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Basic Algebra Multiplication


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Basic Algebra Multiplication

  1. 1. Image Source:
  2. 2. Let’s consider 4 x 3b or 4 x 3 Bananas This mean 4 lots of 3 Bananas: which is a total of 12 Bananas. 4 x 3b = 12b or 4 x 3 x b = 12 x b = 12b Images from
  3. 3. Now Let’s consider 4a x 3b or 4 Apples x 3 BananasThis is really strange to multiply Apples by Bananas because they are different items !Lets do it anyway ! First let’s put in all the multiply signs: 4xax3xb (Now adjust the order so the numbers come first)=4x3xaxb (We can work out the number part as 4 x 3 =12)= 12 x a x b = 12ab (Remember in Algebra we leave out x signs from answers)Now this is really hard to get your head around, but 12AB could be the number ofGrapes that we have. In this case we have lots of Grapes!The Total Grapes = 12 x the number of Apples x the number of Bananas.So 4a x 3b is an expanded way of saying that we have 12 x a x b or 12ab.
  4. 4. WARNING: In this presentation we areonly doing simple multiplying questionswhich do not have exponents or indices.If the letter parts have powers in them,there are some extra steps to do, whichwe will cover in a separate presentation. Images from
  5. 5. To Multiply Algebra Terms, follow these steps: Expand all terms using multiplication signs Rearrange the order of the items so that the numbers come first, and then after the numbers put all the letters in alphabetical order Work out the numbers answer, remove all the multiplication signs, and put the letter variables in alphabet order with no spaces in between them.
  6. 6. Simplify: 7 x 5hSteps are : Fully Expand, Reorder, then Simplify= 7x 5 x h= 35 x h= 35h
  7. 7. Simplify : 7e x 5h 7e x 5h (First expand all terms fully) = 7 x e x 5 x h (Group Numbers & Letters) = 7 x 5 x e x h (Simplify and Remove x’s) = 35eh
  8. 8. Simplify : 2vp x -3w x 8k 2 x v x p x -3 x w x 8 x k (Group Numbers) = 2 x -3 x 8 x v x p x w x k (Alphabet Order) = -48 xkxpxvxw (Remove x’s) = -48kpvw
  9. 9. Simplify : 4eh x 2d x 3 4xe xhx2xdx3 (Group Numbers) = 4x2x3xe xhxd (Alphabet Order) = 24 xd xexh (Remove x’s) = 24deh
  10. 10. Simplify : 5 x -u x 4c x -3 ( -u is same as –1u ) 5 x -1 x u x 4 x c x -3 (Group Numbers) = 5 x -1 x 4 x -3 x u x c (Alphabet Order) = 60 xcxu (Remove x’s) = 60cu
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