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First Press Release: Bihar Science Conference 2009

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First Press Release_BSC2009

  1. 1. BIHAR SCIENCE CONFERENCE 2009 Magadh University, Bodh Gaya (Bihar) [At College of Commerce, Patna] February 12-14, 2009 Date: Aug 31, 2008 To, Editor, ………………….. Organised by Press Release Patna (Bihar): The tremendous success of the first Bihar Science Conference, 2008 at Patna University led the formation for Global Scientific Council under auspices of BiharBrains Bihar Brains Scholastic Center, a gyan Kendra (under BBrains Scholastic Center Development Society). The primary objectives of this council are to organize Science Conferences, Science & technology (Under BBrains Development Society) festivals, starting R& D Centers, series of seminars and 201, Om Vihar orientation programs on cutting edge technology in Bihar. I have Com.Complex, Opposite a pleasure to inform you that the scientific council has decided to Hotel Apsara, Kadam Kuan, Patna 800003, hold the second Bihar Science Conference on February 12-14, Bihar, India 2009 which is being hosted by Magadh University, Bodh Gaya at its PG Center, College of Commerce, Patna. Mobile:+91-9835279360 Tel:+91-612- (Conference website: 2670455,3258716 Email: This was announced by Prof. Jainendra Kumar, chairman of the conference (Prof & head of the department of Botany and Biotechnology, College of Commerce). On this occasion, Prof Rajmani pd. Sinha, Chairman of Global Hosted by core scientific council, (professor of Physics, Patna Univ and former VC of LNMU) greeted Magadh University for hosting this conference at its PG center of College of Commerce,Patna. The conference intends to create a platform for the great minds from various subjects to come together for fostering the scientific temperament in the state. Experts from various fields are likely to evaluate the existing information, to interpret the presented data, to discuss the suitable measures for clear and Magadh University useful results and finally to explore if the collective efforts are promising to achieve favorable working environment for research and development in the state. Bihar Science Conference is being organized every year on the pattern of Indian science congress. Magadh University has accepted to host its second Science Conference. Dr. Prof B.N.Pandey, Hon’ble VC of Magadh University, Dr.(Prof) S. E. Hasnain, Scientific Advisor to PM of India (VC of Hyderabad University and renowned scientist of Biotechnology), Bibhuti Bikramaditya, Global Chairman, BiharBrains (BBrains Development Society) are the patrons of this conference. Scientific council has also sent letter to Sri Nitish Kumar Hon’ble CM of Bihar and Sri Sushil Kumar Modi for patronizing
  2. 2. BIHAR SCIENCE CONFERENCE 2009 Magadh University, Bodh Gaya (Bihar) [At College of Commerce, Patna] February 12-14, 2009 this conference. “I am very happy to know that Bihar is gearing up for holding its second Bihar Science Conference (Bihar Vigyan Sammelan) which will bring scientists, academicians and young scientist from India and abroad on a common platform for exchanging Organised ideas on the subjects of science and technology,” Dr. Hasnain said on patronizing this conference. by Dr. Santosh Kumar, convener of this conference (Department of Physics, B.S College, Danapu) informed the media that many scientists from India and abroad has already given their confirmation. To name a few are Dr. S. E. Hasnain, Bihar Brains SAC-PM, VC Hyderabad University, Dr. Upendra Nath Singh, Scholastic Center President and CEO, International Lidar Organization, NASA, USA, Dr. Bhaskar Choubey Dept of Engineering Sciences, (Under BBrains Oxford University, Dr. Ajay Jha, Colorado State University, Development Society) 201, Om Vihar USA, Dr. Jay Kumar, VC, Sikkim Manipal University, Prof Com.Complex, Opposite Raman Jha, Prof and Head, Physics, Sikkim Manipal University, Hotel Apsara, Kadam Sikkim, Prof Animesh Jha, Chair of Institute of Material Kuan, Patna 800003, Bihar, India Science, university of Leeds, Dr. Rajesh Kumar Mishra, Chief Technical Officer of A1technologies, USA, Prof Vijay A. Singh, Mobile:+91-9835279360 Tel:+91-612- National Coordinator, Science Olympiad, TIFR, Mumbai, Prof 2670455,3258716 M.K.Mishra, HOD chemistry, IIT Mumbai, Dr. Sanjay Kumar, Email: bsconference@gmail. Dept of Medicine ,University of Manchester,UK, Prof Shobini L.Rao, Dept of Mental health and social psychology, NIMHANS, Bangalore, Dr. Himanshu Shekhar, Deputy Director, HEMRL, DRDO,Pune, Dr. B.K.Karn , Deputy Director, Indian Institute of Packaging, Hyderabad etc. . The organizing committee is sending invitation to bring Dr. R. K. Pachauri (a 2008 Noble Laureate and head of TERI, New Delhi), Dr. Kalam (Former President of India), Prof CNR Rao (Head SAC-PM, and former head ISRO), Prof Yashpal (renowned astrophysicist and former chairman UGC and heads of CSIR, INSA, Secretary, Department of Science & Technology, Govt of India. Hosted by Prof. J. Thakur former VC of Patna University, being patron of the Global core scientific council who was also the chairman of the first Bihar Science Conference in 2008, showed a sense of great satisfaction on organizing the second Bihar Science Conference. On this occasion, he said that he would like to see scientific renaissance in Bihar through this kind of conference. Prof I. Ahson, Pro Vice Chancellor of Patna University and Magadh University Patron of Global core scientific council, said that he would like to be present through the conference and would like to be involving myself actively into it. Prof B.K.Sharma, President of BiharBrains and HOD, Electronics, NIT has said that we always would like to work for scientific renaissance of Bihar through a global forum of
  3. 3. BIHAR SCIENCE CONFERENCE 2009 Magadh University, Bodh Gaya (Bihar) [At College of Commerce, Patna] February 12-14, 2009 BiharBrains. Prof Dolly Sinha, being convenor and general secretary of BiharBrains Society said that BiharBrains has given us platform where academicians of Bihar can discuss our research Organized projects. She outlined her visit to Canada and UK where meeting of BiharBrains UK chapter was organized in the by campus of univ of oxford and Leeds. She emphasized the role of NRIs scientists of Bihar to play role in the scientific development in the state. Bihar Brains Prof S.P.Singh, Principal of college of commerce, said that Scholastic Center this is a great pleasure and happiest moment for the college to (Under BBrains organize such a high profile event in our college campus. He Development Society) gave his full support to organize this event. 201, Om Vihar Com.Complex, Opposite Hotel Apsara, Kadam Kuan, Patna 800003, Mr. Bibhuti Bikramaditya, one of the patrons and chairman Bihar, India of BiharBrains, is also coming to attend this conference , said Mobile:+91-9835279360 that BBrains Development society commonly known as Tel:+91-612- BiharBrains has given platform for all educated people of Bihar 2670455,3258716 Email: and will doing all its effort for bringing science and technology environment on track. Organizing Bihar Science Conference is one of the initiatives taken by BiharBrains. This conference will be an excellent opportunity to report research outcome in the frontline areas of science and technology. National and international scientists from government, academia and research institutes are welcome to Hosted by present and discuss the research work. The three day affair will have oral and poster presentation which covers all areas of Physical sciences, Chemical sciences, Biological sciences, Earth sciences, Electronics and Information Technology, medical science and Clinical Psychology. There will be best oral presentation awards and best poster awards to be selected from each of the subject areas. Magadh University The call for papers has been invited. Last date of submission of abstract is Jan 15, 2009. The details can be found on Prof Jainendra Kumar Chairman, Bihar Science Conference, 2009 PG Head, Dept of Botany & Biotechnology College of Commerce, Patna