Free Online Graph and Chart Makers


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Kids Zone Make a Graph and Chart Go for basic free online graphs.

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Free Online Graph and Chart Makers

  1. 1. In this presentation we fully examine two great Free online Graph making applications.
  2. 2.
  3. 3. Step 1: Click to choose the Graph Type
  4. 4. For our example, we willShoe Length Nbr of People draw our “Shoe Length21 cm 1 Survey” data as a Bar Graph.24 cm 325 cm 326 cm 2 In this survey, each27 cm 8 student measured the length of their shoe.28 cm 529 cm 1 We then gathered30 cm 1 together all the results31 cm 1 into the frequency table shown on the left.
  5. 5. For our example, we aredrawing the Shoe Lengthdata from our class as aBar Graph.First we set up the designfor our bar chart graph onthe “Design” Tab. We then work our waydown through the otherTabs.(Continued next Slide)
  6. 6. It is important to set the“Grid Lines” to a numberwhich will enable us lateron to have a vertical scalein ones, rather than in lotsof in between decimalvalues on the y-axis.For our nine items, theclosest grid lines availablein the drop down menuis 11.
  7. 7. Next we use the “Data”tab to enter the GraphTitle, and the text labelsfor the horizontal x-axis,and the vertical y-axis.We then choose ourbars colour, and enterin all of our data items.(Continued next slide).
  8. 8. Note that the maximumand minimum values wehave set are 0 and 10,because we set elevengrid lines back on theDesign screen tab.0 to 10 is eleven values,(count them on yourfingers), and this meanswith eleven grid lines weshould get a vertical scalefor our completed graphwhich goes in ones.
  9. 9. On the “Labels” tab wehave set "show labels" to"No", which means therewill not be any numbersplace above individualbars saying how high theyeach are.If you like having each barlabeled at the top, with itsheight value, then set this"labels" option to "Yes".
  10. 10. We are now ready to checkhow our completed Graphwill look, which we do byclicking on the "Preview"tab.If we need to go back andchange anything, we simplygo click on the tab(s) wherewe need to make changes.We then click the bottom ofscreen “Update” button, andtry the “Preview” tab again.
  11. 11. Our Final Step is toPrint or Save ourcompleted Graph.We can even email ourfinished graph to ourInstructor.Click on “Download”which takes us to thescreen shown on thenext slide.
  12. 12. There are several differentways to save our graph,which we access by clickingthe drop down menu button.The size of our saved JPGpicture was 600x453 pixelsin size, and it was of verygood image quality.After one save, we can alsore-save into another formatif we want to.
  13. 13. This is our completed and saved Bar Chart for the Shoe Length Survey.
  14. 14.
  15. 15. We will now graph the “ShoeShoe Length Nbr of People Length Survey” results using21 cm 1 the “Chart Go” site at :24 cm 325 cm 3 cm 2 At this website, we receive an27 cm 8 opening screen, where we can28 cm 5 select our graph type and set29 cm 1 up all of its data and labeling.30 cm 131 cm 1 (See next slide for full details)
  16. 16. After we click the“Create Chart” buttonwe get our graph.If we click on “Modifythis Chart” we can goback and redo itemson the data entryopening screen.If we right click withour mouse on thegraph, we can do a“Save As” and save apicture of our graph.
  17. 17. This is our completed and saved Bar Chart for the Shoe Length Survey.
  18. 18. We can also make Pie ChartsCar Colour Nbr of Cars and Line Graphs with theRed 8 "Create a Graph" Application.Silver 15Black 24 Here is the frequency table forWhite 18 a Car Park Survey we carriedBlue 6 out recently. (Graph on Next Slide)
  19. 19. We
  20. 20. We can also make Pie Charts and Line Graphs with the "Chart Go" free web online application. Here is the Car Park pie chart as made in “Chart Go”.
  21. 21.