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BigML Education - Predictions


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Learn how to use Decision Trees, Ensembles, or Logistic Regression to make individual or batch Predictions for a group of new instances.

Published in: Data & Analytics
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BigML Education - Predictions

  1. 1. BigML Education Predictions June 2017
  2. 2. BigML Education Program 2Predictions In This Video • Making predictions with an individual decision tree • Predictions with other model types • Performing batch predictions
  3. 3. BigML Education Program 3Predictions Supervised Learning 115 22,50 0 ? Plasma Glucose BMI Pregnancies Diabetes? 112 27,54 3 FALSE 179 31,65 4 TRUE 109 21,39 1 FALSE
  4. 4. BigML Education Program 4Predictions Review • You can make predictions via web form using the cloud action icon in the model resource view • Predictions can be made with all supervised model types, and some model types will have different additional options than others • Batch prediction allows you to make a prediction for all of the points in a dataset, provided the dataset has the input fields for the model • A new BigML dataset with the predictions is created by the process • You can download this dataset as a CSV