own or 9
  10. 10. Souvenir, 2008 through others, in affiliating with Ram Kumar Roy (mussaffah), Anil Kumar the Indian Association in Dubai or srivastava (Abudhabi), Avanish Sharma in any other emirate in order to (Sharjah), MUJATABA KAMAL (Dubai), function without violating the local Pankaj Prasun (Dubai), Nadeem Iqbal rules and regulations. (Abudhabi), Shoaib Ansari (Abu dhabi), 24. The monthly contribution to the Kundan Kumar (Dubai), Subhash Jha (Abu biharbrains fund should be Dhs 10 dhabi), Sudhir Sinha (Abudhabi), Santosh (ten) per month, apart from any Ranjan (Dubai), Rizwan Badar(Mussaffah), one-time fee, according to 9 (nine) Rizwan Badar (Musaffah), Saket Prasad attendees and Dhs. 50 (fifty), (Abudhabi), Abhay Kumar (Abudhabi), according to 6 (six) of them. Sanjeev Kumar (Abu dhabi), Raees Faisal 25. The frequency of biharbrains (Dubai), Sanjay Singh (Abudhabi), Faisal meeting in UAE must meet at least Naeem (Abudhabi), NAIYER AHSAN every month as per seven (Dubai), Abhay Singh (Abudhabi), attendees and once in two months SHAKEEL AHMAD (Dubai), Abu Nazar(Abu (bi-monthly) as per other seven dhabi), Shakeel Ashrafi (Abu dhabi) etc. attendees. 26. Following members volunteered to First BB Founder meet on global become members of the Global conference: June 25, 2005 Executive Committee: Sanjeev Kumar, Sanjay Singh, Shakeel Ashrafi, Naiyar June 25, 2005: First BB Founder Ahsan. members meet held and decided to give 27. Following members volunteered to new look to proposed BB Scholastic center become active members of Bihar to be inaugurated on July 30, 2005. Brains: Subhash Jha, Pankaj Prasun, Kundan Kumar, Raees Faisal, Avanish Sharma, Anil Kumar Srivastava, Ram Kumar Roy, BB Patna Meet: July 9, 2005 Ajay Kumar, Abu Nazar etc. 28. Attendees were asked to suggest names of city representatives and Patna, July 9, 2005: BiharBrains local country representatives as well as Patna chapter organized meet on July 9, for the executive committee. here at seminar hall of Maitri shanti Following names emerged as bhawan to discuss on the issues of member’s choice: funding and helping local talents. The 29. Shakeel Ahmad, as city meeting was convened by Dr. B. K. representative of Dubai, and as Sharma and was presided by Dr. Shashi representative to Executive Bhushan Prasad. Committee. Shakeel Ashrafi, as city representative of Abu Dhabi, Main Excerpts of the meeting Ajay Kumar, as representative to Executive Committee, Naiyer (1) All the finances of our Society should Ahsan, as representative to be obtained as contributions from the Executive Committee. members; 30. All the proposals by BB, and the actions taken were well supported (2) Funding should never be obtained (at least not opposed). from OXFAM, CARE and some such groups; Attendees: Altogether 26 members were attended: (3) Society should have a clearly defined Dr. Manzoor Alam, New Delhi, Sanjay ideology namely the students who are Singh (Abudhabi), Ajay kumar (Abudhabi), 10
  11. 11. Souvenir, 2008 being assisted for obtaining higher wholly on the members contribution. education abroad should and must commit The following are the some of the themselves to coming back and serving suggestions of the members their motherland; regarding raising money by alternate resource (4) Society's objective should be to ensure that the students who are assisted must • Ask for sponsorship fee from commit themselves to using their entities (i.e. coaching center, knowledge in fighting backwardness, computer center etc) who are poverty and illiteracy of our country, interested in advertising (like India; putting up banners or distributing pamphlets) in some functions of (5) Society should run GRE/GMAT/TOEFEL the scholastic center (like center as a self study center where the inaugration function. books and CD's will be available and • Requesting contribution from students under the guidance of some guests who come for some resource person will make preparations on function in the scholastic center. their own; • Members take classes on their specialized subjects for the Attendees: Dr. B. K. Sharma, manoj interested students on some fees shahi, Dr. Amarendra Narayan, Dr. Shashi and contribute the income Bhushan Prasad, Ravi Bhushan Prasad, to the center. Vijay Sharan and students of NIT and others. Attendees: Mohd. Ghufran Alam, Dr. Abul Farah, Bibhuti Bikramaditya, Shubranshu Singh. BB Korea Meet: July 17, 2005 First BB Mumbai Meet: July 23, 2005 Patna, July 17, 2005: BiharBrains Korea chapter organized meet on July 17 at residence of Dr. Abul Farah to discuss on July 23, 2005: BiharBrains Mumbai the issues related to monetary help and chapter organized its first meet at CIFE individual contribution, inauguration of which will be remembered for huge crowd. BBSC and its development as center for Around 40 scientists of IIT, Mumbai and learning etc. The meeting was convened CFRI gathered and take active Mohd. Gufran Alam and was presided by participation in the discussion on following Mr. Bibhuti Bikramaditya agenda: fishery project feasibility submitted by group of IIT and CIFE researchers, Fund raising by members for Main Excerpts of the meeting: the society, BiharBrains welfare schemes and indirect means of fund raising etc. 1. Members were of the view that the The meeting was convened by Mr. Ranjit founder members should contribute Sinha of IIT MUMBAI and presided by Dr. their amount as soon as possible. Kartik Sahay, Vice President ACI 2. Members were happy to know about PHARM.INC USA. The meeting was the inauguration of scholastic organized on Mr. Bibhuti’s Mumbai Visit. center to be scheduled in Patna on 30th July. Main Excerpts of the meeting 3. There should be some alternate source of funding for the scholastic center so that it does not depend 1. Members were asked for query related to Bihar Brains and its activities to Mr. 11
  12. 12. Souvenir, 2008 Bibhuti Bikramaditya. Dr. Kartik Sahay (2)BB and SFS will always maintain was also present in the meet and fraternal relationship and assist each cleared doubts of the local members. other in their respective aims and 2. Project on fisheries announced in objectives; the village, Janipur (Dist Sitamarhi, Bihar).Mentor: Sri Upendra Pd. Singh, (3)BB and SFS will together device ways scientist at CFRI, Mumbai and means for identifying eager students 3. Members endorsed the fund raising by amongst economically deprived society individual contribution and give much and nurture them bloom from cabbage stress on raising fund through training into cauliflower; in cutting edge technology and other employment generating courses by (4)BB and SFS will together identify seeing current industry demands. development and much needed projects for filling up the very important Attendees; Rajeev Ranjan, Pankaj Kumar, infrastructural gaps and pursue these Dr. Kartik sahay, Mr. Ranjit Sinha, Dr. projects to fruition and maturity; Upendra Prasad Singh, Bibhuti Bikramaditya, Mr. R. P. Raman, Mr. Prem (5)BB and SFS will together work for Sagar Mishra,Mr. Umashankar Prasad, building up a strong, economically Mr. Shanawaz Ali, Mr. Binod Kumar prosperous and principled India; Choudhary, Mr. Navrajan Tirky, Mr. Prem Kumar, Mr. Niranjan Kumar, Mr. Rajesh Kumar, Mr. Sailesh Surabh, Mr. Ashish Press conference: July 29, 2005 Kumar jha, Mr. Ritesh Ranjan, Mr. Sujeet Rajak, Mr. Absar Alam, Mr. Paras Narayanam, Abhay Sharma, Ranjeet K sinha, Shivjee Sah, Ashish Thakur, July 29, 2005: Press conference called Avinash vinay jee , Awnit N Bikash, Swati By Mr. Bibhuti Bikramaditya at Hotel Ojha with her delegates, Kaushal Rajasthan in the presence of Dr. Srivastva with his delegates, Shailendra Jagganath Thakur, PU VC , Sri Amalendu Neeraj Jha, Mr. Subhash C. Dwary, Mr. Narayan Sinha, Ex- Editor, Hindustan Shantanu, Mr. Rajeev Brahmachary, Times,Dr. M. M Chaudhary, HOD Electrical, NIT, Patna, Dr. BK Sharma, President BiharBrains. MOU Signed with Science for Society : July 27, 2005 July 27, 2005: MOU signed between BB and Science for society. For the popularization of science among children in a new and different approach: Mr. Bibhuti Bikramaditya signed on the MOU on behalf of Bihar Brains along with its counterpart Dr. S.P.Verma Gen Secy , Science for society. Main points of MOU (1) BiharBrains will hitherto be known as BB and Science for Society will hitherto be known as SFS; 12
  13. 13. Souvenir, 2008 BiharBrains Scholastic Center Main Excerpts of the meeting: Inaugurated : July 30, 2005 The meeting overall was very good, with ideas pooling in from all members, also a July30, 2005: BB scholastic center reflection of series of events, and the inaugural function held. It was opening ceremony of Bihar brains inaugurated by Dr. Rajmani Pd. Sinha, VC Scholastic Center at Patna. It has been an Mithila University. Dr. Jaggannath Thakur achievement for all of us, to open our was the Chief Guest of the Inaugural center in Patna successfully and we look Function. Mr. Bibhuti Bikramaditya forward from all our members to gave talk (PPT Presentation) on Bihar contribute towards its growth. Brains and its activities in front of around 100 distinguished guests and youngsters. Following were the issues/ concerns Dr. B.K Sharma presided over the function discussed at the meet. and Sri Amalendu Narayan Sinha gave his lucrative speech and give vote of thanks 1. The membership of the scholastic to the guests. center is open to students and faculties. Membership fee for the A Debate competition on “Standards of Scholastic center was decided to be Education in Bihar” was organized by Rs 51/- (fifty one) per month and “Facon De Parlour”: A renowned debating the annual membership is fixed at society of Bihar located at Rajendra Nagar, the rate of Rs 500/-(five Patna. Sri Vijay Sinha, Director Of the hundered). “Facon De Parlour” was present in the 2. Bibhuti Bikramaditya successfully debate competition and chaired conducted the VLSI orientation at competition. the Scholastic center and seeing the amazing response to it from Winners were awarded by Dr. Rajmani students, there we may extend a Sinha and Certificates were distributed proposal to start a course in VLSI, among the participants of VLSI chip design and fabrication at Orientation Program by Dr. J.Thakur. Patna University. 3. Mr. Bibhuti informed that Science BB Delhi Meet : Aug 3, 2005 for Society is ready to sign a memorandum of understanding with Bihar brains 4. Individual sponsorship scheme for villages and needy students will Delhi, Aug 3, 2005: Members of Delhi carry on; members are encouraged chapter Bihar brains, met on Aug 3,2005 to apply this, in the villages they at Indian Coffee House, Connaught Place belong to. to discuss on following agenda; 5. Members opined that there has to Development of BBSC, VLSI program and be representation/ representative overall events at Patna. of Bihar brains in every district of Bihar. 6. The need of the hour is sufficient funds for the Scholastic center, and for this purpose there are donation coupons designed of Rs 50 and Rs 20 denomination promoting Bihar as a contributory state in development of the Nation. 13
  14. 14. Souvenir, 2008 Overall it was a well-conducted and It has been decided that the enlist fer extensive interaction filled meeting with members whose mails will not be Mr. Bibhuti and Dr. Kartik. moderated The enthusiasm shown by members is Issues rising: Issue related with Bihar surely applauded able. Brains must be raised time to time by members and give suggestion so a sit Attendees: Mr. Bibhuti Bikramaditya, could run properly at Patna. We have Chairman, Bihar brains, Mr. Kartik Sahay. decided that we build our Patna scholastic Dhirendra, Lalit, Ghanshyam, Chandra center strong and then move towards Mohan, Radhe Shyam, and Raju Pandey other centers to build confidence in from Hyderabad, Soeb Ahmed from Patna. ourselves/ Bihar Brains/ Group. Mr. Bibhuti also pointed out that rarely Global Conference Moderators members are giving suggestions and Meet: August 28, 2005 comments on the issues related with ongoing projects. New ideas projects and issues must be discussed on group mails. Aug 28, 2005: BiharBrains organized meeting of the moderators to discuss on following agenda: Moderation of mails, Above all members feedback/ comments/ issue raised by members, Bihar brains is brainstorming is important for Groups one year old on October 4 2005, overall progress. brainstorm on celebration ideas. Group interaction and discussion on new Attendees: Bibhuti Bikramaditya, Kartik projects and issues should be increased. sahay, Nandan Kumar, Praveen Ohal, Rajni Srivastava, Samir Kumar Mishra Bihar Brains will be one year old on 4th of October this year. To celebrate we are Main excerpts of the meeting brainstorming on activities that can be done as part of our celebrations. a. Article/comments related with politics, must be rejected by 1. Opening of the scholastic center moderators and should not be branch at Patna University. paased to the group 2. Launching an e newsletter of Bihar b. Moderator must read the full content Brains. of the mail and then pass to to the 3. Starting E-Magazine for Bihar group. If it is necessary moderator Brains: for that we must start the can edit the mail and then may send process for inviting articles from valid reason for that to the particular members from BB and others on member technical/humanities/non technical c. Personal mail relevant to the group topics. This issue will be first only be passed to the group mail magazine by Bihar Brains. d. Mails related with employment must 4. Birthday card be valid one; all junk mail of this type must be avoided. BB Korea Meet: August 27, 2005 As the group is increasing its strength manifold, and the number of mail to be moderated on everyday basis is Seoul, S. Korea, Aug 27, 2005: increasing, it is necessary to give it a BiharBrains Korea chapter organized its hierarchy/ structure. monthly meet to discuss on following 14
  15. 15. Souvenir, 2008 agenda; Development of BBSC, proposal anniversary of BiharBrains on Oct 4, to launch e-magazine etc. 2005. 2. On printing of magazine: It was decided that minimum 10 copies must be printed for the patna scholastic center and magazine can be released on oct 4, 2005 in the ceremony at Patna if we get resource center space by Patna university. Main excerpts of the meeting: 3. Editorial Board formed: We tentatively formed Editorial board 1. It was decided to focus more on consisting following members; Bibhuti subscribing national magazine and bikramaditya, Abul Farah, Shabi journals based on Science , arts and hashmi and Dr. SP verma. Mr. Bibhuti humanities rather than international will be chief editor and monitoring all journals so as large mass could be activities. benifited 4. Layout Design for E-Magazine: This 2. It was decided that some free work will be accomplished by journals /magazines could be easily Mr. Rajesh Kumar, our Bangkok provided at scholastic center. Mr. member and mind behind Biharscoop. Abul Farah will provide data He is graphic design engineer by base for the Life science journals to profession. the welfare committee and 5. BB resource center will be started at urges welfare committee to send it to Patna University on Oct the website committee at delhi 4, 2005 if we get confirmation from so as it could be uploaded into the university. website. 3. Scientist database: It was decided to Attendees: 1. Bibhuti bikramaditya, collect profile of Brains of Bihar who South Korea, 2. Samir Kumar Mishra, has published his articles in the Australia 3. Ghufran Alam, South Korea 4. international and national journals. Abul Farah, South korea 5. Dhirendra 4. E-magazine: it was decided to launch Kumar, Delhi 6. Shabi Hashmi, Germany 7. first e magazine on the Nitin kuma, Patna occasion of first year completion of BiharBrains on oct 4, 2004. BiharBrains First anniversary: Oct 2 and Oct 4, 2005 Global Conference Meet: Sept 12, 2005 Oct 2, 2005: BB first Anniversary Meet, Global Meet, Sept 12, 2005: BB held on yahoo messenger to discuss on organized global conference meet on following agenda; 1. Member’s views, yahoo on Sept 12, 2005 to discuss on the feedback and suggestions on one year following agenda: 1. E-Magazine editorial completion of the formation, NGO board, monthly News letter, BB Resource formation &account management, e- center at Patna magazine and other proposals. Main excerpts of the meeting Main excerpts of the meeting: 1. It was decided to launch E-Magazine 1. Members were satisfied with the and monthly Newsletter on the first achievements and progress of BB in one year. Members expressed their 15
  16. 16. Souvenir, 2008 desire to put more dedication and Main excerpts of the meet: active efforts by increasing activities 1. Regarding the progress of like training programes/workshop, Scholastic centre in Patna: Decided to commercial projects on regular subscribe some Indian science and basis at Scholastic Centre, Patna. technical journals published from Indian 2. NGO formation and account Academy of Sciences (IAS), Bangalore management Due to Durga Puja and Council of Scientific and Industrial and other major festival (Election), Research (CSIR) New Delhi. Below is the NGO formation will take more time list of some journals published from IAS 3. All members gave thanks to Mr. and CSIR with subscriptions rates. We Rishu on Successfully completion of have to select journals from the list 3D modeling program. according to the demand and 4. E-Magazine: It was decided to take requirement of readers at scholastic more time in deciding the contents centre. Members are requested give their of e-magazine as many works were suggestion for other journals which can be left. subscribe for BB scholastic center that should useful for the students and teacher Attendees:1. Bibhuti Bikramaditya, Seoul community. 2. Abul farah, Seoul 3. Dhirendra kumar, Delhi 4. Rajni Srivastava, Delhi 5. Sushant B. Dr. BKS was authorized to make data Delhi 6. Ranveer kumar, Hyderabad 7. base for the journal which can be added in Ramnaumi kumar, Delhi 8. Dr. BK the list. sharma, Patna 9. Rishu Kumar, Patna 10. Pradeep Jha, C. Sri SP Verma will give more data base patna 11. Kartik Sahay, Hanoi, Vietnam as we talked on telephone during meet. 12. Praveen ohal, Ranchi Those who 2. E-magazine and E-Newsletter joined late 13. Ramraj pandey: Michigan, d. The articles selected for E Magazine has USA, 14. shabi hashmi, UK could not join been sent to Mr Rajesh Kumar (Bankok 15.aliabdullah,UAE 16. alok jha.pune member) for final settings, and soon he 17. suvir kumar, delhi. will send back for proof reading and final editing to the Editorial board members. BB First Anniversary function at e. After publication of the E-magazine, E- NIT, Patna: October 4,2005 Newsletters will be published/ released. f. Forthcoming Patna meet on Nov 4: Sri santosh pandey was requested to see OCT4, 2004: BB organized First matter related to NGO formation and anniversary function at NIT, Patna and account opening at Patna awarded certificates to the 3D Modeling Program participants in a simple function. BB Patna Meet: Nov 4, 2005 BB Korea Meet: October 23, 2005 Patna, Nov 4, 2005: BiharBrains organized its local Patna chapter meet on Nov 4, 2005 at BBSC office on following agenda; Progress of BBSC, Publication of Seoul, Oct 23, 2005: BiharBrains Manthan etc. The meeting was convened organized its Korea chapter meet on Oct by Dr. B. K. Sharma. 23, 2005 at the residence of Mr. Bibhuti on following agenda; Progress of BBSC, Main excerpts of the meeting: Publication of Manthan etc. The meeting was convened by Mr. Ghufran Alam. a. On magazine: It was decided that as per report from Korea chapter 16
  17. 17. Souvenir, 2008 meet, all magazines listed should that though Symposium was be subscribed and will be kept in successful with some lacunae BBSC office. Members should which should be taken care of in contribute for the subscription of the later event. the magazines. 2. It was decided following protocol b. B. On big rental space for BBSC: must be followed for any BB It was decided that hall of Maitri Events: a. Coordinator will be held shanty Bhawan will be the best for responsible for all activity. He BBSC office. should prepare MOM and declare c. Accountability: Members Balance sheet just after completion stressed on the need for of the Project with the help of accountability and transparency Patna office staff members He should be maintained of the should co-ordinate with Patna society. office and local team members, He Attendees: rajni srivastava, ranjit should work under Strict guidance sinha, santosh pandey, Dr. and control of the chairman. B.K.Sharma and other members. 4. Members discussed on whether BB scholastic center should run under First Phase of Global conference on investment basis or donation and BiharBrains Scholastic Center: Jan contribution basis. It was decided to 20, 2006 continue discussion until any unanimous decision emerges. But most of them were of the view that to run organization, it Global conference, Jan 20, 2006: A should generate fund by themselves, it global conference was organized to cannot run successfully always on discuss on following agenda: donations. 1. Discussion on Making BB scholastic center: A profit Members Attended: Santosh Pandey making organization/self Sufficient (Chennai), Dr. Abul Farah (Korea), Unit: Imteyaj Ahmad (Korea), Dr. BK Sharma 2. Bibhuti Forthcoming visit to (Patna), Ajay Kumar (Jamshedpur), Dr. India and the work assigned by Kartik Sahay(Canada), Sattu Kumar BB (Bangalore), Lalit Choudhary (Delhi), 3. Release of BB magazine Sushant Bhartiya(Delhi), Vipin Srijan quot;Manthanquot; in printed as well as E- (Delhi), Bibhuti Bikramaditya (Korea), magazine Dhirendra Kumar (Delhi). 4. BB society registration. Second Phase of Global chat on BiharBrains Scholastic Center: Jan Main excerpts of the meeting: Meeting 27, 2006 started with the welcome message by Mr. Bibhuti to all members who were attending the meet. In welcome address, Global Conference, Jan 27, 2006: The he congratulated Mr. Santosh pandey on meeting was for continuing discussion on his marriage scheduled to be held on BiharBrains Scholastic Center and Mr. Feb18, 06. Bibhuti’s India Visit. 1. Meeting started with BKS report on Excerpts from the Meeting: Symposium. He presented Rs 10 It was informed that poll was conducted (around) deficit budget from the and opinions were taken from all symposium He informed the group members. Members were of unanimous 17
  18. 18. Souvenir, 2008 view that formula for investment is the best possible option for the development BB Korea Meet: Jan 29, 2006 of BiharBrains Scholastic Center, BBSC. Individual opinion, opinion from various chapters were taken during 7 days and then following final modification were Seoul, Jan 29, 2006: BB Korea chapter done in the proposal for BBSC which were organized its monthly meeting at Seoul to unanimously accepted discuss the agenda related to forthcoming series of seminar, Career counseling and 1. BBSC should be developed as self guidance program and inaugural function sufficient unit. of Patna Resource center, Lanuching of 2. The one who is putting money in Manthan first issue and other issues. The the development of BBSC and of meeting was convened by Dr. Abul Farah any projects will be termed as and was presided by Bibhuti Bikramaditya. SPONSORS. 3. Any individual can become sponsor Main excerpts of the meeting: In all BB projects; BB members will 1. The forthcoming Series of Seminar, be given priority for investment. Carrier Counseling Programme and 4. 50% amount of the earned money Inaugural Function of Patna from BB scholastic center will be Resource Centre should be used for the development of BB organized in planned way. Scholastic center and 50% will be 2. We are anticipating approximately distributed among SPONSORS. Rs. 25,000/ from VLSI Programme 5. After certain period, when sponsors and Workshop. gets his money back, BBSC or any 3. This money will be utilized for the project under this scheme will be arrangement of programmes and run completely by BB management printing of Magazine (MANTHAN). system . The period will be decided 4. The price for the first issue of on the projects. During the ‘Manthan’ is proposed as Rs. 15/ gestation period, it will be per copy. Special offer of Rs.10/ monitored by sponsors and founder per copy will be given for inaugural members of the organization. function. 6. ON Bibhuti Visit to India: All Attendees: Bibhuti Bikramaditya, Dr. members present gave wishes to Abul Farah, Subranshu singh, Ghufran him for his present visit to India. Alam Mr. Shabi Hashmi and Mr. Santosh asked update about NGO Registration. They were anxious BB first Pune Meet:Jan 31, 2006 why it is getting so late. Bibhuti assured that on this visit, we will have to do many works including Pune, Jan 31, 2006: BB pune chapter organized firs get together meet at hotel Attendees: Bibhuti Bikramaditya, seoul, Rajdhani, Pune on Mr. Bibhuti’s visit and South Korea, Santosh pandey, Chennai, discussed on various issues including local Shabi Hashmi, UK, Ranveer Kumar, bihar students problems. The meeting was Hyderabad, Chetan Anand, Hydearbad convebed by Mr Alok jha and was presided by Mrs. Sweta Tarate, MD of IDIT,Pune. 18
  19. 19. Souvenir, 2008 BiharBrains Got place in national dailies : Feb 3, 2006 BB was in news all over India in Dainik Bhaskar (all over north India) titled “Behtar Bihar Ke liye” on first page and Prabhat Khabar in Bihar, Jharkhand and West Bengal. 19
  20. 20. Souvenir, 2008 elected as representative of Bihar Brains Chapter. BB Patna chapter Meet: March 30, 2006 Patna, March 30, 2006: BiharBrains Patna chapter organized a meeting for discussion on various issues including 1. Discussion related to BB Telecom courses, BB Disha Project, CDAC authorized center proposal 2. Formation of delegation to talk with minister of science & technology. 3. Discussion on demanding of NISC/IISER in Bihar. 4. Establishment of center for GMAT/TOEFL/GRE. 5. BB Scholastic center development BB First Village Chapter & BB office structure. established: Feb 19, 2006 6. Republish of Manthan magazine. Main excerpts of the meeting: 1. Mr. Sunil Sinha project manager in patna based Telecom company was given charge to start Telecom courses at BBSC. 2. For DISHA Project, it was decided to give full support to DISHA team members. 3. Mr Bibhuti informed members about the meeting held at Pune with CDAC officials; it was decided to hold till financial constraints are met. Altogether 30 people attended the Mr. Sanjay Mandal (left sit) , with his Janipur Team Sri Bibhuti Bikramaditya Deliering lecture on Adventures meet. It was convened by Dr. B. K. ofBB Pune membersMagadh Mahila College, Patna Embedded system at at Hotel Raviraj, Pune Members. Sharma and presided by Bibhuti Bikramaditya. Janipur, Feb 19, 2006: Bihar Brains started its first chapter in Janipur village of Sitamarhi district. The main agenda of the meeting is to establish BB chapter. Meeting was convened by Mr. Bibhuti. Main excerpts of the meeting: 1. BB will help unemployed youth & youngsters of the village 2. Mr. Sanjay Kumar Mandal, Teacher in govt middle school in the nearby village, 20
  21. 21. Souvenir, 2008 April, 2006 to March 2007 21
  22. 22. Souvenir, 2008 9. As per the individual sponsorship BB Delhi Meet Organized: April 2, Bibhuti has organized debate and 2006 various competitions at middle school Janipur. He has appointed a teacher at 1500/- Delhi, April 2, 06: BB, Delhi local / Month and add one more student for chapter Meeting and get together at scholarship now he is providing Cannaught place, Delhi held on 2nd April, scholarship to 3 students. 2006. The main agenda was BB review of work during Feb- March, 2006. BB Korea Meet: July 16, 2006 Review of Bihar brains from Feb to March at Patna as follows: 1. Mr. S. N Sandhwar l (Ex. AGM SBI) at Daejeon, S Korea: BB Korea chapter our Scholastic Center was recruited as oranised its monthly meet at Daejeon City Manager BBSC who will take care of of S. Korea on July 16 2006 at residence all activity and operation and Ms. Julie of Mr. Bibhuti Bikramaditya between 2 pm kumari as counselor. to 4 pm on following agenda; 1. E- Members proposed to organize “NRI magazine Manthan related issues, 2. meet in Nov“, funded of department Development of Scholastic Centre, 3. of science govt. of Bihar. Demand for NISC/ IISER 2. A career guidance program “Prerna” Main Excerpts of the meeting will be started from 3rd of June. 1. E-magazine Manthan related issues 3. Founded 15 core members committies who are going to give the • FREE ACCESS TO Manthan: It proposal on the requirement of NIC in was decided to keep Manthan for Bihar and we are targeted to give this open access on website for a proposal to Govt. of Bihar in April limited period of time. We month. emphasized on wide publicity of 4. Training course will start on BTS the magazine, since our main aim system installation from 9th of April is that people will read the 06 and CCNA course will start from 1st magazine and it will be a fund of may 06. generating medium. Many 5. Also had a talk of opening C-DAC members suggested that they center in Patna at planetarium. want to contribute in the name of 6. Running teaching classes on manthan for the development of preparation of GRE – PD every Scholastic centre Sunday 2-5. • It was requested to our members Mr. Sushi Kumar accepted to organize to read the magazine and forward these classes. at least five persons. 7. PC installed at BiharBrains Scholastic • All core members viz; founder Center for day to day activity. members, active members, and 8. The seminar hall was taken on rent city and country representatives (3000/- / Month) for our activity. It were requested to contribute in was decided that member of BB can the name of magazine Manthan use this space 11-5 to trained the (minimum 5 USD for NRI) and Rs. student on various topics. Member 30 for members in India for the needs to pay 70/- / hour to use this development of Scholastic centre. space through this we can raise some fund to maintain our day to day expenses. 22
  23. 23. Souvenir, 2008 • It was decided to to include few and whenever rain comes, no khichadi is sections on the regular basis such provided to those students as 3. Desk /benches: 6 desk and benches a. Interesting Facts, one sweeper for cleaning school class b. NRI column, rooms and surroundings c. BB past events and 4. Two needy and poor students got Forthcoming program scholarship from biharbrains: 100 rs per d. News and Breakthrough month against notebook and pen for 6 month for each 6 month, scholarship for 2. Development of Scholastic Centre those students will be reviewed if the At scholastic centre, Staff members were performance of the student is not good. directed to finalize the accounts for Disha event and suggested to maintain nice 5. In the month of November or working environment. December, school has planned to organize 3. Demand for NISC/ IISER following programs: BB office Patna was suggested to finalize 1. Essay completion, 2. Debate the third and final date for the meeting of competition, 3. Cultural program among the core committee at Patna. Dr. B. K. student, 4. ganit daud etc. Sharma was requested to coordinate with Prizes will be given by BiharBrains. members BB Global Conference Meet: Aug 18, 2006 Formation of Student wing of NIT Announced: Aug 17, 2006 And his contributed amount will be paid back to him within 5 max years. Patna Aug 17, 2006: BiharBrains had 1. Sources of Income: Establishing meeting in Patna on Aug 17, 2006. The CDAC Authorized Center, Center main agenda was to start process for for personality development and forming student wing of BiharBrains. Placement and consultancy centers Main excerpts of the meeting: are the main source of income for 1. Mr. Nitin Kumar was tentatively BB BB. representative for NIT. 2. Director: One dynamic and He along with Prabhat Kumar & other experienced person from Bihar will colleagues is going to have meet at NIT be director of the institutes and he and then form the student wing.. will be directed by BB main body. Scholastic center may be run by BB Janipur Meet: Aug 18, 2006 board of directors from BB local members and staff members. 3. Every body was in agreement for this kind mechanism for the Janipur (Sitamarhi) Aug 18, 2006: BB Scholastic center where huge fund Organized meeting in Janipur on Aug 18, is required. After long discussion, 2006.The main agenda was to develop we felt that there should be one school in the village. more meeting on this issue in which participation of more Main excerpts of the meeting: members from our main body is a 1. Mr. Bibhuti Bikramaditya announced his must. We all were in agreement decision to support his school where he that legal issues and financial studied. maters should also be taken care 2 Tirpal for the kitchen where khichadi for of very carefully. students cooked. This is without shade 23
  24. 24. Souvenir, 2008 4. For legal and financial matters a especially the students who wish to team of local members can be pursue a career overseas. formed who can give their report. S. B. Rai – He has agreed to take 5. Alok Jha Proposal for helping students from Bihar who is interested in orphan school under BB doing internship from his company in individual sponsorship scheme: Singapore. Mr. Alok Jha proposed to help Nilesh Sharma – In the past he has students of orphan school at all offered many young software engineers welcomed his proposal. Mr, Bibhuti from Bihar who are working in India to assured that BB office will collect come to Singapore. He is also willing to all information about that school to sponsor them so that they can come here Mr. Alok. and attend interviews, but no one has Attendees: Sri Alok jha, Pune, shown interest as of now. They want the Bibhuti Bikramaditya, S Korea, Ahmad appointment letter delivered to them Rasheed, Saudi Arabia, Lalit Chodhary, before they come to Singapore. New Delhi, Nitin Kumar, Bangalore. Venugopal – Though he is not from Bihar, but he can understand the difficulty faced by youngsters in starting a career. He has BB First Singapore Meet Organised: agreed to keep 2/3 candidates in his Apt Oct 1, 2006 at a time so that they stay here and look for a job. Avnish Kumar – He is head of operations Singapore, Oct 1, 2006: BiharBrains in a local IT company. He is also a Singapore chapter organized its first meet Nanyang Fellow. He is seriously thinking at Singapore. The main agenda of the of promoting the BB activities in meeting was to discuss regarding Singapore and South- East Asia. He has cooperation and support of Bihari’s agreed to work on FUND RAISING for BB. towards organization. The meeting was He will come out with some concrete plan convened by Mr. Amit singh, Singapore in a few days. representative and was presided by Sri Vimla Pandey – She thinks that women S.B Rai. from Bihar should actively participate in BB activities and share their views. She is willing to assist in logistics/VISA for people who want to make a career in Singapore. Amit Singh – I am always willing to help my friends, but they must take initiative. NO MORE SPOON FEEDING. I will charge small fees from the candidates. All the members were of the view that they do not want any publicity. BBSC or the candidates can directly contact us and We will help people settle in Singapore. Main excerpts of the meeting: All the members were of the view that we should help people hailing from Bihar, 24
  25. 25. Souvenir, 2008 2. BBSC will call press conference on 22 November, to highlight our demand of IISER in Media. 3. We discussed for the formation of strong Members Attended: Amit Singh (Product Manager), BB representative, Mr. S.B Rai, Managing Director (IT Company), Nilesh Sharma (ERP Consultant), Venugopal (Biomedical Engineer), Avnish Kumar (Head of Operations), Vimla Pandey (Wife of S.B Action committee in Patna and Rai), Vinit Suman (MBA). Delhi from local members to take forward our demand at both the places. This action committee BB Korea Chapter meeting: 18 should be supported by Advisory November, 2006 board of senior officials/ retired officials. Daejeon (S. Korea), 18 Nov, 2006: BB 4. Dr. Manis Jha suggested that Korea chapter organized its monthly Report submission to central meeting at the house of Mr. Bibhuti at government ministries should be Daejeon city of Korea on Nov 18, 2006 to accompanied by recommendation discuss on the issue largely on letter by maximum possible MPs development of IISER Project, BBSC and Ministers of central development and next issue of Manthan.. government ruling party. Members attended: Dr. Abul Farah, Dr. B. BBSC Development Manis Kumar Jha, Bibhuti Bikramaditya. 1. BiharBrains is thankful to BAJANA The meeting was convened by Dr. Abul (Bihar and Jharkhand Association Farah and was presided by Mr. Bibhuti of North America) especially to Mr. Bikramaditya Birendra Kumar and Mr. Sugriv Barnwal for taking BBSC Main excerpts: development project. A. Demand of IISER in Bihar 2. Bihar Times planned organizing Global Bihar Meet on 19-21 1. Core Committee is going to submit January, 2007. BB will send the final report on 22 November, representative to the meet. 2006, to the Science & Technology 3. Founder members and minister of Bihar. After that, core representatives of BB are committee will submit report to requested to send their Deputy Chief Minister and Chief suggestions about starting CDAC Minister of Bihar within November. center at BBSC. 4. BB will organize SciTechFest every year; event coordinator will 25
  26. 26. Souvenir, 2008 be any person. He can coordinate with BBSC office and staff. Every event should be a part of BBSC. We are preparing a guideline for organizing any event/ workshop/ seminar. The guideline will be uploaded on the website very soon. 5. BB registration process will be completed by the end of this year. C. Manthan next issue 1. We have extended the date of submission of articles to 31 December, 2006. The expected 3. After long discussion, we decided to date of publication will be 26 support his model worldwide. January, 2007. 2. We are preparing pamphlets for 4. BB will arrange meeting with CWRS, Manthan and documents for Patna (a unit of NIT for central water website. These will be finalized in a research) to know the authenticity of his couple of days. We will send project which will help us to know about pamplets to all the Institute and the feasibility of his project. Universities of Bihar and Jharkhand 5. His demo was already published by all for wide publicity. newspapers and news channel “Aaj tak/ 3. We are requesting members to Aankhon Dekhi/ Zee news etc. we decided send articles at the earliest, and that Mr. Ranjeet and Mr. Dhirendra will encourage others to submit articles. hold once again meeting with fellow man for taking his interviews on video on BB Delhi Meet: Dec 24, 2006 second week of Jan, 2007. His video will be uploaded into Bihar Brains website. 6. After successful meeting with Scientist of CWRS, we can think about the Delhi, Dec 24, 2006: BB Delhi Chapter model of this project in Delhi and we will organized a meeting on the arrival of Sri give all support to him. Bibhuti Bikramaditya. The main agenda Attendes: was the presentation of model of the Sri Bibhuti Bikramaditya, Sri Ranjeet, project of Alok Kumar Bihari, a member of Sri Dhirendra, Sri Alok Bihariji. BiharBrains in Delhi in presence of all local members of Delhi. The meeting was called For the details, please click on by Sri Dhirendra kumar, Delhi representatives of BiharBrains. uct_Promotion.php# Main excerpts of the meeting: 1. In the meeting he put his idea of project whatever he did so far and also Meeting with Sri Kamala Prasad Organized: Dec 24, 2006 showed his live demo at his house. 2. As per Scheme, the whole idea is to remove present “Nala” Drainage system. He presented his model for solution which Delhi, Dec 24, 2006: BB Delhi chapter will also protect river water to become members organized meeting with Sri dirty as well as stop water level Kamala Prasad, former chief secretary of decreasing tendency. Bihar in Delhi at his residence with Mr. Bibhuti on his India Visit. The main 26
  27. 27. Souvenir, 2008 agenda of the meting is to request Sri (Institute for Human Development, New Prasad to be a part of the meeting with Delhi). Organizers of Global Bihar meet. Hon’ble PM and HRD Minister for the After long discussion we got feedback that submission project proposal for the there are very few no. of investors in the demand of IISER in Bihar which he global Bihar Meet, though Bihar Govt is accepted readily. doing very hard work meeting the Main excerpts of the meeting: objectives of meet. BiharBrains gave many suggestions to organizers and called 1. Sri Prasad accepted our request for the industrialist to invest in Bihar through promoter of BiharBrains and proposed press conference at hotel Rajasthan. some names in Delhi who can be helpful for us in meeting our goal and mission. BB Patna chapter Meet on Global Attendes: Bihar Meet & other issues: Dec 27, Mr. Bibhuti Bikramaditya, Mr. Dhirendra 2006 and Mr. Ranjeet Kumar. Patna, Dec 22, 2007: BB members of Patna collected for meeting when BB was Workshop on Science in the news of local media and print media. communication through cultural The main agenda of the meeting to Events: Dec 24, 2006 discuss on various issues to improve BiharBrains. Main excerpts of the meeting: Sri Krishna Science center, Patna Dec 1. PTN news channel of Patna gave brief 26, 2006: Kainat Foundation, Patna news on BBSC with Bibhuti Bikramaditya organized workshop on Science interview. communication through cultural events on 2. On this occasion; members of Dec 24, 2006 at Sri Krishna Science BiharBrains gave their suggestions to center at Patna in which Mr. Bibhuti improve BiharBrains.They stressed need Bikramaditya was invited as a guest. for programs and events to other The chief of this function was Hon’ble universities and colleges. Minsiter for Science & Technology. Dr. Anil Attendes: Sri J Thakur, EX VC PU, Kumar. Scientists of Dept of Science and Principal College of Commerce, Patna, Prof technology, Govt of India and director of SP Verma EX HOD, Physics, Patna science Srikrishna center were also invited guest. College, Dr. BK sharma, HOD,Electronics, Mr. Shakeel Ahmad kakvi head of this NIT, Patna, Sri Amalendu Narayan Sinha foundation gave key note address. In this senior journalist and editor of Hindustan workshop, students of various schools of times, Sri Ravindra kishore, Innovator of Gaya district were participated and food products along with other members showed their project models. Mr. Bibhuti of BiharBrains . advised students to develop scientific temperament and skills for developing BB Janipur Chapter Meet: Jan 4, electronics toys and other products. 2007 Global Bihar Meet Organizers Meeting at Bihar Chamber of Janipur, Jan 4, 2007: BB Janipur Commerce: Dec 26, 2006 chapter held a meeting in the village on Jan4, 2007. The main agenda of the Bihar Chamber of commerce, Patna, meeting is to review of the block level Dec 26, 2006: The meeting were held function and strategies for dist level between Mr. Ajay Kumar, editor function to be organized in the village BiharTimes and representative IHD next year. 27
  28. 28. Souvenir, 2008 Main excerpts of the meeting: Industries and academicians. A group of 1. BB formed local action committee and NIT students will be actively involved with advisory committee for the next year dist this event. Mr. Rahul, second year level function to be organized by BB in the student of NIT, will inform the name of village. group of students from all section who can be actively involved in organized this techfest. 6. Mr. Satya will submit his report on printed magazine of Manthan till Jan 13, 2007. He will also give report on advertise in media. 7. Sri Ravindra Kishore was actively involved with BB events and accepted to be part of Global Bihar Meet. He is looking for good space for BB. Attendes: Mr. Satya, Sri Prabhat kumar, Sri Ravindra kishore, Sri Ramesh Rai, Prof.S. P. Verma, Prof. B. K. Sharma, Office staff members, Bibhuti BB Patna Meet: Jan 6, 2007 Bikramaditya. BB Bhutan Chapter Established: Jan 7, 2007 Patna, Jan 6, 2007: BB Patna chapter organized meeting on 6 Jan. The main agenda of the meeting was to stress need Patna, Jan 7, 2007: Mr. Shivesh Prakash for regular program by BBSC. took charge of BB Bhutan chapter. He Main excerpts of the meeting: readily accepted and announced all 1. Advertisement of BiharBrains in the possible help to BB in future. He will start media, proper Presentation of BB his contribution as membership of the objectives and programs & events in the society and representative of the country colleges so as it can reach to target very soon. He also proposed that he would audience. like to have seminar on “Communication 2. Need for project guidance to the skill“at any of the college. BBSC decided students. to hold this seminar on Magadh Mahila 3. Proper functioning of the office with College. good environment and office infrastructure set ups and shift of the BB Korea Meet: Feb 3, 2007 office place etc. 4. Establishment of local event/project management committee consists of Daejeon, S. Korea, Feb 3, 2007: BB a. Mr. Satya, CEO of local hardware Korea chapter organized its monthly company, b. Sri Prabhat Kumar, (MBA), meeting at Daejeon, S Korea on the issue c. Ravindra Kishore, LG Dealer and of Manthan magazine and website innovator of food products, d. Sri Development. Development of BiharBrains Ramesh Rai, e. Prof SP Verma, f. Prof Scholastic Center, Progress on Demand of BK Sharma, g. Office staff members IISER In Bihar, Outcome of Global Bihar h. Bibhuti Bikramaditya Meet and SciTechFest, 2007: next event for BBSC etc. 5. In the meeting, it was decided that the next Scitechfest organized by BiharBrains involving students of all streams, 28