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Real World Mathematics Formulas


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Real World Mathematics Formulas

  1. 1. Real World MathematicalEquations and Formulas
  2. 2. V=IxR and P=VxIV = Voltage (can be either AC or DC)I = Current in AmperesR = Resistance in OhmsP = Power in Watts
  3. 3. E=mc2 E is the energy in ergs,m the mass of thesubatomic matter ingrams,and c is the speed oflight in centimeters persecond: (c2 = 9 1020)
  4. 4. • Have an accurate stop watch and measure the time taken by a rough stone to reach the ground when dropped from a height. (eg. From the roof of a building)• Distance in meters: d = g/2 x t2 where g = acceleration due to gravity = 9.8 m/s2 usually, but needs to be checked in your geographic area. t = the time measured in seconds in the above fashion.
  5. 5. • For many equations, the mathematics can be programmed into an Online Calculator like this:
  6. 6. Speed of sound in feet per second through any giventemperature of air:Take the square root of (273 + t), in which t is the airtemperature in Centigrade, multiply it by 1087, and dividethe result by 16.52.When a jet breaks the sound barrier in air, not only is there a sonic boom, butthere is a visible cone of condensation from a dramatic change in pressure.
  7. 7. The body mass index (BMI), or Queteletindex for adults, is a statistical measurementwhich compares a fully grown adult personsweight and height.
  8. 8. How They Did It Instead of each member randomly choosing numbers or relying on birthdays and significant dates as they had done in the past, this time they came up with what they believed was an “unbeatable” formula. This mathematical method was as follows:All 49 numbers were written on pieces of paper and placed inone box. Each syndicate member in turn then picked out sixnumbers, until eight lines were filled, using 48 of the 49numbers. The remaining number was then used to start a newline by the next syndicate member, who picked from a secondbox where the pieces of paper already drawn had been placed.As a result each number appeared at least twice in thesyndicate’s 17 lines, with four numbers appearing three times.–mailonsundayUsual chances of winning a 6 from 49 lotto is about 1 in 14million….. Seems they just got very lucky I guess ??
  9. 9. Lots of Different Formulas for Lots of Things formula/index.htmlElectricity and Electric Motors mMaths of Cars Formulas and Losing Weight (BMR Basal Metabolic Rate)
  10. 10. Electricity, Einstein, Speed of Sound Wheel Geometric Maths Formula Mass Index Alcohol Equations – Blood Alcohol Formula ESTIMATOR.htmClipart Cartoons and PhotosImages at
  11. 11. Visit our site for Free Mathematics PowerPoints