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Souvenir 2008: Human Resource and Development Section

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Souvenir Hrd

  1. 1. Souvenir, 2008 [2008] BIHARBRAINS HUMAN RESOURCE & DEVELOPMENT [Souvenir & Events] | Oct 2004 to March 2008
  2. 2. Souvenir, 2008 October, 2004 to March, 2006
  3. 3. Souvenir, 2008 Demand of IISER in Bihar: from 2004 to Present: A Report ABSTRACT This proposal for establishment of a national institute has been prepared to put forward the demand for an Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) in the state of Bihar. In the past the Govt. of India took initiative to open National Institute of Science (NISC) across the country as a measure to reform / improve status of Science education and Research. The present government has taken initiative to start. IISER and NISER, but in the scheme of things, the claim of Bihar state has again been neglected. Though the Hon’ble President of India has also stressed the need of establishing such an institution in the state in his address to joint session of Parliament, it is tragedy of the circumstances that our leaders and government have not given due attention to the need of the state of Bihar. In pursuance of the above demand several individual and organizational efforts have been made . Several petition were submitted and delegations met the Ministers of the G.O. I. and state government .Bihar Brains , an organization of technocrats , Scientists and academicians located in the country as well as outside India formed a core committee to draft the present proposal ( the details are given in appendices). The proposal is divided into following sections and all the relevant documents have been placed in the appendices. 1. Background 2. Special Features of IISER / NISER (2.1 to 2.8) 3. Why the state of Bihar urgently needs such an institute (3.1 to 3.9) 4. Conclusion and modalities of establishing the Institute. 5. Appendix – I to XX.
  4. 4. Souvenir, 2008 Proposal for Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) in the State of Bihar 1. Background: The Government of India, recently through the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) and based on the recommendation of the Scientific advisory Council to the Prime Minister, announced to open Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER). Accordingly three IISERs each at Kolkata, Pune, and Chandigarh have been opened by the government. There has been media report that the fourth IISER will be going to open at Kanpur. At present two IISERs,at Pune and Kolkata, are functional and have started its activities. The central government came to realize the importance of science education and research to improve scientific caliber of the technical manpower of the country. India needs scientists for which Centre of excellence are required to provide training in sciences to youngsters. But most of the young brains are reluctant to choose basic sciences as their career due to unsecured future. This matter of national concern was pointed by the then Minister for Human Resource Development, on the occasion of the golden Jubilee function of UGC. His observation was as under quot;The undergraduate education in pure sciences is a matter of serious concern. We are going to face shortage of good researchers in a few years time particularly in our premier research institutes in the field of Atomic Energy, Space, Bio- technology, Energy, Oil exploration, Communication and so on. We will have to focus at 10+2 level and quot;catch them youngquot; for integrated 5 years teaching programme with a possibility of exit after three yearsquot;. The Formal announcement for setting up of National Institute of Science, NISc was made by the President of India on December 28, 2003 on occasion of the concluding ceremony of the Golden Jubilee of the UGC. Now the government of India has initiated the concept of IISER. And, on August 28, 2006 hon'ble PM laid foundation stone of National Institute of Science Education and Research (NISER), a modified name of NISc, in Orissa. NISER is also supposed to be similar to IISER in aims and objectives. In the next section we are giving in detail the important features of IISER / NISER. 2. Features of IISER/NISER: Establishment of IISER/NISER can be taken as a unique step to safeguard declining state of science education in the country. These institutes have been patterned after the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore, in terms of high quality research in basic science and the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in terms of teaching and education. Some of the important and special features of IISER can be observed as under
  5. 5. Souvenir, 2008 2.1 Autonomous Status: IISER will be an autonomous institute under the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Government of India. It will serve as research centre of the highest caliber and will provide teaching as well as research training of excellent quality in the basic science subjects. However, NISER will function under the Department of Atomic Energy (DAE) with course patterns similar to that of IISER. 2.2 Flexible Integrated Academic Programms: IISER will offer 5-years integrated Masters and post-bachelors and post-Masters Ph.D. programs. Beside this, doors for the integrated programs will be open for all those students graduating in science from different universities. The integrated programme will be flexible and student has option to leave this after taking master degree after four years, if they are not willing to pursue doctoral program. Also, a M.Sc. degree holder from outside can get direct entry into PhD program of the IISER. There will be options and opportunities for the post- doctoral and research positions. Students will get scholarship on the basis of merit. Obviously there will be three entry points to IISER. The degrees awarded would be: a. Integrated 5-year Masters Curriculum following class XII of our school /Inter college system (or its equivalent) b. Post B.Sc. integrated Ph.D. curricula (i.e. M.Sc and Ph.D) c. Ph.D. programme after M.Sc or equivalent degree 2.3 Multidisciplinary nature of IISER: IISER will provide multidisciplinary science education and specialization. Traditional borders will be highly flexible. The academic programmes will be semester wise with options for specialization in multiple disciplines of basic sciences based on a flexible credit system. There will be exceptional teaching and research talents which will be bolstered by state of the art research laboratories, library and computational facilities. Comprehensive core courses will be provided in the first two years of the program in all areas of basic sciences, viz. chemical, physical, mathematical and biological sciences; following which, students can branch out to contemporary areas of interdisciplinary research. 2.4 Additional courses: Additional courses in the interdisciplinary areas of earth, agriculture, energy and environmental science, computer and system sciences and engineering sciences, along with courses in Humanities / Social Sciences, Computational Science with modern numerical methods will be an integral part of the programme. Full time research, technical project or specialized training during the final one and half years of the integrated Masters programme leading to a dissertation will be mandatory. 2.5 Center for R&D: Apart from classroom instructions, IISER will equip students with skills of other areas such as scientific inquiry, problem solving, communication skills, computational sciences, electronics and instrumentation, workshop and glass blowing practices. IISER will be an institute of international standards and provide research opportunities in the frontier areas of science and Technology. 2.6 Intake: The full fledged IISER will accommodate more than 2,000 students in integrated master, doctoral and post doctoral programme, with about 200 excellent faculty members.
  6. 6. Souvenir, 2008 2.7 Financial Support: Adequate financial support in the form of freeship and scholarship will be provided to students. Obviously, this new initiative of central government to popularize and pave science education and research will produce excellent scientific manpower throughout the country and lead to development of quality infrastructure, industry and other related developments in the native state of institution. 2.8 Benefits and Importance of IISER One of the most important features of the course pattern of IISER is that it will be multi- disciplinary in nature. Multidisciplinary education in science will be helpful in developing flexible cognitive style and will train students for wide range of potential, for gaining excellence in multiple fields. It has been seen that the process of getting specialization becomes faster after adequate multidisciplinary training. This will develop specialization in students at higher levels of study or at work place. Such difference from traditional science education will increase possibility of student motivation and aptitude. It is like making Jack of all trades and master of many trades. Sometimes becoming jack of all trades is better than mastering one because it makes you master of integration, association, and conceptualization which bring distinctive specialization in future. If we see the list of polymaths e.g. Leonardo da Vinci, who was engineer, physician, painter, inventor, musician, astrologer, alchemist and architect, it is very easy for one to imbue that they were mastering many disciplines, capable in integrating knowledge of different trades and had shown unique convergence with diverging skills .Fortunately, land of Bihar has also given many polymaths among which name of Chanakya is well known, but this land has been kept blanked with in the national scene and IISER will be, a setup with hope to produce pundits of sciences. One can easily feel the importance and impact of such institutes in our own state. Of course opening of such institute will give new directions to students, create scientific inclination and appetite for science education but place of establishment of such institutes decides many things such as distribution of national educational fund, regional developments etc that are matter of national concerns. 3. Why the State of Bihar needs NISc/NISER/ IISER? The decision to open such institutes at the places where there is already a high concentration of central institutes will further widen regional imbalances and developmental pattern will be highly skewed in favor of the metropolitan areas of the Nation which has never been our long term objective. Our National objective has been equitable share in the developmental efforts to of all parts of our country. As per statistics (appendix - IV) Bihar is one of the most ignored states since independence. Bihar has been receiving least central funds for education and hence it is at the back bench in matters of education and research. The states of Bihar and Jharkhand have been the biggest revenue generators and made lion contribution in centrally collected excise, vat and direct taxes. Our savings in the
  7. 7. Souvenir, 2008 banks (Deposits) is one of the largest as compared to other states. Then why do we have the least share in the national pie. It is our natural right that if any national program is mooted we must have the share in the program first. So let it be in the case of the national programme of Indian Institute of Science & Education Research. There has to be serious planning with sustained action and monitoring by government for next 20 years to join the vanguard of developed states. Bihar is completely devoid of National and central Institutes. Excellent centers of education and research in the area of S&T are urgently required as developments in S&T stimulate developments in other areas too. In addition to this, there are more valid reasons to open NISC/IISER/NISER; however, we emphasize here a few of them as under 3.1 Bihar is deserted of National and Centrally Funded Educational R and D. Institutions: In the name of national institute, Bihar has a National Institute of Technology which is in infancy. It is well known that in Bihar there is not a single institution like Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Indian Institute of Information Technology (IIIT), Indian Statistical Institute (ISI), Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Research Laboratories of Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), Laboratory of Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO), Central University or other institutes of national and international reputes. One can find list of institutes of national repute at ortance 3.2. Bihar needs Local Research & Development facility: The pitiful state of affairs with existing educational institutes in Bihar is that their research and development activities have come to a grinding halt. Govt. of India has established Knowledge Commission. In what capacity Bihar will join such avenues for national and global race? How a Bihari can contribute in it and take benefit from it? Without research and quality education, how one can think to grow, develop and become prosperous? One may argue that institutes like IIT, IIIT, NIS, IISC, IIM, and ISI are accepting students on merit from all over India, and it does not matter if these Institutes are not situated in Bihar. In the wider sense, it is acceptable and if a student from Bihar comes in merit list he/she can get admission anywhere in India, but local spin-offs of Central Universities will be totally absent. Local spin offs of big Institutes are numerous and important. The existence of educational institutes of repute in proximity increases awareness among people for the quality education. It works as node for interaction and transmission of knowledge among aspirants, teachers and local people. It procures lot of benefits to faculties of nearest colleges and universities. The chances of getting higher education and training for faculty members of other local colleges, universities will increase. This will improve their quality which will be further beneficial for the students getting education under them. Lot of teachers working in different universities of Bihar do not avail training program and quality improvement program because such facilities are available in the reputed institutes far away from their working place. The presence of big institutes also improves inclination for research among employed faculties. At present research orientation among college or university teachers in Bihar is rare. If some teachers are active in research, it is painful for them to get research materials. For that they need to visit institutes in places
  8. 8. Souvenir, 2008 like Varanasi, Allahabad, Delhi, and Kolkata which are not near. Traveling to these Institutes takes time, money and willpower which can not be naturally expected from all the research aspirants. The result of such difficulties is that very few faculty members manage to do research and thus fail to improve themselves and one can not expect quality teaching from them. Under such circumstances teachers have to rely on their own experience of knowledge which in turn compels teachers to run under the strategy of chalk & talk- rote- routine which is never good in university education. Availability of big Institutions locally can tackle these problems and inspire or open eyes of both the teachers and the taught. 3.3 Big Institutes supports and accelerate Industrialization in the Local area: Big Institutes attract industries. It can be observed in all places where big institutes are situated. The relation between companies and big institutes of S &T is like that of bee and flower. Companies always like to open their branches near such institutes for technical collaboration. So establishment of big educational and research institute is an open invitation for companies resulting in new job openings as well as local overall developments. 3.4 It will help in stopping brain drain (internal and external): The existence of big institute can stop brain drain which is essential for developing Bihar. Of course, many people from Bihar are getting higher educations and are doing well in different areas of scientific research, medical, engineering etc. Such people also aspire to live in Bihar and have a plan to do something for their home state. But they are unable to show their worth because suitable place for the growth of their merit, genius and capability within Bihar does not exist. 3.5 Establishment of NISc/IISER in Bihar will be a step to reduce regional imbalance and increase funding to Bihar: There is a great regional imbalance in the distribution of national institutes and national funds available for education to different states. Bihar is one of the most neglected states. Since independence there have been developments of many institutes in the southern India in comparison to northern part and they are more or less uniformly distributed. [Appendix IV] 3.6 It is a big socio-political decision: Establishment of NISc/ IISER in Bihar will be a big political decision. In the eye of central government present educational environment of Bihar is not conducive for the establishment of such institutes. Also, neighboring states are in race for getting NISc/IISER. In the light of the decision of Central Govt. to promote science education and research, we people of Bihar should come forward to drive home the point that for modernization and industrialization of Bihar quality science and technical education is indispensable. Also if the Indian state follows the principle of equitable development as per our constitution, then why Bihar will be allowed to languish in backwardness and poverty. 3.7 Hon'ble President's vision for Bihar: On March 28, 2006, while addressing joint session of legislatures of Bihar and also Bihar Chamber of Commerce, Hon'ble President, Dr. Abdul Kalam emphasized the matter of establishment of IISER in Bihar as observed under:
  9. 9. Souvenir, 2008 “Institutions of Advanced Learning in Bihar : The Human Resource Development Ministry may consider the creation of an Indian Institute of Technology in Bihar for promoting high quality technical education and research in Bihar and ten state of the art skill development technical institutes . The All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) for Patna has already been approved by the government. There is need to establish high quality medical education and research institute very fast. In addition, all the universities and their affiliated colleges in Bihar must progressively get themselves ISO certified. The Bihar Government may also consider the establishment of a few private sector advanced institutions at four or five key locations so that they can become benchmark and competitor for government institutions”. (Part of the 10 point prescription for the development of Bihar by Hon'ble President Dated March 28, 2006) 3.8 Bihar Comes under BIMARU state in India Science Report: Bihar shares higher percentage of non-scientific and technical workforce of the country. In the India Science Report Bihar comes under BIMARU group of states and keeps 8.9% of non scientific and non-technical workforce of the country. As per India Science Report 2005, the number of students from Bihar migrating to other states for the higher studies in science may be somewhere less than 0.6%. This happens due to imbalance in distribution of such institutes. Getting higher education outside is costlier and every aspirant cannot afford it despite his/her will to continue higher education in science. Such migration of student also leads to the development of infrastructure to states where they study. The establishment of such institute will increase percentage of students from Bihar seeking higher education in science. The unavailability of institutes like IISER of higher education and research also forbid students from other parts of the country to come here for education. This dispels Bihar from national and international educational streams and state remains known for its ugly faces to the rest the country. Based on such observations Bihar must get a NISc/IISER. Bihar has a rich legacy in the field of Science, Mathematics and Arts. In early period It had International University of Nalanda fame. Bihar has produced Giants in the area of scientific research, literature and arts such as Aryabhatt, Vanbhatt, Panini, Chanakya, Jai Shankar Prasad, Rahul Sankritayan and their likes. However, at present Bihar is not credited for its golden past and deliberately denied for opportunities that can restore our capacity and prosperity. We fell behind in national stream largely due to such ignorance. It has been argued by many policy makers that Bihar does not deserve institute likes IISER/NISER on the ground of downhill journey of our higher education system. We accept that the status of our higher education system is on the downhill path but when we introspect to find out the reasons, the root causes comes out to be ignorance, deprived of opportunities to develop, poor allocation of central funds on our education etc. Despite such persistent ignorance academics from Bihar has made great success in many fields. The teaching of science is being done in the local universities but research is partially absent. Research requires resources which is not available. So denial of IISER/NISER like institutes on the basis of our poor research and education condition is totally baseless and is like an old well known saying in Hindi that
  10. 10. Souvenir, 2008 The Areas In Which Headways Have Been Made By Researchers In Bihar In the different state run universities such as Patna University, BRA Bihar University, Mithila University, Magadh University Bhagalpur University, Rajendra Agriculture University considerable headway has been made in the different areas of physical and applied sciences. In PU, much quality work has been done in the area of Bio- Tech and Genetics. In Physical Sciences, notable progress has been made in nanotechnology in Patna University. Researchers and teachers serving in these universities have published several important papers in reputed national and international journals. Many papers have been published in the field of Artificial Satellites dynamics as well as in the dynamics of three body systems in Mathematics Department of BRA Bihar University (under D.S.T. project) and there has been considerable work in the field of few body systems and astrophysics in Patna University itself. There is also running master level course in Electronic Science under BRA Bihar University. Establishment of IISER can add a professional value to such courses. Very important research has been done in the field of solar energy and Material Sciences in Mithila University. In our agricultural research center many new varieties of rice, potato and other agro-product has been developed. In physical sciences theoretical work in the area of nuclear physics and quantum mechanics is of high standard. Major progress has been made in studies of environment and fishes. There may be many other noteworthy developments in the Universities of Bihar. A good number of our alumni are placed in important International centers of R. & D. in India and abroad ( e.g. NASA , M.I. T. , Maryland Univ., Space Observatories (UK) etc. ).A good number of them are contributing their lot through the organizations like BiharBrains What the committee likes to suggest is that we have conducive environment to flourish institutes like NISER/IISER. In reality, absence of such institutes has sidelined merits as they did not get opportunity to flourish. If institute like IISER/ NISER is opened in the state many people from Bihar who are doing work outside can return to contribute for the mother state. 4. Conclusion: As pointed above, there is an urgent need of the time that an Institute of Excellence be established in Bihar with the sole objective of rigorous training for Degrees at BSc, MSc and M.Phil level and for doing world class research in the field of Science & Technology, we find ourselves best suited for. The fields in which some nascent activities have been shown can become the trend setter for guiding PhD scholars and for Post-doctoral research. Once the central facilities of Library and Computers are established and once a rigorous method of evaluation and choosing citation index as the measuring scale for the research scholars are adopted, there should be a rapid growth of original and innovative research. The need for Indian Institute of Science & Education Research is well established in this presentation. After establishment of IISER there will be development of specialized laboratories for research at higher levels in different areas of sciences.
  11. 11. Souvenir, 2008 Modalities • Government of Bihar will have to provide about 250 acres of land at nominal rate which must be reasonably accessible by air and rail. It must also provide access road, drinking water, insure electricity supply etc. • The central government will provide financial outlay of around Rs. 500.00 crores for a period of five years. This financial outlay has already been promised to the two institutes in Kolkata and Pune by central government. • Integrated campus with housing for faculty, hostel for students, guesthouse for visiting teachers and scientists as well as sports facilities. • The projected strength of this IISER in the next five years will be about 1500 students and 150 faculty members. We therefore request the Govt of Bihar to urgently take up the demand to the Govt. of India and We the core Committee members will provide our full cooperation and support to the process at various levels
  12. 12. Souvenir, 2008 Appendix – I LIST OF MEMBERS OF THE CORE COMMITTEE (Set up by BiharBrains) Local Members (Resident of Bihar)
  13. 13. Souvenir, 2008
  14. 14. Souvenir, 2008
  15. 15. Souvenir, 2008
  16. 16. Souvenir, 2008 The above committee held its three consecutive meetings at department of Physics, Patna University,Patna. Based on discussion and written reports, previous applications and articles, included in appendix, submitted by many members, final reports have been compiled and then ratified by all members unanimously. This report also includes reports by following members i. “Vision document” of Dr. Vijay Singh (TIFR, Mumbai) who later submitted his report to BiharBrains. ii. Report of Dr. Manish Kumar Jha, member of the core committee iii. Report of Dr. Sudhir Ranjan, Pittsburg, member of the core committee
  17. 17. Souvenir, 2008 IV. Report of Dr. Rajkishore Prasad, member of the core committee We do feel that this report satisfies the objectives of the committee for which it was formed. We all members of the committee hereby submit this report to BiharBrains and do hope that BiharBrains will submit this report to the govt of Bihar and thereafter Bihar government will go ahead to bring an NISc/ IISER/NISER for Bihar. Signatures of the members
  18. 18. Souvenir, 2008 Appendix – II Chronology of Efforts Made By Bihar Brains Dr. RajKishore Prasad, Lecturer University Department of Electronic Science, BRA Bihar University, Muzaffarpur, (At present a post-doctoral research fellow of JSPS, TOKYO, JAPAN) started demand of NISc/IISER for Bihar in 2004 and has been continuously raising the issue at different levels. On August 13, 2004 he sent first letter to the hon'ble president making demand for a NISc for Bihar. The copy of the same was sent to all mentioned in the application it is also placed in the directory of BiharBrains. In Jan 2006, Dr. Raj Kishore Prasad raised this issue in the BiharBrains requested the group members raise the issue at wider level. Dr. Prasad submitted his reports to the group and is actively running with the issue. Then BiharBrains is taking up this matter and started a campaign for the demand of NISC-IISER in Bihar in various levels and fronts. BiharBrains discuss this issue on the group mails with members from across the world and make further strategies and plan. This can be appreciated by the following Chronology of events for the Demand of NISC-IISER in Bihar 1. August 13, 2004: Dr. Rajkishore Prasad sent first letter to the Hon'ble President, then chief minister of Bihar and all other mentioned in letter for the establishment of National Institute of Science (NISc). [See Appendix V] 2. NDA led central government stepped down and matter of NISc became pending. On 28.09.2005 UPA led government announced to open Indian Institute of Science for Education and Research (IISER) at Pune and Kolkata. 3. Dr. Raj Kishore joined BB and also initiated discussion on the same in the BiharBrains on 24th Jan, 2006. Details are available at the group's website ( 4. Jan 28, 06: Direct letter by Raj Kishore to the newly elected chief minister of Bihar and forwarded copy to all others addressed in the letter. Copy of the letter was also forwarded to BiharBrains, different newspapers and members of scientific advisory committee to PM. [Appendix VI] 5. Feb.09, 2006: same letter was posted by Raj Kishore (from Tokyo, Japan) to hon'ble PM, India 6. March 13, 2006: There has been confusion over the issue of NISc and IISER. So Dr. Rajkishore Prasad also added proposal for IISER in the above letter and sent to hon'ble President, PM, CM Bihar and all other mentioned in the letter. Copy of the same was sent to BB and to Shri. Bikramaditya. Bibhuti (Global Chairman of BiharBrains) [Appendix V] 7. March 23, 06: Formal request for the meeting with Minister Science &Technology was sent by Shri. Bibhuti Bikramaditya, Chairman, BiharBrains to discuss on the following agenda;
  19. 19. Souvenir, 2008 • Demand for NISC/IISER in Bihar, • Role of NRIs in the development of Bihar, On the same day indirect call from Minister was accepted by Sri Bikramaditya to hold meet with him on March 30, 2006. ) [Appendix VIII] 8. March 28, 2006: Hon'ble President stressed need of IISER and IIT for Bihar while, addressing joint session of legislatures of Bihar which was forwarded in group by Dr. Prasad to accelerate the matter.) [Appendix IX] 9. March 30,06: Meeting with Hon’ble Minister,Science & Technology, Govt of Bihar with a team led by Sri Bibhuti Bikramaditya comprising Prof BK Sharma , Prof RK Sinha, Prof UNL Mathur for the Demand of NISC /IISER in Bihar and role of NRIS in the development of Bihar. The memorandum was submitted in support of NISC /IISER in Bihar. In the meeting serious discussions were held on the various aspects of establishing NISC /IISER and other research institutes in Bihar. In that meeting A memorandum BBSC/Gov/02/06-07 was given. [Appendix X] 10. Resolution of the meeting: a. BB will form core committee for the demand of NISC/IISER in Bihar. The committee will give its report in one month time. b. BB will organize seminar for creating environment in Bihar for the investors in the month of Nov, 06 in association with the Dept of Science & Technology, Govt of Bihar. BB will invite NRIs /CEOs of MNCs/Academicians in the same event and take ideas from them. 11. April 2, 2006: Dr. Rajkishore Prasad talked (through BBC) with Hon'ble union minister S & T, Dr. Kapil Sibal making demand of NISc/IISER for Bihar. Hon'ble minister replied in affirmative while commenting on poor conditions of existing educational environment in Bihar 12. May 4, 06: A 51 member Core committee (32 from the state of Bihar and 19 from other parts of the world) was formed by BiharBrains. A notification for the First meet of the Core committee was sent to all members. Dr SP Verma, EX- HOD, Physics Deptt., Patna Science College was given the responsibility to act as the coordinator of the Core committee. [Appendix XIII] 13. May 10, 06: BiharBrains organizes meeting of the First core committee members held at the PG Dept of Physics, Patna University, Patna 14. May 25, 06: BiharBrains organized second meeting of the core committee. 15. Jun 1, 2006: An article by Dr. Prasad in Hindustan Hindi Dainik, Patna Edition.[Appendix XIV] 16. July 13, 2006: Dr. Prasad met hon'ble Union Minister Sri Ram Vilash Paswan as representative of BiharBrains in Japan to request to bring a NISc/ IISER in Bihar and submitted a memorandum. The copy of the same has been submitted
  20. 20. Souvenir, 2008 to all other concerned mentioned in the application. Hon'ble minister promised to bring an IISER in Bihar.Copy of the same has been sent to other VIPs (Hon'ble President, Hon'ble CM and Deputy CM Bihar, Hon'ble Union Railways Minister, Hon'ble Union Minister HRD, Sri Sharad Yadav, Hon'ble MP, Hon'ble Union Minister for Rural Development, Hon'ble MP Sri G. Franandis, Hon'ble Union Minster for state HRD. M.A. Fatami. [Appendix XIII] 17. An article by Dr. Rajkishore Prasad on his meeting with hon'ble union minister which was published in many leading papers such as Bihar Times, Patna Daily, Bharat Today etc [Appendix XVI]. 18. Aug 28,2006 : Dr. Vijay Singh ( National Coordinator of Science Olympiads , Homi Bhabha Center for Science Education ,TIFR ,Mumbai) also send his proposal “Vision document “ to BiharBrains to highlight this issue to the govt. His document was accepted to include under BiharBrains chronology. Earlier he also sent letter to the govt of Bihar for the demand of setting up of IISER in Bihar. [ Appendix XVII] 19. Report by Dr. Manish Kumar Jha, Post Doctoral Researcher,KIGAM (A Govt. R&D Lab.),Daejeon, South Korea and a member of core committee. [Appendix XVIII] 20. Report by Dr. Sudhir Ranjan, USA, A member of the core Committee [Appendix XIX] 21. Report by Dr. Rajkishore Prasad, A member of the core Committee [Appendix XX] 22. Sept 24, 2006 An article by Dr. Rajkishore Prasad, Published in Manthan a publication by Bihar Brains 23. Third and final core meet to finalize the draft: held on Nov 12, 2006 at B.SC Lecture Theatre, Dept of Physics, Patna Science College, Patna. Other Appendixes have given in full report. It can be downloaded from
  21. 21. Souvenir, 2008 Inter school level competition: March 25, 2006 Janipur (Sitamarhi) March 25, 2006: Inter school level competition was held at JANIPUR Middle school. Mukhiya of the Village Sri Ram Kumar Mishra inaugurated the function and Mr. Bibhuti Bikramaditya was the Chief Guest on the occasion. Five schools of the same village panchayat were attended and participated in the competition. Prizes were distributed among students who got first and second prize in the event of ganit daud, debate competition and singing. Mr. Bibhuti Bikramaditya announced to appoint one teacher from BiharBrains because of the immediate need of the math teacher in the school. Mr. Sanjay Mandal (left sit) , with his Janipur Team Sri Bibhuti Bikramaditya Deliering lecture on Adventures Mr. Bibhuti Bikramaditya Deliering lecture on Adventures Inter School Level Competition at Madhya Vidyalaya, ofBB Pune membersMagadh Mahila College, Patna Embedded system at at Hotel Raviraj, Pune Members. ofBB Pune membersMagadh Mahila College, Patna Embedded system at India Janipur, Sitamarhi, Bihar,at Hotel Raviraj, Pune For details, please visit:
  22. 22. Souvenir, 2008 Scholarship for poor students announced: March 21, 2006 Patna March 21, 2007: BiharBrains Scholastic Center, BBSC, Patna) announces Special Talent Search program for the poor in the name of brave warrior of India, Late Sri Anil Kumar Singh, IPS who died in an encounter with six armed robbers in the Mumbai bound train at Patna last year on June 4,2006. In the moving train, on seeing helpless passengers being robbed, Late Singh, unarmed, confronted the robbers alone and in the process got shot. Risking his life, he held on to one of the robber till help arrived. He saved fellow passengers but could not save his own life. Sri Anil Kumar Singh, DIG retired from IPS (Bihar Cadre) in 2002 after a highly decorated career. He was one of the most respected police officers of Bihar and was practicing as a lawyer in Patna High Court after his retirement, providing free legal help to the needy. The scholarship in his memory will be awarded to the meritorious and needy poor children, studying in class 6th to 10th in Gov/Village schools of Bihar. As per plan, three Students will be selected from each of the class on the basis of merit, demonstrated in a talent competition, to be held every year by Bihar Brains. Each of the 15 students will get scholarship of Rs 250 every month for a full year along with a prize of Rs.5000/- with a certificate to the best scorer of marks at Bihar School Examination Board. The scholarship money to the tune of Rs.50000/-has been donated by Late Singh's son, Siddhartha.
  23. 23. Souvenir, 2008 Patna Resource Center Inaugurated & Manthan Released: Feb 15, 2006 Patna, Feb 15, 2006: BiharBrains inaugurated its second center at Dept of Physics, Patna Science College in association with Dept of Physics in the name of “Patna Resource Center”, an extension branch of BB Scholastic center. In this occasion BiharBrains released its first magazine “Manthan” and prizes and certificates were awarded to the participants of Career counseling program, workshops on embedded systems and Evening course on VLSI. Following are the details of the program: •Chief Guest: Sri K.K. Srivastava, Ex- Chief Secy Bihar was the chief guest on this occasion. •Inaugurated by: Dr. J. Thakur, former Vice Chancellor, Patna University, Patna •Other dignitaries: Dr. B.K. Srivastava famous Psychiatrists, Sri Amalendu Narayan Sinha EX- Editor Hindustan Times, Dr. S.N. Guha (Principal Science College). •Release of Manthan: Sri K.K. Srivastava released the first issue on Manthan and • Ribbon cutting By Sri K.K. Srivastava: Ribbon cutting ceremony was held to inaugurate BB resource center at Dept of Physics, Patna University in the presence of all dignitaries. •Coordinator of the event: Mr. Bibhuti Bikramaditya was the coordinator of the event and Dr. B.K. Sharma presided over the function. Mr. K.K. Srivastava, EX- Chief Secy, Bihar, Inaugural Sri Bibhuti Bikramaditya Deliering lecture on Adventures Ribbon Cutting ceremony: Sri K.K. lecture on Adventures Mr. Bibhuti Bikramaditya Deliering Srivastava, Ex-Chief ofBB Pune membersMagadh Mahila College, Patna Function, Patna Embedded system at at Hotel Raviraj, Pune Secy, Pune membersMagadh Mahila College, Patna ofBB Govt of Bihar at at Hotel Raviraj, Pune Embedded system
  24. 24. Souvenir, 2008 Mr. Bibhuti Bikramaditya Deliering lecture on Adventures Sri K.K. Srivastava, EX- Chief Secy, Bihar, Releasing Mr. Bibhuti Bikramaditya Deliering lecture on Adventures Manthan Online Release by Sri K.K.Srivastava, Ex- ofBB Pune membersMagadh Mahila College, Patna Embedded system at at Hotel Raviraj, Pune ofBB Pune membersMagadh Mahila College, Patna Embedded system at at Manthan Chief Secy, Govt Of Bihar Hotel Raviraj, Pune Mr. Bibhuti Bikramaditya Deliering lecture on Adventures Mr. Bibhutiin the function Deliering lecture on BB Patna Gathering Bikramaditya with magazines of Adventures ofBB Pune membersMagadh MahilaThakur Pune Ribbon Cutting ceremony: Sri J. College, Embedded system at at Hotel Raviraj, Patna ofBB Pune membersMagadh Mahila College, Patna Embedded system at at Hotel Raviraj, Pune Resource Center
  25. 25. Souvenir, 2008 Meeting with Hon’ble Science & Technology Minister: March 30, 2006 March 30, 06: A four member team of BiharBrains led by its chairman, Mr. Bibhuti Bikramaditya met Hon’ble Minister S& T , Dr. Anil Kumar on March 30, 2006. The main agenda was for the demand of NISC/IISER in Bihar the role of NRIs in the development of Bihar. Main excerpts of the meeting: Serious discussions were held on the various aspects of establishing NISC and other research institute in Bihar. It was decided that 1. BB will organize seminar for creating environment in Bihar for the investors in the month of Nov, 06 in association with the Dept of Science & Technology, Govt of Bihar. 2. BB will invite NRIs /CEOs of MNCs /Academicians in the same event and take ideas from them. 3. Regarding IISER, Hon’ble Minister gave opinion to put proposal to govt for the demand of IISER. The govt. will discus with central govt MHRD department for its establishment. Govt is ready to provide land and other infrastructure facilities. Attendees: Prof BK Sharma, Prof RK SIhna, Prof UNL Mathur and Bibhuti Bikramaditya.
  26. 26. Souvenir, 2008 April, 2004 to March 2007
  27. 27. Souvenir, 2008 Malti Gauri Yojna for Village school announced: Aug 18, 2006 Janipur(Sitamarhi) Aug 18,2006: BB Organized meeting in Janipur on Aug 18,2006.The main agenda was to develop school in the village. Main excerpts of the meeting: 1. Mr. Bibhuti Bikramaditya announced his decision to support his school where he studied. 2. Tirpal for the kitchen where khichadi for students cooked. This was without shade and whenever rain comes,, no khichadi is provided to those students 3. Desk /Benches: 6 desk and benches one sweeper for cleaning school claasrooms and surroundings 4. Two needy and poor students got scholarship from biharbrains: 100 Rs. per month against notebook and pen for 6 month for each 6 month, scholarship for those students will be reviewed if the performance of the student is not good. 5. The school planned to organize programs in school for kids in the month of November or December which will include 1 essay completion,2. Debate competition 3. Cultural program, 4. ganit daud etc. . Water Harvesting Project Demo: Dec24, 2006 Delhi, Dec24, 2006: Sri Alok Kumar Bihari, a member of BiharBrains in Delhi presented his model of the project in presence of all local members of delhi in a meeting on the arrival of Sri Bibhuti Bikramaditya, chairman of BiharBrains . The meeting was called by Sri Dhirendra kumar, Delhi representatives of BiharBrains. In the meeting he put his idea of project whatever he did so far and also showed his live demo at his house. As per Scheme, the whole idea is to remove present “Nala” Drainage system. He presented his model for solution which will also protect river water to become dirty as well as stop water level decreasing tendency. After long discussion, we decided Following 1. To support his model worldwide 2. BB will arrange meeting with CWRS, Patna (a unit of NIT for central water research) to know the authenticity of his project which will help us to know about the feasibility of his project. 3. His demo was already published by all newspapers and news channel “Aaj tak/Aankhon Dekhi/Zee news etc. we decided that Mr. Ranjeet and Mr. Dhirendra will hold once again meeting with fellow man for taking his
  28. 28. Souvenir, 2008 interviews on video on second week of Jan, 2007. His video will be uploaded into Bihar Brains website. 4. After successful meeting with Scientist of CWRS, we can think about the model of this project in delhi and we will give all support to him. For the details, please click on Telephonic Conversation With Hon’ble DYCM on Global Bihar Meet and IISER in Bihar: Jan 6, 2007 Patna,Jan 6, 2007: Hon’ble Dy CM Bihar called on phone over the issue of global meet and the establishment of IISER in Bihar. In a 15 minutes talk he expressed his desire to talk to delegation of BiharBrains for the establishment of IISER in state. On Global Bihar Meet, Mr. Bibhuti assured all possible help to Govt and informed him that about 15 people of Bihar in different parts of India and abroad will be attending meet. Meeting with Hon’ble Minister for S & T on IISER : Jan 6, 2007 Patna,Jan 6, 2007: A meeting was held between BB members & minister of S&T .The main agenda of meeting was to discuss on the progress of establishment of IISER in the state. Main excerpts of the meeting: 1. He informed that dept has already sent letter of proposal to secy, govt of Bihar and Ministry of HRD, New Delhi. 2. He expressed his desire to give all possible action in the establishment of IISER in the state.
  29. 29. Souvenir, 2008 BB Delegation Meet with Hon’ble DYCM on IISER & Global Bihar Meet: Jan 8, 2007 Patna, Jan8, 2007: A four member delegation of BiharBrains met Sri Sushil Kumar Modi, Deputy Chief Minister, Govt of Bihar.The main agenda of the meeting was to present the demand for establishment of Indian Institute of Science Education & Research (IISER) and discussed its various facets. Main excerpts of the meeting: 1. Hon’ble DY CM, Sri Sushil Kumar Modi assured the delegation that as he had a scheduled meeting with Chief Minister on 9th Jan 2007, he would make it a point to raise the issues presented in the memorandum with him. 2. The delegation stressed that it was high time for the state government to make it a point to strongly demand the IISER in our state as it would help in strengthening & raising the quality of science education in the state. Attendees: The members of the delegation were Prof. Jagannath Thakur, Former Vice Chancellor, Patna University & Head, Physics Deptt., P. U., Prof. B. K. Sharma, Head, Electronics Deptt. , N. I. T., Patna , Prof. S.P. Verma, Former Head, Physics Deptt., Science College and Mr. Vijay Sharan, Office Executive BiharBrains. Please see news link below:
  30. 30. Souvenir, 2008 Global Bihar Meet, 2007: Jan 19-21, 2007 Patna Jan 19-21, 2007: The Institute for Human Development, (, New Delhi and Bihar Times (, Patna in collaboration with the Government of Bihar organised the first ever “Global Meet for a Resurgent Bihar” from 19 to 21 January 2007 at Hotel Maurya, Patna. This meet was inaugurated by Hon’ble President of India, Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam on Jan 19, 2007 at S.K Memorial Hall, Patna. On this event, BiharBrains as a group/organization was selected as “Participation Associate” and given responsibility to work as “overseas coordinator” with objectives to spread mission of the conference among all NRIs and NRBs for their participation in the global meet. Sri Bibhuti Bikramaditya, Chairman of BiharBrains was one of the overseas coordinator of six member’s coordinators team from all over the world who played significant role in organising the said event. Please see the details BiharBrains formed 18 member delegates from different parts of India and abroad, comprising members from scientific community, corporate world and academics etc for the global meet. The said delegation was led by Dr. B.K Sharma, President BiharBrains, & HOD Electronics, NIT, Patna and this was coordinated by Sri Ravindra Kishore. CEO of MV Industries, Patna (BB Patna Representative). The overall objective of the Meet was to bring together on one platform, leaders of industry and trade, policy makers, scholars, development practitioners, and social activists to explore opportunities and partnerships for playing effective roles towards the development of Bihar. The Meet shall enable individuals and organisations, concerned with development, to appreciate the situation and forge partnerships for undertaking various initiatives for the development of the state. Venue: Hotel Maura, Patna Chief Patron: (Hon’ble) Chief Minister, Sri Nitish Kumar Chairman of Steering Committee: (Hon’ble) Deputy Chief Minister, Sri Sushil Kumar Modi. Inauguration by Hon’ble President, Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam at S.K.Memorial Hall on Jan 19, 2007. More than 500 persons including 70-80 NRIs from various parts of the world were participated in the Meet .The prominent among those who participated are Former RBI Governor and Chairman of PM’s Economic Advisory Council, C Rangarajan ,Lord Meghnath Desai ,Professor of London School of Economics, Famous economist Sri Abhijit Sen,Noted Film maker Sri Prakash Jha etc. The technical sessions was also attended by representatives from the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, UNICEF and Bihar Industries Association. On this occasion, BiharBrains submitted following proposals to Govt. of Bihar 1. Proposal for the Development of BiharBrains Scholastic center,BBSC at Patna 2. Establishment of Chemical Factory In Bihar
  31. 31. Souvenir, 2008 3.Water harvesting model plan to govt of Bihar Please see the details in Global Meet report released by BiharBrains. Dr. Harishankar Sharma and his wife(third Bibhuti Bikramaditya Ms. Bibhuti Bikramaditya (third BB Team with Sri Nitish Kumar, Hon’ble CM Aruna Sharma with Dr. Kalam , HE of Bihar on lunch session at CM House on president Pune based company at Computer lab, NI2 Logic, of India after Global Bihar Meet Jan 19,2007. based company at Computer lab, NI2 Logic, Pune Inaugural members on Hotel Raviraj, Pune BB Pune Function at Jan 19-21,2007. NIT, Patna , BB Pune Raviraj, Pune NIT, Patna Bibhuti Bikramaditya (third BB Team with Sri Nitish Kumar, Hon’ble CM Bibhuti Bikramaditya (third Some of the BB Team members out of 18 of Bihar on lunch session at CM House on members BB delegation in Global Bihar Jan 19,2007. based company at Computer lab, NI2 Logic, Pune NI2 Logic, Pune based company at Computer lab, Meet, 2007. BB Pune NIT, Patna Raviraj, Pune BB Pune NIT, Patna Raviraj, Pune
  32. 32. Souvenir, 2008 Patna Goes Global An Exclusive Report on Global Bihar Meet, 2007 Report Compiled by Bibhuti Bikramaditya and Ranjeet Kumar 2. Global Meet Need and 1. Abstract Objectives Patna,the ancient Pataliputra In 1952 Dr. Paul H. Appleby, a US witnessed large gatherings of Non scholar presented a document on Residents Indians and Non Resident Indian States to the Prime Minister people of Bihar who came here all the Jawaharlal Nehru which suggested that way to attend First global Meet for the Bihar was the best administrated state resurgent Bihar at Hotel Maurya, Patna in the country at that time. He used on Jan 19-21, 2007 and discussed on various criteria and interviews with the development perspectives of the hundreds of specialists across the state which has gone at nadir in country for his study. After almost all the fields in modern India. independence, the situation became This meet was of very importance as deteriorating because of ill will of the development of Bihar has become politicians and their non performance sole issue of the central govt as well for the development of the Bihar. In as the state govt. Many a times the over 50 years of independence, the reports of world bodies, statistical state has got all bad names in his analyst also showed very pathetic basket in the name of hooliganism, situation of this sorry state of India. arsons, Violence and center of bad To initiate the process of politics and politicians etc. development, the new govt in Bihar With a land mass larger than has taken several steps to improve France and population more than five infrastructure, education and overall times that of Australia, Bihar brand image of Bihar in national and somewhere lost its glorious past and international fora. Organising Global admirable socio-cultural ambience Meet at Patna was one of the major which was once the paradise for the steps in this direction. intellect, and center for learning The credit goes to The Institute for religious values& cultural ethics , until Human Development someone, a year ago, dared to see the ( and Bihar Times whole picture by stepping out of the ( who made this frame. The new government in Bihar event successful in collaboration with took great initiatives to bring state Govt of Bihar including Bihar economy on track, give prosperity to Industries Association & the people of state that was warmly Bihar Chamber of Commerce, the welcomed by all section of the society Indus Enterprises and Confederation of by giving all heartiest support to the Indian Industries (CII), Asian govt. Because of these initiatives by Development Research Institute the new govt, eyes of the every (ADRI, Patna), A.N. Sinha Institute of Indian, particularly People of this state Social science & studies, Patna along living in different parts of India and with many Overseas Coordinators and abroad got rays of hope. They started Participation associates. giving his opinions and experiences to This Article presents exclusive report flourish the state to bring it to national on Global Bihar Meet, 2007. strata. To share the experiences, examine the exclamations, explore the new
  33. 33. Souvenir, 2008 ground and search the Cartesian light organization, Geneva), and Prof Ravi Global Meet was called at Patna Srivastava of National commission of between 19-21 January’ 2007 by Bihar Enterprises for unorganized sector etc. Times & Institute for Human The technical sessions was also Development, New Delhi. attended by representatives from the The overall objective of the Meet World Bank, Asian Development Bank, was to bring together on one platform, UNICEF and Bihar Industries leaders of industry and trade, policy Association. makers, scholars, development practitioners, and social activists to 4. Inaugural Function & the explore opportunities and partnerships Musings of Hon’ble President of for playing effective roles towards the India development of Bihar. The Meet had enabled individuals and organisations, concerned with development, to appreciate the situation and forge partnerships for undertaking various initiatives for the development of the state. 3. The Event The event was organized for three days from Jan 19-21, 2007 at Hotel Maurya, Patna. The Hon’ble Chief Minister of Bihar: (Sri Nitish Kumar was the Chief Patron and (Hon’ble) Deputy Chief Minister, Sri Sushil (Fig 1: Dr. Kalam Hon’ble Kumar Modi was Chairman of Steering President of India inaugurating Committee. The function was the event. Hon’ble DY CM Hon’ble inaugurated by Hon’ble President, Dr. Governor, Hon’ble Chief Minister in A.P.J. Abdul Kalam at S. K. Memorial the inaugural function) Hall on January 19, 2007. More than 500 persons including 70- The last moment acceptance of 80 NRIs from various parts of the arrival of Hon’ble President of India, world (mainly from USA, UK, Dr. Kalam was the major break Singapore, South Korea, Japan, Middle through of this event and gave boost East Countries, Thailand, Sweden etc) to the organizers as well as made were participated in the Meet. attention to the national media. Dr. The prominent among those who Kalam has always shown soft corners participated are Former RBI Governor for Bihar in the past and has given his and Chairman of PM’s Economic road map for the development Advisory Council, C. Rangarajan, Lord strategies for Bihar. He readily accepts Meghnath Desai, Professor of London that development of Bihar is School of Economics, Famous synonymous to the development of economist Sri Abhijit Sen., Sri Y. C. India. Alagh of National Planning Commission, Noted Film maker Sri Prakash Jha, and famous industrialist Prabhu Goel, Chairman of Indian Tobacco Company, ITC Sri Y. C. Deveshwar, Prof Jean Derez, of Delhi School of Economics, Dr. Gerry Rodgers, Director ILO (Internal labor
  34. 34. Souvenir, 2008 clearly indicated Mission for Agro food industry, Mission for sugar Industry, Mission for Horticulture and Mission for PURA (Providing Urban Amenities in Rural Areas) will sharp boost to the economy of the state. The below given chart clarifies all the points for the same. 4.1.1 Mission: Agro Food (Fig 2: Front view of Historic S.K Processing memorial Hall for Inaugural Function) (Fig 3: Inner view of Inaugural Function: Huge gathering at S.K Memorial Hall, Patna Following are some of the excerpts from his typical style of inauguration in 4.1.2 Mission: Sugar Industry a high tech way by giving power point presentation on his mission to the progress of Bihar and 10 points formula to develop the state. 4.1Agriculture and Agro Food processing While inaugurating, he stressed the need for Increasing the agriculture production, activating the sugar industries, dairy development, food processing and horticulture etc. This will lead to empowerment and enrichment of 27 million farmers which involves production of 57 million tones of food grains, fruits and vegetables by the State. Also it will lead to a business of Rs. 100,000 crores for processed food items in a decade. He 4.1.3 Mission: Agro: Horticulture
  35. 35. Souvenir, 2008 He advocated that Bihar should also aim at IIT and Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER). 4.3 Global Human resource cadre: He said that youth is strength of the Bihar. He advised govt to prepare 2 million youth for high value employment in IT, ITES and BPO sector and allied sector before 2010. 4.4. Renaissance - Nalanda International University: He strongly recommended re-establishing Nalanda International University with international partnership with an 4.1.4 Mission: PURA (Providing outlay of Rs. 500 crores ($100 Urban Amenities in Rural Area) million). The focus of the university is the evolution of world of peace and prosperity, devoid of crime, terrorism and war. It should be a place for meeting of minds from the national and international arena to do research on unity of minds linking human welfare, science, technologies, economics and spirituality with reference to ancient and modern thinking. 4.5. Healthcare Mission: In Health care too, Bihar has to progress a lot. According to him, it can be done through mobile clinics; tele-medicine, corporate hospitals and health benefit schemes that are essentially needed. All the above mentioned Mission of Bihar will pave the path for good 4.6. Flood and Water management: financial boost as well as generate He suggested there is a need of water millions of employment in the state. management in Bihar by creation of waterways in southern Bihar to 4.2. Education and manage the flood will increase entrepreneurship: Dr. Kalam irrigated land for about 5 million suggested Bihar to improve its literacy hectares and generate over 1000 MW rate and achieve it by 75% literacy by of Hydel power and thereby it will 2010 and 100% by 2015. He also provide employment for 9 Million stressed the need for integrated people. education and entrepreneurship from the secondary to higher education 4.7. Infrastructure Development segment. (PURA): He stressed the need to
  36. 36. Souvenir, 2008 focus on Rural Roads condition and condition for enabling such a tourist convert 35,500 km length of rural growth. roads to all weather roads and improve the maintenance of national and state highways to international standards. This is essential for all the missions discussed. Creation of 500 PURAs for the rural economic prosperity with at least two agro, food and fruit processing rural enterprises in each PURA. One nuclear Power Plant of 1000 MW capacity is suggested, apart from the large scale use of solar power and modernization of thermal power stations and creation of super critical thermal station of 1980 MW capacity. 4.9. Exclusive economic zones: Creation of 10 exclusive economic zones will give a mission to industries such as leather, silk, sports goods, sugar and IT, ITES and BPO and special tourist products. It can provide large scale employment for each region and it should aim at a turn over of at least Rs. 5,000 crores per year based on our experience in the country. 4.8. Tourist destination of the world: Bihar can be the best destination of tourism and it has potential to Increase international tourist arrival of 1 lakh to 1 million and domestic tourist of 7 million to 30 million. It may generate minimum of 4 4.10. E-Governance for Bihar: For million jobs with reference to carrying out all the 9 missions the international tourist arrival alone. It most important driving force is will lead to US $10 million additional implementation of e-governance revenue to the state. Road, coupled with administrative reforms communication and proper hotel and mission mode management is the accommodation will be a necessary necessary requirement. This will
  37. 37. Souvenir, 2008 accelerate the process of socio Administration thus creating economic development. transparent administration. 9. Establishment of PURA to remove 5. Ten Point Formula for the Rural Urban Divide and Prosperity through smart improving the Rural Economy with? Governance One PURA Cluster - One Product? as the focus. The hon’ble President of India 10. Evolution of leadership for the presented his 10 points formula for the mission mode operation from development of the state. Those are: planning to execution to the performance. 1. Fiscal correction, enhancing the revenue, controlling the 6. Meetings and Discussions in the expenditure and restructuring the Meet debt and borrowings. 2. Restructure the Public sector 6.1 JAN 19: Lunch at CM House corporations, undertakings and turn the focus towards providing Because of the visit of the Hon’ble quality of services to people at the President of India, Schedule of the same time made competitive. global meet was shrinked from three 3. Creating the export led economy days to two days. This time was very in the state. well used by Hon’ble Chief Minister. He 4. Reviving the Cooperative invited all the Guest NRIs/ NRBs at his societies with new management residence for lunch where they got structure, state-of-the-art chance to interact with CM and DY CM technology value addition, export of Bihar and try to know his vision for oriented market linkages, coupled Bihar. Both were taking care of guest with state-of-the-art training. hospitality in a very good manner. All 5. Reviving the Agriculture sector by the guests were satisfied to this diversification, efficiency in water bonhomie. management and alternate cropping, Agro-food processing and In the evening at 6.45 PM, the create a market chain. inaugural function was held in a very 6. Encourage cultivation of tight security arrangement on the commercial crops with market arrival of Hon’ble President of India, advantage while ensuring food Dr. APJ Abul Kalam. His musings has security with the stabilization of been mentioned above. food grains cultivation and increase the food production. 7. Accelerating the growth momentum in Manufacturing and Services sector with attractive 6.2 Jan 20, 2007: The actual session investment climate, single window started on Jan 20 and the major clearance, creating special attraction was Sri Lord meghnad economic zones, deregulation, Desai, member of the House of Lords better monitoring instead of control and noted economist, also the director 8. Delivering Quality of Service to of the Centre for the Study of Global the people through smart Governance at London School of governance using G2G, G2C and Economics. Speaking on G2B e-governance GRID across the “Development of Bihar in globalizing state in Civil Administration, Police world” he first thanked the chief Administration, and Institutional minister, Nitish Kumar, for being in the audience and said “now when people
  38. 38. Souvenir, 2008 say Bihar is passing through a phase of resurgence, a sense of optimism develops within him”. In his speech at the conclave he observed that social equality beyond caste and creed was more important for a real turnaround of Bihar. (Fig 6: Dr. Rajay Narayan, UK one of Overseas Coordinator, Global Bihar Meet) (Fig 4: Lord Meghnad Desai (left), London School of Economics with Prof V.S Vyas(right), Institute of Human Development, New delhi) The Chairman of ITC (The Indian Tobacco Company) Sri YC Deveshwar announced the company's decision to invest Rs. 300 crore in various schemes, including primary education and health care in Munger district. (Fig7: Shri Prabhu Goel, Duet Corporation Inc, USA) Prabhu Goel, Chairman of iPolicy Networks and founder of Duet Corporation, gave impressive speech for the industrialization of Bihar. The presence of Sri Goel who was also Division President and Director of Cadence Design Systems, Inc. and CEO/Chairman of Gateway Design Automation Corporation and also held (Fig 5: Sri Y.C. Deveshwar, management and technical positions at Chairman, ITC) IBM and Wang Labs, may pave path for starting chip design center in Bihar. Dr. Rajay Narayan, NRI of UK and All other speakers spoke and discussed one of the overseas coordinators of mainly on issues given below the Global Bihar Meet showed power point presentation for improvement in 6.2.1 Brand Image Building for health care units in Bihar. He has Bihar: As Mentioned, this global meet planned to invest in this sector in was aimed for the building good image Bihar. of Bihar. People discussed and decided to become brand ambassador of Bihar in the national and international fora
  39. 39. Souvenir, 2008 which is needed for attracting criminals and the fact that criminals do investment in the state. not enjoy the patronage of the political classes any more. 6.2.2. Sugar Industry: Discussions were held on the improvement of On the investment in Bihar, he said sugar industry and there was that the govt will ensure that the unanimous view that sugar industry of investment process in Bihar is made as Bihar should be revived. smooth as it can be and we are also ready to implement suggestions made 6.2.3 Tourism sector: Bihar can be by you. Now is the time to start the best tourist spot. They all investing in the state and that would discussed about improvement in this be the true measure for the success or sector and measures to be followed failure of this conclave. and adopted by the Govt of Bihar. One Mr. Naveen Sharma showed presentation in which he compared Gaya with Jerusalem as both the places have religious importance for three religions : Judaism, Christianity and Islam for Jerusalem as much Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism has for Gaya. The income levels of the religion holders were compared to arrive at the tourism potential of Gaya. 6.2.4 Entrepreneurship: Bihar lacks real entrepreneurship. People discussed on building entrepreneurship in people are a need of hour to create (Fig 8: Hon’ble Chief Minister Sri jobs and employment problems to fill Nitish Kumar on Jan 21, 2007) in. One innovator Raghav Mahto who built a community radio centre at He declared that Bihar got Rs 27,000 Raghopur in Bihar with virtually no crore of private investment since the capital and started earning a living for new government has come into power. him while propagating socially useful This is good sign for the others who messages on his community radio was want to take interest for the the center of attraction. investment in the state. He also declared that now all information will 6.3 Jan 21, 2007 be uploaded and updated on Bihar govt several website concerning those 6.3.1 Plenary session: In a plenary departments. session chaired by the CM, he mentioned about the difficulties he 6.3.2 Panel discussion: In the panel faces to improve the situation of the discussion, many economist including state .He made a brief opinion of the C Rangarajan former Governor of various achievement of his Reserve Bank of India, Sri Abhijit Sen, government - innovative steps like a member of planning commission, involving well trained retired World Bank Chief Economist (South employees of the army and the CBI in Asia) and PM Economic Advisory dealing with law and order, highly Council Chairman Shanta Devarajan improved conviction rate of the gave their opinion on the subject.
  40. 40. Souvenir, 2008 (Fig 9: C. Rangarajan, Former Governor, RBI) (Fig 11: Shri Uday Shankar, CEO Sri Rangarajan made a positive Star News on dias) reference to the improved utilisation of funds by Bihar. Sri Abhijit Sen stressed 6.3.3 Valedictory session: In a the need for ameliorating primary valedictory session of the Global Bihar education in Bihar. Meet Hon’ble DY CM of Bihar, Sri Sushil Kumar Modi who was deeply Planning Commission member Prof. involved and instrumental for this Abhijeet Sen, during his speech, said meet thanked all delegates who came talent-wise Bihar was among the top 5 to attend the meet. He also announced states in the nation. quot;Sadly, Bihar is that Bihar Foundation formed by the also among the top few states when it govt of Bihar will encourage comes to dropping out of the school,quot; investment in the state and all NRIs Sen said emphasizing the need for and NRBs will invest through Bihar children to stay in school. Foundation. Bihar foundation will have many units in all over the world. (Fig 12: Hon’ble DY CM, Sri Sushil (Fig 10: Prof Abhijit Sen, Member Kumar Modi on Jan 21, 2007) Planning Commission) Sri Prakash jha, noted film maker and Shri Uday shankar, CEO of Star News now entrepreneur stole the show. He Network, India also made his points talked about the challenges and for the development of state. opportunities in Bihar and stressed need to develop entrepreneurship within each one of us. His mission to build malls at places like Bettiah and Samastipur besides Patna and
  41. 41. Souvenir, 2008 Jamshedpur are a business to give their opinion and contribution. proposition, not as charity. Indeed In the conference they decided Bihar does not need charity; it needs following thing to be advertised: empathetic business oriented thinking. This session was chaired by Mr SP 1: It is not an investment conference. Sinha, the MD of Maurya hotel The mission of the conf is to 1.1: Improve Bihar Image 1.2: Communicate Opportunities in Bihar 1.3: Convince participants to take the roll of Ambassador of Bihar 2: There are four Internal and two external constituents to this: (Fig 13: Noted film maker and entrepreneur Sri Sri Prakash Jha) 2.1: Local Businessmen and Entrepreneurs 7 Role of coordinators & Participation Associates: 2.2: Academician, Economists, Reformists and resident of Bihar For the successful completion of any big event, collective effort 2.3: Non Resident Bihari's(NRBs) matters. Organizing Global Meet in Bihar was very tedious task to be 2.4: Government of Bihar. performed .Many people played important role and took it as 2.5: Government of India (External) challenge. In the discussions, organizers had identified the role of 2.6: World Bank etc (External) overseas coordinators who may work for brand ambassadors for this meet in All coordinators and organizers outside India. They appointed six key through conference call decided on people as Overseas Coordinators for many other issues too even about the meet were involved themselves in functioning of Global Meet and work organizing conference meet and to distribution. decide about the strategies for the global meet. The name of those were Sri Ramesh Yadav, (California, USA), Sri Ravi Verma (CEO, Telecommand Sri Ravi Verma (California, USA), Dr. software, California) and Sri Ramesh Rajay Narayan (Manchester UK),Sri Yadav, California, USA took key role in Birendra Kumar (President, Bajana), calling conference meet and Sri Bibhuti Bikramaditya, (Chairman coordinating with all coordinators and ,BiharBrains Daejeon, S. Korea) and organizers. Sri Shakeel Ahmad Kakvi, (President Indian Association of Bihar and Sri Ravi Verma has his own company Jharkhand, IABJ DOHA –Qatar) . They at California, USA who started one held many rounds of conference Talks engineering college in Bihar at Katihar. on conference where coordinators and He also started the unit of his many more representatives took part
  42. 42. Souvenir, 2008 company at Katihar which is itself one Sri Shakeel Ahmad Kakvi, bold decision taken by him. President of IABJ met Sri Shushil Kumar Modi to extend his active Sri Ramesh Yadav, California, USA support for the global meet and who wants to develop chain of hotels demanded separate ministry for NRBs. in Buddhist circuit of Bihar. While He also invited DY CM & CM to visit giving interview to Telegraph, he UAE to bring investment in Bihar. showed his willingness to Invest Rs. 100-crore venture with Signet Hotels to open hotels in Patna, Rajgir and Bodh Gaya. He took key role in organizing meet. He is also part of the American Organisers for Development of Bihar, which has 200 non-resident Biharis as its members. It promotes hygiene, education and has held several eye camps in Bihar over the past 10 years. Sri Dr. Rajay Narayan is from UK and going to invest in health care (Fig 15: Shri Shakeel Ahmad Kakvi sector in Bihar and his role in (Center), President IABJ and team coordinating with members were of UAE with Hon’ble CM) laudable. Sri Ajay Kumar jee, CEO of Sri Bibhuti Bikramaditya, BiharTimes has done great work in Chairman BiharBrains called press collaborating and coordinating with meet at Patna to request all NRIs. His effort in bringing people on industrialist from Bihar to attend the this front is laudable and simply can global meet which was very much not be expressed in words. publicized by local media. Hon’ble DY CM, Bihar Sri Sushil Kumar Modi also Sri Alakh sharma jee of called him on telephone and both were Institute of Human Development discussed on making this event (IHD, New Delhi) who was successful. Later BiharBrains sent four instrumental in this global meet right members Delegation to meet Hon’ble from the beginning with Ajay jee, did DY CM. great job in inviting top educationist and erudite of India. His job in the coordinating people in the event place was commendable. Other members who involved himself were Sri Dayanand Prasad USA, Ms. Anita Prasad USA, Sri. Pankaj Prasad USA, Sri RK Dubey Delhi, Shailendra Sinha,Kesriji, Shaibal (Fig 14: Sri Bibhuti Bikramaditya, Gupta(ADRI ,Patna), OP Sah,N K Chairman, BiharBrains meeting Singh(member planning commission Press at Hotel Rajasthan, Patna) ,Bihar), Chanchal Kumar(PA to Hon’ble CM) Umakant (Secy to Sushil Modi) etc.
  43. 43. Souvenir, 2008 In addition to this , Some organization were chosen as Participation associates for this meet , the name of those are : Bihar and Jharkhand Association of North America, Bajana(,BiharBrains (, Indian Association of Bihar & Jharkhand ( DOHA-Qatar ) & Maithili. net. They all sent their team of delegates in the said meet. (Fig 16: Dr. Harishankar Sharma 9 BiharBrains as Participation & His wife Mrs. Aruna Associate and Coordinator Sharma(Sweden Member) side by side to CM, Sri Ravindra jee ,BB On this event, BiharBrains as a representative, Sri Jagjot group/organization was selected as singh(UK Member), Sri Satya and “Participation Associate” and given other BB delegates in a meeting responsibility to work as “overseas with Hon’ble CM on Jan 19, 2007 coordinator” with objectives to at Lunch session) spread mission of the conference among all NRIs and NRBs for their The names of the delegates who participation in the global meet. Sri participated in the team were Dr. O.P. Bibhuti Bikramaditya, Chairman of Mishra (Japan), Dr. Harishankar BiharBrains was one of the overseas Sharma (Sweden), Sri Jagjot Singh coordinator of six member’s (UK), Sri Nandan Kumar (UK), Sri coordinators team from all over the Amaresh Shankar (Patna), Dr. B. K. world who played significant role in Sharma (Patna), Prof J. Thakur, Patna, organising the said event. Prof Mujeeb (Patna), Sri Satya Kumar Bihar Brains formed 18 member (Patna), Sri Parimal Madhup (New delegates (largest among any Delhi), Sri Ranjeet Kumar (New Delhi), group/organisation representation) Sri Alok Kumar Bihari (New delhi), Sri from different parts of India and Chandan Singh (Patna), Sri Sudhir abroad, comprising members from Kumar (Jamshedpur) etc. scientific community, corporate world During whole session BB Delegates and academics etc for the global meet. were active in presenting ideas and The said delegation was led by Dr. B. discussing projects to NRIs and govt K. Sharma, President BiharBrains, & officials. They presented projects HOD Electronics, NIT, Patna and this proposal to Hon’ble CM and Hon’ble DY was coordinated by Sri Ravindra CM of Bihar (See figures 14 & 15) Kishore. CEO of MV Industries, Patna (BB Patna Representative) .
  44. 44. Souvenir, 2008 investment is expected to be around Rs 4 crore in this project. The main objectives of this project are to establish unique scholastic center where students, Professors, Researchers, scientist of all the streams will get all basic infrastructure like computers, Internet with unlimited accessibility and all multimedia facility, free online international and national journals and free consultancy for higher studies and employment in abroad. This scholastic center will also establish Training, design and development center in the field of (Fig 17: BB delegates with Hon’ble science and Technology, Finances and DYCM, Bihar) personality development. The placement and Consultancy center will BB delegates in presentation be established for giving educational consultancy and help in getting employment in India and abroad to the needy aspirants. This scholastic center will also be the development project execution center where all ideas of any individuals or group will be executed in Bihar. The details about this project can be seen on our website . In a brief, for setting up complete scholastic center, we need to establish following centers (Fig 18: BB delegates at Global A. To establish CDAC authorized Meet) Centers in IT related Training ,design & development On this occasion, BiharBrains B. To establish Center for Presented proposals to Govt. of Bihar learning, discussions, seminars, and were involved in many activities worshops, orientation programs during global meet. Below are just a with all basic infrastructures. brief C. To establish Development 9.1 Proposal of Development of projects Execution Center Scholastic center, Gyan Kendra at D. To establish Center for Patna: Personality Development (CPD) and Human resources. BiharBrains proposed the E. To establish Placement and Establishment of BiharBrains consultancy center Scholastic center to Bihar Govt which F. To establish Center for Unique is similar to Gyan Kendra, Vision of Online Library Bihar Govt at Patna, and the total G. To develop “Manthan” a world class online and printable magazine
  45. 45. Souvenir, 2008 H. To open and promote R&D Kumar, former HOD, Central water center/Institute/Company Research Board, a wing of NIT, Patna under BiharBrains society or in at the corridor of Maurya Hotel in association with Govt or any Global Meet. other groups or individuals. I. To work for infrastructural development of the schools/colleges in India. Visit website to know the details of the Project. 9.2 Chemical Industry in Bihar: On Behalf of Dr. Kartik, BiharBrains proposed Dr. Kartik plan to establish Chemical industries in Munger dist of Bihar. He is Vice President of his own company ACI and head of (Fig20: Alok Kumar Bihari with the steering committee of BiharBrains. expert Team Led by Prof Santosh Kumar) 9.3 Water Harvesting Project Model: The committee submitted their Sri Alok Kumar Bihari, a Delhi member report and recommended that his idea Presented Water Harvesting Project, a is superb but he needs some more complete new theme for Nala system training to present and proof in front in India was presented to Bihar Govt of national level team. and also many channels has taken his He may come to Patna for his training interview. DD1 is going to show and then we will go for pilot project documentary on his demo in the where his model will be functional. national Level. He was in the news in 9.4 Swedish model of Medical Aaj Tak/ZEE news and Ankho Dekhi for Education his project model earlier too. & Research : based on Dr. Harishankar Sharma & His wife Aruna Sharma Meeting with HE President of India , Dr. Kalam, Hon’ble CM & DY CM One of the BB delegates from Sweden Dr. Harishankar Sharma and His wife Mrs. Aruna Sharma met Dr. Kalam just after Inaugural function. Dr. Harishankar jee in his report to BB mentions that around 10 minutes discussion was held in a very conducive atmosphere with HE President of India. In the meeting, the (Fig19: Open Demonstration of President suggested doing some Water Harvesting Project by Sri collaboration with National Brain Alok Kumar Bihari ) research Centre, Manesar. In this regard, He asked him to send some He presented his model in front of books, papers and other information to four member Review committee of Dr. Kalam on the presidential website BiharBrains led by Prof. Santosh through e.mail so that he can make