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Product Management For Brainmates

  1. OMFG! thoughts on product management Some from alan jones
  2. Who is this Alan Jones? Not the Alan Jones some of you already know Career in journalism and PR Web product manager since 1995 Google “bigyahu” for more info
  3. Product management is communication
  4. Product management is translation Development A product is the tiny overlap between the needs of a business, the aspirations of its development team and the Customer Business unsatisfied desires of the customer
  5. Product development needs Business requirements re- formulated as interesting challenges, puzzles, problems This is the crew of the Starship Enterprise...
  6. Business needs Clarity on resources, timeframes, worst-case as well as best-case Accountability Dashboard-level reporting Technical issues reformulated as business issues
  7. Don’t forget the external audiences Customers Investors Partners Media
  8. Be top level, with detailed subfloor You’re in this position so they can count on your top-level summary They don’t want detail unless they ask for it You better have up-to-date detail in case they ask for it Respond with conviction, not with data
  9. How to be a top level guy Set the time, place, agenda Don’t take notes, ask for someone else’s Leading the conversation means having an opinion Delegate effectively
  10. How to delegate like a top level guy Define the start point, direction and deliverables in detail Leave the outcome and the process undefined Don’t check back unless you’re invited Support the outcome 100% of the time
  11. The process
  12. Agile process to win “Engineers design for themselves. Marketers write requirement tomes. Customers don’t know what they need.” David Tarber
  13. Build use case to win User is not always the customer Customer buys it User uses it
  14. Focus to win Feature-comparison is dead Fewer features Fewer options/preferences Fewer people and corporate structure Fewer meetings and abstractions Fewer promises
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