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Chocolate amenities

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Chocolate amenities

  1. 1. Chocolate Amenities
  2. 2. Chocolate Amenity A chocolate amenity is small chocolate sculpture or decorative presentation often containing a variety of confections They can be presented to a VIP guest upon check in a high end luxury hotels and resorts Use as centerpieces for catered events Sold in chocolate shops as a special gift-or “I’m sorry we fought can I stop sleeping on the couch?”
  3. 3. Producing The amenity is small in size, ideally enough for one or two people to eat comfortably The design is light and elegant with a high attention to detail The amenity box shown here including decoration has less than 8 ounces of chocolate The Chocolate confections inside are ½ ounce each
  4. 4. Centerpieces Here are some examples of a chocolate amenity used for a centerpiece at a catered sit down event
  5. 5. Retail These are some examples of high end retail chocolate amenity They weigh about 3-5 ounce total in chocolate The retail for about 12-15 dollars US !
  6. 6. The math VIP Amenity 8 oz Chocolate x .25 oz. = $ 2 Chocolate Confections 8 x .27 each =2.56 Total Cost of Amenity $ 4.56 Average Room rate night for a VIP $375 per night Average stay 4 days Total $1500
  7. 7. The Math-Centerpiece Price of Chocolate Center- piece $ 4.56 Sits as a centerpiece for a 10 top Piece per Guest $ 48 Total Guests 100= $4800 Total Center- pieces 10= $45. 56
  8. 8. Retail Math Retail 5 oz total chocolate at .25 an oz. =$1.25 Box and Branding materials - $1.25 Total for gift $2.50 Sell at $12 Food Cost 20.8% Getting out of the Doghouse-PRICELESS
  9. 9. Summary • What is an Amenity • Where can it be used • What is the math behind it

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