Buzzdit, a BSS Hack Day Idea by Quatroship


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Take this and make it!

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Buzzdit, a BSS Hack Day Idea by Quatroship

  1. 1. problemfinding an apartment in NYC is a stinkin nightmare
  2. 2. “nyc apartmenthunting is literallygoing to induce apanic attack” @derekdvt
  3. 3. “apartment hunting innyc = water boarding” @talktotori
  4. 4. problematic solutionstoo many tools trying to do too many things
  5. 5. missed opportunitynone of them are inherently social
  6. 6. people have a lot tosay about theirapartments
  7. 7. The post office next door packs the trucksloudly at 3:30-4am.The water pipes "sing" when someone on thefifth floor takes a shower.Tiny roaches are actually kinda cute.The people in the building across the back courtyard dont believe in blinds or windowcoverings. Lets just say you get to know themreally well.There is a fire in the dumpster every other week
  8. 8. There are these two really strange people wholive on the second floor, who always talk to theircat like its another human being...The neighbors play bagpipes and sing "Can youfeel the love tonight?" from The Lion Kingsoundtrack at the top of their lungs at 3 amThe radiators NEVER go off...and the dumpsterdisappears for one weekend a month.The neighbor across the bathroom windowshaft-way likes to smoke out the window (hencesmoking right in your bathroomI roam the halls at night wearing lederhosen.
  9. 9. existing behaviorwe leave reviews on everything nowadays
  10. 10. The first thing I noticedabout this little ditty isthat its easy to clean.One thing to watch outfor - because its allmetal, it holds in the heatVERY WELL - I guaranteeyoull burn yourselfsomething fierce. Amazon
  11. 11. I would only comeback here if I coulddiarrhea in their toiletand not flush. One ofthe staff wasextremely rude andhad zero sense ofgood customerservice. Yelp
  12. 12. Hes an older doctor, sowhile he has a ton ofexperience and isintelligent andpersonable, hes alsostarting to show the signsof his age ZocDoc
  13. 13. Papa Hunts!! I hadHuntsy in Jerusalemfor OT and can He is areally cool guy andhas so much passionfor the bible. Helistened to Jewishmonk music when hewas 10! Rate My Professor
  14. 14. solutionsocial reviews for apartment buildings in NYC
  15. 15. “FUCK! FINALLY!” dude on front
  16. 16. who this is foranyone who rents property in nyc
  17. 17. huntersresearching & & dwellers complaints, praisedecision making & advice
  18. 18. Long thing that is twolines or maybe eventhree lines long Who said that?
  19. 19. walls can’t talk,but people can.
  20. 20. why we love itgood karma: it’s about strangers helping each other outstorytelling: it’s a platform for people to vent, reminisce &thankraising the bar: it’ll hold property owners accountablepotential: it has a lot of flxibility & room to grow
  21. 21. launch marketingfind, join and start relevant conversationswithin social channels and then letword of mouth work its magickeep it grassrootskeep it personal
  22. 22. memories of my first placeadvice for whoever moves in nextwhat i wish i knew about nyc apts
  23. 23. version 2.0 and beyondnot just new yorknot just apartment buildings (commercial real estate, etc)roll in extra features & functionsmonetization and revenue models, bitche$
  24. 24. listings: price/price history, contact owner/brokertools: comparisons, commute calculatorsmore public data: crime statistics, bed bug alerts,energy usenearby: schools, hospitals, churches, laundry, grocery,etcphotos & video: publicly added, tagged with notespull in/plug into: groupon, airbnb, foursquare, yelp,instagramglass ceiling: rental rate transparency
  25. 25. get moneylicense the API: yelp or foursquare is going to want thisdataget local businesses to advertise discounts & dealsallow property owners to pay for listing availableapartments
  26. 26. preguntas?