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Presonality%20 Paper[1]


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My paper for the slide show

Published in: Education
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Presonality%20 Paper[1]

  1. 1. Presonality Paper Outside My family: I put my brother, me and a working man and dad on there because I have a working mom and dad. They both work and come home around 5 to 8. My dad works as an estimater over at a sign componey called Pobloki Sign Componey. My mom is a lawyer and normally comes home at 8 but sometimes she doesn’t come home until then next day. My brother because he is my bro he went to Boise and now he is almost famous around pewuakee. My features: I put blonde hair, blue eyes, and have no glasses. The reason I put blonde in there because in my family there is just me and my mom that had blonde hair but it is a dirty blonde so darker blonde color. The blue eyes are just what I was born with nothing special there. The glasses are just then I am just born with good vision and don’t need glasses. My skills and abilities: I play the trombone and PS2 also I like to do cross country. The trombone is my favorite instrument in band because it is an interesting instrument. The PS2 is the only good console that I have that never crashes like my computer and Wii. Also I’ll never get bored of it like the Wii. Cross country because it doesn’t take skill all you just run the whole time. It is also a good time waster and you can meet new people while racing. Social Behavior: I put band, Skype, and, my space on the slide. Band because you can go to band trips and have competitions and meet new people. Skype because I can talk with microphone text and webcam and you can talk in a group and it is better than Facebook. My space it is like Facebook but you can change your profile background and can favorite music.
  2. 2. Inside Eating habits: I posted Ramen, cheesy hash browns, and Mountain Dew. Ramen because when I first tried it I was attracted to it now I am eating it when my home alone on the weekend or just because I want to. Cheesy hash browns because I eat all from my plate. Mountain dew because when I was 6 or 7 I drank mountain dew for the first time and I was attracted to it and I still drink it today. Favorites: I put The Police, Full metal Alchemist, and Need for Speed Most Wanted. My throwback career started when I heard of The Police. After I heard them I just listened to old music and grow into today’s music. My favorite show is and anime called Full Metal Alchemist. I started watching it when it was on TV in 2008 and now I finished it online. Now I’m onto other animes online. Need for Speed Most Wanted as you can tell it is a street racing game. I got into it when my bro finished it and I just got hooked into it ever since. Fears and Pet Peeves: I posted on there, Jeremy calling me Landy, a judge, and a clown. Jeremy calling me Landy is some jokes my friend made and now Jeremy is just annoying me ever since he heard of it (2009). A judge is another pet peeve of mine I hate it when people just judge me of my appearance, friends and the stuff I like and listen to. A fear of mine is clowns because of their masks it makes them happy, sad, and evil. Also the masks are creepy when you see the evil face. My future plans are to play the bass, get a degree for film directing and film movies. I started playing the bass in 2009 and the person who inspired me to play is Sting. The degree in directing leads to the filming industry. So I have to go to college and get a degree in film making /directing.
  3. 3. What I say to this project is that you should not change anything. The power point part of it is a good idea and should stay. The paper I say you should lower the paragraphs to four the intro, the outside, the inside, and the conclusion.