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Cw4 g1-sem2-2011-12


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Cw4 g1-sem2-2011-12

  1. 1. NAME: CLASS (day & time):LECTURER MARK: ..% POLYLANG ARABIC GRADE 1 ASSIGNMENT 4 – READING & LISTENINGPLEASE READ CAREFULLY BEFORE STARTING YOUR ASSIGNMENTGuidelines for reading and listening assignmentsThis assignment is an opportunity for you to show what you have learnt so far, and for your lecturer to see if thereare any areas you need help with & give you feedback.The bulk of your assignment should consist of language you have learnt during the course. For this reason youare expected to use the course book & handouts and your notes from class.The assignment must be handwritten in this booklet on the provided sheets.Things to avoidYou must do your assignment yourself without any help from anybody else. Please do NOT ask/allow anyone tocorrect it after you have written it. This is considered an assessment offence.You must NOT use any translation programmes or copy text from any source, electronic or printed. This is also anassessment offence.Assessment CriteriaYour written work will be marked according to the following criteria:Task Completion. Make sure you answer the questions as fully as you can.To get a really good mark you will need to develop your ideas as much as possible, rather than just writing theminimum. You also need to organise your ideas into coherent paragraphs.Accuracy. Check your work carefully for spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and punctuation.Range of expression. Try to use as wide a range of language and structures as possible where appropriate.The final mark will be out of 100%.Submitting your assignmentAll assignments must be handed in to your lecturer during class time.In exceptional circumstances ONLY, if are unable to hand in your coursework during class time:You must leave the coursework in the coursework bins for undergraduates on the Ground Floor at SSHLSchool Registry, 32-38 Wells Street. Assignments not handed in in class must ONLY be submitted through theprocedure above and must be submitted by 6 pm on the day the assignment is due. Otherwise the university’slate submission policy will apply.The University’s policy on late submissionIf students submit coursework late but within one working day after the specified deadline the work will be markedand will have 10% of the overall marks deducted. If students submit coursework more than one working day latethey will be given a zero.If you have Mitigating Circumstances relating to an assignment, please fill in an MC formfrom your School Registry. Your home school will make a decision about your MC. Page 1 of 10
  2. 2. Section 1 READING COMPREHENSION (50%)Task A (25 marks)Your uncle has received this letter from his Lebanese friend, whom he hasnot seen for a long time. Your uncle’s Arabic is getting rusty and so hehas asked you to help him understand the message. Read the letter andwrite down IN ENGLISH the appropriate information under the headingsbelow. 2009 19 . ¯ . . . . (Because) ¯ . . . 30 . . (Villa) 4 " " ­ . . . Page 2 of 10
  3. 3. Task A READING COMPREHENSION (25 marks)* Answer IN ENGLISH – Give as much detail as possible. All details mustbe relevant to the question. 1. Where and with whom the sender lives (2 marks) ________________________________________________ 2. Samir’s job and house (4 marks) ________________________________________________ 3. Give details about Noura (3 marks) ________________________________________________ 4. How Kamal and his wife feel about Aleppo (1 mark) ________________________________________________ 5. The reason Sara travels to Egypt (4 marks) ________________________________________________ 6. Karim’s relation to Sara (1 mark) ________________________________________________ 7. Where Sara lives and why (2 marks) Page 3 of 10
  4. 4. ________________________________________________8. Karim’s work place and how he gets there (2 marks) ________________________________________________9. Karim’s job (2 marks) ________________________________________________10. Sender’s name and how he spends Friday evenings (3 marks) ________________________________________________11. How the sender ends his letter (1 mark) ________________________________________________ Page 4 of 10
  5. 5. Task B READING COMPREHENSION (25 marks)This is an extract from a column published in an Arab women’s magazine.A researcher has asked you to summarise some of the content foranalysis. Read the extract and write down IN ENGLISH the appropriateinformation under the headings below. ......... . " ¯ " . 4 . 3 9 . .11:30 7 ¯ . . . (branches) . ¯ .. . . . 4:30 . . . . Page 5 of 10
  6. 6. Task B READING COMPREHENSION (25 marks) * Answer IN ENGLISH – Give as much detail as possible. All details must be relevant to the question.1. Details about the work place of the woman who wrote the diary (2 marks) ________________________________________________2. The woman’s day routine on Saturday, Sunday and Monday (3 marks) ________________________________________________3. The woman’s night routine on Saturday, Sunday and Monday (3 marks) ________________________________________________4. Details about Samar’s job and family (3 marks) ________________________________________________5. Details about Ahmed’s job (3 marks) ________________________________________________6. How the woman and her siblings feel about Alexandria (2 marks) ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ Page 6 of 10
  7. 7. 7. How the woman spends Wednesday and Thursday mornings (2 marks) ________________________________________________8. What the mother does on Friday morning and her motivation (2 marks) ________________________________________________9. The persons with whom the woman goes to the club (2 marks) ________________________________________________10. What she does on Friday afternoon (1.5 marks) ________________________________________________11. The film preferences of the woman and her relatives (1.5 marks) ________________________________________________ Page 7 of 10
  8. 8. Section 2 LISTENING COMPREHENSION (25 marks)Task A (12½ marks)Go to the Arabic Polylang site on Blackboard > Arabic Grade 1 > assignments >Listening Comprehension > Task A .You will hear a dialogue between two persons. Write down below IN ENGLISHthe appropriate information under the headings below.1. The customer’s destination. (1 mark)2. The driver’s response. (1½ marks)3. Detailed description of the destination. (3 marks)4. What the driver thinks about Central Cairo. (4 marks)5. Why the driver agrees to go to el-Zamalik. (3 marks) Page 8 of 10
  9. 9. Section 2 LISTENING COMPREHENSION (25 marks)Task B (12½ marks)Go to the Arabic Polylang site on Blackboard > Arabic Grade 1> aassignments>Listening Comprehension > Task B.You will hear a student talking about himself. Write down below IN ENGLISHthe appropriate information under the headings below.1. Ahmed’s origin and studies (1½ marks)2. Where he lives and with whom (2 marks)3. What he does on Fridays (1 mark)4. Details given about his job (2 marks)5. His dream job (1 mark)6. Details given about his father (2 marks) Page 9 of 10
  10. 10. 7. His relationship with his father (1 mark)8. Details given about the father and son’s common hobby (2 marks) Page 10 of 10