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Newsletter March 07


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BB Newsletter March 07

Published in: Technology, Travel
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Newsletter March 07

  1. 1. BB Newsletter March, 2007 BB News & Events (March, 2007) A. BiharBrains Released “Patna Goes B. Bibhuti Bikramaditya: New Elected Global”:An exclusive report on President of Indians in Daejeon, Global Bihar Meet,2007 S.Korea Daejeon, S. Korea Feb 28, 2007: BiharBrains Daejeon, S Korea) March 4,2007:The Indians released an exclusive report on Global Meet, living in Daejeon City of Korea gathered for the 2007 on behalf of all organizers, coordinators and re-organization of Indian Association in Daejeon participation associate of the meet on Feb 28, (IAD), South Korea. Bibhuti Bikramaditya, a 2007. This report was contributed by Sri Bibhuti cabinet member of IAD was elected unanimously Bikramaditya, Seoul, South Korea and Sri as President of IAD. His name was proposed by Ranjeet Kumar, Delhi. This is to be noted here outgoing president Dr. S.G.T Bhatt, a visiting that BiharBrains was one of the participation Senior Scientist of Korea Institute of Energy associate of the meet and Sri Bibhuti Research, KIER and retired Vice president (R&D) Bikramaditya was one of six member team of of IPCL (Indian Petrochemicals Corporation overseas coordinators of the global Bihar Meet, Limited, India). organized by Bihar times, IHD (Institute for Bibhuti Bikramaditya is the third President of IAD Human Development, New Delhi) and Bihar govt and the first from Bihar in any South Korea including Bihar industries association, CII organization. (Confederation of Indian Industries), A.N Sinha Institute for social science, Patna and Asian Bibhuti Bikramaditya is also the chairman of development Research Institute, Patna). Bihar Brains which is an organization of Biharis Bihar times published this exclusive report in its living in India and abroad having concern for the E-news portal. development of the state. Special thanks to all coordinators particularly Sri A post graduate from Dept of Physics, Patna Ramesh Yadav(California, USA), Dr. Rajay University, Bibhuti is a chip design architect Narayan(UK), Ajay Kumar Jha (USA) ,Sri Ravi working for South Korea based company in the Daejeon city of Korea. Verma (Californai, USA) and Sri Ajay jee (BiharTimes, Patna) etc for their suggestions News can be seen on and inputs which has helped us to finalize the content of the report. This article also included Dr. Harishankar Sharma jee, Sweden meeting with HE President C.Proposal for (Late) Sri Anil Kumar of India and Hon'ble CM/DY CMs and the last Singh Yojna for children minute suggestions and feedback of other March 11, 2007: The proposal to start Late Sri coordinators’ suggestions for the names and Anil Kumar Singh yojna for Children was given by events which we missed in the third issue of his son and our member from Bahrain to start Manthan. scholar ship scheme for needy children of Bihar. Aim & objective – The aim is to start a scholarship in the name of Late Sri Anil Kumar Singh, IPS (Retd.). 1 BiharBrains Scholastic Center, BM Das Road Patna www.biharbrains.og ,
  2. 2. BB Newsletter March, 2007 Shri Anil Kumar Singh retired from IPS (Bihar There will be series of Seminar organized in Cadre) in 2002 after a highly decorated career. different colleges of Bihar during the India visit of He was one of the most respected police officers Mr. Bibhuti in April, 2007, including places such of Bihar. He was practising in Patna High Court as Patna, Motihari, Madhubani, and Bhagalpur after his retirement, providing free legal help to etc. Mr. Bibhuti will announce details as soon as the needy. the schedule is finalized. On 4 th July, 2006, he was on his way to Mumbai, B. Development of BBSC: when his train was invaded by 6 armed robbers. 1. Mr. Bibhuti will focus on the registration of BB On seeing helpless passengers being robbed, he during his stay in Patna. confronted the robbers alone, armed with 2. We will publish four issues of Manthan nothing, and in the process got shot. Even with magazine each year. Next issue will be coming up life slipping away, he held on to one of the robber in July, 2007. Notification for article submission till help arrived. He saved fellow passengers but for next issue will be sent soon. could not save his own life. 3. We discussed about starting E-learning The scholarship is in remembrance of the brave program from BB. We are looking forward to soul. discuss this plan among representatives of BB and building strong team. Target Students - This is aimed at meritorious 4. We appreciated Mr Siddharth efforts and children, studying in class 7th to 9th in bringing the concept of “Saheed Anil Kumar Gov/Village schools of Bihar who lack the Singh, IPS (Retd.) Yojna for childrenquot; Under financial means to study further. “Bihar Brains Talent Search Schemequot;. We Plan - 3 Students will selected from each of discussed bout selection procedure and criteria, the class on the basis of merit, demonstrated all members agreed on the criteria of poor + in a talent competition, to be held every year by talent. Eligibility should be poor and selection Bihar Brains.Each of the 9 students will be criteria will be talent. Mr Shatrughan suggested handed over a scholarship of Rs 500 every month that selected candidates will be admitted to any for a full year. (Rs 54,000 in total). The selection residential school and the scholarship amount will will be purely on merit. go to the school authority rather than going directly to the candidates or their parents. Sponsorship - The scheme will be sponsored by Scholarship will be continued to another year the family of Late Shri Anil Kumar Singh, IPS following the satisfactory progress report of the (Retd.). Total sponsorship will be Rs 54,000/- candidate. All the procedure for this scholarship annually. Family members would like to hand will be finalized after getting inputs from all over some of the scholarships personally. members. D. BB Korea Meet held 5. Mr. Shatrughan is agreed to contribute monthly ($10) for development of BB office. His name has Seoul, S Korea March 10, 2007: BB Monthly been included in the contributor list. Korea meet was organized at the residence of Dr. C. Sci Tech Fest, 2007 Abul Farah in the Ansan city near seoul of Korea. 1. A meeting of Patna local members is Following are the main excerpts from the scheduled on 13 March, 2007 to discuss and meeting. finalize the date of forthcoming Sci Tech Fest. 2. A group of students at NIT Patna will develop A. Series of Seminar in April, 2007 website for Sci Tech Fest. Website work will be finished by the end of March. 2 BiharBrains Scholastic Center, BM Das Road Patna www.biharbrains.og ,
  3. 3. BB Newsletter March, 2007 3. Dr. Manis Jha has shown interest to convince F. BB Archives Launched CSIR office at Patna to participate in the Sci tech Fest. Patna March 30, 2007: A new section named “BB Archives” has been launched by BiharBrains E. Civic Honor to Dr. Harishankar web master group in Delhi into our website Sharma, A BB member from Upasala, which contains information Sweden related to BiharBrains, Career,Web resources,BB UPASALA, Sweden March 29, 2007: A Members Database,BB Contributors & donors,BB prestigious title quot;Ambassador of the City of Chapters MOMs,BB Project Ideas,Bihar Bibhushan Uppsala, Swedenquot; was conferred on Mr Hari Database,Train Timings,Flight schedules,BB Shankar Sharma in an event organized by local Calendar,India Tourist spots,India and the world. politicians and county Govt in association with Swedish Tourism, Scandinavian Airline system (SAS) and Swedish Hotel Organization Currently only moderators and representatives of Mr Sharma is a Indian proud from Bihar of his BiharBrains can contribute (POST) in this training and commitment to a cause. He is known achieves and other register user and visitors can for his contributions to the development of view the posts. Uppsala city. He made the city internationally known by arranging International Conferences of So I request all moderators and representatives high standard where scientists from all over the of BiharBrains to register here ASAP and send me World came and stayed. International or Bibhuti and email after registration so that we conferences in Uppsala were attended by about can convert your account from normal to 200 to 300 delegates from all over the world. moderator especially for this archives section. They enjoyed city's nice facilities. I hope this section will help us to keep the all valuable information in one place and share the same with you and others. Click the link below to view this Archive section. and click on Archives link available in left menu list.Or Directly access from here . Dr. Harishankar Sharma and his Wife (from left front view) 3 BiharBrains Scholastic Center, BM Das Road Patna www.biharbrains.og ,
  4. 4. BB Newsletter March, 2007 BB Events at Door A state Level TechFest on Science MAJOR TOPICS & Technology (1-3 August, 2007) Electrical & Electronics Engineering The aim & objective of this TECHFEST is to Mechanical Engineering & Applications of provide an opportunity to have interaction of CAD/CAM Technologies budding scientist, engineers, research scholars of Computer Science & Information all streams of Science & Technology with the Technology corporate world where live demo of the projects Astronomy & Astrophysics will be kept open for public, any visitors can ask Physical Sciences questions about the projects and their practical Chemical Sciences & Engineering applications. The experts from industry & Industrial Waste Management academia will also be invited to assess the hidden Life Sciences talents within the participants for their ability to Environmental Pollution and its Control implements their ideas projects. This will develop Biotechnology & Genetic Engineering interests and exchange in their technical Spectroscopy & Laser Physics knowledge, and also improve their product Chemical Engineering & Chemical performance in the later stage on the basis of Sciences guidance given by experts and suggestions made Civil and Architecture Engineering by visitors. At the same time, the manufacturing VLSI, DSP, Embedded Systems & industries and R & D Companies will also be Telecom given opportunities to install their stalls to Biological Sciences and Plant Physiology provide knowledge of their products and projects Agriculture and Agri- Business with their practical applications to day-to-day life to the visitors. This will help youngsters to know about current industry trends and also visitors SALIENT FEATURES will get acquaintances with the latest available All infrastructure provided by BBSC for products in the market. This conference includes Project demo except PC and other two days open project demonstration to visitors hardware. This can be provided on and one day model presentations in front of nominal costs on prior demand. experts from industry for youngsters’ category Two days Open Assessment of your live and all three days presentation and demo by demo & one day assessment by experts industries and R & D companies. from industry and academia Accommodations for participants will be EVENTS provided on their prior request to the management committee on nominal cost For young scientists & Researchers: at Youth hostels and different lodges. Two days Project Model demonstration Open for graduates, post graduates, PG and one day review & assessment by Diploma, Ph.D. Students, post docs etc of expert from academics and corporate all areas of engineering, Science & sectors. Technology for Bihar & Jharkhand state. For Industries and R & D Companies: Three days open interaction with visitors and open interview sessions. 4 BiharBrains Scholastic Center, BM Das Road Patna www.biharbrains.og ,
  5. 5. BB Newsletter March, 2007 Contact us at BiharBrains Scholastic Center Second Floor Maitri Shanti Bhawan, Besides Ganga Villa apartment, B. M. Das Road, Patna Tel: (+91) 612 3258716 (+91) 9835279360 Other Contacts Information 1. : for BB group/ society information 2. : for BiharBrains Scholastic Center (Development of BBSC is our mega project) 3. : for Manthan magazine (new layout will come shortly) 4. : for BiharBrains recent news and articles for all. You can also get information about BB from following websites 1. 2. Email ids: 1. : for all members open discussion 2. : BB society official email 3. : mail id for BBSC Patna 4. : Photos for BB events 5. : for profiles of all members. 6. : online enquiry 5 BiharBrains Scholastic Center, BM Das Road Patna www.biharbrains.og ,