Douchbaggery in Marketing by Karina Portuondo


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How semantics get in the way of good work.

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Douchbaggery in Marketing by Karina Portuondo

  1. 1. Marketing DouchebaggeryWhy words get in the way of good workAnd how to say what you mean in the workplaceKarina Portuondo, Strategist/Copywriter@karinaelise8 OCTOBER 2011
  2. 2. Hi.First off - why am I here? OCTOBER 2011Karina PortuondoStrategist/Copywriter@karinaelise8
  3. 3. Bad Advertising.It’s everywhere. Why?
  4. 4. Part 1: The Problem.A humorous exploration of the words that get in the way
  5. 5. SoLoMoMobileProgramPlatformCampaign360OmnichannelIMCIATBig Idea
  6. 6. learnings.orgGo here for a crowdsourced of marketing buzzwords. The site willactually generate an actual bingo board that you print out and playwith your team during a call!
  7. 7. Tribal KnowledgeGurushipParadigm ShiftThe “Admosphere”
  8. 8. corporateasfuck.comMad libs for mission statements. If you’re writing or sayinganything that sounds like this - try to stop.
  9. 9. @industryjargonThese are all real overheard phrases. Making fun of ourselves is thefirst step to change.
  10. 10. doucheyaccountguy.tumblr.comAlso real overheard phrases from the ad community. At least weadmit we have a problem.
  11. 11. Design Taxi’sToungue-in-cheek brand glossary.
  12. 12. iamtheclient.blogspot.comA post about planners -- some of the worst offenders when itcomes to overworked words.
  13. 13.GsTkA great roast of marketing speak.
  14. 14. Part 2: The Solution.How to say what you mean in the workplace
  15. 15. 1. Pretend like you’re talking to your mom.2. Ask the tough questions.3. When all else fails, get on the same page.
  16. 16. Don’t makeassumptions.Your mom doesn’t know what CPG stands for. She doesn’t know about transmediastorytelling or propagation planning. And it’s not because she’s not a smart lady.She’s just not entrenched in industry BS.
  17. 17. Call it like it is.
  18. 18. People are people.Not consumers.Not users.Not “momfluentials.”Just people.
  19. 19. Social Sally. “I love sharing new experiences with my friends! I am the one they go to for new trends and advice.” Jake.I like to wear fresh kicks and take theguys to SCHOOL on the court so they know what’s up.
  20. 20. 1. Pretend like you’re talking to your mom.2. Ask the tough questions.3. When all else fails, get on the same page.
  21. 21. What is a big idea, really? Big because in the amount of media spend that goes behind it? Big because of the number of people that’ll see it? Big because of how new or different it is? Big because it has the subjective potential to “go viral”? Big because it can fit other “tactics” inside of the same copy line? Big because of how much press it’ll get?
  22. 22. 1. Pretend like you’re talking to your mom.2. Ask the tough questions.3. When all else fails, get on the same page.
  23. 23. 1 project. 1 brand.12 new products being launched.6 months of planning.3 different producer hand-offs.7 team members.8 clients in the US.15+ more abroad.30+ agency partners.100s of documents.
  24. 24. Sometimes the words don’t matter.As long as everyone’s speaking the same language.
  25. 25. Ideal vs. RealLikely, it won’t be possible to completely avoidthis stuff. A good place to start is toacknowledge when words are getting in theway and do a little something about it.• Make a glossary for the front of a big presentation.• Spend the first 5 minutes of a meeting agreeing to semantics.• Got any other ideas?
  26. 26. If you only remember one thing:Marketers talk a lot about humanizing brands.Let’s start by talking to each other like humans.
  27. 27. Thanks!
  28. 28. PS: We’re hiring.TechnologyUser ExperienceDesignStrategy