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GovtPress is wordpress based free and open sourced website for under developed countried

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  1. 1. GovtPress Why WordPress is best for Government website?  Government Plan  Current Condition  Problems  Recommendations How to work with Government Agencies
  2. 2. What is this ?
  3. 3. Poor
  4. 4. Good
  5. 5. Brief Introduction of E-Gov Master planG2C G2B G2G InfrastructureNational ID E-Custom E-tax EA (EnterpriseGovernment E-Procurement Immigration Architecture )Representative Business Management System CommunicationPortal Registration and E-Education NetworkPassport Approval E-Land GIDCRegistration Management E-Authentication (GovernmentSystem System Groupware integrated DataE-Health E-Commerce MIS ( Management Center)E-Vehicle Recruitment and Information System) PKI ( Public KeyE-Diver License Employment E-Population Infrastructure )E-Agriculture Information KMS (KnowledgeE-Post System managementE-Petition E-Patent System)E-Election E-Tourism GIS (GeographicalSocial Insurance Information System)InformationSystem
  6. 6. Government Websites 661Status Number %coming soon 3 0.453857791expired 2 0.302571861hacked 12 1.815431165not working 177 26.77760968suspended 19 2.874432678under construction 13 1.966717095working 435 65.80937973
  7. 7. coming soonexpiredhackednot workingsuspendedunder constructionworking
  8. 8. Problem Identification AND Recommendations
  9. 9. WebsiteProblems Recommendations• Lack of information • Collect proper information before making websites• Outdated(no Updates) • Regular updates• Hacking • Powerful security system• Continuity Problem (Renewal)• Hosting company owns ownership • Ownership of website should strongly remains on office itself• Lack of responsibility • Information provider
  10. 10. AdminProblems Recommendations• Lack of knowledge • Should choose the admin staff who is somehow familiar with websites• Lack of training • Provide training for admin staff with real time support system.• Lack of IT culture • Development of IT culture• Different kind of CMS • Similar kind of CMS which can work on every office of government• Instability of Job place • Similar CMS help any staff any branch ,no matter even they got transfer to another branch
  11. 11. GovernmentProblems Recommendations• Not clear vision of IT policy • Should have clear vision of IT policy implementation implementation• Lack of training and empowerment • Sufficient training on IT and praise on IT culture• Not specified CMS • WordPress• Treating like typist • Should treat like IT experts• Lack of resources –Human and • Provide latest PC for use and well computers trained human resources• Less priority • High priority for IT• Low defined on budget • High budget allocation in proper defined topic
  12. 12. GovtPress? Government website with the platform of wordPress is called GovtPress.
  13. 13. Why GovtPress for Government website ? Universal Open Source Its easy to use Cost effective Security enabled Easy back up system SEO friendly Updates in regular basis Mobile compatible Thousand of plugin available
  14. 14. Possibilities One portal for -3800+ government office -3950 VDC -75 DDC -99 Municipality
  15. 15. How we can work with Government? Few Conditions Government always give priority to non-gov organizations. Work nature and budget is define early in budget. They open tenders for any kind of work more then 300,000. Registered organizations and consultants can work with government.
  16. 16. Documents needed Company registration. VAT /PAN Tax Clarence certificate Proposal Agreement letter. -Work experience -Recommendations-Guarantees
  17. 17. How to start working with government Tender basedProposal based
  18. 18. Contact Person Administration Department Account Department Technical Department
  19. 19. Process1. Call for project2. Agreements3. First installment as advance payments4. Other payments if any in agreements (as per work- in-progress)5. Finalizing work6. Final Payments7. Support as per agreement
  20. 20. For More 