2012 Annual Meeting Slideshow


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2012 Annual Meeting Slideshow

  1. 1. 2012 Annual Meeting
  2. 2. Thank you to our 2011 Board of Directors!Dolores Mitchell Maria Fernandes Carol McKean Joe Realmuto Tim O’Brien Sue Hoffman Sharon McNally Jane DeeryMax Bardeen Suzanne Fay Glynn Lisa ScannellEssence Arzu Rob Egan Kerry Nelson Aileen Keaney Sabrina Nicholson Janet Porter Tom Barrette Terri CampbellKaren Voci Lynne O’Connor Janet Kraus John Yozell Kathy Kiely Kathy Wallace Jacqueline Smith
  3. 3. 99% of girls with a Big Sister maintain orImprove their self-confidence.
  4. 4. Big Sister is supported by:
  5. 5. Congratulations to Big Sister of the Year Jessica Reardon.
  6. 6. Max Bardeen and Karen Voci with AllyceNajimy, In the Company of Great Women.
  7. 7. Big Sister, YPB Member Karen Lubovwith her Little Sister and Mayor Menino.
  8. 8. Thank you to David Bruce for donating afoosball table to Big Sister!
  9. 9. Alumnae Association expands.
  10. 10. Thank you to Camp Harbor View.
  11. 11. Kathy Kiely dedicates The Ad Club’sWomen’s Leadership Forum to Big Sister.
  12. 12. Big Sister Day at the State House with State Representative Smitty Pignatelli.
  13. 13. Young Professional Board hosts annualIce Skating activity.
  14. 14. 77% ofgirls withaBig Sisterhave abettersense ofthefuture.
  15. 15. Rodman Ride participants rode MILESfor girls: Tim O’Brien, Max Bardeen,Jane Deery, Lisa Scannell, Pat Tietbohl,Nicole Cushion, and Sven Meier.
  16. 16. Big Sister is supported by:
  17. 17. Congratulationsto Big Sister ofthe YearDiane Ivey.
  18. 18. Kerry Nelson Dolores Mitchell Maria Fernandes Joe Realmuto Deb Daccord Jane Deery Suzanne Fay Glynn Aileen Keaney Sharon McNally Sabrina Nicholson Jane Alpers Colleen Kenney Tim O’BrienTable Hosts Lynne O’Connor Max Bardeen Lisa DeSisto Juan Carlos Morales
  19. 19. New England Patriot’s recognizeBig Sister Amanda Martinez asVolunteer of the Week.
  20. 20. Chelsea Clinton.
  21. 21. 1,750 raffle tickets… Sold Out.
  22. 22. Big in Boston, 60th Anniversary Party
  23. 23. 2012 Fashion Show co-chaired by CarolMcKean and Jacqueline Smith.
  24. 24. Jane Deery builds Team PGR Media forRodman Ride 2011.
  25. 25. Thank you to Community Partner of theyear, Liberty Mutual Insurance.
  26. 26. Congratulations to Big Sister of the Year Katy Shea.
  27. 27. Big Sister is supported by: P.I. Garden Fund The Amelia Peabody Foundation The Connors Family Highland Street Foundation Jessie B. Cox Charitable Trust Klarman Family Foundation Linde Family Foundation Schrafft Charitable Trust Yawkey Foundation II
  28. 28. Thank you to our 2011 Board Meetinghosts: Max Bardeen, Tim O’Brien, JanetPorter, and Joe Realmuto
  29. 29. Thank you to our Advisory Board!Jack Agnew Renée Landers Beth Terrana Susan Connolly Mish Michaels Pat Tietbohl Marie TurleyChris Creelman Janet Humdy Morrison Liz Walker Susan Esper Jean Tempel Jacqueline Sonnabend Nancy Korman
  30. 30. 80% of girls with a Big Sister havegreater respect for other cultures.
  31. 31. Friends and family of Jeanne Yozellhonor her at Big in Boston.
  32. 32. 80% of girls with a Big Sister are betterable to make healthy decisions.
  33. 33. Thank you to community partner,Chef Michael Schlow.
  34. 34. Big Sister is supported by: Bank of AmericaBlue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts Liberty Mutual Insurance Normandy Real Estate Partners, LLC Procter & Gamble State Street Corporation TJX Companies Tufts Health Plan
  35. 35. In 2011, the Diversity Council hostedConversations Among Women.
  36. 36. Thank you to ourYoung Professional Board!Karen Lubov Liz Egan Jamie Charles Robyn BarrosBetsy Zuik Nicole Cushion Sven Meier Lucy Campbell Heather Cloran
  37. 37. 75% of girls with a Big Sister haveimproved academic performance.
  38. 38. Thank you to those who donated ticketsto sporting events, museums and more!
  39. 39. Young Professional Board hostsUrban Beach Party.
  40. 40. Big Sister marches in the DorchesterDay Parade.
  41. 41. 60th Anniversary Closing Ceremony
  42. 42. Big Sister is supported by: