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A Step by Step Guide to Getting Your Business on the Internet’s Top Directories Quickly and Easily

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  • Step 1: Create a standard Yahoo account with user name and Password.
  • Top 15-online-directories

    1. 1. A Step by Step Guide toGetting Your Business on the Internet’s Top Directories Quickly and Easily
    2. 2. There are literally hundreds of online directoriesavailable on the internet. These directories aredesigned to help online users locate thewebsites and information they are looking for.They are also a great way to help businessesincrease their Internet traffic and improvecustomer recognition.
    3. 3. There are many reasons why a small business will want to register with the top directories on the web. Directories serve many purposes, such as: – Categorizing websites so that they are easily found using search engines. – Linking websites to one another for easier access. – Increasing traffic to individual websites. – Providing an easy way for consumers to find out about specific companies. – Boosting Search Engine Optimization (SEO) keywords and tactics for businesses so that they receive higher SERPs (search engine result pages) rankings. – Helping business websites stand out to potential consumers.
    4. 4. Getting your small business registered on the top online directories will result in: – Increased website traffic – Increased sales/revenue – Increased SERP rankings – More reciprocal links to your website – Greater brand recognition – More interactions with customers – The ability to share deals, promotions, press releases and other special events with customers. – A better and more comprehensive online appearance.
    5. 5. In order to gain the most out of your business’s website and other online materialsyou will want to sign your company up for listings in the following online directories:• Google Places • Citysearch• Bing • MapQuest• Yahoo! •• Yelp • Foursquare• Merchant Circle • LinkedIn• Yellow • CitySlick• Supermedia • Angie’s• Yellow Book • BONUS! Facebook Fan Page
    6. 6. Google Places is a free local platformdirectory service provided by Google. Itallows your business to appear on To submit your business listing toGoogle’s maps and search engine result Google Places start by going topages. It allows to you better interact and clicking on thewith your customers. Google Places icon. Once there click on the ‘Get Your Business Found onGoogle Places allows you to: Google Get Started’ button.•Auto-respond to your customers•Post live business updates•Highlight special promotions•Find out info about your customer base•Locate business specific keywords andrate their search abilityGoogle Places is free to use.
    7. 7. Steps to Submitting Your Business to Google PlacesStep 1- Sign into your Google accountor create a new Google account foryour business. Once you are there thesite will direct you to the box that willlocate your business information onGoogle Maps. This will help peoplefind a map of your business when theyperform a search. Step 2- Fill in your business’s country and phone number and click ‘Find Business Information’.
    8. 8. Step 3- Google will show your business’s location on its maps. If it doesn’t find your business you will be required to create a basic business profile for Google Maps.The Google Accounts Pageallows you to create a publicprofile for your business. This iswhat customers will see whenthey perform a Google searchon your business name orbusiness category.
    9. 9. Step 4- Once your Google Map business information is upload Google willhave to verify your business as a real one. You will receive a letter from Googlewithin 2 weeks containing a personal identification number or PIN. Step 5- Once you receive your PIN number you can activate your Google Places account on Google’s Dashboard site. Once you activate your Google Places account your customers will be able to read your company profile and locate your business on the map. They will also be able to find promotions, deals and more.
    10. 10. The Yahoo! Directory is one of the most popular search websites on the internet.Getting your business on Yahoo’s Directory will vastly increase your online presence. It costs money to submit a website to the Yahoo! Directory. To submit your business listing to Yahoo! Directory go to: www. and click on the ‘Get Started’ button.
    11. 11. Steps to Submitting a Directory Request to Yahoo! DirectoriesStep 1- Create a standard Yahoo!Account with a username and apassword. You will have to fill out your contact information, select and ID and create a password and type in the security code.Step 2- Once you have a Yahoo!Account you will be in the Yahoo!members homepage. Click on ‘Howto Request a Listing’ under theYahoo! Directory Listings
    12. 12. Step 3- On the ‘Request a New Listing’ page, you will have to read through the terms and conditions. You will also have to verify your Yahoo! ID.Step 4- Click on the ‘Request aNew Listing’ form. Step 5- Click “I Agree” to the Yahoo! Directory Submit Terms of Service
    13. 13. Step 6- Fill out the Your Site Information. You will need to fill out: •The category your website will be listed under- for example if your website sells tires then it would be listed under: automotive. •Your website’s title •Your website’s URL address •A brief description of your website’s content. This will better help the directory’s reviewer to determine the best place to categorize your site.You will also have to create a login ID and password- this should bedifferent from the Yahoo! account username and password you havejust created.
    14. 14. Step 7- Next you will have to fill outyour credit card information for theannual payment to the Yahoo!Directory.Yahoo! Directory charges a non-refundable price of $299 toreview each website submitted tothe directory. If the site isaccepted into the Yahoo Directorythe site will be charged an annualfee of $299. This fee schedule isfor websites that do NOT containadult content. The price for adult-content sites is $600 initialprocessing fee and a $600 annualfee. Once you submit your credit card numbers you will automatically be charged the non-refundable fee. Yahoo Directory will review your information and provide an e- mail response within 3-4 business days.
    15. 15. There are two ways to submit your website to Bing: You can sign-up for a Bing Webmaster Tools Account. This provides services that allow you to: •Research targeted keywords •Find out who is linking to your site •View your website’s crawl activity, find traffic stats and locate index coverage. You can also submit your site to Bing using the site’s depreciated tool. This tool doesn’t offer the above information.To submit your website to Bing go to:
    16. 16. Steps for Submitting a Website to Bing Directory Step 1- If signing up for the Bing Webmaster Tools then click on ‘Sign Up with Windows Live ID’. Fill out the form with your company name and e-mail address. Step 2- Once you have created a Windows Live ID account with Bing you will be asked to fill out your company’s preferences.
    17. 17. Step 3- On thewebmaster homepage click on thebutton that says‘Add Site”. Step 4- Enter your website’s URL You will then be asked to verify your ownership of this site by two options.
    18. 18. Or you can choose to submit yourwebsite via Bing’s depreciated tool.To use this tool start by typing inthe security characters in the boxand typing in the URL of yourhomepage.This will automatically update yourpage for indexing on Bing. Once your website has been verified by either process Bing will add it to the directory. You will also receive communications detailing how to best use the Bing Directory and how to better manage your website.
    19. 19. Yelp is a local internet business directory that To get your business onto allows your business to grab the attention of local Yelp local start by going to: customers. Yelp also provides a place for customers to upload reviews of your business. It is free to sign up with Yelp.Step 1- On the Yelp sign-up page you will start by attempting to locate your business bytyping in your business name and where it is located.
    20. 20. Steps to Sign Up for the Yelp Directory Step 2- If your website is not already listed you can click on the ‘Add Your Business’ button. Once there you can fill out your business’s information. It will also ask you to fill in an e- mail address. Step 3- Yelp will send an e-mail verification to the e-mail address you have provided. You must go to that e-mail and click on the verification link.
    21. 21. Step 4- Your business has now been added to Yelp, but you will have to wait until the Yelp Customer Service Team has reviewed your site. Once that process is complete you will receive an e-mail with information about your website.Hint- In order for your website to gain credibility on Yelp you shouldtake the time to positively review other local businesses. Thesebusinesses may return the favor. Keep it positive however if you wantyour business to establish credibility.
    22. 22. Merchant Circle is a social network for businesses.It helps local business gain more online exposure andconnect with customers and other local businesses.Businesses who use Merchant Circle are able to:•Create an online listing for their business•Show up in search engines•Find out what is being said about their business andmonitor its reputation.•Use As Wizard to advertise on Google and Yahoo!•Gather new customer referrals To Join Merchant Circle go to: www.MerchantCircle .com andMerchant Circle is free to join. click on the ‘Sign Up’ button.
    23. 23. Steps to Add Your Business Listing to Merchant Circle Step 1- Click on the ‘Free Online Advertising for Local Businesses- Get Started’ ButtonStep 2- Register with MerchantCircle by filling out your company’sinformation and create a Login IDand Password.
    24. 24. Step 3- Fill in your business’s information, including your website URL, a description of your business, your hours of operations and payment information. Then click ‘Next’.Step 4- Personalize how yourbusiness will appear on theMerchant Circle website bychoosing a color scheme andother information.Then click ‘Next’.
    25. 25. Step 5- Add friends or other business contacts to create a network. Oryou can search for other Merchant Circle members to create a largernetwork. The larger your business’s network is- the more people will seeyour website listing!
    26. 26. Your Merchant Circle listing is now set up. If you choose to add more advertising services and options to your listing you can choose from the many that are offered by Merchant Circle.
    27. 27. Yellow Pages.comYellow is an online versionof the classic phone-book directory.Registering your business with allows your business to beeasily found by a search directory that To begin advertising your business onis used by a large number of Yellow go to:consumers. It also has other tools for and click onhelping your business expand. It is the ‘Advertise with Us’ Buttonfree to sign-up with
    28. 28. Steps for Signing Up with Yellow Step 1- On the ‘Advertise with Us’ page click on ‘Get Started Now’Step 2- Enter your business’s basicinformation in the box provided.
    29. 29. Step 3- Continue to fill out the boxesregarding your business’s contactinformation and business description. Step 4- Fill in the ‘Sign Up for Online Account Services’ box and click ‘Sign Me Up Now’
    30. 30. Step 5- Choose theverification process that youwish to use. You can chooseverifying by phone orverifying by credit card ordebit card authorization. Once your website and business information has been verified you can manage your business’s profile and update your listing anytime.
    31. 31. Supermedia allows you to create a free online listing that works to connect your business with your customers. Supermedia offers a range of directories designed to enhance your business’s search-ability and relevance.To get started go on the ‘Add/Edit a FreeListing icon.
    32. 32. Steps to Setting up a Business Profile/Account on SupermediaStep 1- Choose what options you want, whether they are click packages, onlinecoupons or a business profile. To start click on ‘Sign Up’ in the Business Profile box. Step 2- Find your business’s listing and click ‘Search’. Step 3- If your business is not already listed when you clicked ‘Search’ the ‘Add Your Listing Information’ page will show up. Add your information in and click ‘Continue’.
    33. 33. Step 4- Add your business categories and click ‘Continue’Step 5- Add in your business’s details.These might include the type of serviceyour business renders, relevantkeywords, payment options, any photosthat you may wish to upload and more.
    34. 34. Step 6- You will be asked ifyou want to choose anadditional click package fora fee. If you do click on‘Add to My Cart’ but if youdon’t want to pay foradditional services thensimply click the‘No, thanks, continue’button. Step 7- You will also be given the chance to enhance your listing for an additional fee. Again you can click on the ‘No thanks, continue’ icon if you do not want these services. Your listing will then be updated onto Supermedia’s site.
    35. 35. Yellow is the classic directory that is now available online. It allows your business to connect with customers and create a company profile so that consumers can easily find out what your company offers them.To create a new Yellow Book profile start by going to: Click on the ‘Corporate Icon’
    36. 36. Steps to Create a Business Advertising Listing on Step 1- Click on the ‘Request a Free Consultation’ Icon.
    37. 37. Step 2- Fill out all of the requiredinformation for your business’sdirectory information.Click on the ‘Free Business Listing’icon. A customer service representative will be in touch to help you create your free business listing.
    38. 38. Citysearch offers its users information about businesses in specific cities. It providescontact information, local maps, directions and reviews about localbusinesses, which helps consumers choose a business they may wish to use in anew city.Getting your business onto Citysearch’s online directory makes it easy for anyonetraveling to your location to find your business. To register to advertise your business on Citysearch go to: Click on the ‘Advertise With Us’ icon
    39. 39. Steps for Signing Up with Citysearch This takes you to the CityGrid Media page. Step 1- You can choose to create a business account by phone or by clicking the ‘Sign Up Now’ button.Step 2- Search for yourbusiness listing by typing inyour business name and zipcode.
    40. 40. Step 3- Unless your business listing is already in the database the website will not find it. Click on ‘Create New Listing’ if it doesn’t locate your website. Step 4- Fill in your business’s information to create a business account.
    41. 41. Step 5- Select the address the websitefinds for you. Step 6- Fill out your business’s contact information and create a username and password for your Citysearch account.
    42. 42. Step 8- Search for keywords that relate to your business and click ‘search’. Then click on the keywords you want in the ‘Available Primary Categories’ and click ‘Select’. Once you review and finalize your listing it will be listed on Citysearch.Step 7- Choose to enhance yourlisting by adding taglines, etc or skipthis step.
    43. 43. MapQuest is an online mapping and driving directions website. It makes it easy for consumers to locate businesses they may wish to use locally. MapQuest can help your business get found online and will make it easy for prospective customers to find your location in person. Getting your business on MapQuest is free.To get started to go MapQuest’s home page at Under the MapQuest Icon click on- ‘Local Business Center’.
    44. 44. Steps to Getting Your Business Listing on MapQuest Step 1- On MapQuest’s Local Business Center page type in your name, phone number and e-mail address to begin creating a new account. Then click on ‘Create an Account’.
    45. 45. Step 2- You will have to open the e- mail account that you entered in order to confirm your e-mail address.Step 3- In your e-mailaccount open the e-mailfrom MapQuest and clickon the ‘Get Started’ icon.
    46. 46. Step 4- Once you have confirmed your e-mail address and clicked on ‘Get Started’ your account will become activated. Create a password under your e-mail account name.Step 5- Fill in yourbusiness information.
    47. 47. Step 6- Confirm your businesslisting and address and click ‘AddBusiness’. Step 7- Next you can add additional business information to your listing such as your website URL, your business’s description, hours of operation and relevant keywords. This will provide customers who search for your business with more information regarding your company.
    48. 48. Step 8- MapQuest will have to verify your business listing before it can be postedonline. You can choose to verify your business listing instantly for $8.25 a month or youcan do it for free by clicking ‘Manual Verification’. The manual verification process maytake up to 90 days to complete. Once your business has been verified it will be listed on MapQuest
    49. 49. is another locally-based online directory that isavailable for free tobusinesses. helpscustomers find localbusinesses as well as dealsand advertisements. To get your businesslisted on start by going to Then click on either ‘Advertise with Us’ or ‘Get Started’.
    50. 50. Steps to Listing Your Business on Step 1- Choose theoptions you want to use toset up your Local.combusiness account. Choicesinclude free local directorysign-up, social mediaupgrades and SEOkeyword placementupgrades. There are evenfree mobile link sign-ups.For the free service clickon the icon that looks likethis:
    51. 51. Step 2- Fill out your business listing information.Step 3- Create your business’s profilepage, including your business’s primarycategory and tag line information.
    52. 52. Step 4- You will be asked to search forkeywords relating to your business’scategory. Simply type in a keyword thatrelates to your business and the sitewill automatically locate relevantkeywords for you to choose from.Select keywords that will helpcustomers locate your business. Step 5- Confirm your business’s listed information. Then create a password for your username. Then click on ‘Confirm Listing’.
    53. 53. Step 6- Your businesslisting has now been submitted.You can also choose to upgradeyour listing options by selectingthe ‘Upgrade to PremiumBusiness Listing’ icon.Once your business listing iscomplete you can upgrade morephotos, videos and special links ifyou choose to
    54. 54. Foursquare is an innovative online social directory for mobile devices. It allows online users to locate local venues and businesses while they are on the go. Creating a Foursquare account will increase your business’s online presence and allow customers to find you on the go. To get started go to: /merchantsThen click on ‘Claim your Venue’
    55. 55. Steps to Setting Up a Foursquare Account Step 1- Type in your business name and location to see if Foursquare can locate it. Step 2- If the website cannot find your business then click on ‘Add a new venue to Foursquare’.Step 3- Click on the ‘Sign Up forFoursquare ‘icon
    56. 56. Step 4- Fill in the required sign-up information.Step 5- Thewebsite will askyou to connect todifferent networksin order tonetwork withothers. You canchoose to do thisor click on ‘Skipthis step”. Step 6- Click on ‘Continue to Homepage’ unless you want to check-out the mobile options.
    57. 57. Step 7- Click on ‘Continue where you left off’.Step 8- Add in your business’sinformation to the ‘AddVenue’ screen.This includes the business’ sname and address.You will also have to click onthe map to save yourbusinesss location.
    58. 58. Step 9- Select a categorythat matches your business. Step 10- Your information will appear on the screen. Review it to ensure that it is correct and then click on ‘Claim Here’.
    59. 59. Step 11- Click on ‘Continueclaiming this venue’. Step 12- It will ask you if you are authorized. Click ‘Yes’. Step 13- Confirm what type of business you have. This example is a single location.
    60. 60. Step 14- You will have to have your business’s information verified by Foursquare. This can be done by answering their phone call, or by requesting a confirmation letter via the mail. Choose which verification method you want to employ.Verification via telephone is instant- verification via mail may takeup to 5-7 days. Once verified your business will be listed onFoursquare.
    61. 61. LinkedIn is professional business-related onlinenetworking site. It allows business professionals to To set up a LinkedIn profile gointeract with one another and create business to: www.linkedin.comconnections. Your business’s LinkedIn profile will help it And click on ‘Join Now’.be found on search engines by consumers. Signing up is free.
    62. 62. Steps to Creating Your Own LinkedIn Profile Step 1- Fill in the required information to start creating your profile. Step 2- LinkedIn will ask if you want to search for other members that you already know. You can click on ‘Skip this step’ to continue creating your profile.
    63. 63. Step 3- LinkedIn will ask you toconfirm your e-mail address. Todo this open your e-mailaccount, then open the e-mailsent from LinkedIn. Then clickon ‘click here’.
    64. 64. Step 4- Now your LinkedIn profile is set-up. You can now choose toshare your new profile with other social networks or click on ‘Skip this step’.
    65. 65. Once your LinkedIn profile is set up you can choose to add premium features for$24.95 a month. The basic LinkedIn package is free.
    66. 66. To get your businesslisted on CitySlick goto: and click on the ‘Submit a Listing’ button. CitySlick is a website that offers local online advertising solutions for businesses. Adding your company to this site will increase your online presence and help distribute local search engine traffic your way.
    67. 67. Steps to Setting Up an Account with CitySlick Step 1- Create a username and a password and fill in your e-mail information. Then click the box next to ‘I agree to the Terms and Conditions’. Type in the listed security code and click ‘submit’.
    68. 68. Step 2- Select the typeof CitySlickmembership youwant.Both paid and freememberships areavailable.This example will usethe free membership.
    69. 69. Step 3- Fill out the informationfor your business’s free profile.Pay attention to the keywords youchoose to avoidoverstuffing, which will causepenalties on the site.Then click ‘Submit Profile’.
    70. 70. Step 4- The website will ask you to submit aseries of optional items. Each will increaseyour online presence and look better tocustomers.These optional items includecoupons, gallery images and upcomingevents.It is recommended that you upload suchitems.
    71. 71. Step 5- You will be asked toclick on the ‘Submit Profile’button to prove that you are anactual human being. Step 6- You will be asked if you would like to check for reciprocal links and receive a free upgrade. If you do, then copy the listed code to your computer’s clipboard and click ‘Validation’. Or click ‘Skip’.
    72. 72. Your CitySlick profile is now activated! You can alter it or add articles and press releases at any time.
    73. 73. Angie’s List is a user-specific online site that allows consumers to provide first-hand reviewsof local businesses. To ensure that all reviews are accurate, Angie’s List requires that all usersregister and pay to use the site, as a way of verifying their comments. Setting up yourbusiness on Angie’s List allows it to be easily found and lets you take advantage of positivereviews from your customers. This is a free service.To get started go to theAngie’s List BusinessCenter at:http://business.angielist.comAnd click on ‘RegisterNow’
    74. 74. Steps to Registering with Angie’s ListStep 1- Fill in your personalinformation, including e-mail, zip code and passwordinformation. Step 2- The website will ask you to fill in information so that it can search for your company.
    75. 75. Step 3- The website will notfind your company’sinformation and will requestto add it to Angie’s List. Step 4- Fill in your company’s information in the requested boxes. This will include choosing designated service categories that will make it easier for online searches to locate your business.
    76. 76. Step 5- Continue fillingthe information aboutyour company. This willinclude choosinglicensingoptions, generalinformation regardingthe business and Step 6- Click the box tobusiness hours. confirm the information and to agree to the ‘Angie’s List Service Provider Usage Agreement’.
    77. 77. Your Angie’s List Company Profile is now step up. You can update your profile’s information at any time.
    78. 78. Facebook’s Fan Page lets yougather as many fans as youwant. It also provides a wayto interact with a large scaleof customers. You can set upFacebook Fan Page links onall of your business’s onlinemedia outlets, which letsonline users go to the fanpage and directly interactwith your company. Thisincreases your SERPspresence, as well asincreasing customerparticipation and brand To start creating a Facebook fan page go to:recognition. and either log into your account or sign up for an account.
    79. 79. Steps to Creating a Fan Page for your BusinessStep 1- If you do not already have aFacebook account for your businessthen you need to create one. If youdo already have an account you canskip this section. First Facebook willask you if you already have friends-you can skip this by clicking ‘Skip thisstep’. Step 2- Fill out the profile information for your business or skip what information you do not want to appear online.
    80. 80. Step 3- Upload any business-related or product photos that you want to appear on the site. Photos are very helpful for brand and company recognition and are highly encouraged.Step 4- Facebook will askyou to verify the e-mailaddress that you haveprovided for them. This e-mail address will bepublically shared so makesure it is something thatyou want to be available onthe internet. Open your e-mail from Facebook andclick ‘Agree’.
    81. 81. Step 5- You have now created a Facebook profile page and have a Facebook account. You will want to add photos and other content to make your company profile page interesting to online viewers. You will also want to share it with as many ‘friends’ as is possible.Step 6- On your profile page click on the ‘Create a Page’ icon atthe bottom of the screen to begin creating your company’sFacebook Fan Page.
    82. 82. Step 7- Choose what type ofFan Page you want to create-either a local business orplace or acompany, organization orinstitution. Step 8- Once you have chosen a page to create fill out the information box about it. This includes the business’s name, location and category. Then click the box to agree to the ‘Facebook Pages Terms’.
    83. 83. Step 9- Fill in the securitycheck words and click‘submit’. Step 10- Upload or import photos for your Fan Page.
    84. 84. Step 11- Invite as manyfriends as contacts as youcan to share your FanPage.Then add your website’sURL address and a shortdescription that tellsviewers about yourcompany.
    85. 85. Your FacebookFan Page is nowset up.Constantupdates, interesting content andphotos andestablishing asmany contacts asyou can will helpensure that yourFan Page gathersfans and keepsyour companylisted high up onSERPs.
    86. 86. Thank You!Would you like us to do all this work for you? Please contact us at: (281) 816-6932 (855) BIG-SPLASH